I am Finally Looking at Kubota – Best of the Western Farm Show

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms I'm out at the Western Farm Show in Kansas City and we're just gonna walk Around check everything out show you Anything I think is interesting I've Been getting in trouble because I never Stop and talk to anybody at the Kubota Booth so I'm going to do that today see If anyone wants to tell me about these Machines I think I'll start with the Skid loaders So I just was talking to the salesman Over here about these Kubota skid steers This is the same horsepower machine I Have I was asking him uh why anyone Would buy one of these orange ones he Had some pretty good answers I already Know about the door I like the door it's It's convenient to be able to get in and Out with your boom even just slightly Lifted but another thing it's got the Split handles and I know I like that but He's telling me it's a lot more Comfortable to get in and out of and It's more roomy operator station and I'm Gonna jump in there and see So Hey here The checking the engine oil filling the Engine oil and the coolant is all right Here readily visible to get to some of Your filters or the battery you have to Remove just a couple bolts and take the Radiator back or it swings open

The hydraulic flow fluid you actually Can check from inside the cab which I Really like Whereas mine is on the outside and is Sometimes blocked by the arm and you Fill the fuel on the outside which is Different than mine but it is a locking Fuel cap Salesman just explained to me that the V in SLV is vertical lift and they do Not make radial lift machines they're All vertical lift which is what I would Always want anyway I would not really For personally I wouldn't consider a Radial lift just looking at it I think Maintenance looks easier on mine but the Operator station looks more comfortable On this one that skid loader I was just Looking at was a 75-2 dash 2 is going Away apparently this year they're Releasing the dash 3 which has a lot of Improvements a lot of things that were Optional Higher priced upgrades on this are going To be standard like your backup camera He also said it's a unibody Construction With a positive pressure cab don't ask Me for an explanation on that one It does the cab does lift up the same Way as my deer with just a couple bolts You lift it up to clean underneath I've Asked three people at the Kubota Booth If they wanted to talk on camera and Everybody said no I'm not even meaning

That as negative like that's not what They're here for But I don't know enough about them to Say much otherwise this one we're gonna Go look at now is a l-3902 my friend Brad from Piney Grove Homestead just did A review on a 3902 so you can check that Out looks like a nice machine I still didn't get anyone to get on Camera with me but I did find a Knowledgeable worker who answered every Question I had about this one thing that Had come up recently was about Kubota Auto connect deck and there was an Argument about if they had that or not And they have 90 auto connect you get Off and you like pull a lever that he That pushes your PTO into place so not a Big deal it's mostly auto connect I Asked him what I always ask is why Should someone buy a Kubota and he gave A good answer it's the answer Yanmar Gave in that they're the only ones who Make the entire machine so they're not Piecing different parts together from That are manufactured by different Companies that's the best answer he Could give to that as I went through and Asked him every question I could think Of about this machine and went through a Lever placement controls Everything about it I think John Deere And Kubota are the two most Well-engineered machines they they think

Of everything and they're comfortable Operator station I still don't like the Travel pedal he was telling me how he Runs it and if there's different ways to Put your foot on it but there are things I like such as the way you remove the Loader on this I thought John Deere had The best system I'd seen this is a Little better you can do the entire Thing from the seat including your Hydraulics and John Deere's basically Like that too but I think this is a Little bit more refined honestly it's Got the three range hydrostat Nice lever placement everything about This is a nice machine I don't like the fuel fill on this but That's not all models some of them are You know back like mine are I might ask Him in a minute if they could make a Green one like this Let's go take a look at something a Little bigger one thing that stopped me On this machine is I immediately noticed This extra set of rails here and Recognize that as a mechanical Self-leveling loader you guys know I'm a Big fan of the self-leveling loader most Brands don't have that on a small Machine I did not know that Kubota has That but all of their B series and some Of the L Series have the option to get This self-leveling loader and Looks like a pretty nice setup

Front tires on that mx6000 are huge I've had several people leave comments Saying that Kubota and coyote are almost The same and these tractors are nothing Alike there's nothing in common between The Kubota and Coyote Not country of Origin not design style not features Very very different machines except for The color And I talk about the things I like about Coyote and LS and Mahindra and that You're getting capability for the price But this is a more refined machine than The coyote the same size it just is I thought man that is too big to be a Hydrostat but it is a hydrostat it's Just a monster I guess it's only a Little bit bigger than the 4066 Told one of the guys what I had and Asked him if I was upgrading from a 2038 What would I go to in Kubota to get a Little bit bigger more horsepower Premium features in a cab Told me the l-3560 it does not have the Same treadle pedal that I'm used to it's Still a rocker style with forward and Reverse but they're on a more compact Pedal that you you run without lifting Your foot That definitely feels like a premium Machine when you get in it but I don't Know much about it to be honest these Guys seem really weirded out by me

Having my camera here So I'm gonna move on I have not Mentioned this on the channel yet but About two weeks ago I sold both of my John Deere lawn mowers I do not own a Lawnmower today except for the mower Deck on the tractor and I don't really Love mowing with my tractor so I'm in Heavily in the market right now to Purchase a lawn mower and I've been Looking at a lot of Brands doing Comparisons today we're looking at Hustlers Couple reasons for that number one Hustler is right by my house That we're out in the middle of nowhere There's nothing within 10 miles except For one little bitty Tractor Dealership That sells hustler mowers and Bad Boy Mowers the other thing about Hustler is This company was founded in Kansas And they still make these mowers in Kansas they also use a Kawasaki engine Which I didn't know it but is Manufactured in Missouri so it does not There's not a mower I can buy that's More close to home to me than Hustler so That gives me an interest in Hustler but The next question is is it a good Lawnmower And that's what I'm trying to find out So the one right here is a massive 104 Inch cut Commercial mower they'll go 12 to 14

Miles an hour with with that cut and That speed that's a serious machine with This hyperdrive cooling system on it I Don't need anything like that this isn't Even in the range of what I'm shopping For but it is pretty darn cool looking Now we're going to walk down here and Look at some of the other models I'm Looking at either a high-end residential Mower or because I mow a lot maybe a low End commercial mowers so we'll take a Look at some of these other models They're just like all the other brands That they I think they all make a good Mower but It's the little things that separate Companies and that's what I'm trying to Find out so I'm gonna see if the Salesman wants to get on camera with me And if not we'll just take a look at all The mowers So they only brought commercial units to This show these are the smaller of the Commercial units here we've got the fast Track and the F1 and these are probably Around the size machine I'm looking at This has a 29 horsepower Kawasaki engine You can get it with a 60 or even a 72 Inch cut it's got a five-year 1200 hour Warranty looks like a really nice Machine so I'm gonna talk to my Dealership about some of these all right I've got bill here again from Precision Manufacturing last week we did a

Standalone video just about the Precision manufacturing products and a Couple people called me out said you Forgot to talk about the added grapple For a pallet Fork setup so can you tell Us a little bit what you guys have to Offer if someone wants a grout a grapple On power ports sure okay so so with the Success of this attic rapple here we uh Added our expenditure line on the Palletwork out of Raffles and we've Basically got three models uh we've got One for uh compact tractors smaller Probably 40 horse and under uh it's real Lightweight and It's got a different fastening system Than the um than the other two models But it basically lifts up and goes on to The slotted Rail and then you are able To attach the bottom to keep it from Swinging out but it's real lightweight And priced uh under a thousand dollars So for that you don't even have to bolt It on it slides onto your forks that's Right and well that's pretty handy That's right it seems like I remember You seeing a much larger one also that Was maybe even telescope and height it Is and that was the second one we Introduced let me back up just a minute The one that you kind of described is uh Are what we call our standard palette For catagram you actually physically Slide your corks into some slots on the

Bottom of the uh of the frame and then Lock them in place and then it's got to Grapple on on top of it and then as soon As we introduce that we had customers Asking for one that they could have that Opens up widen up for uh big round bales So that means you got to have 72 75 inch Opening in order to get that so what we Came up with was one that had an Adjustable height so it can actually Have three different heights we did the Lower one and the the grapple will Actually bypass the tines so you can Pick up things like fence posts t-posts Uh height and smaller smaller loads and Clamp down on it tight so it doesn't Bounce off of the forks then we had our Middle the middle adjustment height Adjustment is what we would use for Brush and it basically clamps down on The forks and then we've got our taller One that we that we use for like round Bales and it it will clamp down and stop About mid-air maybe two feet off of the Forks and it'll open up wide enough I Believe it's a 74 inch opening so if you Want to add a grapple to a set of pallet Forks they've got three or four Different ways you can do it you can Look at all those on agfolks.com to me It's really handy because of how long a Fork is you can really get under a lot Of material and then clamp down on it Like logs or brush I haven't actually

Got to try one but looks pretty handy so I appreciate you taking time again tell Us about it all right thanks bro These right here from Dan user are stump Grinders that go on a post auger You just remove your auger bit and you Can put this grinding head on Pretty unique way to take out a stump S Here's the Bama Light mini skid loaders As far as mini skid loaders go I really Like the control setup on these I ran one at gie I believe Nice looking machine So you guys might have seen me before Running a loftness mulching head it Looks a little bit like this I ran it on The skid loader ran actually a couple Different ones and they're awesome but I Walked up and thought that's what this Is but it's not this is for an excavator That's a full-size excavator that can Handle a head like that and then they've Got this one For the smaller excavators then these Are the units I've ran I've ran this Exact one right here I've got a couple Videos on it There's the cooling unit And the disc style and you need a bigger Skid loader to run one of these and we Got something else interesting with the Loftness name on it You look at this mini excavator it's got

This unit on the front And a long boom with a flag at the end Of that flag is a saw blade What in the heck is that Mike that's a 24 inch carbide tip saw blade and uh we Call this the quick trim and so like you Said looks like a mini excavator when You first walk up uh and that's how it Almost starts life we get the tb260 Carrier right from takahuchi and they We've had a long partnership they honor Their full warranty on that part of the New machine we on our loftiness warranty But that's where it quits being an Excavator we put this apparatus on the Front it extends out and can reach up to 53 feet and there's a few other mods That we do if that fiberglass boom is Non-conductive you have non-conductive Hoses there there's no steel braid in And a dielectric fluid so we get this Machine tested and certified to work Around power lines one of its big Selling points is that it's not as big As a giraffe when you don't need to Reach 75 feet or have a low boy on and a Driver on standby so this game is about Fourteen thousand pounds can be towed Around with a one ton pickup truck Without a lot of crazy licensing some Other mods that happen on this machine Is we put a fall protection and dropped Object protection or F or fops on the Top and we protect the driver with thick

Polycarbonate on all the windows so it's Just a kind of a neat thing there's a Number of tree services that have these In uh in their possession and they get a Lot of work done usually the work of oh At least two or maybe three bucket Crews That can be done with one person well I'm sure that's not cheap but looks Pretty darn handy beats climbing a tree With a saw right I think you could get Your your field edges and Edge and fence Rows cleaned out real pretty Well if you need a Mulcher you can talk To Mike but that thing is pretty crazy Last show I took a look at the Rhino AG Booth got a Salesman to tell me all About their products if I'm looking at a Brush cutter Rhino Ag and Bush Hog seem Like premium Brands to me so let's take A look at these I've been hanging out with the coyote Guys trying to figure out the model Numbers Kubota and coyote confuse me With model numbers but now I'm starting To get it the 2610 the 3510 the 4010 the Feel like the same tractor almost just Different horsepower and I was trying to Figure out what the series or the size Number is CS is subcompact CK is the Next frame size then it goes to DK then They do have a premium and an economy Which I didn't understand this is an SE That's more premium the one I drove Before had the clutch pedal but this is

An independent clutch so so whenever I Said I thought it was kind of weird Having a clutch pedal on a fully Hydrostatic trans tractor That's the difference is that's the Economy line the premium is not like That but they still have the brake pedal On the same side as your forward and Reverse pedals So in my previous review we looked at The economy 2610 being under 17 000 Then this is a 3520 I had to say Anything was comparable to my tractor From coyote this would be it 35 horsepower to 38. although this is Probably closer to a 30 38 than a 2038 This is under thirty thousand mine's Currently listed at 32. so They're not that much cheaper if you get The premium in the same horsepower this Is an SE it's a premium cab tractor Let's see what the operator station is Like we got the fuel filled down here by The step Thank you Now as we step up there it does have Your brake pedals which are split brakes And they're on the other side so it just Varies by the model Definitely a roomy cab 47 horsepower premium cab or 14 tires Looks like a really nice machine price Is in the high 40s I've always been a

Fan of these flip up decks from Grasshopper I was just talking to the owner of this Company they make Hydraulic Splitters they allow you to Have more ports than you do now to put It simply and the owner of the company Is still the one running it he's the one Here at the show I'll put a link on the Screen if you're interested in checking Out the products if you have say one set Of rear remotes and you'd like to have Two the difference a cab makes Tell you what I walked up to this and Thought that can't be my tractor but it Is this is a 32 but same identical Tractor without the turbo but the it Feels completely different it looks Different it looks Doesn't even feel like the same machine Nice ergonomic operator station no we're Not doing that 30-43 d So this is Not an e but it's not an R non-removable Loader Woo doggy So I just spent 30 40 minutes talking to Dean Wingfield of Wingfield American Hero And Spent his whole life in farming been Selling Plows since the 1970s and started

Wingfield American hero they make all Their products in Illinois And fantastic human being I'd like to Have more time to just learn from him Because I He was telling me about the history of Farming and different types of plows They used to use and how some of that Might still be better than what they're Doing today And how you can do a lot of soil prep With nothing but a harrow so I really Enjoyed getting to talk to him I've got One of their Heroes really well made Product so if you're in the market for a Hero I would highly recommend Wingfield American hair yeah So yeah I forgot to tell Brendan videos It's a Farmall tractor I wonder how much These Farm wall tractors have in common With the old farmalls well Paul case is A huge Farmall fan But he doesn't have anything made After 1990 at the earliest So I'd like to get Paul in here and see What he thinks of these farmalls this Tool right here is called a zerk zapper That you can order them at Zerkzapper.com it's for when your grease Sir won't take grease this screws onto The zerk You tap the back with a hammer and it'll Free it up uses hydraulic pressure with Oil inside this all right so what do we

Have here automatic wire stripper There's no die holes or adjustments just Put the wire in and self-adjust up to 12 Gauge even some 10. here's a little Stuff 26 gauge stranded wires maybe Doing LED wires four at a time you're Not making strands at all Cutters right Below here if you want to tie into a Middle of a wire splice into it or check A voltage just pass the jaw right over The wire and this opens up nice and Clean right in the middle of the wire For you now if you're in a tight spot Maybe you're under a dash or in a tight Compartment short wire most strippers Wouldn't fit down in there you can nose Right in real quick and easy If you're doing a lot of connectors say You need this a certain amount strip for Connectors you can set the stop right Here to how much you need stripped and Put the wire in to hit the front of the Stop now you got that exact amount for All your connectors There are 35 in the catalog we're only 25 here at the farm show 25 bucks all Right but that's like trick wire or Something right it's a trick this is Regular trailer light wire this is phone Wire I have someone's watching this Right now and they want a set of these Can they you have a website they can get We don't have a website right now you Can give me call

706-878-0977 call or text me and we can Ship them to you too So I'm just strolling along and over Here in the corner I see a guy who looks Just really interesting so I'm here to Find out at the same time you guys do What his product is So uh my name is Jeff I'm with ratchet Wrangler I'm the creator of the product And basically I've created a small Storage pouch for your ratchet straps Simple Solution take your ratchet put it Inside the pouch Real easy just uh wind up your strap Just like so doesn't have to be pretty Doesn't have to Here he's sexy or nothing you just put It right there in your ratchet Wrangler Pass your hook through the top side of The ratchet Wrangler and it's all Ready to go inside the pouch great thing About it is now it's inside of a Compressed area it's not going to tangle Up while it's riding down the road or Anything get messed up ready to use it Again just pop the hook out the top Grab it and it just comes right out nice And clean every time all right well Thanks for showing you bet Uh oh I'm in trouble now This is my spot We found the old ones 40 20.

I Love old tractors I'm no expert on them I just like to Look he didn't bring the one with the Missiles on it today that he didn't Bring the one with the missiles on it no No not this time I always set that up at gie with the Rocket launchers on it Right Well I don't know if these cut the best But they look the best Found one of those steel Zero Turns I Drove one at the equip Expo but I didn't Know if they were actually on the market You can in Kansas City there are already Dealerships selling these it's a lot Like a ferris with just Steel's got its Own tweaks on it these Cub Cadets threw Me off with this steering wheel but it Looks like a zero turn and it it Controls like a zero turn they just put This wheel on in place of the two levers Pretty clever actually so I did Definitely did not come here to look at Insoles for my shoes but this guy Snagged me pulled me over and I'm blown Away I'm gonna let him tell his story But I'm I'm wearing a pair of these and It's the real deal So these are the world's best and Thinnest massaging insoles and Brock I'm Glad uh My my calling out to you how your feet

Doing Like most people get settled uh well They could be better or you know they're This and that or so there's nothing Magic here it's a liquid-based massaging Insole so the liquid goes back and forth Creates the stimulation of the nerve Endings reflexology stimulating nerve Endings promotes circulation secondly Liquid is your best shock absorber you Can't break liquid down it doesn't Compromise it doesn't wear out it Doesn't give in so every step you take 30 40 percent of the pounding is going To be absorbed by the liquid which takes 30 40 percent of the daily weekly Monthly yearly pounding away so Longevity wise it's a nice thing and Lastly when the liquid goes and you're Feeling that as you're moving you feel It Really start to manipulate different Pressure points on your feet so you're Getting off the main pressure points by Basically adding more pressure points to The field Try to take you off your heels a bit What you do and get you on the balls of Your feet carry your weight over your Core muscles take pressure off your heel Which automatically takes pressure off Of my back lower back you've been Noticing that right away most of us Stand on their heels I wonder why we got

All this pain back here but you get up On the balls of your feet a little bit More in that fight or flight that Yeah ready to ready to action stands and You're carrying your weight in your core Your legs are bent a little bit you're Not locking them out but when you start Getting back on your heels you start Hinging and you put all that pressure There well this kind of freaked me out Because I'm like well that's a sheet of Paper how's that going to help anything But it it's really an unusual sensation So if anyone wanted to try a pair of These out they go to Hammerhealthstore.comauthority.com this Guy's out here saving Souls I was uh Stump grinding yesterday and my back's Really feeling it and uh my feet are Hurting from the show so I'm gonna take A pair of these with me all right so The show closed about 20 minutes ago But I was talking to somebody So I'm still here And uh I had an idea I wonder if I could hide in somewhere When they shut this thing down I bet a Lot of these are keyless start I could drive all this equipment all Night Have a good time probably won't though I'm gonna go home but I appreciate you Guys taking time to watch this video

I'll put links on the screen to a couple More of our videos and I'll see you next Time

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