How We Built Our Chickshaw | Pantry Chat Podcast Short

We’re all busy and have a lot on our schedules, and sometimes we only have time for a quick podcast. Come listen to this podcast short as we answer your questions in a short amount of time.

Today’s question is how Josh built our chickshaw.

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To ask you I got it I'm I'm on to it now I caught on we're working together most Of the time Okay the Hunter and the bull Homestead I Like that I love your chicken chick shot Love that's how it's written just so you Guys know that's how it's written I love My Chick-fil-A I love your chick shot Did you create that from creativity or Did you use plans well neither I can't Take total credit for it but I am not Good at boilerplate and plans Um so I got that from two sources one From Jeff Lawton's Farm in Australia That I spent some time on studying Permaculture and two from Justin Rhodes Who also spent some time on Jeff Lawton's farm and made his own design From that experience and if you've ever Seen his permaculture chickens he Teaches you all how to build that so if You like boilerplate Justin's got a Great design I modified that to work for Us just the way I like to build it and Um came out great yeah I think you have A video out that kind of explains that Because you modified it to be more Appropriate for the snow loads we get up Here in the Colder Weather well I did on The I think what you're referring to is The chicken tractors oh okay but yes I Had to modify this too because I don't Do that I don't do boilerplate but this Is the chick Shaw for the hens that are

They're out there in the uh you know the Future Food Forest Area there and um so Yeah yeah that's that's just a Modification okay yep good but very Close to something Jeff Lawton would do Or Justin Rose

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