But anyway what we're talking about Today is trail cameras and security on Your property and so I've got no help From the DNR or the Sheriff's Office and Uh it sounds like it's a real lack of Resources so we're going to talk about Cameras today these Spartan cameras Their cell cameras there's a good one And there's a bad one I didn't know it Until I already got it and I'll tell you Which one I would get which one I would Avoid unless you get something else to Go along with it All right let's go get fuel in this Beast We'll do that BRB Foreign Folks we've got that that really nice Well it was a really nice two track that Kind of that lane that goes down between The pastures and I just knew this was Going to happen to it this year I wanted To kind of deny that reality but it was Going to turn into a mud pit and so we Did not put any gravel down because I Was holding off to see what that might Look like and it looks really bad it's Going to be this it's November 29th so Winter has an early the wet season has Barely started and so it's uh we're Gonna do something about that probably Not this winter unless it dries out and

We can do something with it but for sure Next spring kind of lose that aesthetic You know that kind of nice two-lane just Dirt Lane that's going down the grass And everything else in there but if we Give some time some of that grass will Come back through and To get some of that Vibe back but anyway What we're talking about today is trail Cameras and security on your property And so I've got no help From the DNR or the Sheriff's Office and Uh it sounds like it's a real lack of Resources so we're going to talk about Cameras today these Spartan cameras Their cell cameras there's a good one And there's a bad one I didn't know it Until I already got it and I'll tell you Which one I would get which one I would Avoid unless you get something else to Go along with it oh Chris says I didn't Mention what that was about I got no Help with the trespassers possibly Posters on my property not this property Or other property about 40 minutes away Walking by with a bow in hand walking Back by looking at the camera on a Four-wheeler packing out a deer right Off of my property so that's been um two Or three weeks now no word We'll get into that So we've got to swap batteries in these Things for like the fourth month in a

Row which is not cheap these are Lithium-ion batteries they take 12 of Them in there and they're like I don't Know two or three bucks a pop It's getting pretty ridiculous And uh it doesn't say the batteries are Dead they're just low I'm going to take this whole thing off Just to show you more about it but you Can swap the batteries just like this When it's when it's still attached But I haven't had any pictures out here In A week or more So it might say low but it's it really Means dead So this is the the Spartan it's got to Say a model on here somewhere doesn't it Spartan go live all right and you'll see It right here the Spartan go live and This version is the newest version that I bought I bought three of these and the Cool thing about these is that they work On any cell service and so you don't Need to buy a plan for a Verizon or a Plan for ATT you just buy a wireless Or you know a data plan and it connects To whatever has the strongest signal and I get pictures really quick off of these Like almost instantaneously which is Really awesome the downside like I was Saying is that these things Scarf batteries and I submitted a question to Spartan's

Support and they said oh yeah you need To get the rechargeable solar panel with Them and that's like an extra it was Like 150 or 180 bucks or something on Top of that like added 50 of the cost of These things and I'm probably going to End up doing that otherwise they're just Kind of a complete waste and I'm going To burn through so many batteries that Is going to cost me way more batteries But it makes it less convenient to move These things around if you're not using Them for security if you're using them Just for you know deer cameras or Whatever else you want to move them Constantly or periodically it's just you Have to find the right spot have enough Sunlight and everything else and yada Yada so I'm pretty disappointed in that All around the other cameras that I have And we'll put a link to those too it's Another Spartan version it's a little Bit a little bit cheaper and they're an Older style they still sell them as far As I know but you have to pick your plan Like pick a Verizon plan that you would Hook up to or ATT whatever has the Strongest signal in your areas I think The route you're supposed to go Those take a little bit longer to send The pictures but those batteries last Maybe not a year but pretty darn close To it so the last time I replaced mine Out there at the other property was in

July I think at some point and they're Still reading full 100 charge and I Hadn't replaced them until the summer Before so they last a really long time Unlike these things and so I'll show you Too The app on my on my phone maybe I can do A little screen recording of that Because you can manage everything right On there you can change settings if you Want to change from pictures to video or If you want to do you know Every five seconds or every minute or Whatever or even frequency if you want To do or quantity if you want to do two Pictures or four pictures or one picture Or whatever else you have all that Ability to make those adjustments too And so that I mean there's a lot of Really good things I'm not I want you to know the good and the bad About these I'm somebody who's used them I've got Eight cameras overall at both my Properties and I really do like them Overall they're just not perfect And these uh battery drainers here are The most annoying thing about it So uh these cameras are going to come With a couple things they come with a Screw so you can screw into something if You want to or the strap I I like the Straps better whenever I can I don't Know why they just seem to work a little

Easier for me I've had those screws Break off a couple of times actually And they can be they can be good for the Right for the right area but so really It's as easy as that Little adjustment here That's good Just clicker back on You'll be taking pictures in no time Sometimes if you get I am facing south Southwest right now And you get the certain the Sun at the Right angle and everything else it'll go Crazy a little bonkers and send you a Picture like three pictures you know Wherever it is like continuously as fast As it can and however fast you have it Set if you have it set to take pictures Every 15 seconds it's going to send you Three pictures like every 15 seconds While that Sun's in that whole area There so that that does drive me crazy There's there's sensitivity settings and All that kind of stuff too for me that Hasn't mattered but Um One thing that's huge I want to tell you About these trespassers slash I guess I Can't say for sure that they're poachers But man it sure seems like they're Approaching and I got a good idea who it Was but we got some really clear Pictures and that's something that I Think is awesome about these cameras is

You have the option to download HD Pictures so you can request it like you Submit a little button on the app and Request an HD picture and then it takes A little bit of time and it'll it'll Turn it into an HD picture and really High quality resolution and and so Both seasons shortly before gun season Here in Michigan Had These Guys these two guys that I I Know right the area that they were Coming in on the property from But they were 150 200 yards into my property where This camera's at and they came walking By heading from the north to the South One guy looks right at the camera one's Got a bow or a crossbow on his back And then a short time later they come Back heading north on a four-wheeler With one guy sitting on the back of it Driving north and then a short time After that they come back south again With one guy in a four-wheeler and a Deer strapped to the back of the four Wheeler and they're guys walking by And so yeah maybe they just trespass to Recover a deer but there's really very Little hunting land besides my property That's in that area and the prior year If it's who I think it was they were Sitting right on the fence line looking Under my property so They're not exactly trying to be

I don't know secret about it now I Talked about this a lot about a year ago About layering Security you know that for trespassers Because I just can't stand them you know They're just so entitled and there's a Few folks that replied in that in that Video about That's not cool you know just let people On your land and do whatever but I work Really hard I worked for years and years And years to be able to buy my own land And so I want to enjoy it and I don't Appreciate other folks that come on There and just think they can do what They want it's a liability concern they Leave trash around they're not Respectful you know If it was a whole different time then Maybe that would be something but just Where we're at in this day and age it's Just not it's just not cool people are Entitled and they think they can do what They want and it's my land you know if You want to get your own land then work Hard for it and make that a priority and Then go buy some but I will say with all These Security measures or whatever you want To call that I put into place I've Really really been able to reduce the Amount of trespassers the first year or So we had I think somewhere around 15 Different trespassers on on trail camera

Doing a variety of things just just Walking or driving their golf cart or Walking dogs or whatever they're doing And so it's really Really dwindled down I didn't have a Single trespasser on camera for a Six-month stretch since then it picked Up a little bit in the fall this time of Year and I had one who I found out was a New neighbor on the other end of Property Um We've kind of since worked that out but These guys haven't heard anything about It Did have a lady walking her two dogs on There recently too so these trespassers I reported them first to the Sheriff's Office I wanted to see if they wanted me To talk to them about it or if this was Something they wanted me to talk to the DNR so they said call the DNR DNR said Call the rap line so the rap line had a Text thing their phone system nobody was Answering the phone so I texted all the Information all the high definition Pictures to them the coordinates the Time I mean this was like Instantaneously because I got the Pictures right away and I was hoping That somebody could go out there and try To do something right away And now it's been two or three weeks and I haven't heard anything from anybody

And So eventually the local DNR Branch Calls me back we had a good conversation Really nice guy over there the problem Is is they're severely understaffed so For in the all of Kalamazoo County they Had two DNR officers and one of them was Out because he got into a high-speed Chase ran off the road and whacked a Tree and so he was injured and out of Commission for the next month or two and So for all of hunting season one DNR Officer for all of Kalamazoo County and It's like At that point you know nothing's going To happen and it's not because of him I'm not blaming him I'm just blaming the Structure overall it's very frustrating And trespassers and posters I feel like Are just not taken very seriously that's Like a slap on the wrist unless there's I don't know somebody's out to get them For sure and so you got to take matters In your own hands and so I'm hoping by Posting these pictures out here that Somebody has some information about These two all right so I'm not you know It's not like I dwell on this and lose Sleep over this but it's it's very Frustrating and so I want there to be Some sort of resolution I I tend to let A lot of things slide and at some point You just kind of kind of put your feet Down and draw a line in the sand and Everything else and say that's enough

And That's just kind of where I'm at but Anyway let's go change some more Batteries and tell you more about these Cameras Other ideas on what we can do to help Catch these trespassers and deter future Trespassers well I'd love to know about It and while you're at it hit that Subscribe button down below I know three Quarters of you guys watching are not Subscribed yet come on it's completely Free you can always unsubscribe later And hit that like button if you don't Like trespassers either and last but not Least we sell and ship tractor Attachments all over the country so if You're looking for something for your Tractor maybe a new grapple a snow Pusher snow blower lamp plane stump Bucket speaker quick hitch all sorts of Stuff go to goodworkstrassures.com and See what we have to offer Two hour video So I'm thinking with these cameras The three that I have That really drain batteries I'm probably going to end up making These like strictly my security cameras At entrances you know the property the House and the drives that kind of thing Where they never move And get those solar Packs set up

And uh Not have to worry about those anymore Folks we are proud to be sponsored by Rim guard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at Rimguardsolutions.com okay I'll take you Through this app here And so I've got eight cameras on there Right now and Okay so this one it says it's working While we've been standing in front of it But I'm going to go ahead and delete These These are easy to delete You can see it goes kind of cool pretty Clear pictures But I know for a fact that I've had We can see these are the other the other Pictures from That I have on there I haven't deleted Any of their pictures today and there

Are tons of vehicles that have gone back And forth because our pole barns being Finished off And not a single one of those pictures Was captured that's called All Because Those batteries were drained But you can see everything else on here Here's out at our other property Caught some squirrels this morning A little bit of nothing sometimes you Know they'll miss things There's a deer that's in action though You can see that's kind of cool just Running and then I'll go back but you See how it says HD in the corner of Those pictures those are pictures that I've downloaded uh requested to be Downloaded in high definition you can Zoom right in on there And then if you want you can just save Something hit that button in the bottom Left corner and it'll save right to your Photos In here Nice and organized It's kind of cool and you can you can Drop and drag these things if you want To have them you can rename them However you want to to have them show up Here's nighttime pictures on how it Shows up this is in the snow And does a good job there's some older Pictures I have too some you get really Cool things with trail cameras you know

Really cool shots yeah this is over a Scrape so there's a lot of activity that Shows up at this scrape Which is kind of cool But uh yeah so easy to use it is Friendly I know one of my guys Ty has Um the stealth cams I can't think of What it is there's another there's Another brand out there that he has that He's not very happy with had to have a Camera replaced a couple of times real Glitchy doesn't work all that well Um So overall it's a it's a I'm pretty Happy with these cameras I I keep coming Back to them because they do perform Pretty darn well overall Huh These scrapes all dried up Alrighty folks so I guess I want to Summarize it by saying you know it's Well trail cameras in general are a lot Of fun and the idea is you don't have to Go out there and mess them all the time Pull out the SD card put a new one in Down onto your computer or whatever else You want to do if you can just have it Right on your phone instantaneously That's pretty cool it's like a I don't Know it's just a different form of Entertainment I guess you never know What you might wake up to in the morning When you have 50 pictures that are on Your trailer cameras or something cool

You know Big Buck or a fox or we've had Turkey vultures some of themselves we've Had Blue Jays Flying and caught on Camera just right had a a really cool Blue heron actually that that came down Too that was pretty awesome so there's a Lot of fun stuff that shows up on trail Cameras just another form of Entertainment and you know what's going On in your Woods or in other areas of Your property or if you're an hour away Or 12 hours away it doesn't matter let's Say 24 hours away let's say 48 hours Away you can be so far away it doesn't Even matter and you can still be knowing What's going on people coming in and out Of your gate that kind of thing it's It's pretty cool and I would recommend These overall they're just not perfect So anyway a little bit out of the north For us today we do actually tractor Stuff is what we normally do but this is Kind of tied into it if you if you have A tractor you probably have a chunk of Land too and and you might be interested In this so if you're looking for Something for your tractor we'd love to Help you out we sell the ship tractor Attachments all over the country so go To goodworkstrackers.com and if you Enjoyed today's video we want you to tag Along so hit that subscribe button down Below I want to thank you for taking Time out of your day to stop by and

Until next time stay safe we'll see you Soon Thank you

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