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Foreign Here we go Okay so John we're getting ready to Build a new trust and so what's Important is we know we need to know Exactly how far it is from one side all The way across to the other side and on This side we have the reference post we Know this is the post that we're going To be setting the other truss on top of Or the rafter but over this side There's a doorway and this doorway Doesn't we put a big giant Oak beam Across it so that it will hold the load Of the truss and what John's going to do Now is measure from the last Truss Right here over to the point where he's Going to set the new Truss Anybody got your mark there we've Already done this before we run the Camera but we we're just double checking So you guys can know All right so he's going to hand me The end of the tape measure And what I'm going to do Is fall off the truck I'm going to grab this tape measure and Carry it to the other side This is your top plate here I'm going to measure directly over the Top plate from this side and then he is Going to Make his measurement So we know exactly how far each bird

Mouth needs to be apart But we're on track that's about what the Other ones were so our overall length Was 194 and three quarters of an inch Now what you have to do now is half that So that'll be a 97 and 3 8 of an inch uh Because you're gonna Split the difference now you have to Keep in mind if at the peak of your if You if you're at the very peak of your Rafters if you're going to have a a beam Running down the center you have to Subtract the width of that beam and our Raft our Rafters the tops of the rafters Are touching one another All right so again we're going to go for This calculator if you don't know about This calculator if you've never done Rafters before this is an awesome tool Just type in rafter calculator and I Found the one at to be The very best one And we'll we'll look this up on the Internet for you and I'll do some Screenshots for you but You just work your way in we already got All the information in from the last one But all we're going to do here is change It from eight inch or eight foot one Inch and then this right here we're Going to change this to 3 8. all right So that's it and our our roof pitch is Six to one so double check that make Sure it's six to one we want to have one

Foot overhang and our rafter depth is Six inches that's how thick the board is And our rafter thickness is six inches And I bumped that and made that half so I'll go ahead and take that off there so Six and six because we cut these at true Six by sixes on the on the Um Yeah on the we shut this true six by Sixes on the uh Sawmill and over here on This side you're gonna house how deep Your bird's mouth is I'm gonna use a Three and a half again the wall Thickness of my Greenhouse is going to Be six inches height is eight foot but It doesn't really matter so then you're Gonna come back over here push calculate And all of a sudden everything you need To know is on this little picture and it Is a picture so it really helps you to Draw this out but we'll go ahead and Draw it out on the post and go from There So what we're going to do here is we're Just going to make a Mark it's just a Reference point But you don't even really have to do This part I like to do a reference Mark So if this is your this is the part We're going to cut it off cut from and This is going to be the top of the Rafter so we're going to use this you See this little it's just pivot right Here you're going to make sure that this

Little Mark is right Corner that's right there and then on Your On your Square here this is called a Speed square it has uh Marks here from 1 To 30. so we're going to do a six one Pitch right so right there's the six so We're just going to leave this in on the Mark and rotate it around There's five there's six so that's about As close perfect six as we're gonna get So there's your pitch that's where the Cut the angle on the top of your rafter This is the part that gets cut off All right so we've got our our angle cut Here and then went ahead and took my Feet square and run a line straight down Here so all you do then is you I don't Have I don't have a big saw they make a Special saw for something like this all We have is a chainsaw small chainsaw so What I have learned if you run this line Here and then run the line straight down And then you get on this side and you Line your saw chainsaw up and you just Cut on this side of the line you can Control really well how how Square the Cut is Thank you All right you can see there that's not Perfect but all right that's pretty Dagging I'm all right Yeah that's not perfect at all But it's it's going to be really good

For this no such thing as perfect in Wood Okay the next thing we're going to do is We're going to use our app that we Just made up And we're going to cut our sorry cheers All right the next thing we want to do Is cut our our Birch Mount you're going To measure from the top of the of the Truss So he's gonna hook me on that end And that's the top of the angle and I'm Going to go down here and my app says 9 Foot and seven eighths inches so we're Going to come down To Nine foot seven eighths of an inch All right so here's our Mark now if you Look on that side down at the end it's You can tell the angles this way So that helps you keep going so the Bird's mouth is going to be on this side This will be the side the bird's mouth Cut out right here what we're going to Do Is go ahead and put this Pivot Point Again Right here on that Mark and then we're Going to rotate it around to a six We're doing a six to one pitch if you Want to do a four to one pitch it would Be here five to one and then six to one And so on and so forth So now my angles will be the same on

Both sides now here's the here's the Trick you don't want to Um Get confused this thing the bird's mouth Is going to be cut like this So this This is the bottom the bird's mouth's Always going to be cut on the on the top I mean from the Mark's always gonna be From the top the bird's mouth can be cut From the bottom Doesn't make sense probably not all Right so what we're going to do now is Turn the square around and we know that We've already looked at the measurements On our app and it's one and three Quarters inch up Right or another way to do it is it's Three and a half inches to the edge Using a regular square Kind of go a little bit old school on This because I feel comfortable with This with the actual Square Right here like this Like this line is perfectly the same And put it right there on that three on That little one and three quarters Mark Right here and it will be exactly three And a half inches to the edge of the Cup This is not rocket science it's not Going to be Exactly again What is wood

So what we're going to do now is do the Same thing we did before so take the Speed square and sit right here on our Mark And I'll take the chainsaw and run right Down I would normally cut it probably From this side but it's got a little Wayne on this board over here so I know This will be a little bit more accurate There's no need to describe It's probably so Right here So if you're not familiar when you have A board with a good clean Edge like this And it comes down in there's a little Bit of bark left over we uh call that Wayne And I don't know why it's called Wayne But that's what it's called Sure there's probably some dude named Wayne Come up with that Could be Oh My God Again are you taking line those two Marks up that's a pretty good cut for a Chainsaw I'm happy with that now let's cut a Bird's mouth out What I'm gonna do now I've got my bird's Mouth drawed out on this side I don't have again their exact tools That we need to make they make a saw for

Cutting beams we don't have that my wife Won't let me get it because it costs 700. and so we just have to do it with Chainsaw and Sawzall and Does that sound like a lot of whining Some whining going on in there I like tools You got way too many So we what I did is I've taken those two Lines right here and I've transcribed Them down and bring it back we'll rotate It one more time This is the mark Again we're going to just rotate this Around to six And all I'm doing is reversing it on the Other side now You can come right come right here and Go ahead and come up one in Three quarters of an inch Again all you really need to do is Get it to where it's Three and a half but I'm gonna make three and a half it if You do it right this is This is one and three quarters inch this Way or three and a half this way So right there's three and a half And again there is no perfect in wood Now you can look on the on that app that Will tell you What this angle is which is 26 of 26 and A half ish Degrees so what I've done here is taking

The saw and I've set it on 26 and a half And then you can take the saw again Set it down And bring the bottom of the blade To this Mark Okay go and let me So when I cut through now It's going to be just as deep as it Needs to be I got it pinched just a little bit There you go Now I don't have a saw that will cut This angle Too steep for any saw that I have so we Have to use the Sawzall And probably most people are going to do This we're going to do the same thing You're going to use some kind of setup Like we do so what I do again is I take The saw And set it at an angle Follow this side all the way down to This this cut And you'll see just watch what to do All right so I've got a pretty good Start here If I followed that line pretty well and I've got this line followed pretty maybe A hair up here we can always come back And shave that off just a little bit All right and now I'll go to the other Side It's not perfect but we can come in here Clean that up really nice and that's our

Bird mouth most people are probably not Going to be cutting this with a kind of Sigma Six because most people build Trusses for the greenhouses out like a Two by six and that's gonna be a lot Easier to work with because there's it's Only an inch and three quarters inches Wide our inch and three quarters of an Inch wide so there's less room for Variation when you're cutting a full six Inches across there's a lot of room for Deviation for one side to the other Right I see a little I felt a little Piece right here we're just going to Skip that Again this is wood so it's not Rocket science accurate So why are you using the trailer Okay The reason we're using the trailer is Because it's a really good flat surface And it gives us enough uh flat surface That's pretty Square To set these up for Success if you're Trying to do this off something flat You can do it but it's going to be a lot Harder so what we do is Lay It All Out Put the second piece on we'll screw them Together at the top we'll measure the Bird Mouse distance This is the bird's mouth we'll measure From the back of this This Birch mouth back to the back of the Other one which is not here yet and make Sure that our measurements from one side

Of the plate to the other side of plate Match And we'll do all that before we we set It up there and we put the the the Support across the top what you call it Power tie we'll put the collar tie Across the top and then once we do that It's technically kind of crossing over To becoming a truss at that point So you working hard but smart I don't know if I want to say smart John's here so we're working smarter No the whole frame's here he's the Brains behind me so now what I'm gonna Do is I'm going to pre-drill we got some Big old lag they're called drk screws It's going to go through this and set Into the beams on the greenhouse plate And what we're going to do is to keep This from splitting which you probably Wouldn't split we'll go ahead and Pre-drill this and give the head of the Screw a flat spot let me turn this Around a little bit better so you can See it so This is where the the plate is going to Set We're just going to start right here and We want this to kind of go right here There's a six inch beam will be sitting Right here and we'll kind of be the Center of that So we're going to take this And kind of screw in straight first

And then turn That's our preview pre-drilled hole Next thing we're going to do Just use this really long drill bit Again we're going to aim where that post Is going to be Now when we screw this In it won't split All right if you were going to use a two By six instead of instead of the six by Six you're going to do a two by six you Could pre-drill all the way through the Same way and use a big bolt like this or You could just maybe pre-drill at an Angle with a smaller drill bit and use Like 16 penny 16 pinning nails to uh To uh nail your trust into place they're Also depending on where you're at you May have building codes which will Require you'd have some sort of anchor Hurricane anchors as they call them or Wind anchors so just be aware of your Surroundings and your building codes So we're going to do two countersunk lag Bolts or drk screws again and the same Principle we're going to aim down this Beam these were the two meet together So we'll have one on this side will be At the top and we'll make another hole On this side at the bottom so I'll show You what we're doing Foreign That way the the bolts are not Interfering with each other

That's what I'll do now is just go ahead And pre-drill this I'm not pre-drilling this part just this Part here I want this to spin and be Able to pull these two together Go ahead and We've got a little bow in it it's the Trailer I think A little bit Is perfect All right so what we've got now is we're Going to put these two together once we Got this started and we're just going to Push right through to this other one And pull them together All right that's starting off as good as We're gonna get What we're doing now is we're measuring From the center here down three foot And that's going to be where we the top Of our board I'll put a What do you call it again So now we're going to do is Measure down from the center Three foot on both sides and then we're Gonna that'll be the top of the collar Tie that runs between the two but before We do that we'll measure From the bird's mouth to Birds now To make sure To get it right what's that uh 194 and three quarters I said what we're Gonna do now is you look down here

John's gonna touch the very back of the Bird's mouth And I'm going to Put my ruler here and we're going to Move this around until this gets to 193 Or excuse me 194 and three quarters and Right there is where we're at so Now we'll put the collar town Screw this thing down and it will keep The correct Pitch and then we can lift it with a Tractor and not have to worry about all That stuff Just makes the whole basically turns Once you put the collar on it kind of Becomes a truss Yeah So there's you right there So here's our our top We're going to pull the collar around No I got it I got it to the very Right there right around your hand So we're both going to keep moving our Boards back until we get to the very Peak of it again this is not necessarily Rocket science Feel pretty good about it I do know all right that's what I'm Gonna we know our our Bird's mouth or The right distance apart Foreign Double check the bird's mouth one more Time Because everything vibrating around good

Thing we did there All right here we go All right 194 and three quarters inches I'll go over here and put a screw in That'll lock it into place My Mark's good here So now we don't have to worry about this Thing moving around anymore I got enough all right both of them Foreign Foreign All right and there is our truss up it Looks pretty good Hey listen I Appreciate you watching our Channel if You like content like this leave us a Comment in the comment section below Telling us that you like it and we'll Try to do some more God bless have a Great day Foreign

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