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If you've never been on a tractor it may Seem intimidating but it's pretty easy To start first of all put your foot on The Brake put your tractor in neutral okay Not in low or high but make sure it's in Neutral after that make sure your Throttle is down low all right not up High down low turn your key just to the Accessory position for just a Minute let it kind of get ready to go in The winter time run your glow Plugs then fire it Up I turned it back off just to make it Easier to hear pretend it's still on put Your foot in the brake put it into low Range sometimes this will shift hard at That point you can lightly very lightly Tap the forward or reverse pedals and That'll help get it into gear after that Take your foot off the brake slowly hit The forward or reverse pedal and you're Good to [Music] Go

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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