How Would You have Handled This Leaning Tree?

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I just got done cutting down a Walnut tree in town and I usually don't Do Residential felling but in this case I decided to go ahead and do it And I stood there and looked at this Leaning Tree for five minutes and I Debated between two different cutting Strategies actually three and now that The tree's down I can see I clearly went About it the wrong way and it's a Learning experience but I'll talk about That more after you see the tree come Down so this right here is the tree Behind me I'm guessing it is Maybe 16 inches down at the base And Out in the field this would be really Easy It's got a bunch of lean that way I Would just take it that way but if I do That it's going to hit this tree so I Need to try to steer it over this way I Don't want the tree hung up here in the Yard So I need to push it that way let's take a Look up top All the lean is that way The tree wants to go that way So I think the method I'm going to use Is to leave a thick hinge on this side And cut the hinge really thin on the Other side and let that hinge wood pull

It So to set it up that way I'm going to Make face cut then a plunge cut set my Hinge the way I want it I'll probably go Ahead and put some wedges on that side Before cutting the trigger My big decision I was trying to make is Should we go ahead and use the tractor To push on it a little bit or let the Wedges do it Probably the tractor is the smart way But I've never done that before and Anytime you do something for the first Time and there's obstacles around it Makes it feel a little bit Iffy Is uh there's always a learning curve Anyway I do know what I want my first Cuts to be so let's go get that done [Music] Um That's really a bad deal I have never Done that but I cut through my hinge on That side I wanted to have a one inch Hinge over there And about a two or three inch hinge over Here But I cut all the way through it there So I'm going to set a trigger Fairly thick trigger then we're going to Put a little bit of pressure on the tree On that side with the tractor and just Put a little bit of pressure on it in This direction whenever I cut the

Trigger [Applause] [Music] Thank you [Music] [Applause] So everything I tried to do there didn't Work The good thing is this is a small tree And it really Had enough room to fall without getting Hung up too bad So I got kind of Lucky it was a learning Experience now we're gonna get this Thing bucked up [Music] Good [Music] [Music] Foreign Ah A [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Foreign [Music] After I took the first two logs home I Remembered he wanted this little tree Gone too and I was thinking well that Thing's just a little thing it's a Nuisance it'll be an easy fall I wasn't

Even thinking about this tree but I just Scanned it with the picture this app it Says it's an Eastern red cedar And it's a straight trunk this actually Might be the nicer of the of all the Logs I get this might be the one that's Good so I'm gonna knock this down real Quick go ahead and get it home and then I want to have more of a conversation About what went wrong with that tree and The ways I could have done that better Ah Wow That smells so good [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Applause] I want it to come straight towards the Camera it has the lean it wants to go This way Now There are a couple different options for How I think I could have done that if it Was a bigger tree I definitely would Have been able to put wedges in it with The diameter of this tree I'm not sure If I really could have done much with Wedges So the options to make it fall that way Is to get tied off and pull it but it Was up a steep hill where I was at and Tore I didn't have the setup or anything To pull it

Got the option to push it You've got the option to try to make the Holding wood Pull It That Way by leaving A thick wedge on one side and a thin Wedge on the other that was my original Plan and I was going to leave that thick Hinge and I just I didn't place my my bore cut right so I'm kind of thinking right now if I was Going back to the same spot to cut the Same tree I would Make my face cut the same way and then I Just run that in fast But add a little bit of an angle so that I'm leaving one side of the hinge Thicker than the other the only risk of That is a barber chair but I think it's One of those where you just race the saw In So let me know in the comments how would You have cut that tree if you needed it To go the other way Anyway I appreciate you taking time to Watch this video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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