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Sizing the right plow for your tractor is key! We picked up an old 16-inch two-bottom breaking plow for cheap, but it was too big for our tractor. We looked at IRONCRAFT, and I think we have a match. 6212 by IronCraft


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Hey welcome back to the channel we are Going to put the garden to bed today we Got the 2515 here a couple bags of Fertilizer in the bucket and if you Remember back in the spring Summers we tried the big uh two bottom Braking plow on the 2515 it did pull it But it didn't like it well let me show You what we got so this is the ironcraft Model 6212 so it's got 12in uh mobile Wars on it and we've already played with It as you can see it's a little bit Dirty but what we're going to do today Is we're going to see if this 2515 will Pull a plow that's a little bit better Size to this tractor and I'm excited to Do this because one or two things one I Get to fertilize the garden and put it To bed second off I just get to plow I Mean who don't like plowing let's get to It what do you think Gizmo where's your Chicken at H Tanya's out spreading fertilizer Because my boot uh does is open to the Dirt so she's pretty tough she does all This stuff and don't complain Much Hey so the game plan is get all the Fertilizer throwed out I I need a I need A spreader um I had a little pull behind Spreader and it the bearing locked up on It there we got another one and Tanya Seems to be doing pretty good I guess I Got a spreader don't tell her I said

That but our game plan is to go ahead And throw the fertilizer on this garden And then we're going to turn it uh and I'm going to turn everything uphill so I I'll have to run down I'll have to run Down and then come back to the other Side and go again that way way all of my Throws will be up the Hill Is Okay we got the 2515 here and if you Guys remember I think I brought this up Before we tried this with a big the big Two bottom braking plow and it done it But it didn't it just didn't have enough It wasn't enough Traer for that two Bottom braking pile this got a 12in uh Uh mobor on it so this is going to do Probably a lot better this is really Sized closer to what this tractor would Need plus this is like a a normal field It's already been plowed it's already Been taled uh now unfortunately I I was Kind of trying to wait for some rain and Then come back and turn this over but We've had a we went from having a whole Bunch of rain to having no rain for the Last month we've had some sprinkles so This ground is just powder dry but we're Going to go and turn this over with the Fertilizer in it and should be a fairly Good test Though we use the hydraulic top link to Get it settled in I think left to right

We're pretty close I think we just need To adjust just the hydraulic top Link All right I figure I feel like I got Towards the end I got a a pretty good Cut I'm just going to swing around what I'm doing is I'm rotating everything up The hill because the hill or the hills The garden goes downhill everyd time I I Rotate it back up the hill I'm I'm Moving the dirt Up so first impressions this is Definitely uh doing a lot better it's a Much more appropriate size Plow Like my back plow might need to go Back so it looks like my back pile might Need to go down a little bit this is Where that hydraulic top link is pretty Handy What I did now is I raised my Three-point hitch up just a little bit And then I put the stop in place so when I put the three-point hitch bag down It'll be in the right Place All Right see where we're At A Looking pretty Good Oh Oh

Oh Oh I really wish we had about 10 acres that I could plow I to get some really long Runs it just it's something pleasurable About plowing with a with a braking plow And turning the ground over the smell It's just uh I don't know it it it's in My Bones Oh I think we've kind of got it figured out Obviously this plow is much better Suited for this size Traer it did really Well the only time that I really Struggled struggled struger I struggled When I got over here on this this lower Portion uh I didn't successfully plow This as well last time and there were Still some roots in here uh this doesn't Have cters on it and like where I hit This new ground it's a little bit uh Rough on the along the edges but where There was already been plowed you don't Really need the cters that's really much More Uh a it's bigger deal when you're in Fresh ground but overall it's a lot Smoother uh this is something that I can Come in with a tiller and it will be a It be much less of a challenge to um Till this down where is the big the big Break and plow where we were stopping And going and uh we were just it was

Really difficult we had big chunks come Out of the ground we're this one here we Were able to keep moving and plus it Wasn't too wet this is actually really Good soil to turn over right now Fertilizer is in this is going to set Over the winter and we we'll come back In the spring flip it back one more time Uh or we'll fertilize it and then flip It back one more time and then we should Have a layer of fertilizer uh all the Way through and I bet you next year our Corn turns out a lot better hey I Appreciate you watching our Channel Leave us some comments on how we did God Bless have a great Day

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