How to Get Into Land Clearing Baumalight Mulcher

[Music] Foreign Welcome back to the channel you can see We got a lot of snow but we're still Gonna have a fun video today I got a Piece to add to the Mulcher and then We're gonna go try it out as you can see Around us it's two they can't do much But we can mulch so for our new viewers We got this Mulcher it's a true forestry Mulcher that mounts on the back of the Tractor and it's PTO driven we got this Back in the summer and we've done a lot Of a lot of clearing it's just been an Amazing piece however it does throw Stuff up onto the tractor Dude I've got several comments saying That I'm I am scared quote I am scared That it would throw something up under My tractor and damage the bottom of my Tractor well in our case we have the tym T474 and the T25 and both of our Trashers have the backhoe adapters or The backhoe mounts so it's a big piece Of Steel that goes at the back of the Tractor it's really kind of keeps it From even worrying me worried about it Damaging my tractor but it made me think There are a lot of people that don't Have that and it still does throw stuff Out the front of the tractor Long story short Bomb light has a kit that you can buy That adds onto it it basically adds a

Line of really heavy uh 3 8 inch chains All the way across very similar to what You see on the front of say a rotary Cutter so we're going to add this today Got a cool path in the back we're going To work on as you can see earlier it's Just so muddy there's no way we're ever Going to do anything of substantial work Up here so we're going back to the woods And play so we're going to get down here And try not to get too muddy I've had Both of my knees replaced and I can do a lot of things but getting on My knees is difficult it's a hard thing Get somebody you're gonna help me buddy I don't need sugar right now get back Get back back back Don't need doggy sugar all right Mom I'm Gonna need you to help me He thinks everybody needs some puppy Sugar This PTO shaft up let me slightly You see the holes yeah pretty simple Okay we have got the chain guard mounted I'm excited about that I think it's Going to work really well uh the chains Are very very heavy and they're very Very closely uh spaced so they're it's Going to really slow stuff down this is Kind of a public service announcement if You uh have this bomb light this is the Mp348 I were I honestly I did not read the Directions all the way thoroughly and

One of the bottom light guys reached out To me and said hey you're not supposed To grease this every use which is kind Of contrary to everything that I've ever Done before these are a very high Precision bearing with really high Quality seals it's not supposed to be Grease but every 500 to a thousand hours Depending on types of use so do not Grease it every time he said I will blow The seal out of the back if I try to do That so long story short follow the Manual don't follow Tony all the time This looks to be the hardest thing that We're going to have to deal with it's a It's like an old cherry tree that fell Down across I'm just going to chop it Off and make a road in here if we go Straight this way we literally drive off Into a Gorge so that's we're not going To do that we're going to go here and Then turn right and as we turn right It's a really uh modest grade down so It'll be a little trail that comes in And turns right and this little modest Grade down this way kind of doing a Switchback almost so Hope you guys will be able to see this As clearly as I can but it's pretty in The summer you really can't see this Stuff you just can't see the grade Because there's too many leaves it's Like you know going into it blind See how this thing cranks up after

Being Frozen at negative three Is it help I turn the switch on Much more promising Foreign It's pretty rotten that was not cheery I Thought it was cheery I'm not really sure what it is to be Honest with me so far rotten hard to Tell I'm probably I'm gonna run over this With a Mulcher it's really soft I think It'll just powder it That way I don't have to move it you Gotta you know I'm I'm not all about Labor now Getting more I just hit him in the face With a stick So each each time I get on tractor I Have a new favorite implement the other Day we were plowing with a double bottom Plow I was like that's just so cool it's My favorite Implement and now I got the Mulcher on and today the mulch is my Favorite implement Hey you be careful Thank you So just in that small bit of movement I Can tell A dramatic you definitely get the chain Guard it's worth the money uh there was Hardly anything thrown through and just In prior to this you could see stuff fly Up under I didn't really worry about it

Too much before because my tractor has The back home out and it's solid steel So it protects it but it's pretty Awesome it seems like it mulches better Too because stuff can't get out What do you think Gizmodo Wish you could talk [Music] [Music] Mm-hmm I got getting too much at one Time I got two trees and one of those big Wood pieces [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] The new train guard absolutely helps With debris thrown up under the tractor But these long skinny trees they will Still be pulled up under just not as Fast and also it doesn't seem to go high It keeps everything really close to the Ground Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Applause] Foreign

[Applause] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Foreign [Music] Foreign Foreign Foreign [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign Thank you [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] Oh let me get it Go get him Hey I hope you guys enjoyed this video Please Subscribe it means a lot to us God bless have a great day [Music] Foreign

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