How Much Tractor do I need for a Tractor Forestry Mulcher?

Hey tell me what you think in the Comment sections of how this Mulcher Worked with the T25 I may be wrong give Me your opinion realize that some of Your subcompact 25 horsepowers don't Have the lift capacity of the T25 this Is 1500 pounds and That that plays into it like the like The BX series I think it's got eight or Nine hundred pounds of lift I just don't Think it'd have enough All right Okay I had to set my how quick my Three-point hits drop that is a lot of Weight hey welcome back to the channel Today we're going to answer some Questions we've got a lot of questions About the mama light mp348 uh Mulcher Working with the T25 tractor I had a lot Of people ask if it will if it will Handle it now on paper it will the T25 Will lift about 1500 pounds at the Three-point hitch the bomb light is About a thousand pounds I will tell you This when I lift this dude up I feel it It's back there On paper it says it minimum horsepower Engine horsepower is 25 horsepower and The T25 is right there at that 25 Horsepower Mark I feel pretty Comfortable it's going to work however I Think it's going to be at the very High-end limit of the capabilities of This tractor but I've had so many people

Ask about it we're going to see maybe We'll be super impressed who knows let's See all right today what we're going to Do is work out here this is part of the Timber that was cut years ago and you Can see that there's a bunch of stuff Just laid down a lot of this is old Rotted logs I think I know on the big Tracker this this bomb light would Handle it uh I don't know if I'm gonna Have enough PTO horsepower to dig Through some of this stuff we may have To like inch along but again we may be Very much surprised so we're going to Work out here cleaning this all up and We're going to bring everything out and Put a big burn pile up here at the front Of the property uh And we'll burn all that off later I want to go work Let's find out if it actually does Anything So this may be a very short video Based on this tractor may not handle This and also we've got a horrendous Storm coming tonight it's like in the Next six or eight hours it's supposed to Get really nasty so Hope like one year ago One year ago just about within a week of This time frame we had a a run of Tornadoes come through our area and just Create a Havoc so yeah we hope that Doesn't happen this year but it's like

60 I'm actually kind of sweating in the Sweatshirt so it's really sticky for for Late November early December So I'm going to lift this up in the back And you can see how much the back of the Tractor squats down I am running low air Pressure because I like the traction so That's going to be a little bit of the Recent squats so much but still It's pretty noticeable It's back there I bet you I can pop a wheelie We gotta find out Don't try this at home it takes a Trained idiot No it's pretty stable I'm impressed Yeah it might I doubt it [Music] I bet the front end lifts up real easy Oh my goodness yeah Yeah so that This will probably give me the heaviest Lifting capacity I can carry with this Tractor with this uh Mulcher on the back Wow definitely feel the load Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign [Music] Foreign

Foreign Foreign Foreign Hahaha [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] So I'm impressed uh overall uh I got Maybe 18 19 PTO horsepower I really Didn't expect it to do that well behind This tractor I will say this though I Would probably still not recommend this On this tractor if this is the only Tractor you have unless this is my Qualification you're going to be doing Pretty flat ground like we are because Over here I got a little bit of an angle And the tractor I could have easily Gotten stuck and had to go get something To pull myself out So that the 474 is definitely better Suited for this but if you only have the T25 and you're going to be doing a lot Of flat ground I think you just got to take your time And be patient with it I did go ahead and tilt the uh the the Mulcher All the Way Forward uh so that It doesn't throw stuff onto the tractor As bad because there's an add-on kit That you can put on it with add some

Chains and I think I might end up Getting that I'm not sure because uh I Felt it throw some stuff up under the Tractor now I do have the backhoe Mount Under the tractor so it's a big steel Piece at the back of the tractor so that Does help from uh you know it's got Something solid back there but let's go Ahead and take a look over here So this area right here is just a whole Bunch of really rotted Red Oak it's Pretty soft I mean I can kick pieces off Of it I I'm going to go ahead and try to Clean this up and just mulch this and See what will happen I'm pretty sure Like I said if we had the 474 we it Would be no problem whatsoever to uh to To get this all up uh but You can tell when we turn this thing on The the power that takes to get this Spinning is a lot however I will say That little Yanmar engine has really got The low end torque and just keeps it Going it's not dyed yet that's pretty Impressive so let's go ahead and see What we can do with this old rotten Stuff on the ground and If you know If you had to come out here and pick all This up by hand it'd be a pain so maybe This will I'm already impressed that's all I can Say Foreign

Back into this really easy Well it did stop it So that is a uh that is still a pretty Solid stump that's not really what this Thing's meant for with any tractor so I'm going around and grab that with the Grapple and and pull it put it out in The burn pit but the rest of the smaller Stuff it just seems to be going right Through it I'm impressed I said I don't know that I Would buy this for this model of a Tractor unless you have a lot of flat Ground to do You want to give this saw stuff a try [Music] Foreign Thank you [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign Foreign That's too many things That's like three stumps in a or two Stumps in a In a tree Foreign Foreign So this this little trip here is going To be cut short due to some Thunder Booming see a dog up here you sit down All right so this was all you've seen What this looked like before we started

As far as again the PTO horsepower I was Surprised that 1819 PTO horsepower did Really well I've only only stopped it Once or twice and that's when I backed Up onto a large stump and that would do It with any tractor Um Yeah overall I'm impressed with the PTO Horsepower We have this Mulcher now and in our land Is not terribly hilly so I can see Myself using this in specific situations Say like the the t474 is in the shop Having a service done and that's all I Have to work with absolutely I would do It I just don't know that I would buy That MP 348 if only tractor I had was The T25 again just keep that in mind but Overall I'll let you make your own Judgment tell me what you think About how this thing done Hey I appreciate you watching the Channel God bless have a great day

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