How to Dig a Swale with a Compact Tractor

Thank you I'm digging a Swale to funnel rain water Down to our pond Obviously to dry out the uphill area but Also to help fill the pond I've actually done several of these but I chose this one to demonstrate this With because it was a really long Swale I think it was almost 200 feet and I dug It about two feet deep in the center so We were really moving a lot of dirt I've Accomplished the exact same thing using Nothing but the box blade but in this Case we're just removing so much dirt From the area I felt it was more Efficient to scoop it out this way leave Me a comment let me know what you think Of the method I used to dig this and Also let me know what you think about The format of a really short video Trying to demonstrate a bigger job like This seems like it could be helpful Content [Music] I don't really show it here but I was Also using a Transit level that you can See at the bottom of the screen to make Sure we were maintaining the already Existing slope down towards the pond as Well as tapering in from each side Foreign I only showed a few passes of each thing That I was doing so it may have seemed Like this was quick and easy but it

Actually took me several hours because I Just continued to go back and forth with The box blade until I got the angle I Needed having a top and tilt kit on your Three-point really makes it easier to Get this shape but you can do it without It as you can see down by the pond There's a lot of drop from the sides to The middle but at the other end of the Swale it's a very minimal drop and it Just eases in I have a full version of This project that's close to 20 minutes Long but I just wanted to summarize the Technique as quickly as possible I hope You enjoyed it I'll put links to the Long version at the end of the video and I'll see on the next one

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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