I Finally Found the Perfect Log Splitter…For Me

Power Split International buggy splitter review

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And that's it extreme Simplicity of Design hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms and today I want to show you My new commercial log splitter at the End of last winter I made the decision That I was going to step it up and try To produce a lot more firewood this year And start taking it seriously I've been Using a homeowner log splitter that Worked fine but wasn't the fastest or The easiest or the most convenient so I've done a ton of research I've visited Multiple different YouTubers and friends Who had different types of Splitters and Did some comparisons I settled on a type Of splitter that I wanted and then from There I narrowed it down to an exact Brand I spent the past weekend at the Paul bunion show in Ohio and today the Splitter is setting right over there so I guess I'll pull it over here and show It to you and then I'll go through step By step and explain how I narrowed it Down to this exact splitter and then We'll fire it up and do a little Splitting so this is the buggy Splitter From Poppit International this is by far The smallest and least expensive Splitter that they make so why did I get This splitter well I tested out an Actual firewood Processor and a really nice commercial Splitter that had different wedges on it And then I got a couple opportunities to

Test out this type of hight table Vertical splitter with the side log lift And decided from a form factor from a Design standpoint which of those three Main categories that I want and for me Me it was a pretty easy decision to say I wanted to go with this type of Vertical splitter and I'll get into that More whenever I actually fire it up and Start splitting with it explain why I Like this design so much then once I've Chosen a design there are other Companies that make a design similar to This so why power split I saw one of Their Facebook ads and I contacted the Company and had a conversation with one Of their representatives on the phone And learned a little bit more about them And I enjoyed their story they were the First company to make not just the Vertical splitter in this form factor But also a self-propelled unit so they Make four Main types of Splitters or models really Eight depending on how you look at it Because they have a heavy duty and a Regular version but this is the only Model they make that doesn't have a Chair you sit on and drive the splitter Around most of the units they sell have Two Splitters like this with a conveyor In between them and you drive it to your Log pile run off your conveyor drive it To your next log pile these are high-end

Commercial Splitters and I've always Kind of said if I'm looking at say a Low-end commercial unit whether that's Like a tractor or a lawnmower or Anything else I'd rather buy the Smallest unit from a company that makes Big equipment than to buy the biggest Unit from a company that makes small Equipment if you just think through that Thought Process the company that makes the big Commercial units everything they do will Be heavy duty that's just my thoughts on It after we run this one I'm going to Show you some video I took I drove about 4 hours to Topeka Kansas to see one of Their big units that had had the Dual Splitters in the conveyor and the whole Setup and I'll include some footage of That I'm also going to put some pricing On the screen so that you can see Exactly how much each of their different Units cost after agonizing over what Splitter I wanted and then actually Seeing this in person I feel even better About my decision for two reasons number One it's just heavy heavy built and Number two Simplicity of design there's Not a lot of bells and whistles there's No features that you don't need it is Just a really heavy really efficient Splitter I want to say one more thing Before I fire this up because I like to Be completely transparent with my

Audience I did not buy this and I do not Own it they've sent it here for me to Use for a test period of one year I'm Going to use it for a full calendar year Let you guys know what I think about it We'll do time comparisons and put a lot Of hours on it and just see how it does Also I've got a discount code that will Save you 5% if you want to order from Poppit International I don't think You'll get argu arguments from very many People about the best engine to get on Your equipment this is the Honda Gx70 a lot of things when you look at These small engines they look as the Same across different brands like the Way this is aligned the placement of the The fuel tank and the the air filter and The two switches that do the same thing But then when you go to pull this handle Compared to the handle on my on my Previous log splitter you can feel how Much more torque it takes to turn this Engine over there just a lot more Powerful there's just a lot of respect Around the industry for the reliability Of a Honda engine one thing that's cool About this unit is it came completely Assembled when it arrived I put gas in It I checked to make sure it had Hydraulic fluid I checked to make sure It had oil in it but it already had both Of those things so I poured the gas in Pulled the rope and started it and I've

Cycled it one time before getting the Camera out okay we got a switch there we Turn on choke on gas [Music] On then we've got a throttle Here but we'll just let it run at low Throttle for a minute and warm up one Fact that power split is really proud of Is that the first log splitter they sold In 1997 is still in operation they said Since then that would be 26 years it's Been averaging 1,000 cords a year And still in use now that's impressive Now this machine only has two valves on It you got one lever right here that Runs a cylinder right here and that Cylinder lifts and lowers your log Table you'll notice that moved really Slow that's because the engine's idle Down you turn the engine all the way up It fires right up all right we have a Second control valve right here here That valve is run off of a chain that Runs down to the bottom the bottom runs Out the front to a foot pedal and that's It extreme Simplicity of Design at no point am I putting my hands On top of this while I'm running it your Hands can be on the side of the log the Whole Time [Music] [Music]

Watch [Music] I already know the types of comments I'm Going to get so First why did I split it so small well Just cuz I felt like it so and to show You that you can so a lot of people if You've got a wood boil and you like to Take a big round and only cut it in half Or cut it in four pieces you can do that It doesn't matter but for the person who Wants really small pieces of wood this Is the perfect tool for that I showed a Firewood bundler at the Paul bunion show And talked about the fact that you can Get a lot higher return on your firewood If you cut it up really small dry it Really well and then sell it in smaller Quantities and with a regular splitter That's really hard to Do and that's one place that this thing Really Shines because when you put a large Round on here and I didn't have any Rounds even cut up I've been lining up Some logs over there and we'll do a full Day of firewood soon but when you have a Big Round you don't ever have to deal with The pieces I don't know if that's going To make sense immediately but if you Split firewood you know what I'm talking About with a traditional splitter you've Got a little bitty table you put a big

Piece of wood on there you split it in Half now you have two big pieces of wood And you need to split one of them again And the other one where do you put it Mine had such a small table I would have To take that big other half of wood set It on the ground then I would split Again take one of those pieces and set It on the ground and then split this Piece into like three or four pieces put Them in my basket then go back to the Same round and pick it up again split Pick up the other half again and split It multiple times and that process of What do you do with the extra wood was a Real hassle now on your other style of Commercial splitter you can have a Four-way six-way 8way 12-way wedge Whatever you want to do but in most Cases you're still dealing with it you Have to change wedges based on the type Of wood you're using the size of your Rounds you're usually going to have to Take some of those pieces and bring them Back Around from actually using This what I like is you hold the round In a round shape you split it and you Say how many splits widthwise do I want Let's do three split split split then I Turn it three the other way split split Split then I pick up that entire thing Of firewood and set it in my Tote now this would be a lot more

Effective if I was doing it but that'll Be within the next few days we're going To have a whole day of just working out Here today I'm tell telling you why I Picked this I decided I would go ahead And grab a bigger firewood round and Split that up for you in this video but First I wanted to show you this larger Splitter and the pricing sheet for power Split okay so this is one of the bigger Units it's got the conveyor on It it's got two log lifts and two Splitters very similar design still Pedal operated this one has a four way Over here and a two-way over here their Base unit starts at $99,500 For a model similar to the one I'm using And a Full-sized twers commercial splitter With the conveyor you can spend as much As 35,000 if you're interested go to Pit.com use my discount code save a Little bit of money I'll put links in The description of this video [Music] It's kind of big old nasty sucker with a Limb right on the side that should have Been cut off we'll see how it does with [Music] This You [Music] You

So this is my first time using this I've Got just an hour or so on a couple of Other Splitters of this style I've Watched people on YouTube and the point I'm making here is that everything you Do has a learning curve how far down I Run this to make my Cycles fast but not Have to pull the pieces of wood apart Things like that are just what you learn Over time but I love this design I love That I can keep all my wood even on a Really big I mean that was a really big Round I can keep all my wood up here While I work with it and I worked that Big round all the way down to where if I Wanted I'm almost making kindling out of It And it's not any extra effort a big Problem pretty sweet I think power split International this thing is so simple That if you can drive a car I can Explain everything there is to know About this I didn't need an explanation From anyone you just look at it it's got You know your pedal here operates that Valve and you got a spring that Returns The Valve if something broke on this like I Can fix it it's not that Complicated they've got a customer Service phone number that you can call They said if you call that number you'll Get a call back within an hour from Someone trying to help you with your

Problem they said you'll never find one Of these for sale used because once People buy one they keep it forever Today I'm pretty excited about this if You can't tell I'm I think it's a great Design so if you're interested in one of These I've got a discount code that I'll put In the description of the video and you Can give them a call they'll get you set Up I appreciate you taking time to watch This video I'll put links on the screen To a couple more of our videos and I'll See you next time

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