I Jacked Up My Mower… Literally

MoJack Pro lawn mower lift review

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The other thing is bad news so I really Got into some big rocks I jumped my Mower up onto a big rock the whole deck And I knew I'd tore something up down Here and I'll show you what it is in a Second hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms and I need to do a little end Of season maintenance on my mower I've got a bad habit at the end of the Year of just driving it in the shed and Letting it sit and that's really kind of Lazy and a bad idea so I'm going to try To do a better job this year now when I Do maintenance on my mower or even just Change the blades or sharpen the Blades I don't have a great way to lift The mower up to get access underneath it For a while I was using the tractor Hydraulics to lift the mower up but you Guys got on me for that maybe not the Safest way then I started driving one Side of the mower up on the ramp of my Trailer but man that's really unstable Also probably not safe so when I was at The equip Expo I saw this product called Mojack and they make a bunch of Different versions of mower Jacks that Seem like a great design but we're about To find out as you saw a minute ago you Just drive up on it then you've got a St W right here that you can use to help Prevent the mower from Rolling this probably isn't even Necessary I bet it's not going anywhere

I mean that ain't going nowhere but uh We're going to go ahead and use it Anyway because they provided it Basically you just put this strap around The front tire and cinch it down the Instructions also say to put something Behind the rear wheel to keep the mower From rolling back after that you just Crank the handle So as you crank this up it locks in Every half an inch so there's no way it Can drop on You let's see what we got here we got a Bunch of grass stuck to the deck which Is one thing I was looking for the other Thing is bad news so I really got into Some big rocks I jumped my mower up onto A big rock the whole deck and I knew I'd Tore something up down here and I'll Show you what it is in a Second so you guys probably remember me Demonstrating these mower Blades I want to like these blades so Bad But whenever I ran that up on there I Broke off all four tips and from the Looks of it I think I also bent this and This is Expensive so that's a bad Deal I might have to go back and put a Disclaimer on my video about these Blades and say look I mean so here's the Deal this was not normal use I've got a

Rock ledge that I mow up next to and I Got a little too fast and I bumped up And the deck hopped up on top of one of Those rocks I knew it hit hard so it's It's abuse it's user error it's my fault Whatever you want to say but also I mean I it broke something a lot more Expensive than if I'd hit that with a Regular Blade Oh banging the camera Around come off of There I was so excited about those mow Blades I thought man this is the ticket This is the it's going to be the best Mower blades out there and maybe they Are for some people but if I'm going to Tear up a $300 set of blades like that I'm probably not going to use Them just sucks the the guy from mojack When he sent out the the mower lift he Also sent me these blades which are it's Like a contoured putty knife for Cleaning out the underside of your deck And that's the secondary reason to get Down here if you leave all of this on The underside of your Deck you're going to have a rusted out Deck so I need to do something about It Man I really wanted to like these swivel Blades I like the idea of Them that doesn't mean they actually Work out

Because this is the center One it's bent up I don't know if you can Tell That I wanted to like them but I'm not Going to use them anymore I love the Idea of it but they're too expensive and I tore them up so this will be probably The last time you see me using the Swivel blades I'm also not sure if I Would buy one of These it's the right shape and it works Worked great for scraping that off but I Think I'd rather use a pressure washer So from now on I'll probably pressure Wash the underside of my deck and uh Keep from knocking all that stuff off on My Face but the winning product here is That mower jack I'm a big fan of how Easy it is it can lift 750 lbs and you Might think well isn't a big mower Heavier than 750 lb and this is a Commercial mower with a 7 2 in deck I Don't remember what it weighs it's Probably like closer to, 1500 or 2,000 Lb but what you're lifting is only the Tongue most of the weight is still Sitting back there on the ground and I Really question do I want a mower jack Like this or do I want to just keep Driving the wheels up on something you Can get little ramps and drive up on but They don't get you up in the air like This another option is to use a floor

Jack but then you're you're lifting by Your deck My floor jack I have a new floor jack That's really nice and it won't lift High enough to do this I've tried so I Did not have a good option and this Works perfectly now the reason I wasn't Sure if I wanted one is I thought that's Another thing to store I've got so much Stuff that it tends to end up in the way But this is not a storage issue because It folds up for storage we squeeze this Handle right here So now if I want to store this I pull a Pen right down here once you pull that Pen out you can lift up on this slide This piece Out as I show you this keep in mind you Really don't have to do it this way I Probably won't I'll probably just slide The whole thing I'll lower it down slide The whole thing under one of my tables And it won't take up any more more space Than just this Pole but some people may not have that Option so I'm showing you then there's a Pen down here that you pull out on and We're going to grab this handle right Here lift it Up and it rotates down this piece can Roll under something put it in the Corner the other piece comes apart too If you Want so I think the mojack is a big

Winner it's going to make my life a Little bit easier doing mower Maintenance so what do you guys do after You clean out under your mower deck I Was thinking about actually painting any Spots where the paint had worn off which Isn't much that'll keep it from rusting Let me know what you guys do

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