We’re so excited to try out this Japanese Mini Dump once we get some snow. We’re equipped with a 6-way plow and an awesome de-icer, both from Fisher. We’ll walk you through the set up.

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It is a beautiful mid November day 57° Outside but I'll tell you what I can't Wait for snow so I can use one of these Guys right here we've got an ultimate Work UTV here that is not made of Plastic believe it or not so we're going To tell you more about these and we Actually have them set up for winter Time because while these can be used in All four seasons they have a an HVAC cab On there so they have heat they have air Conditioning so if it's sunny if it's Rainy if it's windy if it's snowy you're Still comfortable inside and can get the Job done but fun fact for you these are Actually made by a division of Toyota All right so these are the real deal and Now they're set up for winter time too All right so let's start at this one Here now this is a manual setup in case You didn't know these are 4×4 four-wheel Drive all right and these are dump beds That we have on here as well but on the Front end we've got a Fisher snow plow All right so this is a straight BL blade Plow that we have on here over there We've got the the six way the fancier One very nice plow blade here the these Are sold under uh or to various ATV UTV Manufacturers but uh electric over Hydraulic setup has the the controls With a um a controller right inside the Cab for you easy on easy off and with These Cab overs here you have really

Good visibility you can see everything Going out right in front of right in Front of you now I am popped inside of Course but I'm 6'3 all right about 200 Lbs give or take and you can see how I Fit I'll close this door as well fit Right in here But this is like a a mini vehicle it Really is these are these are made to Different standards than like a a Polaris or a Can-Am it's you know you Got steel all Around comfortable now this is a a Manual all right so the cool thing about The manual they have them in automatic As well we can we can show you the Inside of the automatic I have over There but uh the manual actually has a High and a low range all right the Automatic doesn't so so you gain that Which is pretty cool if you're going to Be using it for plowing if you're going To be towing a lot or maybe putting a Lot of weight in the truck bed and the Dump bed back there then having the high Low range I think is beneficial um and It's it's set up the same way sure You're on the right hand side that's not A big deal uh I was telling somebody the Other day the biggest deal about having It set up on the right hand side with a Steering wheel is I always walk over to To the left side to get in but using it Functionality wise it's no big deal at

All so the layout's the same you're Using your left Hand to change gears but it's still the Pattern is the same first gear is in the Top left and reverse is in the bottom Right uh the foot pedals are all laid Out the same as Well light controls everything else you Have a nice Dash there with the uh the The speedometer on there radio heat Controls they are again selectable to And four-wheel drive uh locking rear Differential is selectable Too let me fire this bad boy up though You can hear it run that's a nice thing As well they're they're quiet you know They're not going to be a loud [Music] Machine they say you get about 40 MPG in One of these as well gasoline Okay rearview mirror dump controls dump Controls I mean not the dump uh the the Control yeah the plow controls where am I at oh here they are right here ni yeah It is little bracket that's mounted Right there just screwed right in the Dash just like that pop it you could Leave it there if you wanted To but uh let's see what do we do here We we oh got to turn it on there we go Now it's on it's already raised Up angle it left Right whatever Direction you Want lower it down when you lower it

Goes right into float mode Too Just like That very responsive crazy responsive I Mean it's like it just feels Strong really it's as easy as That I'll drive it around here just a Second show you guys this got that plow Raised Up get the parking brake Off [Music] Now they do add on uh these off-road Tires on here and wheels dress them up a Bit put the decal packages on you can Get them customized however you want Though totally up to You that's just the the beep for the Seat belt there probably should have put That On but yeah let's take a look at that Six way now too show you what that's About Want to see the dump bed all right let's Show them the dump Bed so these rear tailgates can be set Up a couple of Ways you'll see it right now how it's Set up to swing you can completely Remove the tailgate you can remove the Sides too if you want a flat bed on the Back they say 1500 lb but Honestly I think it's more than that We've loaded this thing up with dirt it

Had no problem dumping It handles load really well Too you show them Underneath nice big cylinder in the Center there it has no hesitation I I've Had some dump trailers as uh as we've Shown on the channel and they they Struggle to raise heavier Loads not this guy Now these folks well it's available at Min dps.com all right but these folks Have parts available that's one of the Big questions where can I get parts if I Need Them parts available here in the States Worst case scenario Parts can be Expedited uh from Japan so these are These are built in Japan all right again By a division of Toyota but you'll see I think you got to Remove do you have to remove the rear Panel first yeah you got to remove the The tailgate first and then you can take The side panels you can fold them down We've shown you that before you can Completely remove them if you want to I Actually have been running around here's My my automatic that I've been using Right Now and I don't even put the tailgate on There just cuz I'm constantly dumping Stuff you know whether it's dirt whether It's uh firewood whether it's been uh Just hauling even just cardboard or junk

Out to the burn pit nothing you're going You know 15 20 M hour around here at at Most I mean less than that most of the Time too and so I don't leave that in There that way there's no restriction You know on on the swing and tailgate Just raise the bed dump it out when I Get to point B but uh yeah show you the automatic Setup it's essentially the same Thing only real Difference is there's not going to be That high and low all right you still Have your parking brake but there's just No high low you're just adjusting just Like a car right you have reverse Neutral Drive and all that but all the controls Here are still the same you still have The uh the the two wheel and four-wheel Drive select locking rear differential Cup holders plenty of storage really you Have a a storage down here Too um yeah I mean it's going to be Really nice this winter I'll tell you That Take a look at this six-way plow I'm Going to fire this thing right up and Show you this is a fancy guy well I Guess I'll give you a few details on it First this thing's decked out though you Have the wing extensions on the ends all Right you've got the the heavy duty Rubber that's what is that about an inch

Thick I'd say about an inch thick or so All the way Across very thick and Durable you have these spill over flaps On top to prevent everything from coming Over in the backside it's going to help Kind of keep it trapped in there and Rolling down and even right here so we Had a um a a gator with a similar vlow For a while and I like this setup here On the on this rubber blade in the Middle it's tough because it's you got To have the flexibility to you know to Do a Clos V or an open V make all the Different adjustments on There big old beefy springs on the Backside too Chris show them That But yeah yeah it's set up Nice now this one we have the the skid Runners or the skid shoes off of it this Is what those skid shoes look Like over here on the straight Plow okay would you want those well if You're going to be on gravel you know if You want to get your your blade above The gravel so it's not scraping all the Stone off of your drive you know you can Adjust those skid shoes so it's not Digging down in and keep it above there A bit but with this one being set Up with this rubber blade on here the Intent is to be on a concrete or an Asphalt surface and clearing that so

You're going to be making contact and Sliding Along on there and you want to Have a good uh amount of contact to do To scrape along and clear that Off but yeah I want to I want to show You how to use this uh plow blade got of A lot of adjustment to [Music] It folks we are proud to be sponsored by RIM guard Solutions a liquid ballast Weight it goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest Allnatural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a th dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at rimgard solutions.com We'll straighten it out here and to Begin with okay so you can do a straight Blade if you want to and you can angle That left or right like normal okay or If you want to uh completely close it You can do that okay or if you want to Make it like a Wedge do a wedge just like that let's go Back straight and then you can close one

Side if you want okay you can close just One Side open it back Up or you can do the same thing with the Other side all right close that side Open it back up it just has all sorts of Flexibility I mean it's like it seems Like it's almost infinite adjustability On there of course lower it back down Goes right into float Too it's just super responsive so what's That close it Up more the whole [Music] Way Oh oh yeah we got to show that Salter Now too I might as well leave this on uh Let me fire this back up cuz this bad Boy's got the Salter on It let's see so let's turn this on we Have a whole whole control in here that We can show you too but we've got that Fired up now and so it has a speed Control all right so you can adjust the Uh the gate or the uh the the the spin Speed on there and what that will do is Determine how far you're throwing your Material all right and so then you can Also adjust the gate control and that is Essentially is going to determine how Fast the material is Flowing Out See how that Uh how that conveyor there how that belt

Slows down or we can speed it up to Drive more material through There or if you want to slow it back Down you can see how it slows down just Like That and then we've got the Lights those lights and strobes on there Luk or Chris And then you can there's a blast Mode if you got to throw down a bunch of Extra stuff really quick you can just Hit that blast button and it takes care Of That so again here's the control that Shows you everything that's going on all Right so this again controls the spin Speed of your of your tray there that's Shooting the actual salt out this one Handles That conveyor or that belt speed all Right more or less material that's Flowing down on there got the blast okay That gives you kind of a a quick extra Shot or quick extra burst and then we Have our lights and our strobe all right For safety stuff and visibility to see What's going On really really I mean it doesn't get Much nicer than This I can't wait to use it I I need Some snow to Come I'll tell you what Though I've been trying to determine I'm Having a tough time right I want the

Best salt or ice melt Pellet that I can get and so I could use Some you know I buy the stuff that you Get at Lowe's right and just throw it Out and blah blah blah blah blah but I Want to buy volume because we're going To be clearing uh we're using it here And at my shop as well and so I want to Have something that's not going to well It's going to be safe on the concrete Safe on the Asphalt not going to Cor Road anything I Want to avoid that that's that's the Tough one right is it seems like salt And some of these um better ice melt Pellets are all going to be more prone To corrosion but is there something that Does really good at melting Ice at lower temperatures after there's Already ice not a prevent but after There's already ice down there at Melting it that's not going to corrode Is there can I can I get everything I Want in a product so it'd be great if You could help me out let me know what It is is and where I can buy it in bulk I want to buy it in bulk so I'm excited You can get these with or without the Plows if you want to get just a plow add It to your UTV they can help you out With that too but if you want to get a Mini dump all right these are limited Availability all right so I mean if you Want one get one because there's small

Batches that come in so get your name on One Mini dump.com ship them Nationwide All right available Nationwide for you But Min dump.com with or without the Plow add a plow later on if you're not Sure if you want to get that now Automatic manual get just a plow if you Need to get that set up for your own UTV These are imported into the states again From a division of Toyota sold with an off-road use title Like a UTV would have on it as well all Right so just the great for homesteads Farms ranches oil fields um cemeteries Use these Municipalities uh universities colle is If you need a support Vehicle it's hard to beat this this is The real deal and you know you have the Reliability coming from Toyota so anyway Min dump.com that's where you can get More information get pricing on their Website just go to the right tab to get The pricing on there contact them if you Want to place an order for one of these Or if you have any other questions I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you [Music] [Applause] Soon [Music] [Applause]

[Music] [Applause] [Music] A

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