How to give goats their CD&T shots, what do I need?

CD&T is the most commonly recommended vaccine for goats and sheep. It is easy to administer. A booster shot of CDT is called for three to 4 weeks after the initial shots. I purchased syringes with needles already attached from Amazon. The combo ran about 50 cents a piece. I used 23 gauge needles. typically 18-23 gauge are used on goats and sheep. The larger the number the smaller the needle. Small needles penetrate easier and hurt less. They are more likely to break though. CDT is applied subcutaneously. The easiest way is to tent the skin behind the front shoulder or back of neck. #cdt #CD&T #goat @FlanaganHomestead

Hello R here from the Flanigan Homestead We're going to give my goats our cdnt Vaccination most people like to do this Twice a year many people do it once a Year we're doing in the fall I have just A small amount that's all they had at uh Our the feed store here in town so this Is just enough to do my goats I will not Be able to do uh my sheep today um I'm Using individual needles for each animal Again that's advised some people don't Do that there's been times that I've Actually used a needle more than once And on a different animal not completely Advised but these are about 50 cents a Piece the syringe and the needle this is A 23 gauge needle which is a little bit Smaller than you typically do on goats Usually it's about a 20 gauge uh the Smaller the number the larger the needle But uh we're going to be giving 2 MLS to Each animal so what I'm doing here is I'm going to put this in my bottle push Some air in there tip it up and suck out Two MLS don't have my glasses on so I can't See too Well get the air bubbles to come back up To the top oh I need a little bit more Here and there's where we're At I'm just going to put the cap back on For Now and then I'm going to get nine or 10 Of these filled and we're going to head

Down to the barn and give them to the Goats as we're getting ready to do this I forgot to mention CD Y cdnt is what We're talking about this is the one Vaccine that is pretty much universally Recommended for sheep and goats uh Everybody says you need to have at least This there are other vaccines that People do on top most people don't to be Honest I don't do anything be Beyond This unless uh an animal is sick and They need penicillin or something else And so this is the one universally Recommended uh vaccine for goats and Sheep also keep it in the refrigerator When not in use this is one that needs To be Refrigerated sometimes your wife Appreciates it if you have a shop Refrigerator Cera so I'm on the other Side of the fence my wife is Manning the Door over there the goats think I have Something for them to eat in this but This is I actually have all the syringes In here and so I'm just going to give The shot to one goat at a time and then We're going to push them out the Door you're supposed to do this Subcutaneously so that means underneath The skin what I'm going to do here is a Lot of people call it tenting uh you're Going to grab some Skin Hopefully you know this is why I brought

The stool cuz then I can sit them on me Have a little bit more control so this Is called tenting and you're going to Grab some skin and lift it up and then I'm going to reach underneath that push It in push the entire contents in And then rub it in you need to be Careful when you're tenting and I've Done this multiple times before where I Pull up the skin and I stick it in and Then out the other side and I push the Syringe and the vaccine just comes out In my hand so make sure that you don't Uh go through both flaps of skin so She's done she's ready to go Outside make sure this one's on Tight stick it in Quickly inject it Quickly rub it in a little bit felt one Drop of that come back out not a lot and You're good to go got skin sorry girl That one didn't feel good I'll get it in There Quick there you Go there you go Baby there's some people that prefer to Do the tenting on the back of the neck This this young goat it's hard to get a Whole lot there but it is a good spot To get a full of skin and get it in There so that went pretty Well good [Music] Girl all right we got the babies most

People recommend doing this at uh less Than a month these are a couple months Old at least now so we're a little Behind schedule on there But we're going to go ahead and get it Done now vitamin B another standard Practice is to vaccinate the mothers a Couple weeks before they give birth Which helps transfer the immunity to Their Kids sorry I missed you the first time Now I had to poke you twice little Girl to poke you Twice so there you go booster shots done Takes just a few minutes if you have Control of the animals uh even though I Told you to be careful not to poke Through both sides I did that on one of My animals and I shot uh too much uh Vaccine out so I had to revaccinate go Fill up another syringe and revaccinate That animal so uh it's recommended come Back in 3 to 4 weeks and give them a Booster and then they should be Vaccinated thanks for joining me on the Flanigan Homestead where Christmas trees Are my business teaching including Horiculture is my job and outdoor Projects are my passion hope to see you Again soon be blessed Everyone

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