How to Remove a Tree Stump Naturally

Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And today's video is about how to remove A tree stump naturally I'm going to try To cover this as quickly as possible and Actually go through the process on this Stump right here So for any tree stump you want to remove Without equipment like what you see Behind me first step is cut it off as Low as you can so if you've got a good Chainsaw you know Buzz it however close To the ground you can obviously hitting Your chain on the ground dulls the chain Really quick so be smart about it But the second thing you want to do is Drill holes all around the stump And what that does is increase the Surface area Because all of these methods are ways to Make the stump rot faster and for that Rot to happen You need more surface area to be Contacted So the first thing you can do after you Cut it off is just pile dirt on it it Will rot faster if it's buried but it Won't rot nearly as fast as you might Think it will and After it rots or as it rots it's going To make a sinkhole in that spot So That's the least effort you can put in And accelerate the stump rotting Everything else actually including

Burying it for any of these methods you Want to drill a bunch of holes in it After You cut it off low the more holes the Better the bigger the holes the better If you could drill you know one inch Holes Two foot deep all the way around it that Would really accelerate it So the next thing you can do is add Something that increases the speed of Decay more than just dirt so one example Would be like a manure or anything That's a high nitrogen fertilizer Because your stump is carbon you want to Add nitrogen to it so you can use any Kind of store-bought fertilizer they Actually sell chemicals you can buy that Are designed to rot a stump but I've Read that using Miracle Grow works Almost as well as anything else you can Buy The lowest cost option to add nitrogen Is to come out here and pee on it every Day Seems kind of silly right but it Actually works that's not what we're Gonna do So I think the best way to really Accelerate it and make this rot faster Is with salt you can use a couple Different kinds of salt but table salt Does not work Your best options are Epsom salt or rock

Salt and I don't have Epsom salt on hand But I do have rock salt on hand so That's what we're going to use so the Last thing I want to say before we Actually start working on this is that I've got at least 30 videos on removing Stumps I've dug them out with all Different types of machines from a mini X to a tractor to a skid loader I've Ground them out with multiple different Types of Grinders I've burned them out And There's a purpose for each of those Methods and a better and a worse but This video is going to be used as part Of a bigger video to compare What I'm doing here to digging one out That's the same size right over there so We're going to give this time to work And then we're going to dig that stump Over there out I've already ground this below ground Level I did what I told you guys we Should do which is cut it down as low as Possible then I brought my stump grinder In here and I tried to grind it out but I could not get it low enough like I'm Concerned about having a ground engaging Tractor Implement snag this so I want to Get it down lower And I I don't want to dig it out at this Point and I don't want to burn it out so That's why I'm doing this stump today so Let me grab the drill and get started it

Would be a lot better to use a bigger Drill with a longer bit and but what if You don't have that and you don't want To go buy it I thought I had a really Long one inch bit and I can't find it so We're going to drill a bunch of half Inch holes If you're wondering about this tree and This stump I cut this tree down about 18 Months ago But I left it two foot tall so this Thing was as hard as a rock not rotted At all at the part we're working on [Music] So I'm not drilling very deep but I my Stumps ground lower than yours probably Is when you're starting so it should be A fair comparison to how you would be Doing it [Music] Foreign [Applause] Foreign So for this one I'm just using what I Already have I've spent no money and Almost no time I think I'm gonna spend a Total of 15 minutes Drilling some holes and spreading this Salt I found two separate sets of Instructions whether you're using Epsom Salt or rock salt The Epsom salt the consensus seems to be That you want to put the salt on top wet

It down and then cover it with a tarp I didn't like that as well Messing with the tarp Some people with the Epsom salt did say Put mulch or something over it but with The rock salt it mostly said cover wet It down put the salt in the holes wet it Down cover it with dirt or fertilizer so We're going to use that method Foreign Probably didn't need anywhere near this Amount of salt But I don't like having a half bag what Am I going to do with a half bag Besides it's just going to draw moisture The next thing in the instructions says To wet this down but that dirt is Sopping wet it rained last night It's actually going to rain again here In a couple hours so I'm just going to Go ahead and put the dirt directly on Top of this salt it said to pack it down In the holes Pretty sure I did that by piling it on Top so much I said dirt but what I Actually have here is horse manure That's about three years old And it's lost all the smell it's Basically a really rich soil right now But it was manure should have plenty of Nitrogen Thank you If you're watching this video Immediately after it publishes there's

No follow-up or results but if this Video is more than three months old You're gonna see me back out here I'll Put links on the screen to a follow-up Video where I come back out here and Check to see how much this rotted in That period of time or how soft it is And then we dig out the other stump and Do a Time comparison how much time I Spent on it and how long it took to Fully get rid of it and which method I Like better anyway I appreciate you Taking time to watch the video think About subscribing I'll put links on the Screen for more of our videos and I'll See you next time

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