I bought two different pieces of equipment from JCB at the end of last year—the 407 Wheel Loader and the 3Ts 8T Teleskid. Both purchases have turned into big regrets, and I’ll detail why in today’s video.

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And they said no we won't do that it's Too risky I said so you want to sell me $160,000 piece of equipment that you Still won't guarantee will do the work That I'm doing like am I how big of a Fool Am I it's October of 2023 10 months Later it has 12 hours on it it's Worthless it's a piece of junk and so I Said all right send your field tech down Here I paid basically $480 for him to Come down here sit around on the phone With JCB sending emails back and forth For them to say ah it's got to get Broaden to the shop so I basically Wasted $480 and now I have to take it Into the shop anyways so that they can Diagnose whatever it is they have no Clue what it is I'm going to try to keep This as objective and not negative as Possible but it could be tough but if You're thinking about buying a JCB I'd Like you to watch this video because Then you might not want to buy JCB Anymore and if you do there's something Wrong with you so let's get to it I Bought both these machines at the very End of 2022 I watched a lot of videos on This particular machine and I thought it Looked really cool What I don't like about skid steers is The front door and you're kind of pinned In there if your load's this high and You're trying to get out and move Something around which I like to do a

Lot and I couldn't do it and so the side Load I thought was great over a 12,000 Lb machine comparable in weight to my 333g 3033 my 333g that I had uh 75 Horsepower versus 100 Horsepower a little bit less hydraulic Flow but not a lot less hydraulic flow It's turned out to be a big concern of Mine that um this doesn't have enough Ump in it to move that same amount of Weight compared to the 333 that's got a Lot of umph to move all that weight and So when you're on flat ground it's just Fine but when you're going uphills you Can hear it strain when this machine Tries to pick a full load a full scoop Of dirt it can struggle nothing ever Struggles with the 333g but this costs The same amount of money as a 333g the Cool thing about this is that it will Telescope out this boom will go out 8 Foot I thought that that would be a Really handy feature I've used it maybe Once I'm sure it's convenient for some People but that person is not me and it Is not worth it at all I haven't got to The bad stuff yet though but I bought This machine as well this is a 407 wheel Loader now this was kind of at the tail End of the pandemic pandemic recovery I Suppose when supply chain was still Pretty disrupted I couldn't find these Machines anywhere I started with my Local JCB dealer they didn't have

Anything I branched out went further and Further away eventually I just was Looking online and calling around I Finally found a place in Kentucky that Had both of these machines here I wanted This machine to replace my 333g I wanted This machine to lift really heavy loads With pallet Forks at our our shop at my Business I needed tax write offs Basically for every $100,000 in very Layman's terms $100,000 means I was Saving $30,000 that I didn't have to pay The government that $30,000 is going to Be gone either way while whether I wrate A check and give it to the government or Put it towards a piece of equipment and So I chose let's go buy a piece of Equipment and keep that $30,000 and Something fun or so I thought so I did The same thing on this as Well I should have taken this as a sign But while they're waiting to find a Truck to deliver this up to me in Michigan where I'm at the 407 wheel Loader that I was going to buy actually Melted off this whole side of it a used Tractor came in they parked it right Next to the wheel loader and then Overnight it spontaneously combusted Caught on fire and then melted all the Plastic and everything else all on this Side of it at that point I should have Just said oh that's fine I won't take it And given the government $30,000 I would

Have been a lot better off doing that Instead they found the only other 407 Wheel loader in the whole country in Colorado I do appreciate them them Looking so hard for me and then securing That and getting that for me which is What you see now this machine it's October Of 2023 10 months later it has 12 hours On it it's worthless it's a piece of Junk for what we need it for now let me Rephrase that it's worthless for what we Need it for it's not necessarily a piece Of junk because of that but I was very Very clear on what we needed to do with The wheel loader we had to lift 8ot long Skids of snow pushers that weigh 5 6,000 Lbs somewhere in there they vary Depending on the configuration of all The stuff that's stacked on there and it Needs to be able able to lift it off of Semi flat beds onto the ground and then Move around at our Shop so they said no problem it can do That that's fine so as soon as we had This piece of equipment delivered the First thing that we went to do was put Forks on it skid steer quick attach That's cool and then go lift a skid of Snow pushers around and we couldn't even Lift it off the ground we contact them They say make some hydraulic tweaks we Did that it still didn't lift it off the Ground let alone off of a semi this is

Stuff that was just a stack of them that Was sitting on the ground I say this Doesn't do us any good this is Completely worthless to us will you take It back no but we will take it back if You buy a new one from us a bigger one One that cost $160 some thousand I said Well will that one lift up what we need So they went out to their yard and took Some videos lifting some big concrete Blocks that were basically the same Amount of weight way up in the air and Then way back down I said well how about You position that weight out like the Center load is of an 8ft skid instead of Right next to the frame of the the Machine that said we won't do that it's Too risky it said so you want to sell me $160,000 piece of equipment that you Still won't guarantee will do the work That I'm doing like am I how big of a Fool am I I'm already a pretty big fool Maybe you just thought you could take me Again so anyway that's why this machine Has 1212 hours on it because it's Completely worthless to me unusable we Have all sorts of other equipment that's A lot easier to use that lifts Everything else that we need off we Figure out another solution to our Problem anyway that's a good thing uh That came out of that the only other Thing I don't like about this two other Things I don't like about this number

One how you disconnect the hydraulic Quick coupler on this loader you have to Push in a button with one hand and then Use your other hand on the loader Joystick to push another button to Disconnect it super stupid it should Just be one button that you push to Release and then another button to push To connect I'll show you that process in A second here doesn't make any sense the Other thing I don't like about this is The fact that the little bit that I have Used it I've scooped some dirt up and Put it in some different areas and then Just like you would do with any other Loader bucket one back drag it backwards And just kind of smooth and grade the Whole thing out this pops off the the Skid steer quick attach constantly you Can't even do anything with it it just Literally the bucket pops off all the Time Oh there you go just like that that's How you take it off take a look at those Pins even see them right now that's Pretty Cool how neat is that I can't even see If they're Moving are they moving I can't even see Them that's as far as I go Right [Music] [Music] For

Good or no I'll try it again let's see If it does it Again oh it's locked in there now though Huh you just got to hold it down Forever like for like for a minute so We've Discovered with somebody watching it up There another set of eyes up there that After you hold this down for 30 or more Seconds would you say is when Those hydraulic pins on the ssqa will Continue to slowly creep down you just Never know how much is enough but then Once they finally get there after a a Guesswork amount of time then your Bucket will stay on the loader so that's Pretty cool it's it's like a fun little Game that you get to play and just see If it works or not each time that you Hook up an attachment so I don't know I Mean I think JCB might have an angle There you know the fun wheel loader Folks we are proud to be sponsored by Rimgard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest Allnatural liquid ballast weight on the

Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at rimgard Solutions.com that's all I have to say About that machine so this one I was was Going to actually dump this this bucket Out it's full of water right now you may Be asking yourself man how lazy are you Why would you just do that for the video Problem is is this loader doesn't lift Up it'll curl and roll and it'll move It'll drive but the loader won't lift up And I know what you're thinking it's Probably a high hour machine it's got 30 Hours on it so it's really pushing it And uh again it's 10 months old and uh The air conditioning I don't know if It's worked ever um the first four or Five months it was winter so I didn't Really need the air conditioning and Then when I started to need air Conditioning I was it was like a sauna I Was just sweating and that's uh I've Used all my other machines mainly Because I don't really like sweating a Lot inside a cab I don't need to lose That much weight and so then just Recently I was going to do some work Around here but somebody borrowed this From me and used it for a little bit and Then they said hey the loader doesn't Lift up anymore and I was like you doing

Something wrong and then uh they brought It back over here and I was Like what'd you do to it they're like we Didn't do anything we were just using it And then it just stopped working so I Call up JCB I said hey I got this thing it's It's 10 months old hoping it's under Warranty can you send a tech out to fix It they said well yeah but we got to Look and see what's covered under Warranty and what's not and you can Bring it in here we can send a tech out I said well yeah just send a tech out And they said well there's a service Call I was like that's fine everybody's Got a service call you know for field Field stuff and they said and then you Have to pay mileage on top of that and I Said man I got to pay mileage on top of That $3 25 a mile and from Grand Rapids It's um like 108 mil round trip they Charge $325 a Mile for both directions and that's Because I didn't buy it from them I said Well I would have bought it from you Were the first place I went to but you Didn't have any so what was I supposed To do they said I was out of Luck so Anyway I took a risk I thought man 30 Hours on the thing it's got to be Something simple that a field tech can Fix and so I said all right send your

Field tech down here I paid basically $480 for him to come Down here sit around on the phone with JCB sending emails back and forth for Them to say ah it's got to get brought Into the shop so I basically wasted $480 And now I have to take it into the shop Anyways so that they can diagnose Whatever it is they have no clue what it Is they switched some controls around And there's not enough milliamps coming Through the control down to somewhere Else and they think it's a control body Or they don't know and the problem is They can't do any of the work that they Need to do with the boom down so they Have to do something at their shop to be Able to get the boom up and then be able To diagnose it and then after that they Can work on the air conditioning getting That fixed as Well trying to stay calm it's crying Look at that this thing's crying it's I'm sorry making you sad so about a Month ago it's like you know what I'm Going back to a 333g I'm going get rid Of this I'm going to get a a mini X and Um I thought about actually renting Equipment out I've been thinking about That for a long time I don't use this Equipment this type of equipment a lot Anyway it just be a good way to offset The payments of It going to rent some tractors out rent

Some tractor attachments things like That too anyway I worked all that out And so I thought I'm going to trade These in get a 333g and a John Deere 50g Mini X so I had uh a John Deere dealer give Me a quote on doing so and as far as I Can tell I got you know of course I was Told they're going to make me a deal and From what I can tell I was charged the Regular market price for the 333 G and The 50g which is fine if you're can make Me a deal then give me a decent tradein Offer on these and so I paid $15,000 on Each of these machines 10 months ago They offered me $60,000 on trade for each of these $45,000 less for a 10-month old machine With 12 hours on it and at the time a 10-month old machine actually a 9-month Old machine with $27 on it they offer me $45,000 less And that was the good deal that they Were making me so I don't know if that's Uh the dealer I don't know if I mean These go for there's two or three of These on Facebook Marketplace that are Like 95,000 right now with more hours on It than what what this one has and I'm Asking 90,000 for it so I'm offering Like I have that the lowest price on There $90,000 that was a 90 not 60 not 70 not 80 so the John dealer is going to make

Me a good offer buying two brand new Pieces of equipment and then giving me Bottom Dollar Bottom of the barrel Dollar on Tradein I felt really good about that so I'm basically my my point is is that Think long and hard about buying these JCB machines I'm sure there's folks that Like them but I do not and I'm telling You think long and hard about it because As soon as you sign your name on that Data line it could cost you dearly Whether you think so or not I did forget To mention this thing does have a fancy Cab cam so the dealer I got these from Down there in Kentucky added a cab cam To both of the machines and this one Worked for 3 hours before it stopped Working so I was pretty I don't know I Was pretty happy about that those three Hours were pretty nice to know what was Behind me and now I just kind of I don't Know I just going to guess and we see What happens I haven't heard anybody Squeal scream or anything like that yet So we've been good to go but uh yeah Right now though it's it's I don't know It's just kind of nice to look at it Doesn't show anything but it's it's nice To look at well besides that decent Machines you know so uh they're for sale On our Website yeah one more thing too about Auxiliary controls you ran a dozer blade

On here it handled that well um we got Some some Flack on on not knowing how to Operate a machine that's fair except for The fact that how you operate the Auxiliary control in here to to adjust The uh the the tilt on the Dozer blade It doesn't tell tell you how to do it in The manual and it's like how are you Supposed to know how to do it if the Manual doesn't tell you how to do it and You got to well I don't even remember it Was a confusing thing you got to press One button again kind of like on this Thing you got to press one button that You don't know you're just there's like 300 combinations of things that you Could do and you're just pressing a Button then you push another one and Then that's when it tilts one way or the Other but it's like there was it was Stumbled upon there was nothing in the Manual about how to do this the rep that We talked to didn't know he said he'd Have a service guy contact us who never Contacted us just happened to stumble Upon it and figure it out so it's like You know but that's really it I mean Besides that great machines um low hours You're going to get a big savings over New and you know what I might just rent Them Out until I can get to that break even Point somewhere too I'm not going to Take a big loss on them it's just not

That's just stupid so anyway that's the Scoop on JCB that's my experience I'll Never buy another JCB Doesn't mean you shouldn't I just think That uh there's a lot of positive videos Out there about JCB and that was one of The reasons that I went that direction And I spent over $200,000 on it and have Regretted it from basically day one so If you want something besides the JCB Though we sell a lot of tractors and Tractor attachments as well and we ship Those Nationwide I don't sell junk Coming from Britain if you get that joke I sell good stuff most of it's made in The USA made in Canada some made in Italy good stuff though I want to thank You for taking time out of your day to Stop by and until next time stay safe We'll see you [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Soon [Music] Oh

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