How to Build a DIY Greenhouse that Doesn’t Look Bad!

Hey welcome back to the channel if You've been following our channel for a While you know we've had several build Projects along the way we've done the Firewood storage area we've done this Bridge that we walked on and we promised You that the bridge to thailandia was Going to go to a greenhouse and voila Here's a greenhouse This is going to be an awesome video and We've divided it into 10 chapters based Upon the stage of building Chapter 1 cutting the Timbers Chapter 2 building the foundation Chapter 3 putting the first post in the Ground chapter 4 building the greenhouse Rafters chapter 5 polycarbonate roof Panels chapter 6 learning how to install Corrugated polycarbonate panels chapter 7 building the end wall Chapter 8 installing trim Chapter 9 the outside dirt work Chapter 10 building the door and Finishing the trim Hey we'd like to thank H.B Fuller and The fast2k team for sponsoring our video We have used fast2k to put the post in This it's a great concrete alternative Matter of fact it's so much easier to Work with than concrete it's very Awesome we also use HB Fullers butyl Tape to put in our polycarbonate panels And that made it so much easier to Create a weather Tight Seal thank you

Again HB Fuller and the fast2k team for Sponsoring this video so let's go ahead And talk about this building and what it Took to get to this point bear with me Because there's going to be some really Good information along the way maybe Some outtakes who knows we'll see what Happens Let me tell you what we got going on Today so we have cut down a bunch of White oak and why white oak first off it Is very Rock resistant and we are Building a post and bean Greenhouse guys This is going to be awesome it's going To be kind of old world meets modern so We hate to cut these trees down but this Is where our future house is going to be So it's going to be a good reason to Repurpose this we need 12 foot post six By six post we're going to cut these up Carry them to The Sawmill and start Sawing so today we'll delim with a Little saw and then come back and make Our our main Cuts with this big saw So this is going to be Let's cut this 13 foot All right gimmo get back buddy don't cut That nose All right And we're gonna do that for the rest of This log probably get one more 12 footer Out of this And then we'll see you at Sawmill I Wouldn't pay attention and I yanked my

Tape measure across the chainsaw Tooth and Yep Foreign So that's the first 6×6 done Well there is two white oak posts done Now I only need 14 more That's one more six by six I have to Admit that last one looks really good All right there's two more white oak Beans we're getting there If you're new to this channel this is Tony's Truck Adventure but maybe today It's my adventure because we are Starting at the greenhouse But before we can start building we have To prep this area because Tanya said We're going to level this portion out Actually we're going to end up raising This and diverting with any water that Comes to here needs to go that way so What we're going to end up doing is Coming in and tilling a little bit of This top probably just a few inches and Take out the Organics and then we're Going to go to the other side do the Same thing and then we're going to deep Till over there there's a little Mound a Little Hill over there and we're going To use all of that dirt to build the Side up for the greenhouse it should go Pretty easy I think it's gonna be a good Day it's really really cool about 74 Degrees so loving it

All right now we have this tealed up we Probably went down about three inches Maybe two inches down and we don't have Great topsoil here but it's all we got So we're going to scrape this off and Put it in a pile down at the end and We'll use this topsoil somewhere else And get all the Organics out of it We don't want to take a big bite we just Want to scrape off the top Foreign We moved a lot of dirt we've got all the Topsoil removed from this location where We're going to put the greenhouse and You can see here this is the backfield That we brought in today tomorrow we're Bringing out the big guns and we're Getting to really get we're going to get Serious with it Thank you What are you doing buddy What are you doing go The greenhouse has to be exactly the Right distance from the from the fence On both ends because the weather we want To believe it or not the fence is Actually going to be the reference point From the road and it is straight so Therefore the Greenhouse wall has to be straight off Of the fence or it's going to look weird And my lovely bride over here she's Excited about this Yep all right let's get to it

We're going to measure off of the fence All right It's too radically that should be the First postmark So they get right here it will give me Some extra space too to do other stuff Too that's cool yeah I like it I need You to hold here And then right in the center of that Paint on it Okay 30 foot ounce Arena uh 14 feet out from The fence but you remember the you gotta Come back come think about now you come Straight well you said the post down There but the post is over here it don't Match up on post but just kind of get The take the idea of the post how far Out it comes and just do your best guess Do my best okay Put the other post down here for the Stream and then we're going to start on That end drilling holes and then work Our way this way one at a time okay It's uh it is the hottest Uh dry or it's not really the hottest But it's the it's been a driest year We've had since like the 80s now we're Going to get the tractor put the auger On and go from there all right let's go All right so what we've got going on Here is we've got our string pulled from One end to the other this this post is Parallel to the string which is about an

Eighth of an inch off we're gonna try to Make every post about an eighth of an Inch off It's perfectly level this way and this Way now we're ready to fast 2K it so I Know I'm going to get this question why Are you not putting anything around this Post well because we are using fast 2K And we're going to fill it all the way Up to the top of the post and what that Does is it encapsulate encapsulates the Post and water can get to it so this Post will outlive us Probably All right so we got the first two bags In and we gotta let this rise and for About five minutes and then we can put The other bags in I think it may end up Taking two more bags these are big holes We want the 12 inch holes because we Want the holding power This All right got our second post up now This is tedious work because the posts Have to be for what we're doing they Have to be 48 inches Center to Center And then they have to be perfectly Aligned on the string and there's about An eighth of an inch between the post And the string so that's that's what's Going on here All right guys this is the end of day One now we didn't get to work a whole Day we just want to come up here and at

Least get started and kind of get our Tools out and figure out all the things That you're going to need because you Never know until you really start but We've got a pretty good Pretty good thing going here I don't think I've ever done posts any Straighter than that That's about as straight as you possibly Get yeah I will play a little bit of Tricks on you but if you look down Through there I was pretty dagging them close good Enough for a greenhouse I guarantee you That heck that's good enough for a house See you tomorrow Hey good morning to day two of our Greenhouse Bill we are getting ready to Measure out some more posts Tanya and I Who's behind the camera hi everyone we Have got us a rhythm now we've got the You know we've got all the stuff in one Place now yesterday was we didn't get as Far as we'd love to get but we got we Got all of our equipment we know what we Need now to uh to go forward so this Should go a little bit faster and I may Regret saying that Gizmo is already Providing the proper amount of Supervision He's he's inspected every hole we've dug Well good morning Got Tanya out here This is day three so day one and two

We've got all of these posts in for the Greenhouse and these dudes are like 120 Pounds a piece at least but we do have a Problem So off the the auger bit wondered just a Little bit right here And so we have to pull this post right Back out with the tractor because it's Too heavy to pick out by hand and then Dig a little bit over to this side so Not terrible but do a heavy work so we Got the post out of the hole Yeah I'm gonna have to dig over that way Just a little bit let me show you this Contraption we come up with we use the Precision manufacturing Grapple and just put a like a sacrifice Board here and then we put a sacrifice Board up here so that way when the we Can just kind of clamp it together and Pick this big post up but there's no way Me and time you're going to pick this Post up by ourselves it's not going to Happen so that is how we done it Very good So this is what we're we're going for we Want for the string to be about a Quarter of an inch away So right here where the marks are right There where y'all can see it without my Shadow that's what the door is going to Be my plan is to have a double door Right here For the greenhouse well I was thinking

About getting just one door but the Thing is that Tony had a point if I had To get something big in there I couldn't Do it with a tractor because with one Door it's gonna be more difficult so Having two doors French doors would be The perfect fit for it so we're gonna be Putting these right there Foreign We're out here with the Gizmo dog and Today's the day we're going to start Cutting the top of these posts off we Use the laser level if you'll notice Here We took the laser level and put a common Mark on every Uh every post out here and John and Tanya here are measuring the shortest Post and this is the shortest post which Is 39 and 5 8. yes all right so 39 and 5 8 from the line down is what we're going To cut each post with the exception I Hope I'm not making you guys sick is This is the opening for the door so These this post right here these two in The middle they will be cut down 29 and 5 8 where the other ones will be 39 and 5 8 and the reason being is we have a 10 Inch beam that goes from one side to the Other that will carry the load of the Truss from this side Over to this side So good there yes sir Okay I got it

If you try to cut with a chainsaw Straight across it's really hard to Follow the It's really hard to follow the or to Make it level If we come in at an angle and cut the Post from the sharp point you can follow The blade the bar as it goes down and You can see Foreign We got them all cut off on the top you Can see from up here that they're really Level you got the two in the center There the door's gonna be there's going To be a big beam that goes across there That's the reason those are down 10 Inches further Got a big Oak beam we're gonna sit Across there I love it The 141 Foreign And get it in position before I get in The basket and then she'll raise me and The beam up to set it up here Nerve to steal she usually wouldn't even Touch the tractor So that being Probably a hundred pounds 120 pounds All right so we got the beam setting up Here and the you guys probably can't see The level from here but over here This is right but the when I cut the saw The chainsaw it's kind of going up a

Little bit so we'll get this screwed in And then take the chainsaw snip that Back off level Pretty happy with it all Okay here we are Tanya's giving us The Grand Tour so I countersunk these holes Here and that beam Put a six inch screw down in there check Out the level I think you get no better Than that And then again we counter sunk this hole And then there's the top of the beam Meeting the top of the other and there's Two two big bolts in there there are two Big lag or grk screws like 1600 PSI so Those posts will carry the load but Just make everything stronger Okay there we go we've got the big beam Put across the the future door and then We've got the top plate all the way Around so this end for today we'll see You tomorrow So we got the crew here good morning We're getting ready to go over and start Building trusses today and these are all Going to be hand built by this Fantabulous crew Winds blowing it's gonna be awesome for The past week we've been cutting up These six by six tulip poplar up on the Sawmill and uh this is going to be what We make the trusses out of we're going To use Ichabod Crane truck here he's Going to be what's lifting the trusses

Up we've got our main heifer here Tanya's pulling the tractor in the man Basket over here To the greenhouse and we're gonna start Doing some measurements to make sure it Should be 16 foot across but it may be 16 foot and you know it's a pole barn or A pole system so it may be 16 foot in a Few inches you know we which there's Going to be variation so each truss is Going to have to be individually cut Get mail you want to go Tanya is the best She's the only person I trust to operate The man basket with me in it I just hope she liked John All right she's gonna move me to the Corner this is where the First Trust is Gonna sit right here that's good All right he's gonna try his best to Reach the outside over there We should be able to go right on the Inside of this You know saying just go right on the Inside It should be close close close all the Way to the outside of that beam I'm gonna hold this right here The outside of that beam 194 inches Okay so the from this tip Down to the Just we're gonna start cutting the Bird's mouth out it's uh nine foot seven

Sixteenths of an inch That's three and a half inches exactly And that's what the measurement's Supposed to be I'm gonna set the saw to 26 and a half Degrees and then we'll make our first Cut across but I'm going to Set it to the side like this and That's the depth that we need to go When I cut this across theoretically It should be right there perfectly to That depth and we should be pretty close To that line What you got there look pretty good It's not gonna be perfect So what I'm going to do is take this one And and do a countersunk hole here On the top one this way and then on the Other one I'll do a countersunk hole Coming in from this side going this way Well that's the center But that bolt will go right in there So now we're going to double check I got 194 and a 16th That should let it slide down over that I hope so Foreign Foreign 's hands again As we go up to put this big lag boat He does it all she runs the tractor she Runs the train Woman of many talents That's one trust successfully installed

All fingers and toes are accounted for That's good John's gonna jump in the basket and Put these big screws in So each one of these screws is supposed To be Around 1600 pounds tinsel strength And then with everything else I just Don't see the things you're ever going To go anywhere plus there's really no True weight on this it's going to be a Plastic roof all right here we go now Watch this Big old boat it will pull Pretty impressive Pull that around Just it sucks that thing down That looks good Thank you John Give us a big wave I'm taking you along this journey this Is the last Roof truss I guess you'd call it Raptor We put the collars on it is it called a Truss or is it still Rafters anyway they Look good you look that look down that That Center Line it's level as can be That is so awesome so here goes the last Crew on these big trusses that we hand Built these are cut out of our Timbers On our sawmill And if I can do this without breaking my Wrist All right I got to come back tighten it

Up without the camera guys Tanya has done excellent work She is the master of the basket Please set me down safely Foreign A lot easier than doing it multiple Times Foreign This girl here has got this tractor Thing down We're going to use this treat it two by Six Uh or see this 2×8 as a facer board And then on top of so we're gonna run it Right across the edge of this this Rafter and then up here is where the First two by four is going to set across And they'll be two by fours every 30 Inches all the way to the top and that Will be what we put the polycarbonate Panels onto So I think this is going to work and We're just going to eyeball setting this Right here on the center and then we'll Put the next piece the next piece all The way to the end all right so we're Using these hot dipped galvanized uh Nails for the nail gun I have had really Good results out of these So Let's pull through There you go Foreign And run that facial board down through

There we're gonna put our uh gutters on This and we will have a water collection System Running down here like a monkey Okay we're back out here again today It's cold November day probably about 35 40 degrees right now and we're going to Put the start putting the roof on so Originally we were going to have a Overhang on this uh roof but we're gonna Go ahead and cut this off even and use Some trim pieces some metal trim pieces To cap cap this Edge All right we got both ends done and we Went ahead and measured out from this Face board here two inches and we made a Mark and we got our string pulled all The way to the other end and we're going To take each piece of Polycarbonate panel and bring it down to Where it is basically an eighth of an Inch off of the string next thing is is To cut these to length This probably going to cut pretty clean Too now this polycarbonate you need to Cut multiple panels at one time if You're going to use the skill saw Otherwise it said use a straight edge And a like a razor knife Foreign Not even a really sharp blade either So this is the bottom So we're back at it again it is cold out Here we're all bundled up and let's get

This greenhouse going Thank you Let me give you a mid update of where We're at our goal is to be able to Replace a panel that we're going to put Full eight foot panels but I have a Feeling that at some point in time we're Gonna be mowing a rock or a stick or Something's going to come over and hit One of these panels and damage it so We're going to make the panels where Each individual panel can be pulled off And replaced at wheel without having to Take the whole the whole thing down I Feel like if there's going to be any Panels that have to be replaced they're Going to be the lower panels we're going To have at the top we'll probably be Solid Foreign Muffler bearings So this is that butyl tape we got from HP Fuller Right We got these first three panels put up The other day and we really we just got Some time lapse of that because this is Basically we we're figuring out how to Do this Tanya's Greenhouse is custom Built so that means there's no plans There's no no pre-approved way of doing Things it's Antonio It's in my head only which is the scary Place that no one else is allowed to go

Anyway so we've got we've got us a a Plan together and I think today we can Probably get most of this wrapped up a Good portion of it wrapped up today Because now we know how to do it the Simple thing is is we're going to place The panels up Put the butyl tape around we're using a Butyl tape by HP Fuller it's a really Good butyl tape and I'll tell you this Once you stick it on there it's going to Hold that's one of the reasons we're Putting the beetle tape on the outside And using these these boards to kind of Pinch the butyl tape if this is ever or Damaged I want to be able to take these Unscrew these boards and remove them and Take the whole panel out so that's kind Of The Thinking by that's my thunken and So If we put that butyl tape to to the Actual post I believe it would be very Difficult to get loose so this way we Can just like take the broken panel out And replace it all right let's get to it So this is the tough panels we're using And it comes with a coating there's a Blue coating that goes towards the Outside and there's a clear the clear Coating is for the inside There you go I think So this is the this is the inside That pulled We had plenty of room we need anything

To that loose All right now we gotta go middle ear Somewhere Don't go with it Entertaining if nothing else right all Right let me pull it I'm gonna put Do what you need all right I'm up there Go ahead and All right that'll work Foreign Won't fix I bet there's gonna be ten thousand Screws in this before we're done All right so we got John here he's Finishing up the The Lower Side that's what we're doing On the inside we're using that butyl Tape Putting the screws through it on this Side I got washers so here is the Outside It looks pretty awesome I am so excited About this all right we're bringing you Up to the top here we'll start working On this end of the greenhouse What we're doing here is we're going to Have a continuation from the post down Here uh up to here now I'm about to draw This line because we were playing with This earlier all I'm doing is I'm taking The level putting it right at the edge Of this post So I know that that's my starting point And then I'm using the level bubble

Moving it over And then you can see here I've already Got the line drawed So now I'll make a mark up here as to How far we want this this post to go to Right here so we can toenail this in I'll say 21 and an eighth At the High Point All right let's go cut one these are Some scraps we had left over Perfect for this kind of stuff I'm gonna Square this end off That was 21 and an eighth strong so I'm Gonna go So what I did is I put this on the pivot Just like we did the the rafters pivot Point and I roll moved around to where The commons says six because we're using A one and six pitch Foreign Go all the way across the measurements All right so this is our board we cut Let's see how this looks there's our Here's the top of the post here And here Is the post right here my goodness That's almost like we made it for About 100 perfect I love nail guns no like I said it's Just gonna be holding that little panel Up there's no structure to it at all but It's going to give a nice look Of symmetrical look that's a big word For me so 28 go at 28 inches and then

Cut from the outside blue so this is the Four And three quarter side And we want the 28 side over here I'm going with the Dark One Foreign Just trying to do it over hanging off a Basket Sweet I buy it I can put it all the way down Here and just let it sit here All right so if you'll just back us up To the next one Well this looks awesome uh we've got a Couple mistakes we got off center on a Couple wardrobe up here but Tanya's Gonna put a little decorative thing so It's going to be okay Gosh that turns out really good now I'm Just gonna put the roof trim On and it's Really looks good I'm impressed Not bad being supervised with a gizmo Though Foreign We've got the front done The back right In the back and then this ends wheel Theft open so we can bring dirt in let Me show you let me give you a little Walk through So this is our door it's going to be a Patio door or like a French door double

French door so that we still could set a Pallet in with a tractor Now if you look here you'll see there's Still an opening around the bottom and We went ahead and made us a basically a Sacrifice board exactly the right length And there's a mark on each post So all we have to do is Put that board to the post and we know Exactly how far down to put the board Around the bottom and then we're going To bring dirty and that's why we left The end open so we can bring dirty in With the tractor versus trying to do it All by hand All right we are seeing some sunshine Here we've got the boards the baseboards All the way around on the inside and we Have to bring the dirt up to the very Bottom of those boards so that gives you An idea of how far off we are here in This corner it's probably We're gonna bring in like I don't know Eight or ten inches off Soil in here We knew it wasn't perfectly level Oh Okay I believe we are ready to start the Last phase of this project which is to Basically finish this last wall we left This last wall open so that we could Bring in dirt and do some basic leveling Before we start it uh this dirt is Really wet and muddy and that's where we

Went and brought it in and kind of Spread it out as best we could it's Gonna we're gonna let it dry in here and Then bring a little tiller in and bust It all up and then use a rake to kind of Put it out at some point we're going to Bring in a load of really fine crushed Gravel and we'll put in here but for Today and I'll see this last phase we'll Go ahead and button up this wall and Then put our trim and our Center of Ridge cap down because we can't put the Ridge cap down until we get the end Pieces on we can't put the end pieces on Until we get the end put on so it's kind Of a puzzle you have to figure out how To do this Down again I mean Knock this off Thank you So Tanya got the big beans that are on Top of the man basket and we're going to Set it up use the man basket to set it Up get high enough up there Foreign Across and it's got a positive Crown to It so what we're going to do is we're Going to put two of these big screws in Run a ratchet strap over it and pull it Down and then go up and screw it Hopefully that's what's going to happen Yep Foreign

That's not a bad day's work I'm I'm Pretty happy with that got three posts In the ground and the Big Bang set on The top that big bean was a pain now we Still do have to put a few pieces of Wood up at the top for trim and it's Actually gonna be like an anchor for the The uh polycarbonate panels But I think it's going to look good I Think it's gonna look really good Foreign So it's 10 foot two inches so if we just Go Did a fine job of it I think so turned Out Foreign S on I still got to put the ridge cover down The center and put the ends have Buttoned up and then we're going to put Black uh Gutters down the side which was going to Go for our water system This is Tanya putting in the first Cruise straight down straight down Okay check it out only 80 more screws to Go Tanya Tanya's doing great I may have been over the weight Tolerance of those panels that's the Reason she's doing it So Gizmo dog there he he's watching Watching Tanya on top of the roof he not A big fan of her being up there he's Used to her being on the ground

Well Tanya's put in the last Cruise Well maybe it was fade when you walked In the door I could have sworn I've seen Your face before So glad that you said hi cause I was way Too shy what would have happened So this is the inside of the greenhouse To this point we've got almost all of The dirt around the outside and then we Have the doors left to do what we did Here is we made us a threshold so at the Entrance of each side here In these Corners we sprayed a a really Heavy coat of a basically a rubber spray To keep the concrete away from the post And again on this side and then we just Put a built a form and made our door Opening now the outside is a little bit Lower than the inside so that the water Will drain out and then we're going to Build a set of doors Out across the water So Tanya is going to be the first person To walk through the doors of her Greenhouse How about that They're not perfect they're not perfect But they're gonna be cool Almost done See a lot of work to do but it's so Awesome most of this door up we still Obviously gonna put the panels in You got to drill the hose for the locks At the top

The bottom I'm going to put the side Pieces running down getting close so She's putting this butyl tape across the Top we're going to implant the implant I Guess we'll put in the uh put in the Polycarbonate panel for the door Yeah should be pretty good What do you think What do I say I think this is very very Nice it is don't even Tanya put together Something that And then be yourself I wouldn't mind Having this myself For the next job my my thumbs are black So it'd be a waste of time and money for Me to build well I told him we could not Do it without him because two people Building all what we did we just Couldn't do it so he's been a big Blessing it was my pleasure to help No it is this is awesome Look Outdoors You're a mess because I was like I want A high five Bobby Say come out give your head up yummy Foreign Foreign Foreign So this greenhouse is Phase One of a Multiple phase project phase one was Just getting the greenhouse enclosed Phase two we're going to use or we're Going to build our own solar power plant I've put a lot of energy and effort into

Understanding and learning solar and We're going to see if I we're going to Take you guys on our journey as we Figure out solar our ultimate goal is For our home to be completely off grid And this is going to be a stepping stone For that we got A Five-Year Plan and the Solar plant is coming next so that's Phase two is the solar plant phase three Is when we'll move back into this Greenhouse after the we have the power Run from the power plant to here and Then we're going to finish this all out Now my understanding you know don't hold Me to it we're going to have some raised Beds in here and there is going to be a Big long island in the middle we're Gonna have a Tanya's gonna make this Nice Chandelier and go goes through the Top here and it's going to have you know LED lights in it everything's going to Be highly efficient that is phase three And then phase four will be our water Collection system we're going to collect All of the water off of the roof of this Building and go into an underground Either 500 or a thousand gallon tank With a water pump and that will be the Water that we use inside the greenhouse So this is our first step at completely Off grid So this is the point of the of the video Where I'm going to ask for help I'm Starting to do this more and more it's

Very unlike me I like to Bullhead Through everything but I know absolutely Nothing about greenhouses one of my Friends go what are you going to put in The greenhouse and it's Tanya's Greenhouse and I said I have no say that Was this that's right that's me I have No say however we still have a lot of we Built the greenhouse shell there's still A lot to do we are looking at some Underground vents pulling air from Underground and coming out in here and Then we're going to have we're going to Have some up at the top here on this end We're going to have to have some sort of Vent system right now this thing is Completely enclosed Windproof is pretty tight right now it's Absolutely pretty tight you can see if You look up at the roof right now the Cool air on the outside in the hot air Uh going up the condensation it's a Greenhouse is supposed to do that Expected to do that so Any kind of ideas you guys have any any Greenhouse experts out there reach out To us on Tony's we Have a contact pager give us some Information if you've got some ideals or Some products you would recommend we Would truly appreciate any uh advice From an expert that we could get because This guy is no Greenhouse expert I thought this day would never come I

Can't believe we're standing in the Greenhouse it is such an awesome feeling Knowing that those logs of the post Actually came from our property and with The live edges and all the little nooks And grannies this is a greenhouse you Call it a labor of love so thank you Tony and Mr John and Gizmo for Supervising that helping us to build This greenhouse I just love it I just I'm just so overwhelmed with it because I would never thought I had a greenhouse Like this it's about 50 degrees outside How I would say it's about 85 in here it is very comfortable in Here it's very humid in here it's like a Sauna yeah Hey we hope you enjoy this type of video If you like these build type videos We're going to have a playlist that you Can click on and also The video in this link right here

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