Huge Antique Tractor Collection – So Much History

Laughs After the go Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And I'm out here with my friend Paul Case and we're going to look at some old Tractors today uh first time I was here Paul took me around and showed me all His property and everywhere we went There was an old tractor sitting out and I he mentioned something about a few of Them and I thought wow that's cool he's Got a lot of old tractors so today he's Invited me over here to look at some of His tractors he drives inside this Building And it's like a old tractor Museum I had No idea any of these were here more like A cemetery I don't know about a museum Yeah there's nothing here that's uh been Waxed in the last week but uh Griffin Nothing's been driven in a week or so But we do use some of these uh they're Not all just I almost said play pretties but they're Not even pretty really so we're going to Go through and we're going to look at a Bunch of them maybe hear some stories About them and then I guess we're going To run one so should be a lot of fun yay This one right here you wanna know about This one yes sir this one belonged to my Mom's dad my grandpa owned this one his Farm was foreclosed on in the early 80s Because his Banker found out he had

Cancer growth on his foot they had cut Off And back then cancer had a connotation Where if you had it you're probably Going to die And uh bank got word of that and They tricked him into signing a release To where they could ask for all their Money back all at once and he had some Borrowed he was a dairyman he also Raised Hogs and had a truck around a Milk grout but this tractor he used a Lot to mow hay with and to grind feed And it's a it's just an informal the Motor still runs my uncle gave it to me Here a while back because he's moving And and didn't want to have to deal with It and I had told him if he ever wanted To sell it I was interested but it has a Problem something in the front of the Transmission is stuck and so you can't Drive it but motor still runs has really Good tires they put it's probably better Tires on any than any time when my Granddad was using it so did you say it Already or do you know about what year This is uh this one's going to be uh 50s 1950 or earlier all right idea on the Horsepower These were like uh stock they were like 37 there was hardly anybody who used Them stock Um you'd get to where they needed to Overhaul they would put a bigger kit in

Them these have replaceable cylinder Sleeves and the sleeves were really Thick on the original ones and they Would actually put bigger pistons and Undersized sleeves To where you could have more horsepower And uh Originally they just had flat top Pistons and they put There's two or three different Technologies then firecrator was one of Them and some of them they would put a a Piston in them that was made for a Higher Compression and they claimed that even In our area that they would get more Horsepower and you could change Governor Carburetor same kind of things you'd do To a car to soup it up but these had a Lot of usable horsepower And and you'd be surprised what a Tractor this size would do now how big Is your tractor horsepower 38 okay I Would say this reminds me a lot of my 1949 model a deer as far as size tire Size the narrow front and it was also 38 Horsepower This tractor my dad had one just like it That's nothing but stock it's actually Set in the end of this building and he Used it to pull a 13 foot wide mower With Would you dare that with yourself Actually you want to know the truth the

Mower he pulled with it probably weighs About what your tractor weighs are a Little more and and the weight was a big Thing but these were like a three plow Tractor Uh there was a lot of people that bought Them for plowing and and a lot of them Are still in use today Um actually I have a super M that I've Used to turn my feed mixture with for a Couple years When I bought mine I wanted to take it Out and use it with some of the Implements I have but it'll have to have Some work done first and I don't know if It's major or minor but the PTO doesn't Spin I can drive the tractor but the PTO Doesn't spin yeah these were really easy To work on Um you could actually change the clutch In these without splitting them in two They have a hydraulic pump that bolts in Right here and you take four bolts out And all the pipe fittings out the sides Of the casting and the hydraulic pump Drops out and then they had a a U-joint In the back of the shaft that was four Bolt deal you take those four bolts out And the ring comes out and then you take Your pressure plate loose and the Pressure plate and that short piece of Shaft and the clutch will all come out The hole in the bottom and so you can Change the clutch on you come in at noon

With a clutch wrote down and be back in The field by two or three if you had the Parts It's just pretty easy to work on However These ain't worth much Because stock like this one is has no Three point it's just a tractor you can Hook onto and pull implements they they Made all kinds of attachments for them And they were great in their time but uh And the other the other thing about mine When I think about using it is that it's Not very safe tractor all you think yeah This is I can't believe they had wide Rear ends or front ends before this and Then they went to this and then they Obviously went back but the a number one Reasoning behind putting an air front End on these was for cultivation and They actually put cultivators on them And this one here it has the hole took Out there's a cover there well there was A deal that went in here and clamped on That steering shaft that stuck out that Would steer your cultivator and the Cultivator on these were front mounted They hung off the sides they had uh Braces that hooked into the casting Right there they were they were A pretty cool deal now let's let's go on Because you're going to run out of it Yeah we got about 30 tractors in here we Can't take 10 minutes on them all this

Is a 1086 International this is a Tractor a bail with uh any tillage I got To do it will be involved Look at the hood though it says 1486. Hmm interesting built right no that's The model that hood came off of a 1486 As a salvage yard And so since I couldn't it was missing Half the hood when I bought it this Tractor was bought as a parts tractor And I found out it's better than the one We'd been using And the motor on it runs perfect but it Had a huge hydraulic leak in the back End it was a place where somebody had Cut a line and put a union in it and it Had come apart and you know what I did To fix it put it back together and Tighten it up good that's all I've done To fix it so this is a working machine For you today oh yeah this is a Workhorse here this tractor has 130 horsepower Weighs almost 12 000 pounds this one's Actually a 1981 model But it is a 1086 uh the 1486 is where Higher horsepower yet and I don't think There was a lot different on the frame On the 14s from the tens Now it does say 1086 on the other side So this one's name is identity crisis If you know we're here in uh here in the World where we're having all kinds of People that don't know what they are

When they're born a doctor can tell you Or used to be able to now that's Probably outlawed but this one hat Doesn't know what it is And so when I hook it on to something And pull with it it thinks it's the Bigger ones now I'm guessing that this Doesn't have an air conditioner it does Have air conditioner see that works see That pump right there That's air conditioning it works uh It'll leak out over the winter but I'll Charge it usually in the spring and It'll last our whole hay baling season This tractor has Eight gears with a shift on the go Torque amplifier which gives you two Speeds in each gear and I don't use that Very much but it does work the you want To hear what amenities this tractor Would have Um this tractor has a hydraulic seat Hydraulic seat It has its own little valves that handle Sticking out on this side of that you Can adjust how high up you are or low Uh the the steering wheel on this one Did not adjust up and down but did Telescope Now that was pretty neat Um it really don't look nice but Whenever you're out working on the dust You'll be glad you got the air Conditioner working yeah I knew that

When I I ask I knew that it would have Had it but I didn't know expect it to Still work oh yeah well you have some Problems with them once in a while but We found out there's a way to get around About every problem Parts are still available for this no And you can get them through the dealer But I never do because they're like Three times as high as what they are an Aftermarket outfit I have learned some I have had a 1086 to bail hay with for Since uh 2001. And it wasn't always this one I haven't Had this one but about six years But I learned when the air conditioner Does quit you you can keep going Pop this Little bolt out And the doors will push up off their Hinges And and you keep going I I can't stand I'm I'm a True Farmer I can't stand a Let some little something that ain't Working just right keep me from Finishing so so my interest is I look at Old tractors I think you know how Practical is this to still use and Obviously you're doing it I was thinking If someone was trying to Run their small farm this is probably Something you could get pretty Affordable I paid 6 000 for this tractor

Got it delivered to hear from Pauls Valley Oklahoma for that and uh it had Bald tires on the back of it but after Using it a while and all the parts that I've had to change on it I have found Were original like there's a hose yeah Yeah that's interesting story And see how those are just so far apart About the same distance as the points on A deer antler Mm-hmm It would have been a 10 point if the Other side was just like the one I found [Music] All the parts that we've changed off From this have been original and one of The places you could see I've changed That hose right there This hose blowed out And it was a hose that had cramped on The ends on it here where I've got hose Clamps and the crimp parts were red It had been painted there's a couple Other hoses I've changed up in there you See these air conditioner lines look Like they've been changed that's because They've been changed huh she can still Get them they're pretty reliable we've Uh got one of these that we've been all The way through the whole motor on it And overhauled it Still working today is that your starter That's the motor huh Wow

I would call that unique camera can't See anything like Right here is the the only thing I've Got to identify this tractor by Exposed steering gears This is a Farmall regular When I got it it had what I think was The original back tires still on it and It just been parked for a long time and The Fellas that had picked it up and he Gave it to me Had took the bottom of the motor part or His dad had and they didn't even have All the parts anymore so it's a Farmall Regular it was set up with this steering Arm I was telling you about for Cultivators he also noticed has this Cable here It was fixed so that when you cranked The wheel hard enough to turn around on A dime it would lock the brake on the Inside to make you turn better And if you look back there's the back Past the Honda 13 horse motor This tractor Has hand brakes Just the brake wow one of them on each Side So you just pull both of those and then Let go of the wheel I guess they figure You're never going to need both of them At the same time because it does not go Very fast down the road I think it just Has three gears but I wasn't interested

In working on the motor at the very best These are a hand crank motor And I had this little gas Honda motor And so I belted it up to the rear end And I was surprised it just if I wanted To load on trailer it would just drive Right up on a trailer And I drove around really nice Creature Comforts weren't much on these see this Right here uh-huh see how close that Gets If you have your fingers there you just Mash the pudding out of them every time You put it in those two gears it's Forward Um these this tractor would have been Made to start on Gasoline and switch over to uh tractor Fuel they called it distillate They'll run on anything that's the way Mine was designed but most people only Use the gas let's go to the other the Other tank and you know they was Probably saving a penny a gallon to do That when they done it but which don't Seem like much today but So here we are trying to find Alternative fuels I worked on mine for a While because it started and ran and Then died and I was messing with it Messing with it and it's because I was Looking at the wrong gas tank When I walked up there was an empty tank And a full tank and it ran I thought

Okay it's using the full tank it was Using the empty tank and it just had This much in the yeah let it set a Little bit and it might actually this Was the second tank this was a starter Tank and it was some kind of I don't know may have been glass they Broke it off anyway and yeah you Probably don't move this one very often Do you I haven't moved this from three years I Like the spoke wheels they are cool and To find old Wheels like that that are Spoked and are still in that good a Shape I thought was really remarkable we Swapped the tires off had to cut the Other ones off from it because they were So stuck on there but the spokes are are In just as good a shape on the inside of The rims they are on the out I wanted to Narrow it up If you look at it it just barely will Walk up on an eight foot wide trailer But those Wheels won't go on there the Other way Yeah I think I could move mine in yeah I Don't I wouldn't want to a lot of them You can but these here you couldn't do That they actually have bolts that are Tapered to where the bolts will only go One way too and the bolt holes in the Rims the same way let's cover these Three here Can you get a good shot of all of them

Yeah This was also my grandpa's tractor same Grandpa this was the tractor that was Their four-wheeler back then he had Dairy cows and my mom grew up driving This 8N Ford to go get their cows up With And it is just a bone stock 8N Ford if You'd like to know there is a place Where they cast a n into all those Pieces And so you can find out if you've got a Tractor that's been frankensteined If you can find where that's at and You'll know that motor has it Transmission says it and rear end says It now about six inches of that is the The that Tire's flat but this thing Seems to sit lower to the ground than The ones I've been on yeah it's short It's nice and short And it was easy to get on and off from It would go 12 miles an hour in road Gear I remember when I was a little kid My grandpa that owned that other tractor The one that had his farm foreclosed on He did die in 1984 I believe And I remember I would have been seven Going to his place and going out on this With him to get the cows up and he used It to rake hay with but the motor was Wore out when he had it and he raked hay For two hours and had to put a quart of Oil in the motor you know and raking is

Not difficult it's just basically Pulling a wagon around But yeah this was the four-wheeler my Mom says she remembers when they first Got it they didn't put antifreeze in it They'd pull it up to the Milk Barn when They got done using it in the wintertime And drain all the water out into a Bucket and take it in and set it by the Stove in The Milk Barn Yeah I would definitely not do that if I Had a chance to I'd put antifreeze in it But they didn't do that so uh this got Sold out of the family for a long time And it belonged to somebody else and he Put nicer tires on it and overhauled the Motor it actually run pretty good last Time I had it running which has been a Few years ago you can tell has a I told you this could be a cemetery not A museum Yeah yeah I've got to run a couple of Eight ends and uh another older Ford Tractor I really like them I think these Uh both of these two tractors are h Farmalls both of these two tractors Actually belong to a man named Dawn but They were different men This tractor belonged to my uncle my Dad's brother His name was Dawn case and uh my cousin Gave it to me several years ago he had Let it set after putting water in it had A radio hose that was leaking he was

Just putting water in it and then it Froze up and busted the head on it and You could put water in the radiator with The oil plug out of the bottom motor and It would just run out the bottom as fast He was putting it in there once you got To a certain point And uh took the valve cover off at a Spot where it had bubbled the cast up Okay just pouring water out of there a JB welded it And it still runs I've used it a bunch Since then but my uncle worked at BF Goodrich And he put those tires on new when he Worked at BF Goodrich And they showed a lot of a lot of tread On them and BF Goodrich closed in the Early 80s you tell me if this sounds Accurate but the conclusion I've come to With these old tractor tires that They'll last literally forever unless They dry rot so if you can keep them out Of the sun yeah that makes a big Difference the older they are actually If they got a couple years on them of Not being used will make them harder and They'll last longer and it works the Same way on automobile tires the second One belonged to a man named Dawn Boyer And he was a deacon at a church I Pastored in the past and he said his dad Bought that tractor When it was a couple years old

And uh It had a tire it's got one new back tire On it had a tire run it was about like This one that has went flat from sitting Around Unlike this one this one's not Completely flat yet the rims not on the Ground And he said that tire had been on when His dad bought it and he said he Remembers putting new front tires on it But the back tires that was on this side And it's in this Barn somewhere uh he Said he remembered that it was on when They bought it so it hasn't had a lot of Use I doubt if it's ever even had the Motor overhauled because it was smoked Just a little bit and he said the only Time they ever did any custom work on Time to everybody news was on their 120 Acres that they had and all three of These tractors would be in like the 1950s range yep uh this one here I Actually know is a 49 and I believe this One's a 50. these H far malls are much Less horsepower they're like 20 27 or 28 horsepower And the difference my dad always told me Between an h and an M which is what that One was is if you dump the clutch all at Once on an m in fourth gear it'll pull Front wheels off the ground and if you Dump the clutch on one of these in Fourth gear it'll go

Yeah and if you dump the clutch on that 80 in in any ear it'll die That's just kind of the way I've always Always knew about it this tractor across The way which probably Can't see is good or maybe you can see Better Is a little more of a rare duck for Around here there wasn't a lot of them Around here they're popular up north it Is a Farmall But they they were manufactured As a McCormick Deering this one is a W-4 Or W6 model It has a four-cylinder motor but the Motor is the same as the M Farmall And so basically what they are is a Wheatland version of an M Farmall This tractor is the first tractor I ever Owned And I bought this tractor at an auction For a hundred dollars And the motor was stuck And when you messed with it got the Motor to where it would turn free and Run I added Hydraulics to it and it Still runs it runs very good when we Have it running I have a fuel leak on it so you don't Have to drain the fuel It it always you'll have fresh fuel in It when you go to start it because it'll Leak all the last of it out so you Become very cautious about how much fuel

You put in it unless you're going to use It a bunch I bet that's common on all These but mine if you fill the fuel tank And don't fill the shut the the bolt the Fuel line off it'll all end up in your Crank case I don't have that much Trouble on these farmalls with that Because it's a updraft Carburetor whereas your carburetor Actually sits above your engine on your Deer And these here to have to suck it up out Of there but they will flood over the Carburetor and fill up the breather tube And none of those are liquid tight so It'll drip all out of your breather tube And make it it'll make a mess but I Don't use these often enough so I try to Do something like shut them off and run Them out of fuel or make sure all the Fuel gets out of them and as expensive As fuel is anymore We'll just put it in a jug and use it Somewhere else I have added Hydraulics To this it's got a live hydraulics Uh pump runs off the distributor this Tractor has an added on And doesn't work but it has added on M And W live power clutch And it's a hand clutch to where you Could disengage your wheels and your PTO Would still spin these were all dead Power tractors you push on the clutch Everything will stop

Your Hydraulics your PTO and everything so do the majority of These Farmall attractors we looked at Have a three-point lift no they do They're added on that one eight I just Saw that one had it and I knew the first One didn't but I I have parted out I can't even tell you how many h's or M's one that come out have low motor Suck motor or whatever and if they got Three point we pull it off and put it on Something else Uh I hardly ever sell any real parts off From them but people want stuff like the Rims or or something like that so keep It going you bought this a long time ago For a hundred dollars yep And uh most of that time since you were 13 what's the main purpose what jobs did This do we used it'll this one a lot Full square baler it being a little Narrower you could get around the Windrows without having to run over them And the live power clutch was really Nice on square baler you'd kick that out Of gear if it went speeding too fast Um We use it on a hay conditioner quite a Little bit to mow hay with this thing Steers kind of hard that I'm sure the bushings and all in the Front axle are wore out but uh it's done A bunch of different jobs but the last

Thing that it did Regular was run my Feed mill And before that we had a mounted post Driver hanging on the front of it and so It was the post driver tractor for Probably almost 10 years and the ones we The one we have was a sandwich So all that hydraulic did was raise it Up and then when you started letting it Back down it would pull a dog out and Drop it And you just sit there and operate the Lever back and forth It's kind of it's Just barely better than watching paint Dry actually hit here you're gonna like This we get on down here I have tractors That were cheaper than that one Dude Not a tractor chair but I was sitting in My side by side driving by filming them Now this here looks like you painted it Or something are you trying to show off Dad did paint though I think you got one with the loader that One that belongs to my unsung Dakota he Has done absolutely nothing with it it's Actually part of a series I put together I had a A 100 a 200 or 300 and a 400 Farmall all At one time And uh nobody told me oh y'all to do That and see if you could sell them but I had gotten all those together uh I used the 200 quite a little bit but it

Never really used this one and I use the 300 a lot And uh I actually done some trading for Some other implements and some of them I Saw the 200 got sold Uh 300 I traded for a combine and the 100 I traded for a no-till drill now That that wouldn't have come with that Loader though right that was did you Guys add that or you bought it with that Loader we added the loader and that Loader is actually a international Loader they made those back in the 50s They were one of the first International Made loaders that would fit a white Front end They made a lot of them that you could Put online for an interactor that one Has a trick bucket No it don't they've they've changed it Originally when that one come out it Would have had two cylinders lifted on a Trip bucket a lever that you jammed Forward to let the bucket tip down This tractor is what it says it is It don't look as fancy but it's uh This is maybe the newest tractor I own Uh 585 case international If you ever see anything that says case International it's going to be a 1986 I Believe or newer and I've got one other Case international I've got some Internationals I've owned quite a few

Cases and this one does have a frame Loader that goes with it Um but this is the tractor I've uh I Bought just because I really wanted one That had air conditioning and smaller Where I could pull a square baler and Rake and stuff like that with it Um and fuel efficient is always on my Uh on my mind's eye And a big tractor don't work quite as Good on the square baler because You don't really want a bigger tractor Than your horsepower rating on an old Square baler it just doesn't work as Well For one thing there's like four steps to Get in on one of them Biggins this one Here I usually don't use one of those so Yeah you're going to be in and out of The tractor some and I do I don't know Most of our raking How many hours you think this tractor Has on it I don't know the cable was Broke when I got it but you can get up In there and read it It's not digital Just climb on up in there and setting my Premium seat Oh yeah And if you here's where having a sawmill Works out good on tractors do you notice All the spring in that seat when you sit Down on it it's because there's a six by Six underneath of it

It says 22.71 yeah I'm gonna think it Has between four and five thousand hours On it maybe yeah Okay But we have had to do quite a little bit Of fixing to it we put a new cable on it Uh If I try to start it right now it Probably wouldn't start because it Hadn't been run for quite a few days Amounts Maybe Last year I put front end loader on it And had a bale spear on the back of it Thinking I might use this if I Have trouble my truck won't start and It's set in here and Drew dust the whole Winter Mildred started every day it's uh Was this a factory loader or no It has a brand name on it I think it's Great Bend Which is a A norm thing for that the the S Tractor Wasn't built in the states See this was fancy at the time Got the curved glass on the back This would have been you know we look at These and these were somebody paid a lot Of money for this and was really proud Of it when it was new and here it is how Many years later and still doing work oh Yeah it's still working tractor anybody Wants to know for sure or whether we're Telling the truth or not just check us

Out on You can find the horsepower So you have any Tractor You got two sets of uh rear remote Hydraulics which the loader plugs into Both of those so when you got the loader On you use the loader Um Some of the tractors I have they put the Fill on The rear end and very difficult spots Like this 400 we just walked by over There it has a separate hydraulic oil From the rear end oil and uh this one Here they've got a dipstick right here To check the rear end and hydraulics I Got one oil there and the fillers there And then all the other is engine And so that makes it really handy they They started doing that though Quite a ways on back most most tractor Companies put them all together to where It had one oil for rear end and Hydraulics On that tractor data site you were Talking about we looked Billy's old uh Alice Chalmers outfit it was a 14 000 New for a hundred horsepower tractor so There's been a certain amount of Inflation since then on the 100 horse That's the reason you'll see all of my Tractors are pre-2000. that and a few Other reasons but

So then we're fixing to come to the Second tractor everybody there's the Tatter in the rake you use yep Yeah I hate changing teeth I would rather go to the dentist to have My teeth changed now this one's sharp You like this one This is the second tractor I ever owned I bought that in uh 80 Seven maybe something like that I think I give 3 000 for it had several uh People tell me to give me my money back But I sold it once In 2000 I bought a 1086 to bail with and I'd been bailing with this tractor it's A gas 706 they were Uh 71 horsepower or something like that But the gas motor in them was extremely Underpowered for what they've got on Them And uh When I traded up The cousin of mine bought it from me and He gave me for it what I had give for it Of course I'd done a bunch of work to it It had new those tires on the back of it Put a new set of tires on the back of One of these at that time you was going To add a thousand dollars To your tractor I put a new set of tires on that tractor A 1086.

That one I did this last summer it added Two thousand to it but yeah they're not Cheap just curious question those older Tractors were gas tractors you said this Was a gas tractor about what year range Did they switched making basically all Tractors or diesel now Um I think that happened previous to 2000 but I was so oblivious to the fact They made new tractors yeah Uh but these you can get in gas or Diesel okay so I thought it would have Been 40 or 50 years they'd been running All diesel tractors Uh this this tractor is probably like a 65 model And uh I know on the 60 or 56 series of Internationals which was an actual Nerdness uh you could still get gas Tractors but I don't know if I've ever Seen any 66 serious tractors that were Gas But you could still get this tractor and The next series or two or three with a Narrow front if you wanted it now do you Still work this tractor uh this one has Done nothing but hold down the spot Where it's setting uh I actually my Cousin gave it back to me I want to know what he bought to use in His place A small job here with a cab and air Conditioner

Um he also he had breathing problems and Couldn't put up with being out in the Open air actually this one had a cab it Still has a cab it's sitting outside Because it don't fit very good in the Barn with it and I was going to put Fenders on it but uh you know I got more Than I need And so it'll probably set right here so What's uh you know what horsepower this Was yeah like about 6 uh 71 or two Something like that uh the the gas ones Weren't very economic to run Uh diesel ones of these were a lot a lot Better than that this would burn through More than the tank full of fuel In a day of mowing hay And we use this one a lot to mohay with Pulled a three-point dismar with see the This mower you had to run them at uh Regular RPM speed to be able to cut Sycamore you could slow your RPMs down And slow your gearing down to where You'd you didn't have to run the motor Wide open like you did with this one to To make the RPMs for the mower they Would still cut but the dish mowers just Won't cut unless you're running them What speed you're supposed to turn 540 or a thousand This one has a little something Different that uh none of the ones we've Looked at so far have except the 1086 go Back and look at the back of it it has a

Thousand RPM shaft too And it had International put a PTO in These tractors that run both of those oh It's So instead of a reversible shaft it has Both on there both of them so did the 1086 so does that 1086 but uh they also International put out with their 540 and 1000 PTO setup that the clutches on them Were really only good for 90 horsepower And uh to tell you how close to sticking With form they were the PTO out of this Tractor I believe would slip into that One you could pull like six bolts out of The back of this one and pull six bolts Out of the back of that one and they Would swap But they did make one that only had a Thousand and it was supposed to be good For a higher horsepower tractor Yeah but I don't even have an Implement That runs a one thousand yeah I I Wondered about that Billy's got his Turned around on that Alice Chalmers and We we're going to turn it around and use It but he we didn't end up doing it but I was like what it what is anybody Running and that's a thousand you know a Lot of the hay mowers nowadays will run A thousand we have in the fast set of Hay mowers that use thousand shaft You've seen these grain carts these guys Are using most of those are set up to Around a thousand because the bigger

Horsepower tractors they pull them with Don't have about a thousand I haven't had this one very long you Want to know something about this when I Drove this home from north of Sarcoxie Missouri last winter You didn't drive it home yes I did you Drove I got in this tractor and drove it Home from the other side of sarcoxy it Was 47 miles yeah I was gonna say that's About an hour by car so it probably took You two and a half hours yeah well you Were moving good then this will go uh 1086s will go nearly 20. Yep this old Tractor uh has story behind it they said It had a front end loader on it and it Had been used at a Pallet company to Move sawdust with And it has the old diesel that's been Parked along time syndrome it wants to Smoke some but I just needed something to put on my hay Mower that wouldn't leak All over so this is a working tractor Too then oh yeah you can see it's hooked Onto my little mower That's the last thing we did with it was Done a little mowing that uh 15 foot bat Wing back there Have you looked you looked you've seen a Bunch of those I know you go to those Shows and they have them you've seen a Price on any of those I bought that one in uh

Oh one maybe And uh It was about the same time I started Spraying my pastures Instead of making myself mow them every Year And Knew they were bringing twelve thousand Back then yeah and I bought this one at A consignment auction for 8 500. And I got it home and that had been Setting on a dealer law I think they Might have used it to mow it either lot Or something with well I would say Somebody came in and had blowed the Hoses on the wings on theirs and they Stole the hoses off of this one and put Their hoses that had holes in them on The wings and so when I got home I Couldn't even let it down I had to go Get two new hoses put on it but This thing still has the original blades So you got all these tractors in here But you just recently bought this one You just have a mindset if I if I see a Deal Or you needed you wanted a backup For that one up there I don't use that I Put that on the Baler and it stays on The Baler we have two mowers And uh We had been using my son's tractor but He decided that he wasn't going to do The upkeep on it

And so it's sitting out there with two Flat front tires and needs a hydraulic Leak fixed on it And I he's 22 now he can surely Fix his own problems and I'd be happy to Help him but he's took a job where now He don't have the time to And so yeah I'd wanted another one of These Once you get to using one Yes it does have air conditioning but You can see I've took the doors off from It I didn't use it this year and I Wanted to get through a whole season Mowing with it to see that was going to Work And I didn't get to use it that much I Brought it home and the old tires on the Back of it were kind of ragged so I went To put new tires on it and the thing sat On in my driveway on blocks for most of Haying season Because the guys that I paid to come put The tires on couldn't make them hold air They were a little bit lazy about Cleaning the rims up And so I had to take the back wheels Completely off from it put in the shop And grind all over on them with the Angle grinder and I've I mean you can See they're holding air it hadn't been Moving a couple months But uh yeah I didn't get to use it a

Whole lot yet what's ballpark price on a Tractor like this I guess 7 500 for this One The sound cheap I think it sounds appropriate Because Um now it sounds cheap in terms of what You can accomplish with the machine for What you pay for it but the fact that The number of guys looking for an older Machine like this might be this might Really surprise you yeah I had to pay the guy or else he said He's going to call the next guy that had Called me you know so I love him I just I had no idea what the pricing was like On one of these um I've seen them nice Ones really nice ones sell on auction Twenty thousand dollars Few years ago I went to a auction north Of Fort Scott Kansas that had three of These a couple newer ones and a couple Of older model 806 is actually and I Didn't come home with nothing it was on Black Friday I thought they discounted Stuff on Black Friday That auction day there was a Trader There and he bought all their tractors He just taken them to his lot and going To sell them So Yep that's an old 1086 this one probably Got more hours meter on this one reads 8 500. meter on the first one that I had

Read 800 and never worked And I used it for 20 years and it done About all my Mowing and all my Balin and All my spraying and quite a little bit Of hay putting out And uh three years ago No Last winter Scott overhauled the motor on it so You're not all that impressed that mine Has 650 hours on it I'm not sure yours has been tested yet Right this is my dad's M I was telling You about that pulled the bush hog with My two sons and I he had helped both of Them fix up an h both of them have an H Farmall that is nice and running and Painted And so he had actually sold me a piece Of his property And this tractor was setting on it Hooked onto a bush hog where he had been Mowing Trails through the woods And uh it's rough it's always been rough I mean we we've worked on her to try to Make it look slick but it's it's still Rough just a rough old tractor Um he bought this From a guy's auction when they sold out Because they were moving to Alabama Because Goodreads closed and they moved With their job And I think he gave 700 or something Like that for this tractor and it ran

And this is what he pulled a 13-foot Bush hog Grand bush hog with they're Extremely heavy it's solid deck mower he Had to have a 16 foot gate to get it Through And and he'd done it for several years And it would still do it if you needed One so I have a question after we've Been through all of these do you have a Favorite brand of tractor could be a red One it could be that Mahindra don't know Nothing about red uh this tractor my Boys and I stole it out of the woods Where my dad left a set Matter of fact the bush hog that was on It still in my barn he never did even Ask us what happened to the mower And uh we was gonna fix it up he he I Mean he would keep it to where it ran at Least as good to where you had to touch The the starter cable to the battery To run the starter you know and stuff Like that and so we fixed up the switch We got the fuel system all cleaned out On it and it still probably put a Battery in it it would just hit right Off Um And then we decided we're gonna put Nicer tires on it And that that took some locating but I Found a set of tires and we put on it And uh we painted it and on the day we Painted it he showed up down here to

Bring me a load of calves And we come out of the barn and we have This red over spray on all three of us And Dakota had been painting the wheels And Scott was spraying and I was trying To keep them both in paint you know and And here comes dad and we're painting These Christmas gifts he never even Noticed that we were all red I guess he Didn't have any idea we took his tractor We had to drag it home through the Pasture away from his house to so anyway We give it back to him and so we found Out we're gonna have a real bad weather Event that year on Christmas and it was Supposed to come in on Christmas Eve so The day before Christmas Eve Dakota Drives it down there and he's gone doing Chores and he comes in from doing chores And it's sitting there in his yard Running And he walks around it once and we got Back out there by the end and he says I Had a tractor like that once I said you better look again This tractor has a couple of things that He did to it That make it different you see it's got A step there but that's not really it if You step behind it he had to make the Draw bar longer So that he could put an overrunning Clutch in the PTO and not shorten it on The bush hog they weren't fixed up like

The one you just shortened in a recent Video they had a collar welded into the Piece of pipe and so you you couldn't Shorten it without shortening the piece Of pipe you had to and then you get into Issues where you got to weld it straight And anyway He lengthened the drawbar and it was Harder to catch the loop see right Behind the seat on this side it has a Loop sticking up there and that is what Turns your PTO on and off do you see it Yet right up there big yeah big hand Loop well it was a little hard for him To reach farther down there to catch the Other one so he welded that loop on it I'm sure there could be other things That make it Unique to be his like the huge dent in The oil pan that'll probably do it Uh that's a good one bring your camera Around here I want to show you something That uh we didn't talk about on those Other Farmalls And I'll even light it up for you so you Can see it It's on the oil pan You notice there's no dipstick The dipstick is me And on these you'd have to have a wrench To check the oil so they have pepcocks And it was these two things right here Originally and somebody had Twisted the

Ends off from them and so we tapped Holes into the oil pan to where you Could pull a bolts out to tell for sure That it had engine oil this is a super m And remember me saying I had tractors That cost less than the One we were looking at that I'd give a Hundred dollars for Well I gave 500 for this tractor And the motor on it was stuck And it had a front end loader on it And I spent some time going and getting It it was about seven or eight miles Between here and quapawa And I knew the people that had it And uh They had another track that was all in Parts and they run an ad on these to Sell them without a price on them and I Went over to talk to them and I had Dealt with The lady I dealt with her Dad was the one I dealt with he had Owned these and he passed away And they were selling these to try to Get enough money to pay his final Expenses And uh I told her what I thought I could give And she said that's perfect And so I bought those two tractors the Other one's all in pieces it took one Trip to get this home it took three to Get the other tractor home I basically

Had to pick up the pieces with the Abed On my truck and haul it home a piece at A time but I had a tractor I was working On needed the parts on that one so I Give 200 for that one and 500 for this One I brought this one home and I ran an Ad on the front end loader while it was Still on it thinking I doubt if anybody Will give 500 for it and I had three Guys that called the first one to come Looked we had to take it off right away And this tractor has an added on Hydraulic system as well He gave me 500 did you catch that it has An MW pump for live Hydraulics and if You turn around look behind you it has An auxiliary tank that they put in right Here for the live hydraulics And they fix it up to where the live Hydraulics run on a dual spool valve Right back there they went through great Panes to put this piece of tread plate On there and make it look like the deck And so they could have that and that was What they was using to run the loader With Another Super M this is a first year Super am going to be 53 model came with This And that's plumbed into the fill spout For the Hydraulics the hydraulics on Them were a dead power unit still that Ran in the belly And and so it had this and what this is

Is a two-way valve And it still had the single wave valve You know how your hydraulic valves work Both directions these you pull this Handle on the original ones and it would Raise up whatever and you push it down Past middle and it would let them down But it wouldn't push them down and so on This one to operate this hydraulic valve You had to pull this one turn it on and Have out on your clutch they were still Dead power but you had a two-way valve Here that would run power bolt Directions so that was our addition for The superim but this one also has three Point on it And uh I told you it had a stuck motor I've used it to run my feed mill with For a few years and uh what I did to get It unstuck I'll even tell you I pulled The spark plugs and I split one can of PB Blaster between all the holes left it Set two days and we pulled it about 700 Foot And I was dumping the clutch with it in Fourth gear and then I would switch and Dump the clutch with it and reverse a Few times And about the third time I switched it Came loose it blew PB Blaster out those Holes all over everything and me and and I was happy it was unstuck And it runs pretty good I thought when I Seen that well somebody has thought a

Lot of this thing too Put a three-point on it and well yeah When you were telling me all that I'm Like first you know those people were Pretty smart yeah to get it set up and Working and they put a lot of effort Into it yep Yep but nobody really wants a loader on A nerve for an end tractor anyway and I Was just thinking I'll probably find Somebody that wants to buy the tractor And I haven't yet it hadn't happened so Three point works you see this a heavier One that was on that tractor over there It's got two cylinders You got you got a favorite formal out of All of them yeah dude let's go look at It do you want to see my square baler Collection yeah this is the one I don't Use anymore and that's the one I use I'd like to help you out all you want me To help you out on getting your Yourself around a bail hey On your place with your equipment Yeah uh-huh And you had said a number the other day That made me think you hadn't done much Pricing on stuff like I use so I'm going To tell you that I think what you said was Three or four thousand dollars that you Thought you could get Uh hand set up for that much I have that The one I'm using I paid 600 for this

Look doesn't look like an Old Farm wall Is that what it is it's a case International okay it's uh previously Would have been a case the model before This one was a case instead of being International when they merged Everything they made became case International And this would have been a uh it came From the David Brown Line so it also was Made in another country It is a case international 1494. Part of it was missing when I bought it Yes how that happened I don't do anything really extraordinary I have some friends that tell me I fall In the crap and come out smell like a Rose once in a while but I think there's A lot more work to it than that I bought this tractor not running With a loader on it And the beam I think it is it's kind of A reoccurring theme in my history I Answered a Craigslist ad because the guy Said it was from Quapaw And when I talked to him found out it Was just like six miles up the road And he uh he told me he didn't know what He wanted for him he had two tractors There and I went and told him I said I Don't know what you've you're thinking Is but I could give you this much for it And he said okay And so I figured I'd get 500 for the

Other tractor and a thousand for this One and I sold the loader off from it For a thousand That's that's excellent but I thought The motor was stuck on it And we took the loader off from it where It was setting and the back tires were One of them was blowed out and the other One wouldn't hold air very long and the Front tires both stayed flat you Couldn't put enough air in them make Them even come up any And so I had to take another tractor to The guy's place and shove this on a Trailer And I had you can't do that without help And so I had to get help to do that and I got the thing home and I had unloaded It out here in on my driveway and I Don't know why I put it where I put it But I needed to move it because I was Having to load cattle out so to go get My forklift and I picked up the front End of it And that one side Hood was not on it Then and a forklift will swear I was Sitting kind of on this side of it and When I picked up the front of it the Alternator turned a little bit And I'm like it's not stuck I'd had to do that through the wheels so We went to messing with it messing with It and they had done a bunch of stuff to It to try to preserve it and one of the

Things they did the top on the Breather Was missing and they had took a Rotella Jug and just jammed it down over the Bolt sticking up in the middle of that Breather Well that had the whole thing completely Choked off And uh with it not having run for a long Time I didn't have any steerings all Hydraulic steering And so I thought well we could pull it And I had some old tires that happened To fit the bolt pattern they were Different size but we put them on it so We could roll it and I picked up the Front end of it and chained to it with My forklift and I was going backwards Pulling it and we couldn't get it to hit And the whole time I'm thinking it Probably won't run And uh I've I told Scott was helping I Told him I said let's get some ether and He goes to get the ether and I'll pull That thing off there and look at it And I'm like well they just Jam this on There to keep the water out of that and We sprayed one shot of ether down and I Pulled it about five foot in his room And it run good and I had had the Starter off from it and it had been so Long since they tried to start it all The middle of the starter was corroded Together you couldn't even get the shaft Out of the middle of the starter

And uh I said well I better put this Back on there while this thing sits and Waits on me to have time to work on it So don't get water in there and I put That back on there and it killed it So it probably would have started a lot Quicker if I had pulled that deal off or That Rotella jug off the Breather that Was choking it to death Uh this tractor has a serious weird Range of gears On this shifter it has three forward Speeds in reverse And on those two shifters over there It has uh Four different ranges between those two Shifters And so it has a whole bunch of speeds And some of them are incredibly slow so Slow it's hard to tell the difference And how fast you're going Um It has a single remote out the back but It had this dual spool on it from the Loaders This tractor does have a Different system for the power steering Or different fluid for it you have to Put on it but it is a David Brown motor And this is what's really going to Surprise you about this small tractor Sitting here It's 85 horsepower I bought a takeoff tire from a combine

The one on the other side you can you Can look at it and see that it is still The one that had been setting flat for So long because it's got a dry cracked Seam all the way across it Uh I don't know not a lot else to say About it it's just kind of a rough Tractor my dad we couldn't find the Parts for the hood like the grill the Bottom front of the grill or the side Pieces and so my dad says oh okay if You're not bringing using that bring it Down here and I parked it needs Barn for About a month And he says I need you to come down here And help me with something on one of These fenders we beat on it with Sledgehammer to try to get it Straightened back out and look about Right and the next time I see it it Looks like this and I wish I had some Before pictures but I don't it had moss Growing all over the red part of the Hood From sitting underneath the oak tree you Know And just looked pretty rough none of the Gauges work we have no idea how many Hours is on it but if you want to get on A tractor that don't use any fuel and Don't do about anything you need to do This is it this is the one this is the One this thing uh we pulled that no-till Drill with it and sewed 40 acres of

No-till wheat with a eight foot wide Drill and put five gallon of diesel in It It took us three days to get over all That so when we eat so And now I've said all that and probably Won't start Sounds The smoke choke you I'm all right Everything You know I got that Get a little scalpy This is your normal processes you run This all the time off the tractor Hydraulics This auger was actually made to run off Of hydraulic to put either on a gravity Box like this or to hang on the back of A two-ton truck to fill a drill with Seed So they made this was a factory-made Auger just to do that and it works Pretty good for this and I don't have to Walk around the PTO shaft Hernan or Worry if it gets bound up that it's Going to tear up a bunch of stuff I would trust my grandkids around this And I don't even have any yet And if you're wondering what else I use That tractor for See the ball on the hitch on it yeah Trailer mover it pulls our uh hay rods Ah if I ever have a Christmas flow Where it's convenient I'll take it we'll

Look It loads real easy not so stupid heavy To haul The lights my dad fixed up on still work Is it running over yet That is the overarching theme of the Shoveling part of this Not sure a big rat didn't just run off That trailer In case you're wondering yes I do get Quite a bit of that out of there without Having to shuffle it But it's about you it's about empty now Yeah and it has a little molasses in it So it's sticky rather than Slidey One more question something that I'm Curious about is this one has a dipstick Yeah I come with my own dipstick Would you ever think about taking one of These and tearing it down and completely Restoring it or do you just have no Interest in that and you like them the Way they are I'm too busy using a few of Them Well you know it's a lot of time and It's a lot of money and it's a it's a Huge undertaking to do it a lot of People start them no one finishes them You watch old Pete on uh just a few Acres he's been doing a Super C and he's Been all winner and he's Spare time I have never found any of That I've always got stuff to do so I

Like him and and he's got some Immaculate Square balers and yeah Equipment family stuff But you like them the way they are Though as much as anything yeah but Patina on them I like it when they have A story Yeah well I imagine this has been a Really long video and I appreciate all Of you guys who soldiered your way Through it and looked at these old Tractors and I appreciate you watching And I guess we'll see you on the next One and he'll put a few videos up on the Screen right here this one anyone who Knows that reference watches the whole Thing which is a yeah warms my heart oh We'll see on the next one Merry Christmas

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