I Brought in a Second Opinion on the Logosol Portable Sawmill

[Music] Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today I'm going to get a second Opinion on this logo saw sawmill you Guys know I've been going around and Experimenting and testing out different Brands and styles of Sawmills because I'm in the market to buy one I've Actually been talking with my dad for a Long time about us maybe going in Together on a sawmill so I've got him Over here today he's going to check out This logo sawmill We're going to cut down a tree Mill it All the way through the process in one Video and kind of get his thoughts now You've ran a few different Sawmills or Grew up around them yeah my dad my dad Ran out a fairly large Sawmill it was an Old Sawmill it was probably at the time It's probably 80 years old and he Rebuilt it and and saw logs for um Uh local farmers and stuff somebody Would want to build a barn we'd go cut Their trees down haul them to the mill Saw the lumber deliver the lumber is a And that wasn't a hobby that was a Full-time way to earn a living and it Was like a big four foot circular blade Right yeah it was a huge blade uh a lot Of the logs that we saw you're not even Going to be able to saw on these bandsaw Mills but they have their purpose and And like this Mill we're looking at here

Uh for somebody that's just wanting a Few boards for their own woodworking This would be great you don't need a Massive expensive saw unless you're Going to start selling it on the lumber All right so I think this is gonna be a Lot of fun we're gonna go up in the Woods pick out a tree and get started So I demonstrate a lot of products this Saw boss is one of my favorites it's Never in the way stays right here all The time even though I can switch out And put other things on that mount But It's a very convenient way to take your Chainsaw with you A perfect compliment to that saw boss is This artillion modular tool rack I keep my chaps my helmet my hearing Protection Extra chains all that kind of stuff in This toolbox gas and and oil in this one And yeah got everything with me pretty Convenient you can also put a chainsaw Holder on this rack but I kind of like having this stuff back Here and the chainsaw up there [Music] [Music] Um [Music] [Music] All right for you guys who care about Tree felling I made a cut in the front

My face cut Should have had a little probably Steeper angle on it then I cut down to a Little over an inch hinge right here Worked my way back to two to three Inches left the trigger and cut in a Little high Now let's take a look at the tree We'll get tape measure and see where the Best place for the next cut is We're at nine foot right here And so you can probably easily get a 10 Plus if that bill will handle it it will So if we're gonna do 10 foot lumber we Go to 11. So make a rough Mark you're 12. okay so I've got I can picture between those two Branches is 11. I'll cut it right there This end of the logs on the ground The other end is supported So The weight of it's pushing down that Means compression is on the top and Tension is on the bottom always cut the Compression first means I should Start my cut on the top and then come Back up from the bottom to meet it Foreign [Music] Thank you Back out yeah The way you roll the log on this is a Decision because your your Carriage Slides right up against this so anything

Sticking out in this direction is a Problem you can have a flare or a knob On that side but you can't have one over Here but like I don't think it'll clear This little part right here with this up Against it yeah and this could be a Problem so we'll probably have to roll It yeah grab we grab the can we can roll It until there's nothing sticking out on That side That's better That might be good right there Because one way to do it is you can put Like a two by four in front of that to Space it out yeah but then you lose the Length of your chainsaw and how yeah how Wide you can cut it's just being a small Log that shouldn't be a problem you've Got plenty of bar to reach through there I think we can go ahead and lock the log Down now The old uh Sawmill my dad run it Actually had a Well he called it a dog it was a sharp Point to come out stuck in there mm-hmm Yeah the only problem I've had with These is the the hand screw coming loose So you want to check them after each Turn so you lock that down and then push It just tightens it a little bit yep So the next major decision we have to Make is if we're going to make Live Edge And just slice it or if we're going to Make a cant and make Square

Dimensional Lumber yeah well that's the Entire up to you is if you want you want To use it for it do you want some of This I don't know that we need any Live Edge Yeah Okay unless I was gonna see if you want To take some of this home with you you Don't need any Live Edge or no So now I don't know what I'm going to be Using next or for what purpose I Actually have a stack of Oak And some hickory So the next thing is determining our cut Height and that actually is not bad Where it's sitting right now As far as making a cant you try to Picture A square being cut out of that mm-hmm I think that's actually we might leave This side and then take some Measurements for the other side Thinking what we really need the Straight edge to sit on here So but straight across there Puts us Two inches above the pith so if the Center of this log is here it's hard to See the pith we're above the center and We want this rail to be about two inches Above the center of the log I think Sound right to you so for me let's do That I'll let you kind of eyeball that Till we're close and I'm going to be

Letting this down You go ahead Okay take a look and see what you think Yeah if this is level we're a little bit Below it another way to look at it is It's going to cut about a half an inch Above these I almost forgot that another Way to think about it is this cuts About a half an inch above this right Here so you can see where we're going to Be shaving that Try to eyeball the other side to be About the same And here Maybe come up just a couple clicks on This I think This is a steel Ms 661 with a 25 inch Bar That's a really good saw size Four Milling Some people will tell you that's a Minimum but you can Mill with a lot Smaller chainsaw Now this this chain has not been Sharpened since I milled the last log in That video I said I was going to see how Much we could get out of one chain Sharpening this was a used chain I Sharpened it and I did the entire log With it so we'll see how far we get Today and the last time I did it I also Did the entire log on one tank of fuel I just I just wrangled my dad into Wearing a helmet for safety

It's not his style but we're gonna do it [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign Now You don't may not know our custom around Here but generally I like to yell out Woo doggy when I shot a saw It lets you know lets the viewer know That you were impressed with the saw but Also that you're a grade A redneck well We're getting a lot smoother Cuts than I Anticipated is that a thin curve It is not they make special chains for This I've used one once that didn't Haven't sharpened it and haven't used it Again so But it does it is pretty good this helps With that getting a a pretty smooth cut Yeah And that's going to be firewood so we Can throw it off anywhere out of the way You know what we were saying about the RPM and the saw I literally blew up one of my dad's saws When I was a teenager I was cutting Slabs into firewood then we'd sell them Off cheap And uh I had the RPM running real high Full Throttle and it didn't Engage The Wood Enough engaging the woods slows the RPM Down just enough to keep it you know

From literally flying apart That was his explanation when he was Chewing me out anyway If you are using one of these make sure You bring your saw back before moving The log or you can't bring your saw back Take it on off the end and well there's A bolted on thing down there you would Have to take off to take it off again We'd have to lose that pretty quick huh And it is that is supposed to be You put a there's a string that ties to This and ties to that crank handle yeah I haven't tried it myself because the Guy I got it from said every time he Tried to use it he'd end up breaking the String because it wasn't pulling Straight enough basically and so he Doesn't he didn't use it so I'm not Using it Now I wasn't the one running the saw but It felt to me like that chain might be Dull so before we make the next cut We're going to go ahead and sharpen this Chain and see if it cuts a little better But right now what we need to do is flip The log 90 degrees level it again the Second and First and second cut you level for the Pith third and fourth cut you're just Going parallel to your existing cuts we We adjusted it so the log was pretty Well level but we want our cut to be Right on the corner of the other cut so

We need to come down And two or three inches here so we'll Just eyeball that if you want to tell me When I'm there Go up first Good [Music] [Music] I don't know if it's necessary or not Because I'll stop and let's install Foreign [Music] [Music] Now I think we want to just set these to The same number on the scale [Music] Um [Music] [Laughter] [Music] Okay [Music] [Music] All right [Music] Foreign [Music] An actual Square can't And pretty happy that it came out as Truly being Square We can completely just use the scales we Don't have to measure anything else And we're just going to go down an inch And an eighth no I think because our saw

Curve is 3 8 of an inch I think we'll go An inch and three eighths for each cut So what you'll have left is an inch and It will dry to three quarter sound good [Music] Okay [Music] Foreign [Music] I think we're gonna run one of these Through the planer and just see what What it looks like then we're going to Come back and give you our thoughts on The practicality of one of these kind of Mills [Music] Foreign [Music] Okay so what do you think about the Practicality of a mill like this one Well Brock has talked about getting a Band Saw Mill and if he hadn't if he Wasn't planning to do that I'd very much Consider getting one like this for Myself because I don't need a huge Amounts of lumber but even what we cut Today uh the five boards we cut would be Pretty expensive to go by and we just Spent a few hours doing it including Cutting the tree down yep and I there's A lot of factors variables that come Down to it on this like how often are You going to Mill and one thing that's a Consideration with this is you have a

Lot wider saw kerf and you waste more Wood we got five one-inch boards by my Math with the extra saw kerf you would Have got a full sixth sixth board if you Were using a bandsaw mill yeah But you were telling me earlier that uh The big circular saw blades had a kerf Almost as wide as this they had a huge Wide tooth in them it was a tooth insert That you could change out and re-sharpen And put back in and so forth but the Blade itself was probably a quarter of An inch wide thick to uh be able to have A blade that large not flex and so the Tooth was even wider than the blade the Consideration for me on something like This one is cost because I look at an Entry level Mill that will let you Mill 23 26 inch diameter logs is like thirty Five hundred dollars that's your most Basic option out there and this is about Eighteen hundred to two thousand dollars And So it's like man that is the cheapest Way you can get a setup that's going to Make you nice Lumber like that the the Downside to it is that's if you already Have a saw capable of Milling if you Don't by the time you buy that saw and This you're in that same price well uh Another consideration is that uh the Bandsaw mill that I ran was when my Brother had and it was a very low budget Saw and it just wasn't that good the

Quality of the workmanship and stuff to Get something that does a real good job You got to spend a lot more money than That what I'm looking at for a meal like What I want I'm looking at a minimum of Six thousand up to around 14. yeah and So there you're talking not oh it's Almost as much we're talking that that Is five times as much money potentially As what you spend on this if your needs For lumber aren't aren't you don't need A lot of lumber you just do a hobby Business or do some Furniture work making end tables coffee Tables different things this would be a Real good machine for you but as far as Build quality and design and everything Yeah I don't see anything negative the Framework's been really uh sturdy Nothing's flexed or give all the boards Come out nice and flat and smooth I was Yeah I was surprised neither one of us Is experienced with doing this all of Our boards we don't have any that are Like one inch on this side an inch and a Half on the other because we didn't get Our camp was Square everything turned Out good so I think it's pretty cool This is the logo Sol M8 the logo Sol F2 Is pretty similar to this but they've Upgraded it and it very easily comes Apart you can pack the whole thing into The trunk of your car go on location and Mill Lumber

Pretty darn handy and Brock and I were Talking earlier and they have a an Electric saw that you can apply to this And I think that might be a really nice Feature I have no idea what the cost Would be but in the long term Uh there are some applications where Electric is better because if you're Taking it two locations you want a gas Off But setting up at your own household Electric could probably be a lot more Economical to run for in the long run Yep well I thought this was a fun day so I had a good time And I appreciate you guys taking time to Watch the video put links on the screen To more of our videos and we'll see you Next time

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