I Drove 800 Miles To Test this Unique Firewood Processor

Wallenstein WP845 Firewood processor Review, and Wallenstein LXT115 log trailer review

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Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And I'm in Ohio this weekend for the Paul bunion show but I drove basically Through the night to get an extra trip In to visit Davey from Ohio Hilltop YouTube channel because they've got some Awesome firewood equipment that I've Never seen before and I'm really excited To learn a little bit about it you guys Have the nicest set of firewood Equipment I've ever seen from someone Who doesn't sell firewood for a living So my father and I we uh we have outdoor Wood boilers and uh also my sister so we Really go through the firewood probably Anywhere from 20 to 30 cords a year and Uh you know when you you come down to This equipment my father really picked This stuff out this is a really dual Purpose so we're all about functionality Here and efficiency on the hobby farm And when you look at this processor and The log trailer it kind of checks all The boxes so that was a pretty good Answer but what I heard him say is that They just like toys hey that too pretty Close you you all find out here in just A minute the ease of of getting wood for Us it it is excellent so we're going to Save our backs we're going to pump out a Lot of wood in a short amount of time And uh the price on this equipment is is Very reasonable in respect to other Processors and and things like that so

So I want this video mainly to be about Showing the equipment running but I'm Going to take just a few minutes and ask You questions about each of these if you Don't mind sure absolutely first thing Is what's the uh brand and the model That we're looking at here so this is The Wen Stein WP 845 and uh this is our firewood Processor so uh you know it's it's it's Dual functioning here with your average Chainsaw that you would want to use this Is the 661c because I'll be honest the More saw you have here the easier and Faster you can pump out the firewood so If you guys have been following along With me I just sold my wood splitter and Next week I'm going to be showing you my New firewood equipment and so I've been Doing a lot of looking and so I'm really Interested in why you chose this i' I've Seen a couple processors before but I Didn't know I didn't realize that yours Ran off the chain saw I kind of like That idea but why did you go with a a Processor like this instead of just a Commercial splitter well when you look At the the price point again versus Functionality this is real comparable to A professional uh commercial grade Splitter uh maybe a bit more but when You think of the functionality of how Many times you have to handle the rounds You know you'll see we're going to wch

The the firewood up here we're going to Cut it it's going to split it right into Our trailer and uh so there's a lot of Different uses for around the same price Well I heard fire would heat you twice If you do it the hard way you're not Interested in that no so we're this is a Lot easier for us all right I could talk All day but I think we ought to let's Take a look at the trailer real quick And then we'll start running them all Right so this is the deluxe claw machine And I'll be honest when I saw this I Thought that's Overkill why would Someone need that and that was like Probably a month ago you guys have had a Little while and I've been sitting Around thinking about it and thinking About my process someone calls me and Says hey I've got some trees you can Have that I have to take my machine like A tractor or a skid steer and a trailer And then load it with that and haul the Logs home and then come back for the Machine and depending on distance you're Making multiple trips and Hauling that Big machine so I'm starting to really Get it want to tell us kind of uh the Capabilities of this like how big of a Log it can carry yeah so this is the Wene lxt 115 and uh I believe believe uh Don't quote me on this but I want to say 32 in log diameter oh wow and it can Pick up 1500 lb so if you get a really

Like huge soft wood log 8 10 foot it's Going to have no problem handling it Hardwood a little denser more weight you Know this machine needs to match that it It doesn't do any good to be able to Move more than you can split with your Processor so right so back to the Processor real quick when you look at The capabilities of a processor this Will do a 24-in log you have to really Have a super lamadine processor to Handle anything over 16 18 in so another Benefit multipurpose and capability a Great feature that this log trailer has Is a hydraulic wench up on top it's a Two-speed wench and I tell you there Hasn't been anything we haven't been Able to pull down that you know this Thing can obviously handle and that's Just an additional selling point for us We live we're on the hilltops a lot of Valleys Ravines we take this out of Logan Road there's not too many logs That we can't get off the hillside or Out of the valley up to where we can Handle it with the grapple well I tell You Kansas is a pancake where I come From everything's flat you can see about 10 miles here they build straight up the Hill it's pretty wild a lot of goat Trails prices change and I normally Don't talk about prices but could you Give us just a ballpark idea of what you Have in these two machines probably

Close to 60,000 would be a good estimate You know when you're thinking about That's a lot of money for firewood well People pay a lot of money for tractors Skid steers all to make things easier And this has really increased our Productivity I said we do 20 to 30 cores Just to heat our own houses let alone we Make firewood bundles and we sell to Other you know friends family and we Advertise locally selling wood so we can Pump out the firewood with this and it's Very well decided you wanted to really Go into it you could have a business Started up pretty quick yes absolutely So we we have the means to get the logs There yes Tri axles and log trailers you Know that commercial loggers can bring You is a lot more efficient yet however For us on the scale that we do this fits Us very well awesome let's fire it Up the step one is dragging a log up and You do that with a Winch [Applause] [Music] For [Music] All [Music] All Where [Music] All

So on the way up here I was planning out What I was going to talk about in this Video and I was wanting to try to Explain everything there is to know About these but that's not really Necessary if you guys want more Information than what we just gave you On these two machines this guy makes Videos so our channel is Ohio hilltops Hobby farm and basically on there we do Everyday farm work but it's mostly uh Evolves around wood so we do Sawmill we Got the wood meiser Sawmill and we do a Lot of firewood so between that and the Odds and ends with Bas Farm Life we'd Love to have you all check us out it's a Channel I really enjoy watching so I Appreciate you having me thank you Brock I'm glad you traveled over here for us So I appreciate you guys taking time to Watch the video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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