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Hey good morning and welcome back to the Channel I am starting The last video at the beginning of this Video so you guys stay tuned to see this Video of these two gates being hung but I need to address uh some comments made In the last video where we showed uh how We hung a single gate I I have never had A video where people were so vicious About uh what they thought was the right Way of doing things and uh we just Honestly just mean spirited towards uh Us and and and our channel so all we did Was showed how to hang a gate level and If you see here We use both top pins aiming up now both Of these top pins have a flat portion And a lot of people were like you need To aim the pin down on the top and then Tighten it up so that the people can't Just pull the gate up that's the true Statement if if we less it like this it Would definitely allow the gate to be Just lifted off Uh this is actually the correct way to Install a gate you have both pins hung Up to the upward position because There's a flat portion on both of these Pins that hold the weight of the gate Down equally so if you have one pin Holding or aim down then it's not Holding any of the the weight of the Gate up it's just holding the top of the Gate from falling down so that's really

Not the right way to do it now let me Show you a way To go ahead and secure the gate so it Can't be lifted off and maintain the Hinge life a lot longer if you only put It with one hinge down and one hinge up The bottom hinge will wear out very fast Because that hinge will be carrying all Of the weight So many Gates are like this and I see plenty of Gates where they put a metal bracket Across the top to keep from being lifted You start getting into the big long Gates and you really need to carry the Weight of the gate on both hinges Correctly so the easy way to do and I Just didn't have a lag boat in the drill With me when I installed the other gate But I got Accused by literally hundreds And hundreds of people of not knowing What I was doing and it's just the fact Of the matter is is I didn't do it the Way they did it so All you do is take your hinge Put a big lag boat in They have to have a special Torx bit to Remove that lag bolt And there's No way to get that off That that particular lag boat has a uh I Think it's like uh 1600 pound tinsel Strength so there's not they're not Getting that off

Uh don't be so quick to judge now let's Get to the video A lovely assistant is going to help me Do this this post is a little bit bent Backwards not perfectly level so that's Pretty much how you will Hey welcome back to the channel if You're new to the channel this is Tony's Trash your adventure Homestead and we're Doing some homesteading today I'm Tony And got Tanya behind the camera and Today we're going to show you how to Properly put in a double gate so that it Hangs level and matches in the middle So we have a couple of interesting tools Here we have a laser level and so you Can do what we're getting ready to do With this laser level with a five dollar String level that you can find at any Hardware store but since we already have This laser level we're going to use it So all we're going to need is two Reference lines on both posts so we know That they're exactly the same height on Both on both posts let's get that done So now we have two new marks right here And on that post over there that we know That these are the exact same level on Both sides so we'll we'll measure Everything that we do off of these two Marks on either post because the end Game is we want both of the gates to Meet in the middle we want the gates to Be level and we want the gates to be not

Only level to themselves but meet in the Middle and match exactly the same height On both both gates Oh so this gate has wire on the outside Uh and so therefore depending on if you Have Double Gates obviously one of them One of them will have the hinges on the Wrong end This will be a good day to fly a kite Yeah we got two of them in the house I Know Somebody that's going to Sharp shoot me A little bit and they're going to go Well why is it so important To get this right And because both of these hinges are Available to be moved up and down and That is a true point on this particular Gate set but there are some gates that You buy and there are left in or they're They're not left and right they're just Uh there's nothing in the middle here so The bottom hinge is welded on and in Those cases you just got the only way You can get it right is to make sure That the bottom two Hinges are right so what we got what I'm Gonna do Is the other gate is four and a half Inches up So I'll go ahead and pop this on To put my my bolt through Get it started Should be pretty close right here

Let's say four and a half inches right There Down a little bit and then we'll Snug it up and then we'll move it in the Right place I really need to have a Better set of tools but all I grab is a Compressor wrench it's a 20-foot opening And uh we're gonna we got two 10 foot Gates and basically what we're the Reason we're starting on this side is That the the gravel is downhill so this Is the shallowest point if you will or This is the the largest drop off So these are the pins they're going to Be putting putting in and this is the Flat portion that the hinge of the gate Sets on so all measurements will be made From this point right here and then like You'll have to take into account that The boat is actually offset from that It's a half inch bolt so you're roughly Just say a quarter inch down from this Mark right here so if the gate is four And a half inches to the bottom That means that this bolt hole needs to Be Four and a quarter inches From wherever the bottom of the gate is Going to be We're going to leave ourselves we're Probably going to have a little bit more Gravel come in so we're going to go Ahead and leave us another Uh we'll probably go ahead and leave us

A see just a couple more inches at least So before we Mount our gate up here Let's talk a little bit about the post Now back in the summer we built this Fence knowing that we're going to put Gates on it so these are gate posts They're longer posts than a normal Poster they're in the ground right here Approximately three and a half to four Foot deep and then we use fast 2K to Anchor our post in the ground let's post That in the ground and we went ahead and Put a level on this one we're really Really gonna make this one perfect Because these two ends are going to be Gate Post so they really need to be Pretty Square to each other and also Very very lovely and we've already had Good results from our gate prior that We've done and I don't expect any any Difference with this Where do you want to put the gate how Tall are you Gizmo is this tall and so We got to make sure you can't get onto That gate I don't think he's going to get too far Past the biscuits I'm telling you Chickens as long as the chicken strips Keep flowing he's going to stay behind The fence I think so too All right so four and a quarter up from The lowest point that we want our gate So let's consider our gate We're going to add a little bit of

Gravel So we'll take this Is four and a quarter To the center Okay it's plenty deep enough so we got That in It's deep enough that uh it's all the Way for the threaded portion but it's Not uh so deep that it's going to uh Come out the other side I don't want to Come out the other side some gate posts Will have a threaded like an all thread Rod on it and you'll go all the way Through and put a nut and washer on the Other side so we don't have that so I Don't want to go all the way through We'll go ahead and mount this This particular hinge in and then we'll Be right back with you Gosh All right so you can see here I've got This this hinge pin in and there's my Actual Loop that'll set over that So we're just going to go ahead and put This at We'll do 35. So 35 it's what we're gonna what we're Aiming for which is the flats portion so We got to take off a quarter inch to get To the center of this so we'll be 34 and Three quarters again this is not rocket Science accurate but you want it to be Pretty close There's a lot of adjustment points on

The gate So we're going to go to the flat portion And we're going to go to 30. Four and three quarters So this is just a bit I had handy so I Grabbed this way Overkill When you're putting a bit in you want to You definitely want to keep your the bit As level as you can this way and then Plumb as you can this way Again gates are pretty forgiving they're Not exact so Foreign That's good enough now we're gonna put The next Hinge in there's a piece of metal on That one Just a three-quarter inch wrench will Do a lot of good here It's easy to work with Got some really good neighbors around Here You can get close with getting Level get With the gate getting Level by taking Your level here And putting it on the two pins so this One needs to go in a little bit further And obviously you can only do it at one Turn at a time And you can see this gate right here This boat just deformed it was bent from The factory it aimed out so we're gonna Have to get it uh Screwed in and then hit it with a

Sledgehammer just now notice that this Actually this particular boat has got a Bend to it the other one doesn't It's a good starting point Yeah we're pretty much perfectly Level there so it's a good starting Point I will whoop on that with a sledgehammer Though Be right back All right so we're gonna put the I'm gonna put the new or the uh Hinge back on this side on top And we'll just put the bolt through And let it be Uh Fairly loose we don't want it we don't Want this one tight yet Get it started My lovely assistant is going to help me Do this And all we're going to do is hang the Bottom I'm going to take this hinge and get out Of the way Hang the bottom first And we're going to put the top one in Place raise your end up a little bit All right so it's just a little We're going to tighten that down a Little bit more all right raise your end Up a little bit more Needed to bring a wrench should have Brought a wrench but we're got what we

Got My buddy Hank will be extremely proud of Me All right raise up a little more Bump it Okay Make sure that it's seated Probably butterflies on the other side With a boat Okay Let's take the level you know because of What we did This particular gate should be somewhat Level that's assuming that the gate is Somewhat level And By golly that's pretty doggone close the Bevel the bevel the bubble is in between The uh the bevel of the level is in Between the two marks so the bubbles Right on and if you can see that or not But It's pretty doggone close and that's Just by doing it that way I just showed You so now we have to do the other gate And the keys to doing the other gate Is both of these Gates must be exactly At the same height here and level or to Look off it'll always look weird So there you go we're gonna go back to Our our original mark And we're going to 25 and a half inches down from our Original Mark is where we need to put uh

The first screw on that side that's why This these marks on both sides are so Important is it you have your reference Point to measure from so now I know I Got to go because the ground's not level The only thing I have is as a reference Point is these light though where we put The laser level So I'm going to go again and double Check the measurement 25 And a half the way I've got the the Level I mean we've got the tape measure I'm sitting on top of the boat and the Boat is a half inch uh diameter so I Have to take a quarter to get to the Center of the boat you have to add Another quarter inch so it's actually 25 And a quarter so I'm at I'm adding the Quarter so it's 25 and a half Hope that made sense So that's 25 and a half right there that Means I need to take put the center Foreign you see how high that is on that Side and then you see how high it is on It so that's how much We're going to have to bring in the Gravel this way Yeah that's gonna The way it is The way to cookie crumbles you make Lemon juice out of lemons that's right Make lemons you said a lemon that's Right I can't get a bigger drill bit

Foreign This is the flat portion of the pin the Next pin is going to be 34 and three quarters it's supposed to Be 35 but we're going to take away the Count for the bolt thickness so 34 And three quarters So we'll just go ahead and Pull that on the tape measure And you'll see this will really show how Unlevel this is we'll probably move some Dirt in To level it up So 34 and three quarters All right There's me a Mark that one So we just tighten up our last pin here And go ahead and put our level on it But we've been checking it as we went Along and this post is a little bit Bent backwards not perfectly level And uh that's okay nothing perfect in Wood And this is not perfect by any means But I think it's going to be pretty Close So Bubbles pretty close to own we could get Lucky we've done most of the Measurements right Okay I gotta go up higher We've done most of the measurements Pretty precise And

Maybe We'll just get lucky Or maybe I mismeasured something Either way It's going to be interesting That is so cool yeah No we're we're riding More no we're we're on point I think I Need to turn this one in one more turn I Was thinking that was going to be the Case I think we're gonna be Pretty much right on point so this is a Little Closer at the top than it is at the Bottom So I think Yep so we're going to turn that one in One more turn So we're going to do is take the this Gate off and just set it down Okay I'm gonna make one more turn That what that's doing is pulling the Top end but keeping the bottom the same It's a little harder now because we got To set them both right on the same time Okay Look at that and you can't get no closer Than that Nope So we would get the When you do get a gate opener we'll have To like weld a little piece of metal on The back of one of them so when they

Come together that they they touch I think we need to go in we're just a Little too tight I think we need to go In One turn on both of those screws And then one more turn on both of these Screws to pull the gates apart I think it'll I think it's good the way It is no it's gonna it's dragging I Don't want to touch so we put the gate Open on they really can't touch All right ready Your end's gonna come up All right That's pretty nice level right there Because we're going to do a little bit Dirt work here so that it moves some Gravel in and give you a better look at It when it's all completed uh what they Call them gate mules put on either side The automatic openers that'll get these Locked in and be more stable Let's say we're going to put some more Dirt here so you guys hang with us to The end of the video makes it look great Foreign Okay just like that we went ahead and Put a little bit of we pulled all the Rock away built this up with a real Heavy clay and then we put the rock back Over it it's going to settle quite a bit Over the winter and then after uh come Spring we'll probably get another load Of gravel in here and raise this up

About three inches and make up any Difference as this settles but I'm happy With it I think the gate looks good Now we gotta get some door openers Because I have to keep getting out and Unmoving these things listen appreciate You watching our Channel if you would Please subscribe God bless have a great Day

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