How Long Does it Take to Split a Cord of Firewood

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farm And today I'm going to do a time test to Establish how long it takes to split one Quart of firewood With a homeowner grade log splitter this Is a champion 27 ton splitter you can Get them at Home Depot or various other Places but it's been a really good Splitter I'm just making the point it's Not a commercial splitter which would be Much faster so Now when I think about doing a time test Like this I want to keep it in a way that is Relevant because for me the relevance is This is a product I'm selling I need to Know how long it takes to produce it I Already have all the rounds bucked up Into 16 inch lengths that are a Manageable size so we're only measuring The time it takes to split In a previous video I asked you guys how Long you thought that would take I got Guesses from 45 minutes which is Definitely not happening all the way up To five or six hours and I really hope That's not happening a couple guys said It would take them about three weeks Because In their own words like I'm old and I Don't get in a hurry that's fine too I'm Like that sometimes but today I'm not going to hustle or try to set a Speed record I'm just gonna work at a

Reasonable Pace see how long it takes to Split 128 cubic feet of firewood Although I have that much when three of These IBC totes are full because each One holds a third of a cord all right I'm gonna go ahead and fire it up get Started I usually get comments about hearing Protection I'm using the airpods pro With the noise cancellation works really Good for hearing protection Perfect Mostly what I'm splitting today is black Walnut that for one reason or another Wasn't suitable to save for saw logs And I've also got some Hackberry from The big tree that I've been working on You can see that stump in the background To the right Both split pretty well the Walnut splits Really well because it cuts off clean Whereas the Hackberry is a little bit Stringy When you're selling firewood or even Deciding if you want to split it for Yourself or just buy it It really helps to know how long it Takes to split and what your other costs Are And doing a time test there's a lot of Different ways you can do it I've already done this a little bit Trying to factor all the way from Cutting the tree down going through the

Whole process but there's so many Variables in that it's hard to provide Relative information so I'm isolating it In this video homeowner log splitter Using Rounds that are already cut to length And a usable size Even the way I'm doing this test there's Still a lot of variables For instance how small do you split the Wood My cycle time on this splitter is fairly Slow So if I have a medium sized piece and Decide to split it one more time That adds up over the course of Splitting up a full cord to almost Doubling your time Another factor is how are you stacking It If I was just throwing this on the Ground I'd be faster But as it is I'm actually stacking it as I go But overall that's faster for your Process because this is the last time I Will touch these pieces of wood Because I will either deliver them in These totes or I will dump the totes Into the dump trailer and then dump that At the customer's property [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] All right well I got one third of a cord I think I'm gonna run up and grab a Bottle of water And then I'm gonna turn the splitter Around So that we get better camera shots into The sun I think I've got enough wood here for a Full cord I'll be right back Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] All right well each basket of firewood Takes just a little bit longer than the Max record time on my camera So I just had to run up and get a new Battery actually We got two down one to go [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] We're gonna skip through a lot of this Last chord just to keep the video to a

Manageable length when I have hours of Footage I did include my time moving these totes And using the skid loader to move the Rounds over towards the splitter Because One way or another you do have to bring More rounds over to your splitter and That's going to take time whether you're Walking over and picking each piece up Or moving the splitter to the rounds or Using a machine like I did here [Music] [Music] So that is three baskets with each Basket being one third of a cord so that Is one full cord of firewood And it took me I checked the time Three hours and 15 minutes three hours And 15 minutes to split one quart of Firewood and the bonus to that is I Could have split this faster if I was Taking the pieces straight off the Splitter and just throwing them on the Ground that's definitely faster than Stacking them but now I never have to Handle these again someone put in the in The comment to the last video that they Thought it would be like two and a half Hours to split it and then 45 minutes to Stack it Well I don't have any extra stacking Time it's stacked and I'll either Deliver it in these totes or I'll dump

It into the dump trailer again But I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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