Honesty, Brock from Rockhill Farms did a fantastic job responding to this video. But I just had a fire lit in me to say my piece on the subject. So let me know your thoughts below, because this is a big conversation in the tractor world!

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I think it's funny I've had a lot of Comments of folks thinking I'm getting Paid by coyote I wish I was getting paid By coyote believe me that would be Amazing but I'm not I I feel like I'm on A mission to break down some barriers That are some old L heldon Beliefs and if you're hanging on to Those beliefs and you're not changing With the times you're going to get left In the dust everybody else basically Give up stop trying that's like the most Pathetic thing I that that that's all That does is make me want to do the Absolute OPP it and then come back and Crush you you know there was a video That came out recently and my wife said Don't give this person any credit so I'm It's like the guy from Harry Potter that You can't say his name it's that kind of Situation but not really but this is I Don't even care that much I just feel Like it needs a different Viewpoint Because it's kind of annoying so there's A video out there that said that Basically you shouldn't buy anything Besides a John Deere or cabota and there Needs to be a tractor company that goes Out of business business and there's a Lot of different angles that you can Take on a video like that you know There's some digs some some shots fired At YouTubers that work with Companies to promote products which I

Felt was really weird because this same Person also sells a certain brand and Promotes that product so it's like the Same thing and they're on YouTube anyway a lot of confliction There that is weird but I think the the Main takeaway that I got Is this Viewpoint was you should only Buy a John Deere or a cabota and Somebody else needs to go out of Business where my Viewpoint is competition is good right And that could be other tractor Brands Like coyote keeping John Deere and Coda On their feet and starting to erode Their market share and they're still the Kings of the Hill somebody's got to be But it's not always the case there's Going to be New upand Comers all the Time new startups I mean what a what a Negative statement to put out into the Universe to say you everybody else Basically give up stop trying that's Like the most pathetic thing I that that That's all that does is make me want to Do the absolute opposite and then come Back and Crush you it's just that Ridiculous of a statement and so I think In this what you're staring at now is a Row of coyote tractors and if you would Have seen my channel three years ago There would not have been a coyote Anywhere and I've said it in videos and I've said it in to replies and in

Comments and to customers over the years That if there was a third place tractor For me coyote would be it and they just Weren't there at the time the last time I was selling tractors to have enough Market share and enough dealers and They're they're still not as big as Cabota and deer but they're growing and They they've been in the US for around 40 years they've been in existence as a Company for around 70 years you know They're they're making the track for Bobcat so they you know they're they're A big company they're a big outfit they Have great capabilities and I worked With Summit for a while Summit was a Brand new tractor startup but they were Based on another brand right soless all Right or itl and they tweaked to make it Their own and made some modifications And so it was based on something that Was existing but it was marketed towards The US market to fill that void and I Think that was a really smart way to do It and how they went About marketing at a different angle and Capturing a different segment of the Tractor world that was hard to reach Before and and breaking down barriers And how you can Finance it and buy a Tractor and have it delivered right to You you know and and dealers these days It's well my my JCB just got back out of Service under warranty under warranty

Service took a month and it cost me $1,300 between the time of the field Call and then transportation to and from And everything else That that warranty cost me service work Cost me $1,300 you know when I have we Had a John Deere that had to go in get Scheduled for service one dealer was a Month out the other dealer was two Months out I mean these Aren't this is John Deere this is the Number one market share company in the Compact world and they're taking one to Two months to service a tractor you know I mean I have the same issues with Cota I have the same issues with with Ford With Polaris you name it right so I I Feel like I'm on a mission to break down Some barriers that are some old L held On beliefs And if you're hanging out to those Beliefs and you're not changing with the Times you're going to get left in the Dust and it can be tough to let those go Because you've told yourself the same Thing over and over for years maybe you Grew up on John Deere tractors and I it's not that I I don't dislike John Deere I don't dislike cabota I just Bought a brand new stinking cabota Tractor I love the John Deere 30 333g I Love the John Deere 1025r I love a lot Of things about Kabota and John Deere But you got to open your eyes to what

Else is out there and I'm not talking About yet Tym LS Mahindra some of these other brands I I Think that they are moving majorly in The right direction I really do and You're going to see that chip away at Cabota and deer as more people are out There and social media does its thing Both both when it's tied to a relation a Manufactured relationship and both just From actual owners having it and There's a good reason for that because You're you're paying less money you're Still getting a reliable machine compact Tractors are simple machines they are Not complicated so if you're getting More bang for your buck paying less Money getting more lift capacity on the Loader more lift Tite more lift capacity On the 3point you know bigger heavier Tractor as well all for less money on Something that's going to have very few Problems anyways and then you're going To get the same kind of dealer support As what you can get on of John Deere Kabota competition is good that's a good Thing that's showing you right there That they're living off of reputation Big two are living on a reputation and For a cabota dealer to come out and say That that's all you should buy is one of Those big two is a bit of being on the Defense and a bit

Of well hey we've been around for the Longest time But remember when Kabota came into the States nobody knew about them they were The odd man out too and they built their Way from the bottom on up as well so That should be a blueprint that others Can use to do the exact same thing folks We are proud to be sponsored by rimgard Solutions a liquid ballast weight it Goes right inside your tires completely Hidden we're big on safety on this Channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rimgard Include being the heaviest allnatural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at rimgard solutions.com Now I think if you want to watch a fully Indepth kind of all-encompassing Response to that video watch Brock's Video from Rock Hill Farm very very I Couldn't have said any of it better Myself the area that I wanted to focus On being a tractor dealer myself I don't Have a relationship with coyote none I Will say though I actually reached out

To Coyote to see what the dealer Opportunities look like because that's How much I believe in them I bought a Brand new coyote for myself this is all My own harder money here that you see Sitting on this lot representing this With the business risk I guess of being Able to resell these tractors the same Way that I do a cabota or a deer and People are buying them up because they Recognize that value so the tides are Changing all right and things are not Going to be the same as they were Yesterday they're going to be different Tomorrow the day after that and if you Look at that bigger scale right 1 two 3 5 10 20 years from now the market is Going to be different and who knows Maybe maybe Caboda and John Deere still Are Kings of the Hill I would bet it's a totally Different breakout though in the amount Of market share that each one of those Companies has and I think that we will Probably will See in Some manner or fashion I don't really Know who or what but there's there are Probably too many Brands right now it's The same thing that happens in industry Right you get so many and then the Smaller ones tend to consolidate or get Gobbled up by the big ones maybe you Have one that goes out of business here

And there but there's a lot of Consolidation they get rolled in Together kind of like how Branson got Bought up by Tym it just kind Of it's just the nature of business Right so that's the good thing though is That with like coyote and Kabota or um Sorry coyote and bobcat for example There commonality in the parts there Right so if if One did disappear for example there's a There's a good chance that the bigger Company is still going to have parts Available for it same thing with ls and New Holland right LS makes all the Tractors for New Holland it's gives you More opportunities to go to other Dealers and get the parts and support That you might need maybe a bigger Network down the road to to to sell it To to people that are familiar with one Of those two Brands and so there's good Things that come out of these these Smaller little fish that are out there Swimming around too so to me in the Grand scheme of things the competition Is good because well that's one of the Reasons I started selling the coyotes Is thinking about reselling tractors When I got back into it a lot of these Kotas and John deers are such high price Points now as we've gone through all the Crazy inflation through the pandemic

That folks already thought these Tractors were unattainable and Unaffordable and something that's just a A pipe dream they'll never be able to Experience and to have something that's Quality at I guess like a pre-pandemic Price point maybe even better than that With a good solid brand like coyote is a Game Cher it It kind of gives you some hope again That you can get into a tractor a Capable tractor not something that's Undersized but something that could do More than one of those dream tractors You had in your wall from Caboto or deer And get it at a lower price point know You have the reliability and the peace Of mind to go along with it and so that For me was I'm excited about it I really Am I think it's a great thing um they're Here to stay like I said this is not a Startup I am not affiliated with coyote In any way I I think it's funny I've had A lot of comments of folks thinking I'm Getting paid by coyote I wish I was Getting paid by coyote believe me that Would be amazing but I'm not there's Nothing wrong with getting paid to Market I'm I'm I'm paid to market right Now I'm I pay myself right when these Tractors sell that's me getting paid to Market I believe in the products that I Sell I let this the features I let the Machines whether it's the attachments

You know or the tractors whatever it is I tell You what's good about them I tell you What's bad about them and let it speak For itself and then I'll let you make The decision and so I I just it was time To introduce these into the fold that's My take on why I think competition is Good and you should consider something Else besides a Kabota or a John Deere on That note if you're in the market for a Tractor or an attachment we love to help You out we ship them all over the nation Every day of the week go to Goodworkstractors doccom to see what we Have to offer I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Soon He

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