How to build a sheep and goat hauler in your pickup!

Hello Rob here from the Flanagan Homestead tomorrow morning I'm buying my First ever sheep for my Homestead I've Had goats for over 20 years I've bought And sold many goats hauled them around But I've never had sheep before so Tomorrow I'm going to venture into sheep Today's video I'm going to show you how I'm just going to create a box to haul The sheep in in the back of my pickup Using the ladder rack as kind of a frame Which helps out and some fence panels And it should go pretty easy and the Nice thing is once I have the everything Cut to the size I can take the panels on And off fairly quickly and so as I buy And sell sheep and goats I have a way to Haul them easily First thing I got to do is empty out all The crud from my pickup from planting Trees and other projects yesterday and The day before so get the mess out of The way So here's the plan here's my panel It's about 32 inches tall and my panels Are 35 inches high I need to stay below This bar so it won't fit in so it'll fit In there this is 27 inches which is just Fine I'll strap it to this bar right Here it'll hang down below here so it'll Create pressure holding against and I'll Secure it to my tie downs on either side It's uh it needs to be able to fit Inside the bed of the truck so I have an

E 73 73 inches to play with inside here so I'll cut it just inside that so it'll Strap on here hang down here and be tied In there Couldn't find my bolt cutter so I Borrowed some hopefully these work Fairly well I'm gonna get the Measurement and start cutting it quite Often on a project like this you'll lay The panel down and stand on it cut it But we'll we'll see how this goes So fortunately with this upright we're Just over 72 inches so this will fit Almost perfectly once we put it inside The pickup And these bolt cutters Bolt cutters are doing this quite easily So that's That's all right here's the panel that I Just cut before I do any more Cuts let's Make sure that my plan is working uh What am I going to hold it up there with I'm going to start with bungee cords I've got bungee cords rapid ratchet Straps bailing twine everything Farmers Always have around but uh The bungee straps may be strong enough To hold it permanently but if nothing Else they'll be good to hold it in place And then I might have to tie it down and Ratchet it down otherwise so let's see How this So lengthwise I've got it pretty good

It's just barely short enough to fit Above the wheel well and not go up above And run into the bar up above Foreign [Music] ER straps Are going to go over and under each Hole Making it tighter after each one that's Going to hold that in there pretty tight Foreign Fit here so that when the next rail Comes here there'll be no place for the Sheep to get out So it's secure on the top it's not going Anywhere I don't care if the Sheep are Leaning up against it down the bottom I Don't want this waving back and forth so We'll just simply go around the vertical And a horizontal Go to the truck tie down Tie this off It won't go anywhere Things are going good we need to cut our Next panel I laid my bolt cutters right On the outside of the vertical that I Need to cut so let's cut these off for The next panel [Music] Foreign Buying the sheep from said they're Pretty skittish and we get on the Freeway they're gonna might even want to Try to jump out the top of this so I'm

Going to cover the top it doesn't have To be quite as strong because they're Not going to have the lift but I have an Old soccer net that I'm going to secure Across the top of this so no animal Wants to go out over the top it won't be Easy to do that and it's probably the First thing that ever hit the soccer net Because no goals are ever scored in Soccer Just kidding soccer people I did take a small strip of bailing Twine and tied the soccer net to the Ladder rack as well as the railing on The other side or the fencing on the Other side did it on both sides and this Is going to both secure my fencing back And keep the keep it so there's no gap On the net against the cab of the pickup One small hiccup in this plan with my 16 Foot panel that I was cutting I would I Got the lengthwise and I was going to do The end of the truck and secure it there But when you cut right here just outside One of these verticals then you don't Have the vertical on the next one so This next piece when I stand it up There's no verticals to hook around so I'm going to have to run a longer uh a Longer bungee or straps or whatever to Secure this and then create more Laterals to fill in the gap Hook your bungees off your pocket then You're not all tangled up and you can be

Using your hands and grab one real quick I'm not going to put too much effort Into securing this off completely Because this is where we're going to be Loading the animals tomorrow so I'll Have to have this come off but I will Bunch it up and then I will strap side To side as well And this would work pretty pretty well I Don't see any animals getting out of This Okay this was pretty quick and easy and Since I have been buying and selling Goats for a number of years and hope to Be doing the same with sheep it'll be Nice to have these panels pre-cut and Everything else Put them on strap them on quickly take It off when I don't need it and it Should go really well and it did not Take me long even doing with the doing The cutting and figuring my plan out If you've ever hauled livestock one of Your questions might be uh Rob your Pickup's kind of high how are you going To get the Sheep up in there so uh you Know I checked in the the husband of the Family that's doing it is going to be There and and we can together we're Going to lift up the few sheep that we Have uh when I come back to unload it I Have a place that I can back my pickup Up against the hillsides so that they Can walk out and then go down from there

So no I I do not have loading ramps they Do not have a loading ramp so we are Going to be picking the Sheep up and Putting them in uh I am going to take Extra bungees and straps and everything I think it's nice and secure it's not Going anywhere but uh this last rail Might need a little bit extra tightening Up and so if I do ratchet straps or Whatnot run it through there make the Tailgate a lot stronger and by the time You're watching this video if you watch It right after I put it out I'm probably When this is going to post I'm probably On my way driving to pick up the sheep And klask and I and we'll go from there As always thanks for joining me on the Flanagan Homestead where Christmas trees Are my business teaching including Horticulture is my job and outdoor Projects are my passion hope to see you Again soon everyone be blessed

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