How Much Firewood is in a Face Cord, and what the Heck is a Rick?

Online there are certain topics that you Really don't want to bring up unless you Want an argument Now some of those topics I understand if You're talking about politics or Religion or something like that where It's a nuanced conversation with that no One can give a definitive answer to then I understand debate and I understand There's serious subjects that people can Really take offense to but the most Interesting conversation to me that I See people ready to fight over and Really get into heated debates about is Stacking firewood measuring firewood and The terminology used to describe Firewood that you're selling And it's really not that complicated if You give it a little thought so today I'm going to try to end this debate and It's not going to work we'll see if Arguments break out in the comments or Not about the only statement you can Make that won't get any pushback is that A cord of firewood is a defined Measurable amount which is 128 cubic Feet Now that's as far as you can go without Argument because the next thing is You know does it matter how that's Stacked no it doesn't you can put it in A dome you can stack it 100 feet long Two feet tall whatever you want to do 128 cubic feet but the most common way

That a cord is stacked for measuring Purposes is Four feet wide four feet tall eight feet Long It's like the traditional way of Stacking it and measuring it But you can stack it any way you want But Having the traditional stack in mind Helps us look at all the other Quantities and terminologies so if you If everyone bought their firewood by the Cord and everyone was capable of hauling One cord at a time Then that would be the only term we ever Need everything is sold by a court of Firewood no problems but a lot of people Don't want to buy a cord of firewood a Lot of people can't haul a cord of Firewood maybe they do this a little bit On the side or even full time but they Just have a pickup truck they haul it in We need all kinds right everybody's not The same every part of the country is Not the same up north you may burn 30 chords I mean who knows but down here most People are just buying a couple cords a Year so And a lot of people are buying one Rick At a time oh I did it I said a naughty Word don't say Rick But we're getting ready to get into that So you've got the people who do not want

To buy a full cord of firewood or can't Haul it so what what is the most typical Thing that's done next we do the most Natural thing which is to say if I have A cord that's stacked and it is Four foot By four foot by eight foot it's probably Not pieces that are four foot long Now you can you can cut firewood 24 Inches 18 inches 16 inches all of those Are okay and All of them can come out to 128 cubic Feet and it's whatever you want to do But the most common way to stack a cord Is pieces 16 inches long And Three rows of 16 makes your 48 inches Makes a four foot wide stack so most Typically a quart of firewood is Three Stacks that are 16 inches wide four foot Tall eight feet long Now you've got these three separate Stacks and someone doesn't want to buy a Full cord so what are we going to do We're going to sell them one of the Three stacks And we need to call that something Well what do you call it Well one accepted terminology none of Them are accepted one commonly hurt used Terminology is a face cord You're taking a chord and slicing it Into thirds and you could say we cut the Face off of this chord and that is a

Third of a chord Now I don't think there there might not Be a definition in the dictionary for a Third of a chord So if you want to remove confusion you Don't say a face chord you say I have one third of a cord for sale That takes a lot of confusion out right Except that people in a lot of places Didn't grow up Thinking of a third of a cord no one Where I live sells a cord of firewood It's never listed as Court of firewood No one says a face cord no one says a Third of a chord here everyone says a Rick of firewood if you Google Rick it Means like an undisclosed pile Same thing with a Jag or a rank or Anything else and if you go into these Discussions what they say is a face cord A rick all the terms that you might want To use don't have a defined amount so You shouldn't ever sell it in that Amount so we know what a chord is we Know what a third of a chord is One-third of 128 Cubic feet Is 42 point something 0.3 I think and uh You can cut your lengths however you Want a a face cord a rick all these Other terminologies generally in most Locations mean one third of a cord but If you want to know you're being exact And telling people what they're getting

Tell them it's one third of a cord it's 42 cubic feet but if no one wants to do Math You can just use the terminology in your Area if I have any advice it is for you To completely understand The quantities in measurements that you Plan to deliver in So I use the IBC totes you can see right Over here I know that they hold a third Of a cord if they're stacked high if Someone wants a cord I bring them three Baskets If someone says they want a Rick I know In this area That that means a third of a cord I Bring them one basket I know that my dump trailer Loosely Thrown holds about a quart and a half So if someone says that they want as big A load as I can bring or that they want Three chords or six chords or something Tell them I can bring you a chord and a Half at a time and take my cord price Times 1.5 And same thing with the pickup truck It's good to know how much wood will fit In your truck bed you can take Measurements of your truck bed and Figure that out if you're planning to Stack it in if you're going to loose Throw it then you would what you would Need to do is take a measured amount of Wood and see how much fits if you're

Going to regularly deliver wood and then You know that my truck bed holds a Two-thirds of a cord or a cord and a Third if I have a extra long bed or Whatever the case is know how much it Fits in there and if someone says you Know I need a truckload of wood say well My truck holds a little less than a cord So or a little less than a third of a Cord And You know you can just price it that way So as long as you know what you have and You know what you want to charge for the Amount of wood you're selling then do it As a percentage of a cord a half a cord A third of a cord a cord and a half Whatever the case is you can keep track Of making sure that everyone's being Charged whether the same whether they're Picking it up you're delivering in totes You're delivering in the dump trailer You're delivering in your truck And delivering in trucks is one that Really seems to get people excited about How do you price a truckload and every Truck loads a different size And this is where I'm gonna say you're Trying too hard guys Because If I tell someone I have a truckload for Fifty dollars and they say okay And they don't ask me how big the truck Is and it's two people who can make any

Kind of agreement they want You can't have any kind of consistency Between Sellers and but if that guy Wants to buy whatever happens to be in My truck for whatever I happen to charge It's nobody's business but mine and his Right But All the other terminologies basically Mean the same thing And at the end of the day maybe we Should just lighten up about it a little Bit if Anyway I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the screen to a couple More of our videos and I'll see you next Time

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