I Finally Got All of my Tractor Attachments in the Shed

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And behind me is a series of custom Shelves that I built to hold all of my Tractor attachments The entire length of this building is Set up to hold basically everything I Have keep it all out of the weather and Keep it organized The problem is I've got more stuff than I have room for And I made a habit of when I was working On a project I would set all the Materials in here and that blocks it Where I can't access this over time this Just became a big mess and I haven't Been using it so I've got these shelves Here and all of my attachments sitting Out in the weather And today I'm going to do something About that now that we have the Quonset Hut set up for a secondary storage for Those building materials and the skid Steer stuff I'm going to finish this all out we're Going to clean it up get all this set up And Actually I think I've got some more Ideas how I can make this setup even Better so let's get to work okay so we Spent the last hour cleaning up all the Little stuff got all the tools and Hardware that was out here sorted into Bins and we've got those up in the shop For now

Now on to the fun part is getting Attachments set into the this area and I've went through and made a a drawing Of this building and listed off where I Wanted to store everything took Measurements make sure everything was Going to fit and now each thing will Have a home and a place where it stays First thing I need to do is get this out Of the way the carry-all is not going to Stay here so I'm going to move the Carry-all and then there's a pallet up Here that has kind of a variety of extra Attachments like my shorter pallet Forks That I don't use much And just some stuff like that and I Found something up there I forgot I had That I'm pretty excited about I'm gonna Build something that makes it a lot Easier to put the three-point Attachments up on this Shelf And that'll be another video but for Today We're going to be using the pallet Forks To put three-point attachments up here [Applause] Thank you [Applause] [Applause] [Applause] This is my miscellaneous tractor Attachment tile Not sure why I've got a piece of angle Iron on here

These are what I was excited to find and I need to take and clean them up with a Wire brush but this is the John Deere Quick attach I can make Anything I want to go on the front end I've got a couple other things I can Pair up with this and make moving Three-point attachments a lot easier This one I think I'll keep down This is this goes on a pallet fork and It's for moving trailers And I didn't think I would really use it But So I put it up there but I really do Think I might use it some Again I'd have longer forks and then I've got shorter Forks I don't need both down so I'm gonna Leave these on here This is my extra set of three-point lip Balms This is my second Chainsaw holder I might keep this down Here And then I have no idea what this is Or why it's up here I guess I'm going to Open it up see if I can come up with Anything So I've got a couple of bushings To make something quick hitch compatible So those I need actually I've got some Where I need them Here's a pin For a top link

And then this What does that go to I have no idea what this is I mean it looks like it's used to go you Know in between an attachment And and your top link I don't know I'm gonna go ahead and use these And this leave this on here until I Figure out what it goes to I really like these stump buckets but I Don't use them frequently so they need To be stored up and out of the way so I'm gonna put both of them on here Foreign This is one of the things I like about The artillion system These pallet forks and the stump bucket Came from artillion If they were Standalone units they'd Have to be stored and take up space But I can put the whole system on one pallet If I want the grapple Stump bucket the frame I could put every Bit of it on one pallet so it really Saves a lot of space Here's the B expanded the trenching Bucket for the backhoe Backhoe Ripper Here is an adapter for putting front end Attachments on the artillion frame And I have an extra quick hitch This is all good usable stuff but I

Don't use it every day so it's going to Be palletized and put up on a Shelf [Applause] Foreign [Music] [Applause] Foreign Foreign [Applause] [Applause] Right here [Applause] [Music] Foreign Took about half a day today to just Clean up the mess that was here and then We were able to get right to the halfway Point organized and get some stuff set In place we're going to call it a day With It gets dark at 5 p.m which is about What time it is so be back out here Tomorrow and we'll finish the other side Of this and I think it's going to turn Out really good so I'll be right back Thank you We're back out here this morning and It's in the mid 30s we've got a high in The low 40s today not too bad for this Time of year Should be able to get the whole thing Cleaned out and finished up today got The tractor warming up to move some Pallets

I should have gave the same courtesy to My mowers but I was just moving them from here to the Back side of the quandet Hut where we've Got some extra room to store stuff I am Really excited to have this shed be Usable again and gonna make sure I keep It that way this time Hello [Music] Foreign So no matter how I do this I was never Going to get all of my attachments in Here so I was looking at what's the best Thing To have not actually in the shelving but Out in front The wood chipper is a great candidate For that because it has the forklift Slots or the pallet Fork slots so I can Really easily move it out of the way and Then what I set it in front of Is this palette that is stuff I don't Use very often I was gonna put it underneath there but It's just a little bit taller than my Shelving Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music]

Foreign [Music] Foreign Next thing I'm going to do is put the Tiller in the box blade underneath this Shelf right here And I'm just going to do that with the forks Because I already know they fit all of Last year I kept those two things under There and I can access them with the Three point and hook them up from that Spot so I'm gonna go ahead and get those Set in that leaves us one Bay to deal With Because Foreign [Music] Foreign [Applause] [Music] So I really wanted to be able to keep my Attachments in the building to protect Them from weather But as much as that I also wanted to Reclaim the yard and not have this be a Mess I'm Always needing to weed eat around them So Two birds with one stone on this project But let's take a look at what we ended Up with in the shed here it's not a Perfect setup by any means basically Because

I've got too much stuff for this size of Building But that doesn't mean I can't continue To tweak it and make it better over here We've got all of our yard tools Chainsaws the extra boxes for the Artillion tool Mount system and the last Spot over there is where my doors hang On the cab I've got special hangers made For the doors just like the ones you'll See on the other side So we've got the brush hog here That way I can back straight up to it If I want to use the Harrow I'll have to Move the brush hog to do that but I can Move the brush hog with pallet forks and I don't use the Harrow that often so I Tried to think what do I use the most Often in deciding where to put stuff This section here nothing blocked Anywhere everything is really easy to Get to I can put the pallet Forks up There But I'm always going to have something On this on the front of the tractor so They'll always be one open spot so it Doesn't really matter right now if I put Anything there I was going to put the Snow plow in the last spot but it's Wider than the snow plow I used to have I used to keep my Frontier snowplow in That spot here I've got my mid Mount Mower deck my two refueling stations I Thought about putting one shelf higher

Up that I could put some palletized Goods on I could even actually the snow Plow could go on a shelf right above There so I may build another shelf up There for the snow plow Okay We come over here Palletized Goods up here this is extra Tractor parts landscape break on the top Shelf And then here's some more random Stuff that I don't use as much or Smaller stuff I put on a pallet And This is where you see that I just don't Have enough room for everything so There's stuff blocking other stuff so I Made sure that everything towards the Front can be moved with the pallet Forks The snow plow is on a pallet The carry-all can easily be carried with Pallet forks and I'm thinking about Selling it because I love the idea of a Carry-all but I never actually use it The wood chipper very easily carried With pallet Forks then behind that got The backhoe and the stump grinder You can see over here I've got my other Set of doors hung up And I think there's plenty of room over Here where I could continue to add Hooks And hang things up I even thought about hanging up the Harrow the Harrow is not that heavy two

People can lift it up and hang it on Hooks and it could be flat against the Wall I'll give that some more thought Though And the last concern is What's on the tractor so right now the Flail Mower is on the tractor So my thought my thought for keeping This organized was If tomorrow I wanted to use the tiller I Take the tiller out put the flow mower In its spot But it's a lot more convenient To set that down once I just need more room I may keep the Flail Mower up in the Quonset hut but No matter how you look at it I feel like This is a huge Improvement And I want you guys to hold me Accountable in the comments if you see My yard full of tractor attachments call Me out on it because there's no excuse Not to keep it this way I hope When I make these videos I always hope That it provides some value to you guys Who won't have a shed exactly like mine But maybe a few of the ideas of what I Did will transfer over Anyway I appreciate you taking time to Watch the video put links on the screen To a couple more of our videos and I'll See you next time

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