How to make a “Full” Christmas wreath

All right it’s an exciting time of the Year for me i am a christmas tree farmer And i love Being part of people’s holiday and being Part of their traditions And uh one of the fun things about being A christmas tree farmer is i have plenty Of noble bowels so we can make Wreaths so i’m here with uh my son mckay And his fantastic fiance grace or wait a Minute i just made the Fiance sound more fantastic my wonderful Son mckay And equally wonderful fiance grace And mckay has done a lot of reads he’s Really good at it and he’s going to Teach Grace and us how to make a wreath today And so Here we go all right all right i see We’ve already got some cut branches here So uh okay why don’t you show us how you Cut the branches to prepare them To put on the wreath all right so no Matter the Type of tree that the bow came off of um We’re going to look for the same thing Okay so we’re going to look for Something about about six inches Seven inches about hand length okay and We’re also gonna look for something with A lot of good Tips and sometimes some slender stuff Something sometimes stuff that branches

Out really wide But like this guy right here i’ll put my Hand over it I’m going to take that we’re going to Add it to the pile we’re just going to Keep on going through And finding good pieces like i can snip This guy off here And this can be something else that we Can use and it’s all about how we’re Going to stack things later on But right now this is going to be a Really really good one here And we’ve got another nice little noble Piece so we can do that like i said with All sorts of different branches whether It’s cedar Okay or we have some redwood here as Well And i can take this guy right about There so then we We have a lot of versatility to add Layers to our wreath later on Okay most of the branches he’s cutting Have what i would call fingers Spreading out both sides but some of Them are not You can put single strand uh single Branch Branches in there all as well Okay we’ve got a bunch of branches cut Ready to put on the wreath So okay now what do we do with all these Uh branches

All right so we’ve got a ring we’ve got Our wire Okay um and like i said we’ve got Different types of Of branches okay so What i like to do is i like to layer These things so it adds a little bit of Texture to the wreath and a little bit More than just one style of Branch okay so what i’m going to do is i Usually like to start with The more thick style branch on the Bottom so noble is almost always going To be the thickest Okay and then we’re going to take Another branch Okay and so the largest noble and i’m Putting the largest cedar on that Okay and i’m using noble and cedar for This then what i’m gonna do Is a slightly smaller noble piece Okay and a slightly smaller cedar piece Okay and from there put that last Little noble branch on and We’re gonna make this into a little Bundle okay and you don’t have to use Five uh you can do however many you want To make That bow or that little bundle how we Want it to be Okay but from here right now take this Wire And use this to cinch it down On the ring

And really want to keep this thing tight Because we don’t want to have The wind pop up and you lose branches And stuff like that So we’ve got that guy on there pretty Tight i did three Sometimes four wraps i’ll just wrap it One more time here Okay and now we can leave that guy here Now i’ve already set up a second bundle Okay And it’s same same Run of of branches and now what i’m Going to do is i’m going to take that And i’m going to put This bundle and after i line up all the Edges here And put it just a little bit behind the Previous bundle that i wrapped okay so I’m gonna go right here and it’s gonna Overlap so you’ll see from the back side Here Is a lot of this new bundle wrapped over That side so that it Keeps a nice full presentation through The whole thing Okay and from here i’m just going to Take that wire Wrap it back here actually let’s go Right here suck it tight Okay and really once again trying to Make sure that We keep these guys nice and spaced out Making a full wreath

And there’s a second so from there what We’re going to do is we’re just going to Continue that On around the ring and then i’ll show You how we finish off the The wreath start building is this what You’re saying I don’t actually know where my piles are So is this the difference so Yeah this is this is different so this Is you’re going to be going off to the Redwood branches which are right here Okay okay so what i’m going to do is i’m Going to put these guys right there And going back and forth between these Two exactly so you want to do i said The larger larger noble on the bottom Okay so yeah that that could be a good One there and there Then take another piece of noble i would Say something larger than that because That’s just gonna That’s not gonna show up there you go And then Another piece of redwood There you go Like that yep and then one more This guy’s a good one okay and you can Wrap it This way or this way whatever you want To do You just stick those stems Yeah you hold those between there like Are they trying to go all the way

Through Or i’m just trying to like place it like On top of this it’s just Placing it on top sounds good Just take that wire and i’ll start you Here Okay and then just wrap that guy nice And tight Okay Like that yep one more time i would Really really cinching it down see how There’s a little bit of a little bit of Looseness there So it’s easier it’s easier to like this And grab it here Okay and then you have something to pull On oh okay There you go Perfect good okay now we’re gonna hold To keep this here Yep and then i’m gonna get my another And then exactly so we’ll go down Just put out just to put it down like This have it in the middle there Or it really doesn’t matter if it’s in The middle or the outside or whatever But Let’s start building my next piece here Oh look at that bundle oh what a What a bundle okay question So here would i want to put this bottom Piece In front of here or try to shove it in Is that a different style i like to

Punch it up close or do you want more Space It’s it’s all about what you whatever You do just do it consistently Okay so see how i’ve got got what Three inches on the back side of mine There okay so i’m gonna try to get all Of these to be about Three inches okay [Music] Good all right so here we are at the end Um and this is where it kind of changes Up so we just followed that Same pattern all the way around the ring Now we are going to have to put in the Last branch okay and so obviously you Can see that Provides some confusion because we’ve Got to lift up one And put this guy in underneath okay so It’s really nice when you have help For uh help for this but if you don’t Have someone else to help you you can do It by yourself Okay so like i said we’re just going to Continue that same Pattern right but i’m going to put this Guy in and i always like to make sure That When i put that last piece in it really Nice it fills out the wreath it doesn’t Make it Bare it doesn’t make it too full because We’re not able to keep our normal

Spacing So with that being said it looks good so We’re going to hold this guy Open and Once again do that Wrapping pattern really obviously trying To Just get the stems of the branches that We took And not necessarily all the other stuff Along with it So just a couple more wraps here To really tighten it down Okay i’m gonna take this snip Cut it back here a little bit and then We’re obviously gonna take that wire And just finish it off there so there’s Nothing hanging out i always like Tuck it in on the back side here and Then you know it’s just along the line So as you can see got a nice little Wreath here And then obviously we can add Decorations and do all sorts of Different things but this is this is the Base of what we’re looking for Okay so uh here we are grace is Finishing up her wreath So i’m gonna help her finish this out Easiest way to do it Is just to give have one person just Hold it up and make it like Like she’s just continuing on and Doesn’t even have to worry about those

Other pieces there so It just creates a little bit more space For her And we’ll let her finish up Good yeah perfect all right thank you Mckay for showing us how to do this uh What you have here is the basic wreath With mostly noble you can use Any kind of branches you want we have Some redwood mixed in here and more Cedar in here um You could also do a lot of doug fur Which is easily accessible And any other branches that you want uh Quite often we put holly in there as Well Um after that you make the basic wreath A lot of times you decorate it with Ribbons or birds or pine cones or Anything else like that You take the same wire and you position It where you want and strap it down There’s Not rocket science there one other point I wanted to make is these are branches That were left over That we took what we thought was the Better parts off but there’s still a lot Here if you wanted to you could clip This off and this off And they could all be different parts of A wreath And some people like to have branches Sticking out farther

And a little bit furrier so if you were To cut Instead of hand length you could cut Them a little bit longer Or occasionally a little longer than Every now and then you could have a Branch stick it out a little bit farther But it’s your wreath when you build it Make it the way you want but this is a Good basic way to get started And i hope you enjoy making wreaths Perfect thank you Go okay uh one of the things that has Become a family tradition around here is We have a wreath making party on Thanksgiving being a christmas tree Farmer and all I have plenty of noble bows but we can’t Bring a bunch of people up here Due to covet this year so i want to do Kind of a community Wreath making project so i have put i’m Going to put 25 different rings And many spools of wire and i have a Truckload Of mostly noble and also some What do we got redwood hemlock cedar And i’m going to leave that down at Woodland middle school by my Horticulture Garden it’s just outside the tennis Court these will be hanging on the fence And you are free if you’re one of the First people to go pick up

One or two of these per household and Maybe three or four noble branches and a Few other branches And then go ahead and make a wreath i’m Going to tell my horticulture class About at first they’ll they have enough That they can get theirs And then if you want to pick them up Great do that and the only thing i ask Is that you take a picture of you and Your wreath with a smile on your face To send it back to me afterwards and Merry christmas Okay i got here at six o’clock this Morning it’s not light enough to make a Video but it Is monday november 23rd 2020 And so if you’re a woodland local Resident and you want to make a wreath If you’re the After my horticulture class is done i Believe there’ll be about 20 Rings wires and bows left here So as promised here’s the woodland Middle school tennis courts Here’s our horticulture garden that we Didn’t get to use this year The bus garage is right there pull up Grab yourself A ring and a wire and Also laying on the ground here i have Several piles of noble boughs Please don’t take more than you need Probably take three or four

Larger branches that you can take home To cut up i also have in the middle here A few cedar bows for a little extra Flavor and touch over here away from the Fence i have some redwood And some hemlock to give it another feel Also you can always find trees Greenery around your property and uh Please just take a quick video or Pictures Showing me making your wreaths and Hopefully with a smile on your face Merry christmas

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