How To Install Topens Wireless Gate KEYPADs

Today we're going to show you how to Install Wireless keypads on both sides Of your gate Last year Tanya and I had a little bit Of issues with trespassers on our Property I had some kids mess around so we wanted To put up a fence and we put a nice wood Fence along the whole front of our Property and then we put up a you know Two metal gates And after standing out in the rain a Couple of times trying to open those Metal gates we thought it was time to Put an automatic opener and we put a Tokens uh opener on our gate and just Been super happy with it the remotes Worked wonderfully but I ran into a Problem I left my remotes home one day And that was disheartening This also spurred me on to put on the Remotes pads for each side and they make A set of Wireless pads and these work Well these are Universal so they'll work With a lot of different brands and it Seems to be pretty easy so let's let's Walk you through how we did it I think This whole job took us a roughly 30 Minutes to maybe 45 minutes Opening the box you'll find the keypad Wrapped in a bubble wrap sleeve The keypad rain cover was a little bit Difficult to open while it wasn't Mounted to something but I found that

Once it was mounted to the post it was Really easy to operate Once the keypad is removed from the box The next thing is the directions and Then there's an additional nine volt Battery which I thought was really nice Then it comes with some pretty decent Mounting hardware which is uh set up for Drywall stucco and then it does have Wood screws in this kit I was pleasantly surprised that the Instructions were written very well the Pictures were you know clearly defined What you need to do the the grammar Everything about it was you could tell They put effort into making the manual As clear as possible Kudos to tokens for making instructions Very clearly so many things nowadays you Get the instructions are just unbearably Hard to read This unit is truly Universal you can Hardwire the pad into place or you can Use the wireless remote built into it so For us we were we wanted to keep it as Simple as possible and we use the Wireless remote feature Again the instructions were very well Illustrated The tools needed for this are very Simple you'll need a number one Phillips Screwdriver and a number two Phillips Screwdriver and or R in our case we used A drill with our drill bit set the next

Thing you'll need to do is set the Master code and the entry code the Master code is used to program the Keypad and the entry code is used to Activate the keypad to control gate Opener functions it sounds like I just Read that you're absolutely correct There's two types of entry code for this Unit you can use a permanent code for Your family members and yourself and Then there's a temporary entry code that You can set a number of times so for Example if you have a UPS guy coming you Can go out and set up a code for the Open the gate two times one do you win One to go out the fact that I understood These directions so easily makes you Understand how well they're written I'll Give you full lead way to take that However you want to the master code was Clearly written in the directions but Somehow I managed to overlook it to save You guys the trouble the master code From the factory the default code is Nine nine nine nine To program the new master code you'll Need to push set and then you will enter Your old master code of 999 and then You'll push set and then you'll have to Dial 0 1 push set again and then you'll Push in your uh four digits for your new Passcode push set once more and then Push in your four digits to your new Passcode again to confirm and then push

Set and you should hear a longer tone at The end to let you know that it was done Correctly For security purposes we went through The motions here and we used bogus Numbers and then after the install was Done we reset it to our permanent Numbers but we just wanted you to see us Actually punching in the numbers Setting the permanent entry code and the Temporary entry code pretty much the Same the directions are very clear but I Could tell you you need to keep the Direction somewhere that you can get to Them because trying to memorize this Pattern of setting the numbers would be It's not possible for me I recommend taking a picture of the Keypad instruction page and possibly Saving that to your phone as a pitcher Or in my case I saved it to the cloud For future use The first thing you're going to do to Get this installation started is remove The small screw at the base of the Remote keypad now the the screw is small Very small it's a number one Phillips And I'm telling right now make sure that You know where you put it it took us a Little bit to find the screw after I got Distracted Once you get to the gate you'll be very Tempted to just go ahead and mount the Keypads to the wall but I would

Recommend that you do what I did here And I went ahead and opened my uh gate Controller up so that I could program The keypads this case in the rare Occasion that you might get a bad remote You don't have to take it all apart Again in my case both remotes work Perfectly so you can put your mind Pretty much at ease there but it's just A good rule of thumb now we're going to Program the remote to our gate and this Is where it's a little bit difficult There's a little small button you push It and then you'll see the LED light up On top that lets you know that your your Unit is ready to receive the code It was a little bit confusing to me at This point but let me break it down to You it was really just way over simple Once the LED light is lit on your Receiver the next thing you do is pretty Simple the instruction at this point get A little hazy uh you just push the four Digit code that you want to be your Permanent passcode and then push the a Button twice in two seconds and then be Still leave it alone I kept waiting for Something to happen it takes a few Seconds for the the transmitter to send To the receiver and program and then the Light will go off but I ended up being Hasty and it took me like three times to Set this again just press your the Button to for your receiver to take the

Cold then type in your four digit Permanent passcode or entry code and Then press the a button twice leave it Alone for a few seconds probably three To five seconds and then your remote is Is has been programmed I made this Entirely too difficult Defending myself just a little bit the The instructions are a bit hazy here and They say something like hold on for for A moment instead of saying wait three to Five seconds I didn't really understood It if they meant hold the button on for A moment or it was is very vague in the Instructions My next fumble was just opening the gate Again this portion of the instructions Were very clear but I was frustrated From before and I just didn't slow down To read the instructions so to open the Gate once it's uh programmed all you Need to do is press in your four digit Code and then press the letter A if you Don't press the letter A the remote will Not open because you because it's a dual Remote it can open like a left and right Garage door or you can program it to Open the left and right gate Individually so that's also an option With this with this unit uh if you don't Push the letter a in my case I want both Of my gates to open at the same time if You don't push that letter A it's not Going to open

Both the top and gate system and the Token keypads here have a lot more Features you can have your Gates where You push the entry code in and the gates Just stay open or you can have the entry Code set up where uh it stays open for a Certain amount of seconds in our case we Keep both of our gates open for 90 Seconds you can have the keypad set up Where you can open the left gate or the Right gate if you Pro you know depending On how you program your your Gates so It's there's a lot more functionality Here than I I'm going over and it just Depends on how complicated your gate set Up this should give you a general Overview of how to open the gates When it's time to mount the Ace of the Keypad up keep in mind that you're going To have to have room at the bottom to Install the small screw so that kept us From putting this keypad on the other Side of this solar panel I just had to Have a place and a way to put the little Screw in the bottom to secure it Something to think about before you Mount this keypad is that you will be Able you got to be able to put a little Screwdriver to screw the bottom mount Screw back in and this is the reason we Didn't Mount this over to the right side Because there was no way to put a Screwdriver up to the bottom of it other Than that it's pretty simple you just

You know put the mount mount plate in Put the three wood screws in it also Comes with anchors for different types Of uh you know concrete drywall uh you Know stucco any kind of you know Mounting system like that it's pretty Robust little mounting system so again It's just three screws and that is that Honestly at this point I was very Excited you know I could see the end of The project and it was it was a lot less Dramatic than I thought it was going to Be like the biggest problem I had was Reprogramming the remote and that was Due to just a little bit of vague Instructions but me just overthinking it And being frustrated I've got a some pretty fat fingers and Putting this little tiny screw in was Hard so it was nice to have room to do That that is a very small screw So now it's time to check it out again Punch in my codes press the a button you Have to push the A or B depending on how You have it set up and sure enough it Worked perfectly so then it was on to The other side to install the the final Remote on the driver's side of the gate It's not like every day that we install Gates so I want to tell you what I did I Actually walked around was going to put The keypad on the opposite side of this Keypad without thinking about where the Driver is going to be when they get out

Of the car I quickly caught that and then we moved It to the other side and installed the Other keypad and now we can come up and If we leave our keys or we have a family Member come up we can just say give them The the gay code and they can come in I Hope this helps with the keypad Installation if you have any questions Or comments leave them in the comments Section of the video Thank you peace out [Music] Foreign [Music]

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