How to Plow Snow with a Compact Tractor

Foreign [Applause] Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to plow a little Bit of snow [Music] [Applause] That is a 72 inch Artillion plow with the Um side deflectors it's got a top Deflector and it's got the markers on it [Applause] The hardest thing about plowing with one Of these is not digging into the ground Or the rock or whatever your surface is Under the snow and you can see I'm doing A little bit of that but the best thing I've found is to use your float function [Music] Foreign [Music] I guess I should let you know that I'm Using a John Deere 2038r tractor with R4 Tires they are fluid-filled tires and I Have grooved them and I have no problem At all with traction the cab I'm using Is a Curtis Advantage cab that I Installed myself In this shot I'm just using the box Blade to pull snow from right in front Of the shop door and get it out in the Open where I can go back to pushing it With the plow

[Music] [Applause] If at all possible I would definitely Recommend getting the hydraulic angling On a blade like this Because pushing through the snow doesn't Make it disappear you end up with huge Windrows and you've got to work those Out of your driving area so the ability To quickly and easily switch the Direction of the angle makes it a lot More effective [Applause] There was a layer of ice underneath the Snow so in certain spots like the Concrete right in front of the garage I Had to put down some ice melt before I Could really get it scraped off Foreign Just a quick look at plowing snow with a Compact tractor I don't mind doing it But it's not really the most fun thing To film Anyway I appreciate you watching and I'll see you on the next one

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