How to Make $500 Dollars an Hour with Trees | Tree Farming For Profit

Tree Farming For Profit – How To:

The initial expenses can be intimidating, but after planning as well as setup run out the means, earnings come to be consistent as well as foreseeable.

Be it fruit, nuts, or wood; numerous tree items are incredibly valuable with hungry markets looking to get.

If you have the capital to get going, the will to plan in advance, and the patience to wait on trees to grow, you can have fantastic success growing trees commercial.

How Do Tree Farms Earn Money?

Ordinary and easy, tree farmers generate income by selling trees or products from trees. While this is the same for all tree farmers, exactly how they tackle it differs significantly.

The very best system for you relies on your growth, area, environment, and also financing.

Right here are the most preferred ways to generate income expanding trees.

Tree farm
A baby room is an organization that multiplies, expands, and markets young trees as well as bushes. Some baby rooms begin plants from seed, and others start with plants or cuttings.

Depending upon the plant, period, and market, trees and also bushes can be cost various ages. For instance, a fruit tree can be cost the one, 3, 5, and even ten-year mark.

Consumers that want the lowest ahead of time price will certainly purchase young trees from a nursery, whereas ones that choose speed as well as benefit at a higher price will certainly obtain fully grown trees.

This moving sales cycle makes tree nurseries a special and also flexible service.

If your plants don’t offer, they don’t go to waste as well as you don’t shed money, they simply value in value and also surrender into a new sales tier.

Keep in mind, tree nurseries can be a part of many different timberland, but a nursery by itself isn’t for producing any items from trees, simply the plants themselves.

Fruit and also Nut Trees
One of the most obvious means to earn money farming trees is to grow details kinds that create high-value foodstuff like fruits and nuts.

The majority of people recognize with the principle of an orchard or a plot of land clearly utilized for trees that produce foodstuff.

There are lots of means to make money with an orchard, but whatever, your business will focus on certain food products.

Let’s use apples as an instance.

Depending on the environment in your location as well as your regional market, there are lots of ranges you can select from. As soon as you select the selection, you require to connect with a tree nursery and also purchase some plants.

Once you get those young trees in the ground or pots, it will certainly be a number of years before they begin producing fruit.

Alternatively, you can acquire older trees for a costs and even acquire an existing fruit/nut operation with trees that are already fruiting.

Once trees pertain to maturation, they will remain to flourish for several years– this is when you begin to make back your first investment.

With the products you collect from the trees, you can do lots of points.

With apples, you can offer them fresh to stores, offer them at a farmers market, have customers house to your site to pick them or process them right into cider, juice, or snacks.

A lot of apple farmers utilize some combination of these options for a varied cash flow.

Other than apples, preferred crops include walnuts, almonds, peaches, pears, oranges, avocados, pistachios, and extra.

Trees For Timber and Fiber
Believe it or otherwise, planting trees particularly for wood can be incredibly rewarding.

There is a high demand for numerous sorts of wood, and a lot of the work comes upfront, after which it’s mostly a waiting video game.

Specialty timbers are used to make furnishings and tools, while other timber (typically less complicated to grow) remains in high demand for commercial use or as building and construction material.

Fibers from several trees are utilized for garments, rope, or crafting.

Growing forests on your home is an exceptional lasting financial investment. It will take years for the trees to expand, often 25 years or even more, but the earnings are massive, as well as they don’t take much daily job.

Numerous farmers utilize this method to set themselves up for retirement or legacy purposes.

Once your hardwood trees are mature and also ready up for sale, the very best choice is to sell them using a timber harvest.

You can locate customers as well as programs through your state’s forestry or natural deposits division or extensions at local universities.

Furthermore, you can hire a specialist forestry specialist. These agents can encourage you on tree growing, woodland management, appraisals, harvest, as well as sale.

When you get in touch with a purchaser, they will typically employ employees as well as machinery to come to your residential property and also harvest the timber as a part of the arrangement.

Tree Farming For Profit

Landscape design Trees
An additional wonderful alternative is to expand trees for landscaping.

Decorative trees and bushes and also ones that provide shade are constantly in high demand.

Trees like Japanese maple, star magnolia, crabapple, flowering dogwood, sugar maple, arborvitae, blue spruce, and also desert willow include beauty as well as shade to the landscape.

Shrubs like rose, holly, lavender, azalea, blooming quince, and also spirea have a smaller footprint with lovely blossoms perfect for front lawns.

These trees as well as shrubs can be marketed to garden supply facilities, straight to consumers, or offered wholesale to landscaping business.

The sheer volume of plants that an effective landscape design company undergoes makes working with them an unbelievably rewarding chance if you can fulfill their need.

Landscaping trees can additionally be utilized to decrease a structure’s home heating prices in the summertime.

The color of a tree isn’t simply the best area for an outing, it can block the sunlight’s rays from beaming on the side of a house, which dramatically elevates the interior temperature level and also results in extra expensive and eco-harming power consumption.

Several homeowners understand this and will certainly pay top dollar for great color trees to make their backyard and residence a lot more comfy as well as reliable.

What’s Needed To Beginning A Tree Farm For Profit

What you require to begin a ranch and exactly how it will inevitably run depends upon several elements.

For instance, do you have numerous acres of land or only a tiny plot? Will you plant trees in the ground or containers? Will you market seedlings, nuts, fruits, wood, or some mix of these?

To make things basic, here’s a checklist of everything you will need to start a timberland, no matter your goals.

1. Land

Whether you are growing in-ground or in-pot you need a space for your plants to live and also grow. This can be hundreds of acres or simply a patio or backyard.

2. Dirt

Next, you require productive soil. For in-ground growing, you preferably desire a balanced dirt type without numerous rocks.

If you are expanding in pots, you can acquire the ideal soil for your plants online or from a store, but you can expect to pay a costs for it.

3. Watering

All plants require water to live. Some trees, like hearty types grown for timber, will expand well with only rains, whereas others need controlled as well as constant watering.

Plastic drip watering is the most effective alternative for most growers. Depending on the size of your operation, you might want to dig a well on your residential property to offer the water.

4. Seeds, cuttings, or plants

The majority of growers purchase young trees and mature them on-site. You can obtain these from a local nursery, purchase them on-line, or expand them on your own.

Once you have your initial plant of trees, you can proliferate future trees from your very own cuttings, conserving tons of cash over time.

If you intend on expanding in pots, the containers you use and the dirt you load them with will be one more huge factor to consider.

Likewise, many growers can take advantage of a greenhouse for plant proliferation.

Last but not least, fundamental horticulture and also farming devices are needed. Points like pruning shears, hoes, and also rakes will certainly can be found in convenient.

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Popular & Profitable Trees To Expand
Arborvitae Trees Straight
Arborvitae trees are evergreens that are extremely searched for landscape design functions.

When grown in a tight row, these trees develop an eco-friendly wall. This is excellent for including privacy to your lawn or as a windbreak. Arborvitae is a fantastic tree to expand since customers often buy several trees each time.

Arborvitae trees are simple to cut and shape, either enhancing their all-natural form or changing them into something one-of-a-kind.

Christmas Trees
Christmas Tree Farming
Everybody loves a fresh Christmas tree. Absolutely nothing beats the appearance, feel, as well as smell of the actual thing.

Growing Christmas trees as well as marketing them for cash is a massive sector. Contrasted to various other trees, these are fairly simple to handle for newbies.

There are lots of selections to expand, including Douglas Fir, Scotch Pine, Balsam Fir, as well as Fraser Fir.

These trees can be grown securely together, either in 5 × 5 rows (1,700 trees per acre) or 6 × 6 rows (1,200 trees per acre). While you might be tempted to squeeze as lots of trees as feasible onto your story, leaving some room in between the trees enables less complicated harvesting as well as decreases the possibilities of disease spread.

The typical Christmas tree grows about a foot each year for 6 to 8 years prior to it prepares to gather and also offer. According to MarketWatch, the ordinary price for a Christmas tree in 2018 was $78.

With 6 × 6 spacing, an acre of Xmas trees at this cost would be worth around $93,000 after a minimum of 6 years.

The costs on such an operation would mostly come down to labor, however additionally include the expense of seedlings/cuttings and equipment as well as machinery expenses.

When you have your trees, you can market them in a couple of different ways. First, you can offer them on-site, welcoming customers to walk your field as well as pick out their tree. This is fantastic fun for families and a wise way to build return clients.

Additionally, you can sell trees wholesale to a second store like a yard center. Doing this, you will certainly net much less on each tree but you can move huge quantities by making use of the marketing and existing consumer base of a well established store.

This is a seasonal work that can be diversified with various other trees or plants in the off-season. Yet, even if you want to expand Christmas trees as a side hustle, it can be a great choice due to the fact that it is so low upkeep.

Japanese Maple
Japanese Maple Trees in Landscaping
Japanese Maples are valued for their brightly tinted fallen leaves and bonsai-like form. There are dozens of selections of Japanese Maple, some with red leaves, others with yellow, orange, or purple.

These trees are so striking that they are usually made use of as the focal point of a landscape style. Customers are willing to pay top dollar for fantastic Japanese Maple specimens.

Being tiny- to medium-sized trees, around 8 to thirty feet high, Japanese Maples are a wonderful high-value alternative for cultivators with much less land. Either grown in the ground or containers, they can pack a huge value into a small room.

The price that Japanese Maples sell for depends on their age. You can offer plants for roughly $5 to $15, market young trees for $50 to $100, and also the rate goes up as well as up the older they obtain.

This makes for an adaptable sales cycle. What you don’t sell right away continues to grow and also value.

Nut Trees
Almond Tree Farm in Spain
Nut trees are exceptionally financially rewarding for both their nuts as well as their timber, depending on the type as well as selection.

Relying on exactly how they are expanded and trimmed, they can be specialized for nut or wood growth. For instance, walnut trees can be permitted to grow large, which promotes nut growth. These will certainly produce tasty useful nuts in simply over four years.

Alternatively, you can press your trees to grow high and also straight which causes far better high quality timber but fewer nuts. Walnut wood is made use of in furniture, floor covering, closets, carvings, and also gunstocks as well as is really useful.

Popular nuts to grow consist of walnut, almond, pistachio, macadamia, chestnut, and also pinenut.

Handling an orchard of nut trees can be tough and technological, yet extremely profitable.

If this does not match you, even a small number of nut trees can be contributed to your property to include worth to the land as well as generate a nice little harvest.

Fruit Trees
Ripe Apple Tree in Summertime
Fruit trees are similar to nut trees in that they can be helpful for food and also timber, and also are complicated to manage.

At the most basic level, having an apple tree on your farm calls for almost no job as well as can cause a couple of bushels of apples each year.

However, a much more innovative operation calls for exact preparation as well as substantial upfront costs. But once you get these off the beaten track, managing an orchard is unbelievably rewarding. The work reduce substantially after the initial few years have passed.

Much like various other trees, fruit trees can be cut and also implanted for further proliferation. This suggests you can get essentially infinite trees off of a preliminary set.

Popular fruit includes apples, peaches, pears, oranges, lemons, and avocados.

Row of Bonsai Trees in Pots
Bonsai trees are small specialized trees used as decors. Due to their background, elegance, and also the expertise needed to expand and also prune them, Bonsai trees are unbelievably high-value trees, specifically for their size.

Even with a small area, you can run a significant Bonsai business.

Despite what pop culture would certainly have you believe, expanding and trimming Bonsai trees isn’t a sacred art shrouded in enigma. Anyone (with a little method) can discover to make them.

There are numerous varieties of Bonsai to select from. Some varieties do better in warm environments, others in cool ones, as well as some can also be grown inside your home.

Willow Trees Growing in New Zealand
Willow trees are magnificent and also special trees that are utilized for landscaping and fiber.

These trees can be complicated to expand, despite their strength. They can make it through in zones 2 with 9 and do well in wet areas.

The problems with willow trees are numerous bug troubles, invasive roots that can mess up your lawn or split concrete, and weak branches that damage quickly in high winds or after a severe wintertime.

They additionally need plenty of space to expand, as some of them get to be fifty feet high and wide.

You can expand willows specifically for fiber, but this needs a various technique. Rather than letting them grow normally, they are coppiced, implying the young development is lowered to enable brand-new shoots.

These shoots are long as well as adaptable as well as can be gathered and cost basket weaving and other crafts.

Branch of Moringa Tree Leaves
Moringa is an exotic tree grown for its extremely nourishing leaves and also seeds.

Moringa chooses warm exotic as well as subtropical climates however can stand up to light frosts. It is forgiving to completely dry conditions that would harm most other trees.

The fallen leaves are cooked or used in salads and the nuts are eaten raw or turned into powder. Each of these products is packed with nutrients and very desirable within the health food community.

You can sell these products directly to customers or retailers. The trees themselves can also be sold for landscaping purposes as shade trees.

Young Palm Trees Growing in Pots
Palm trees are very popular decorative trees, used indoors and out.

Palms can be sensitive to transplant and environmental changes when young and have high water and nutrient needs, but once they mature they stabilize and become hardier. These trees do best in warmer climates and do not tolerate cold winters.

Miniature potted palm trees are great to sell as indoor plants. These bring some tropical beauty into your customer’s home, apartment, or office.

Large varieties for outdoor use are essential fixtures in landscaping across the warm regions of the U.S. These can be sold wholesale to landscape companies or sold directly to customers.

Ornamental Trees
Ornamental Trees in a Park
Growing ornamental trees means growing specific types and varieties that are prized for their appearance. These trees aren’t specifically grown for fruits, nuts, or wood, but rather for their decorative properties.

Many of them have bright and unique colored leaves or flowers or have attractive shapes.

Examples of ornamental trees include Japanese Maple, Weeping Willow, Eastern Redbud, Dwarf Koren Lilac, and many more.

These trees can be sold to landscaping companies, garden centers, or directly to customers. Many ornamental trees are somewhat difficult to grow and highly sought after, making them incredibly valuable.

Pros & Cons of Growing Trees For Profit

Before starting any business it’s important to see both sides of the equation.

There are many aspects to tree farming that make it seem almost too good to be true, but there are difficulties and drawbacks too.

Here are the pros and cons of growing trees for money.

PROS of Growing Trees for Profit
Stable business– Trees are long-lasting plants and are much more hearty than things like shrubs or vegetables. There tends to be less volatility in tree farming than other kinds of farming.

Great way to utilize land– As a farmer or landowner, you want all of your land working for you. By planting trees, even low-maintenance ones, you can make better use of your property and bring in steady, long-term income.

Diverse opportunities– Most tree systems have the potential for multiple sources of income. For example, walnut trees provide yearly income in the form of nuts as well as long-term income as valuable wood after decades.

Also, the food products of many trees, like apples, have dozens of uses. You can sell fresh apples during harvest season and use the damaged and less attractive apples for cider which extends income into the winter months.

CONS of Growing Trees for Profit
Large initial costs– Starting a nursery, orchard, or forest requires a significant amount of capital, loads of planning, and some expertise. Getting your business up off the ground will be expensive and time-consuming.

Long wait for income– Unless you are selling young tree seedlings, you likely won’t see any profits for years. Fruit and nut trees take anywhere from three to ten years to yield and trees grown for wood can take ten to fifty years.

Growing trees in cycles is tricky but essential if you want a stable tree farming business. If you need profits in the short term, tree farming isn’t for you.

You Should Start A Tree Farm If …
If you enjoy working outdoors and aren’t afraid to invest upfront and wait years for returns, a tree farm may be for you.

What turns many growers off is the overhead and the patience that is required to start. There is no fast money in tree farming.

Going into this business, you should be ready to study your market and thoroughly plan out your growing system before spending any money. With trees, it’s all about looking forward three, five, or ten years into the future.

Once you get over the hump of setup, the business becomes easier to manage and relatively hassle-free. The great thing about tree farms is their stability once built properly.

The most important factor when deciding if this is right for you comes down to your personality and interests. Tree farmers are hardworking and organized people. They love plants and want to spend their days outdoors, but aren’t afraid of paperwork and planning.

If this all sounds like you, tree farming may just be your calling.

Tree Farm Success Stories

Grace quit her job to become an avocado farmer. She made a three-year plan, took the dive, and changed her life to follow her passion. Today she has over 20,000 trees on her avocado farm.

She loves that now that the initial work is done, the business is stable and managing the orchard isn’t a hassle.

Tree Farming For Profit Video Transcript:

So here’s the deal guys you’re always Asking me how do i make money with Plants you’re looking at about 500 worth Of profit right there for one hour of Work All right so we’re going on a field trip Here i’ve got the two tykes with me Today And we are going to pick up 360 douglas for seedlings bare root in Three big bags so the plan is we’ve got The side of our property that is almost A quarter mile long we want our privacy There to just keep expanding this Garden-like setting with rhododendrons All the way down the property so We want to we desperately want to plant Big trees over on that side now these Are seedlings so it’s going to take some Time for these things to develop but I’ve got nothing but patience so we’re Actually headed down to meet a guy right Now that is selling these seedlings and Then when we get back we’re going to Have to do a whole video about clearing A huge part of the site of this property That we’ve got and then planting out all These seedlings it’s going to take some Years for these things to grow but You know you plant a tree now for 20 Years from now all right so we got these Bags picked up and just got home and i Open these suckers up look at these Seedlings i don’t know i think i’m

Looking at saplings here these things Are pretty good size so i took a tape Measure to them and from the roots all The way up to the crown we’ve got 32 to 36 inches for each one of these things It’s amazing these things are just Massive you can see the trunks already And they’re just growing like crazy for Seedlings i mean you cannot beat that Deal we got this for 75 bucks a bag 120 Per bag but here’s the deal i got a Little overzealous and bought three bags Of these things so i’ve got 360 of these little seedlings I have enough property to plan all these Things out however i haven’t had time Yet to clear all of that property with The excavator the excavator is down Right now because i got to get that Muffler replaced so Things are backing up we’re in the prime Season for planting these seedlings but Sometimes the good deals come along at Times that just aren’t going to work out For you so what we’re going to do is We’re going to pot up one bag of these 120 of them and i’ll save those for If i can get to this this year we’ll do It this year but if i have to they’ll be In pots and i can save them for next Year And that’ll give me a year to clear this Side of the property the real cool thing About all this is i got these things for

A really good deal and so i’m going to Mark them up a little bit and see if i Can recoup all of my money and basically Get 120 of these douglas first seedlings For free all right here’s your little Mike kincaid tip for the day when you’ve Got pots that are stuck together now These aren’t stuck together but if You’ve got bigger pots sometimes they’re Tough to get apart this only seems well It’ll work with any rubber soled shoes But i’ve always got the barn boots on And it works great just put your boots On either side of it push down and Pull up and they come apart pretty easy [Music] [Music] All right There we are we’re getting a start and These little trees are getting potted up So i don’t know how many i’ve got there Probably like 15 or 20 maybe something like that But in not much time you get all these Things potted up And here’s the interesting thing each of These seedlings costed me i think like 62 cents a piece something like that Because i bought them in bulk in a bag And they were bare root that’s a lot of Bees but uh we put them into these one Gallon pots and this right here here’s a Nice stout one That if you go to a nursery you could

Pay 12.99 for something like that from 62 cents to 12.99 and it took me Literally seconds to pot each one of These up that’s like 12 bucks a little over 12 bucks per what Six seven seconds something like that i Mean you can really see how if you’ve Got some spare time at home and you’re Just trying to make money with these Which i’m not this purpose was really to Get the side of my property planted in Trees so that i can get a nice border But if this was your purpose you can Make some good money with this and one More thing to consider If you were to pot these into two gallon Pots and just let them grow through the Entire summer fertilize them well and Just keep them watered these things will Probably grow A good solid foot especially if you keep The water to them they’ll grow a foot in One year as seedlings like this in a two Gallon pot fill out with roots and you Could easily get 20 bucks a piece for These things maybe gosh maybe even 25 30 Bucks a piece for them all right so we Got shelly out here helping right now But now i got to figure out where i’m Gonna put all these things And i’ve got an idea so i’ve got this Right here it’s an old planter made of Cedar that i kind of stored away i Haven’t used it in a few years now and i

Just need something to put all these in So that they don’t get blown over by the Wind and i think that’s going to work Out perfect i’ve actually got two of These things and i can set them up over Where i can keep them watered regular So let’s lay this down Maybe actually this is the bottom of it I think so let’s uh Pick this end up and lay it like this There we go There Just get off that hump there we go All we’re wanting to do with this is Just be able to pop these plants in here And pack them in tight so they can’t get Blown over Okay let’s tilt this guy this way There we go In fact let’s pull it forward a little Bit And that’ll allow some like make sure it Gets down in there to the back rows All right so now that we got a spot for These guys i start carrying them over All right so we’re just gonna start Piling these things in And they’re gonna be squeezed in which Is exactly what i want there And then they won’t blow over we’ll just Line this whole thing out There you go buddy [Music] Oh

[Music] All right so we got it all finished up Let’s walk on over here And see what we’ve got going on check That out All 120 and oh Check it out we’ve got Three extras right down in there so 123 of these things and we just figured Out we spent like an hour from start to Finish getting this all done Didn’t take much got the whole family Involved so here’s the deal guys you’re Always asking me how do i make money With plants Think about this for a second I spent 75 dollars per bag on these or 123 in there if we were to turn around Now that i’m looking at these five Gallon pots now usually at a nursery Landscape landscape plants most of them Are like 10 bucks or around there 12.99 These days for a one gallon tree that’s Say five gallon pots i meant one gallon Pot i don’t know anyway one gallon pot Usually around 1299 1297 for any kind of Landscaping plants but we’re going to Say since these are just douglas firs We’re just going to say they’re generic Douglas fir trees for western washington We’re gonna put five dollar price tag on Them If you take into consideration the cost Of bark the cost of the pots and say a

Dollar per tree is what we’ve got into This You’re looking at about five hundred Dollars worth of profit right there for One hour of work and of course i took The time to drive down to pick these up But imagine now 500 of profit out of these and i’ve Still got two free bags of these so 240 More of these things it’s amazing what You can do with plants now if you just Want to work your butt off every day Think about 500 an hour and just do this Eight hours a day if you can find the Market for the right plants and enough Of them i mean think about that guys This is what big nurseries are doing There’s your plan there’s your idea So the tides have turned and over the Weekend i went back to work for a few Days we actually got some interest on These little trees and my wife changed Her mind so She decided that she wanted to keep Every one of them and while i was at Work she potted up almost all of them We’ve got 80 trees left to pot up out of The 360. so here’s what’s left in the Bag we’ve got you can see just a pile of Them to pot up but that should only take About 40 more minutes if we can get this Done at the rate we’ve been going at i Came back through here just the other Day and fertilized all these and then

Put down some casseroles to help prevent Weeds coming up but you can see that’s All done taken care of now i watered Them in real well and everything’s kind Of set and good to go but look at that There are just so many of them there’s Got to be like what is there I don’t know probably 260 or something Like that here right now but just a ton Of these little trees I mean we are going to have a massive Border going around our property now the Guy we got these from was real happy to Sell them to us we got them for 75 Dollars a bag so 225 for three bags plus I gave them ten dollars for the gas Money to meet me where we met we were Both probably I think maybe an hour apart from each Other so 235 dollars total now we were Talking about making money with these Things now My wife has decided at this point she Wants to border the property with them We’ve got some fur trees that were Planted before we moved here in a hedge And they’re spaced about six to nine Foot apart in three rows and they’ve Made a nice little screen buffer From the house across the road so that We’ve got a little bit of privacy she Loves the look in the springtime it’s Gorgeous because the new branch is Coming out on these douglas firs and

Those are douglas firs but the new Branches coming out on them are just This beautiful Green that just lights up in the Springtime so at this point we’re gonna Plant these out around the border of our Property probably starting next year Putting these trees in these pots has Bought us about a year’s time because These are not going to last in these Pots more than a year but it will give Me enough time to get that new excavator And clear a path around the border of Our property so that we’ve got enough Space to plant all these come next Probably well i suppose if i get it done Quick enough we could probably get them Planted in the fall but uh at The very latest it would be next spring So we’re not going to sell these or at Least at this point we’re not going to Sell them but our mines changed almost Daily it feels like but in regards to Selling them because i know there was Some interest in that you know people Want to know how do i make money with These plants You could sell these for five dollars All day long and here is the proof so When i first started looking for these Trees right before we found these i Actually almost spent Nine hundred dollars buying trees i Found a guy selling trees identical to

These in fact since i found these i’m Kind of thinking he found the same deal Turned around pot him up and then just Marked up the price which is totally Cool But I waited a little bit and sought more Avenues out and then stumbled across These which i’m so glad i did because i Almost spent 900 On 300 trees instead i only had to spend 235 on 360 trees so If you wanted to in his trees he had Just potted up a few weeks earlier and So the roots weren’t even fully grown Into the pots yet so it was just all Profit really other than the pots which Are really cheap so if you wanted to Wait one more year water these through The summer and then sell them next Spring you could easily get five dollars A plant for these things i think you Could get more but if you just want to Sell them quick five bucks a plant these Things are going to be up another foot Probably by the end of this summer and Just filled out with roots so even if You just sold 300 of them and kept 60 For yourself that’s 1500 right there is There a market for it there’s a much Bigger market for it than you might Think these ads are all over the place From northern oregon all the way up Through washington up into british

Columbia and canada above us so You know Big nurseries do this on a much larger Scale this area now your area might be a Little different but this area is A heavy producer of lumber and paper Trees and so There are always people planting douglas Firs there are always people reforesting Their properties after logging them and So there’s a massive market for this Kind of stuff in my area now in your Area it might be a different tree or a Different plant and that’s fine but the Idea is sound and If you haven’t started exploring it yet You should get online start looking into What you can buy in your area wholesale You know bare root and then turn around Pot up grow for a year and sell retail You’ll find that there’s a big world of It going on out there so i was Originally going to show you guys what We sold these for how we sold them to Add online all that but Since my wife’s changed her mind and We’re keeping all of them the video ends Here but either way i hope you guys Learned something if you did please hit The like button subscribe if you want to Follow along and see how these things Turn out and what we end up doing with Them i hope you guys have a fantastic Week and i’ll see you in the next video

Adios [Music] Why are you keeping me

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