How To Replace a PTO U Joint in the Field Without the Right Tools

Hey in today's video we are going to Show you how to change out a universal Joint on a PTO Driveline for your Tractor So what we have done is that the the PTO Shaft that come with this this stump Grinder was very light duty because I Just don't think it's heavy enough and It apparently I'm correct because even With the slip clutch it twisted the PTO Shaft so we've got a much heavier Duty Shaft however it has the wrong end on it So we're going to swap those out today And this will in turn will show you how To swap out a universal joint and even Like a truck drive line or in this case The PTO Driveline of the of this stump Grinder all right so this is my plan for Today probably hard to tell in the video But this drive shaft is just you can see The twist in it right here it's the Straight line is no longer straight It's got a nice curve to it and that's Just where this is a very thin shaft That was not not impressive at all so Anyway I ordered a heavy duty uh shaft This is actually for a bush Hollow and I Knew that but it's got a it's really Thick it's a little heavy duty uh shaft But it did come with this particular Type of end on it and this one has the Splines and this one does not so what I'm going to do is just swap out the Ends and turn that's going to show you

Guys how to swap out a universal joint If you've never done it and this is Gonna I'm gonna be doing this as if you Were doing it in the field uh with not All the you know the perfect tools we Used to have to do this in the Army and That's how I learned how to do this this Way so let me show you what what how to Do it All right so here is a Got some clip ring pliers and I got Annie's Audis Um They work both ways and again this one You can turn these around this one has a Little deal where you can turn it around Um and and make it an open or closed by Just turning the the pins around I don't Know where I picked these up at over the Years patties for a long time however I Picked these up at AutoZone the other Day these are the coolest thing ever and You don't necessarily have to have these You could actually with a pair of needle Nose and some patients and a couple Screwdrivers you can actually get these Clip rings out but having this tool is a Really nice thing to have and what I Like about it is that you don't have to Have both the inner and outer so you've Got it right now it's on the the outer And you flip it up the switch over to The inner and you move it and there it Goes becomes enters so then it'll pull

That way that's really nice another Thing you have some Allen screws here so That you can change out these from Straights to angles if you need angles But 90 percent of time this would be This will work what we're going to do is Take off the universal joint from this Part this is the part of the shaft that We don't we need we don't need the part For this this is obviously no good you Could save this universal joint if you Really really wanted to but in this case I just don't see that it's necessary So here we go [Music] So we need the Outers What you're going to do is going to take Your clip rings out from both sides It'll be better back in the day I could See really good Oh we almost got it Oh So close There it goes That was not good yeah well we don't Need them anyway I'll try to keep the Other one we probably spend all day Trying to find that that way he went That way And that's gonna happen I've had it Happen in the field and end up having to Open brand new universal joints up just To get the clip rings out

This is tough because the paint is still On So what we got here is the paint's Holding that one in they really put the Paint to it so I'll just work it around Paint it probably could have took a Knife and scraped it out All right now we have both of those out One's off in the ditch somewhere and uh We'll get to the next part all right for This to work and you're in the field Pretend you're in the field we kind of Are in the field I do have access to Some tools but you can actually do this Job with screwdriver a couple sockets And a something a hammer to beat with so What you need is a If you're in the shop you're going to Use a press just to press this out we Don't have a press so Do Just make sure that the socket that you Put under here has enough room for this To come through and fall into there's Needle bearings in here and you want to Make sure that you keep those needle Bearings clean and you don't let them Get out Because they will fall out and then you Are really in a bad way you're in a Pickle then All right so what we need next is a Three-quarter socket just to sit in here House just so that's a little more level

Like a three-quarter inch socket this is Not ideal and I'm gonna get a thousand People doing this you don't need to do This if you're on the side of the road And you need to change a PTO shaft out On your truck and this is the difference Between you being able to do it today uh And having it towed in and maybe not Even having access to a tow truck There's a lot of situations where this Is all you have you have to be Self-reliant and I can always go buy Another three quarter inch socket as a Matter of fact is a little cheap three Quarter inch socket so if I damage this It's okay I'm starting to come through now You don't have to hit very hard as you Can tell I'm not really hitting that Hard now [Music] Paint all that stuff's in the way In the shop you can do this really easy With a uh it's got a press [Music] Oh my goodness Caught all that on film I don't really Care about this one because this is old And it fell on its butt so it's not Dirty but there's little needle bearings In there they're all intact So Here's the next part the harder part You still can't get this off

Because this side is still over here so Now we have to do is turn around and Beat it back through the other way and Knock the cap out And these are if you did drop this And I have dropped these you will have To take and and they're getting dirt mud Everything you have to take all these Little needle bearings out clean them All up put new grease in them or your Your joint will go bad really fast so If you do this enough as much as I've Done in deserts and all around the world You will drop this and you will have to Clean this up so it's just part of it Try to do the best you can So now this one again will be better Much better if you had a brass drift Because the brass strip would cause it To uh not Mar the metal you can easily Mar the metal This is hardened steel And we're so beating hard and still Against hard and still Actually hard and still against Chrome Steel so [Music] But we've already moved it now so it Should just go right through [Music] Closer on the back so you won't drop That either yeah well this one just Popped out I didn't get it all the way Through I could go ahead and pop it

Through if you had like a drift you Could knock it through But so I guess I needed to rank it and Break it out Foreign The tractor Let's go clean that up it fell down in The mud it's rained for like two weeks Straight here a little brake cleaner Here If not you just have to clean these Things up with everything from From gasoline diesel whatever you have T-shirts off your back Foreign S out here so I'm gonna put a good coat of grease on All this I am so go ahead and clean These machine surfaces out here Because this is the part we're going to Need We don't want to throw these away Because there are sometimes the actual Universal joint right here this portion Generally are the same across most Universal joints in this size you know There's obviously bigger Universe joints That have bigger Bearing surfaces but This is if this cap here is a hair Bigger a lot of times in these sizes They will swap out that's what I'm Trying to say so

Kind of a puzzle in some way so don't Throw these away you may need them set Them off to the side all right so the Next thing we're going to do is we're Going to disassemble our new shaft Should be fun because we put so many Safety features on shafts now that it's Virtually impossible to easily work on These things [Music] That's a lot beefier shaft see that Right up front [Music] Left off here Get a little that's that little ring There we put a little grease back there So now what we're going to do is take This end off and swap them out Basically we're going to reverse the Process that we did before The Rings Glued it in Foreign hopefully that was a hard one Probably shouldn't have said that out Loud Deal with what we got What you're gonna run into We're gonna be perfect Yeah we got it out it's a little bit Bent but we can straighten that back out Too Wow that one was harder than the old one But that could be the case of the other One's been vibrated so much

That one has so much paint on it Collision has a lot of paint on it all Right so again we're going to do the Same we're gonna reverse the same Procedure Somewhere Yeah Beef snot out of sometimes you'll have To take this this uh grease fitting out Too just just so you know because the on Some of the really small universal Joints the grease fitting can actually Get in the way of the travel so just Remember that you may you may need to Remove the grease fitting in advance Foreign [Music] This is the new one so we'll be very Careful keep me clean And again we'll rotate right back around Be very gentle Hi can you be a gentle if you don't work On it I'm just going to tap it I'm not Gonna hit it It's all about sheer pressure and Pounds per square inch [Music] I'm gonna get this line back up really Well too Foreign This end at all then the the needle Bearings will Uh wear out very fast Let's get another one let me get another

One This would be much better doing a press And also with brass dress and all the Nice the right tools But if you're on the side of the road This will do in a pinch [Music] Oh no I didn't do it I didn't do that Didn't I took out the wrong one What did you mean you took the wrong one You got the wrong end wrong so I should Took these two out not the other ones Oh well Huh I should have took these out oh and Not least Okay well I'm going to practice now Anyway Yeah I'm pretty sure I didn't do that on Purpose I guess That's something I want to do Not something I want to do again First Not really This kind of also help people too Because this is how you would actually Change the universal joint all the way Out so since we I made the mistake you Know we'll let her Bell see Foreign See it from scratch [Music] All right so what we're doing here got This last little piece [Music]

Getting difficult [Music] Again I'm just tapping this thing not Trying to Beat beat it to death more Taps are Better if it takes more Taps and do more Taps but don't don't just start hitting It really hard because it will Definitely Mar the metal damage the the Bearing surfaces You went through [Music] There's our universal joint What you want to do now is take your Queen Ray And then inspect each one of these Bearing surfaces to make sure we didn't Nick them because if you did this would Be the time you could take a file and File them down and make them last a lot Longer [Music] And all these make sure that All right I'm happy I don't see any Damage anywhere just like I said tapping It tapping it tapping it Get all the paint off of it all right I Believe we're ready to put this thing Back together now And this is what you would have to do if You were replacing a whole entire Universal joint so my mistake earlier is Gonna I guess Be of some use

[Music] Okay I thought you're going to use this This one yep so why are you putting that One back in there because I didn't need To take this off oh I I actually took The wrong joint off so you're putting Back on there first so you can put it on This one Okay so what we're trying to do is just Stick this universal joint up this is a Little trick you need to do is push the Universal going up put the bearing on The actual bearing mate surface before You start tapping this back through Because otherwise you'll knock the Needle bearings out everywhere All right we got that one in rotate it Over take this and do our best to knock Knock bearings before Foreign [Music] We're gonna knock this one down past the Clip ring mark Keep that in mind Let's rotate that around too You want the grease fitting to be in Between the two joints Okay so I'll knock you down past the Clip room If you'll see the little clip ring in There c-clip there's a little Groove cut in there for that to set in The time you can show that to you want To knock that down past that so that you

Can take your pliers And this is the point where things get Hairy because the Um these things tend to Spring off fly Places so this would be the time you Want to keep use both hands [Music] All right you just slip right in You can take your little screwdriver Go around Pull in putting it into the groove so You know that you got a good good seat Because like I said there's some paint Other things going on there all right so Now what we'll do is going to go around And to the other side And we're going to seat that by pushing All the way through Should have some pressure It's nice and tight It'll work its way out over time You don't want to beat on it just All right that clipped in again we're Going to take our Screwdriver here Go around just pulling in Making sure that it's actually sitting In that clip and now I'm just going to Come back around Take my little punch here which is not Out of punch I'll probably ruin this but That'd be okay it's cheap Hit it maybe one or two times and you'll Feel your universal joint loosen up just

A little bit So that's that now we're going to move To putting the new one on Or the old one back on And the same process in reverse You're going to use the new ones yeah They're the same most tractor commercial Ones are the same so foreign This is a whole lot less fun with Screwdrivers and pliers But it can be done I promise if you're Not If you're in the middle of the desert And this is all you've got to work with There's a pair of screwdrivers Um you'll get you'll figure it out Unless it's hot and you want to get it Done Functioning University we'll go ahead And get the grease on and put some Grease on it this is the time to do it Also some of the universal joints you'll Get nowadays they'll come with uh Basically sealed universal joints there Won't be a grease fitting in a lot of Them that way nowadays and you just got To be real careful to keep the grease in There that come comes with a joint and Not get dirt in there [Music] There you went I don't need a ton of Pressure on it We've got the universal joint replaced And now we're going to cut the shaft I'm

Not going to make you guys watched me Put and cutting the shaft we we have a Really easy job right here because we Are cutting it uh just matching up the Two shaft links so it's not hard if You've never done that before I'll leave A link at the end of this video to Actually how to cut a PTO shaft for a New Implement so it's no sense in uh This is not really going to teach you Anything so listen guys I appreciate you Watching our Channel and I hope this was Helpful to you God bless have a great Day [Music] Foreign [Music] Like this is actually kind of

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