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Power Split International buggy splitter review

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Extreme Simplicity of Design the hi table vertical log Splitter is the best design for how I do Firewood to be fair I've only used a Firewood processor a couple times but I'm not putting out the volume of wood To justify a machine in that price range A machine like this can easily handle Large rounds I don't have to bend down And pick them up and I've got precise Control over the size and shape of the Wood I split so if I need big chunks I Can do that but also you can split it Very small down to kindling without Taking the wood off of your splitting Table the splitter I'm using is made by Pow split International and they were The original company to design this Style of splitter and they're very Competitively priced and I worked that Big round all the way down to where if I Wanted I'm almost making kindling out of It and it's not any extra effort a big Problem

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