How to use a Land Plane and a Tractor to build a proper Drainage Ditch

[Music] Good morning my treacher friend let me Show you what we’re up to today and the Troubles that we have i’m bringing you Into this video uh we’re kind of already In the middle of the work but i’ll flash Back and show you what happened [Music] We’re gonna see if we can figure out how To make water Drain uphill Let me tell you my two problems i’ve got One problem is there’s a slight grade Going down this way it’s always been a Problem since we’ve had the property Because water wants to run out into the Drive there’s a drive that’s been here Ever since we’ve had it and it’s Constantly washing out So the second problem is right here There’s so little of a grade right here Water will build up and actually run Across what’s going to be a futur the Future floor of the pole barn and we’re Going to dig down so there’s a small Grade this way Keep going down and down and down and Down and then it will drain off to the Back so you’re at the back side of the Barn now the water we want the water to Continually go down and around And out this way towards a natural drain To the back of the property we have the Power line here that we put in

Underground we have plenty of room to Work here there’s nothing over here to Work with so what we’ll do is end up Making a nice gradual slope from that End which was our low point on this side Of the building it’s down draining eight Inches from that end down it’s eight Inches lower here than it is there and i Can stand it in the trench i can Actually see the grade so now we’re Going to drop another 12 inches as we go This way and the end game will shape These sides and this will be a nice Smooth rounded bottom ditch that will be Able to be grassed and molded grasped Grasped and Mowed looks pretty good [Music] [Music] [Music] So So [Music] [Music] So [Music] Foreign So So it was about right here where i Realized you know we’re gonna have to do Something different Well i didn’t say it was going to be Smart I have built up a lot of faith in this

T474 but it just come to my mind right Then i’m going to hang that loader and Bend it if i keep going this way You can see the cobs turning into my Head i was trying to figure out a better Way What i’m doing here is i’m building up My ditch bank a little bit higher Because when the rain goes really fast You’ll the water will go over Uh build up around the culvert and go Over into the drive so i’m raising this Ditch This whole side i’m raising the Elevation probably Between a foot and six inches You can see here why there’s a lot of Iron smelters in our area of back in the Day [Music] I may regret not getting those rippers [Music] If i had done this in the spring when it Was wet it would have ripped this up in Just a short amount of time but this was Just like cutting omelette concrete Almost [Music] This is the ditch that we dug a few Months back and we’ve waited to actually Start the process of smoothing it out or Rounding it out this will be a be Eventually be able to be mowed But

We have not had any measurable rain in 42 days we have a very high clay content In our ground and this stuff is like Concrete i mean the cutters just Drag along barely taking off anything Off the top so we’ve got a plan and See if it works so the last time i tried To work with a bank i used the backhoe And that really worked but it’s kind of Slow and tedious i think we could do it Faster what i’m going to do is take the Tiller here And back up into the ditch Drop the tiller into the ditch and see If we can knock some of the bank down as We pull forward so we’ll just keep Dropping it in the ditch pull forward Drop it in ditch pull forward and Hopefully that’ll get us where we can uh Soften up these edges some and pull the Dirt around to where we want it Where there’s a wheel there’s a way That old tiller was bouncing like a Basketball it was unbelievable how hard That is [Music] [Music] This is where i come up with the idea Maybe it’d be better if i just drove up And down the side of the Trench and then come back and swiped out The dirt [Music] [Music]

I am so happy that my wife remembered to Close the windows on the travel trailer [Music] [Music] So That really loosened it up [Music] I believe i could pull more material at Once if i had to use the box blade However you gotta admit this looks Pretty good the way this uh land liver Land plane land leveler It’s doing a good job Hey if you would stay with me to the end I give you a pretty good explanation of How everything went and what i was kind Of thinking [Music] [Music] [Music] I’m just looking it over i feel pretty Good about all of it so i think we’ve Got it pretty well thought out here the Water is going to come off of the the Shed eventually it’s going to go into Gutters and then the gutters will come Down and go into this Uh this ditch we’ve moved a lot of the Dirt back that way raising the elevation On that end there’s a consistent Downgrade all the way to this point and Then all the way out we did put a sump Here what a sump is it’s just a little Deeper hole here and so we’re going to

Kind of bring the water in and it’s Going to slow down and let the sediment Drop right here before it gets to a Certain point it’s high enough to go on Down this way and eventually this will Fill in uh and and completely you know Be level we’ll also Till this out we’ll put grass out and This should be able to be mowed with Most any normal mower So over here We had a problem with the water coming From this hill It would come down this hill And hit our our culvert which is Properly sized but there was only like This much grade difference between Right here and the culvert so the when The water would come really fast it Would easily run over and run downhill So now we’ve pulled Another you know six inches back here as We go down here it’s probably a foot Higher And again this is this comes higher then Goes lower so the rain that hits here is Going to go towards the ditch the range That’s in the water that’s in the ditch Is going to stay in the ditch and go Down to the proper dream Listen i really appreciate you watching Our channel i Would like you to subscribe if you Wouldn’t mind we’re trying to grow our

Community and we’re just having a good Time doing this god bless and have a Great day [Music]

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