How Fast Is A Flail Mower?

Hey welcome back to the channel today is Going to be a fun video if you’ve new to The channel my name is tony i thought Long and hard about my channel name Tony’s tractor adventure stayed up all Night for that This is going to be a fun video we we Always are working and sometimes i just Want to play in the day i’m going to Play We get a lot of questions on the channel Going how fast can you mow uh with a Flail more can you mow faster with a Flow more well the truth of the matter Is I don’t really know i just get on the Tractor and mow it feels comfortable Does a good job and i’m pretty much Happy but today we’ve got a little extra Time and we’re going to play around with This flail more so let’s talk about our Equipment a little bit this Is the bommelite Fmp260 and i know that because it says It right there now what we have here for The tractor is the tym t474 So the t474 is 48 horsepower i think It’s 48 and a half 48.3 i don’t really Know it’s close to that and it’s Somewhere right around 38 pto horsepower So this is more than a match for for the Flail more this is a 60 inch flowmore Mower It is a heavy duty flowmar and it does

Have the heavy duty mulching teeth you Can get it with two different variations This one has the heavy duty mulching uh Blades on it i did run over some brush The other day pretty good size like oak Limbs you shred it in this toothpicks Good stuff All right this is the feel that we’re Going to mow now how we’re going to make This fun is tanya’s going to set at the End of the field with the camera and It’s got a long zoom lens on it so she’s In no danger but i’m going to run down Through here at different speeds and We’re going to keep getting faster and Faster and faster until either the Tractor can’t keep up with the Horsepower which i don’t think that’s Going to be the case Or The flow mower is going to start doing a Bad job because we’re just going too Fast you can mow too fast with any more But we’re going to find out how fast you Really can mow with a flow mower let’s Go jump on the tractor and see what see What we can do So we’ve got our phone set up with a Speedometer you guys can’t see that i’m Recording the screen so what we’re going To do now is go ahead and We’re gonna start out I’m gonna hold the mic here so you guys Can maybe hear me we’re gonna start out

With Uh four miles an hour Running 540 rpms and here we go It’s 3.5 miles an hour right there 3.9 4.2 4.2 3.9 4.1 For the grass type i think it’s pretty Good So i really struggled with the speed Right here Uh because i was I forgot i didn’t push the start button I’ve never actually used the speedometer Out before so right now it’s showing We’re doing about four miles an hour Backwards which is about right So i put it in mid range So we’ll start up this next pass We’ll we’ll bump up to about 4.5 miles An hour maybe five miles an hour All right so i got i’ve actually got This vomiter started Three one hitches all the way down We’re going to try to hold 4.5 between 4.5 and 5 miles an hour [Music] Four point five [Music] Five miles an hour we’re moving at five Miles an hour 5.4 i jumped up here a Little too fast 5.6 I really can’t tell the difference in

The mowing job 5.7 at the end So I’m looking through here this was 5.5 5.6 so i actually went a lot faster than I realized it takes a little a minute For the phone to catch up uh to how fast You’re really going but tonya’s behind The camera over here let’s let her be The let her be the judge I would say if it was like a front like A yard by a house i would say no go Slower go slower uh for just a feel the Pasture it will be fine i honestly look At it i can’t tell the difference so She’s she’s got a more discerning eye Than me okay we’re going to start this Back up we’re going to try for what we Say Six mile six to We’ll go for six to six and a half i Don’t seem to can Control the speed with this thing very Well the phone phone’s not super Accurate as far as how quickly so Here we go I’m running the rpms on the pto at four Or 540. We’re in mid-range two-wheel drive All right here we go [Music] Six miles an hour six point one Six [Music] So i really i blew the speed out uh

That was seven miles per hour I was trying for six so We’re not running out of horsepower That’s for sure let’s try it again So i’m just gonna i may have to move to High range i’m about to max out Mid-range [Music] Here we go Put a mat i’m going to max out mid-range Seven point two miles per hour seven Four [Music] So tanya said the last pass it wasn’t Mowing as well we’re not running out of Horsepower for at all we’re so the the 474 it’s got almost 40 horsepower to pto And we’re only pulling five foot so I didn’t think we’d run out of Horsepower and uh All things considered though i still Think it’s It’s passable For for a pastor So what i’m gonna do now is back back up I’m gonna put it in low range and i’m Gonna mow at three miles per hour and Just see so we’ll just try three miles An hour and just see how smooth it mows Low range 2.8 3.1 miles an hour So this is 3.1 miles per hour Absolutely Not a struggle for the tractor

So i’m going to come back at you so you Can see the front of the tractor and That probably give you a little better Reference of how fast we’re going i’m Going to put it back in I i guess i maxed out on high rate or Mid range last time so i’m going to go To high range High range two wheel drive why are we Doing this i don’t know Just fun we’re having fun we’re having Fun hey we’re having fun 540 Rpm High range Going uphill I hear that on the engine a little bit [Music] Okay so that was a trade-off We’ve hit a point of diminishing returns So obviously this tractor is not meant To run It’s not meant to pull an implement in High range it’s meant to Traverse from one place to another place So we’re not going to count this one Let’s just call this a wash so let’s Start right here 7.4 miles per hour i Think that’s going to make anybody happy The results are not terrible for a Pasture totally acceptable and then we Move over to we’re about six miles per Hour Right here we’re between four and five i

Was trying to go four but i ended up Tipping it over close to five And then you go all the way over here And this is three miles per hour And you can definitely see that it’s Much more mulched up and that it’s a Smoother cut So if you’re gonna mow something that You really are looking for The right look i believe with this flail More i can adjust the uh the cutting Depth a little higher maybe put it about Three inches and it’ll do some pretty Nice cuts Because of the having the mulching teeth We are always going to have the little The the little Marks following us that’s just part of It [Music] Okay everything’s intact Everything looks good Listen I Am impressed for two things i’m Impressed for the t474 I mean i was hauling booty across that Field and it just eated up and didn’t Even complain And i am very much impressed with this Mama-like flail more this is really the Second time third time i guess the third Time we’ve got to actually mow with this And uh wow

Yeah it’s impressive 900 pounds of goodness right here So how fast can you run a flail more About 7.4 miles an hour with this setup Listen if you think this is crazy make a Comment below saying so If you think it was fun make a comment Below tell me so and hit the thumbs up And hit the subscribe button if you Wouldn’t mind god bless you guys have a Great day

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