A lot going on today setting up three Different tractors for snow removal and Did you know you can put a tire chain on The wrong way check out our different Setups and let us know at the end which One's your favorite [Applause] [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Bet you didn't know hidden chain storage Right here right inside the old school 1025r Ing [Applause] Put that winter hat on though [Music] Foreign [Music] Okay so we're setting up the snow blower On the summit tractor I had it on the 1025r and This is fairly common just forgot about It I'm gonna have to shorten the PTO Shaft so I'm gonna go grab the Sawzall That looks like probably four or five Inches gotta knock it down a lot of good Videos I'm probably never going to make One vertebrate will do has a really good Video on shortening the PTO shaft I think um Tony does too uh on his Channel But we're gonna do it real quick and uh

Get this thing hooked up [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Nice and cozy in here [Music] Thank you Barbing take five seconds hit subscribe Give us a thumbs up and if you need Something for your tractor or tractor Attachment of some kind any of these Tools you see here check us out Goodworks tractors.com we sell and ship All over the country every day of the Week All right All right Okay This one over here suppose Fix this chain All right so Just posted a video today first time Ever installing tire chains okay so I Learned something I installed this one Backwards I had no idea what the heck You guys were even talking about until I Came out here and looked at it and so These Crossings here the little folded Over ends basically I should The insides on the outside the outsides On the inside I got to flip it 180 so I

Think that's what I got to do so I'm Just going to take this off but try Putting it on in a different way I'm Going to lay it on the ground and drive Back on it and see if that's a little Bit better too and helps me get a little Bit more oh the consensus was not having The chains perfectly spaced wasn't that Big of a deal and in fact even getting Them this tight on here is probably not That big of a deal either anyway so We're gonna try this in a different way Get it on there the right way and be Ready to go Gouges on some of these You gotta get hopefully you can get a Close-up of that actually I'm going to Talk about that right now before we get Started something just caught my eye I Looked down I can see specifically The marks on my concrete from where These chains are hitting and there's a Few spots They're all little shiny marks where They rub to make contact out of there I Can feel a change in the texture whether That's a a Groove in it or not but I don't know you guys understand that These things don't cause any damage on Concrete I I I'm seeing something different right Here All right so trying this tire chain Thing a different way I have seen some

Other videos okay just lay the chains Down and drive on them and then wrap it Around there and I don't know they Didn't necessarily seem easier to me I Actually couldn't get it on there quite As tight like one link not as tight Although other YouTube comments said I Don't need to have them as tight as they Were so I don't know I'm I'm I'm Learning as I go but took about 20 Minutes I guess uh to swap that out with This setup here but drove it around held In place I think it's good enough so I Guess we'll find out when it's time to Push some snow Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] Guard Solutions a liquid ballast weight It goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps us loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the

Dealer near you at rimguardsolutions.com I got the baby blade here I don't know If we can spin this around on the quick Hitch or not but the idea here come on Is to uh have this the other way so it Doesn't cut down and want to like pull Itself down into the snow Supposed to be some sort of secret trick I don't want to use it on gravel oh Fun just barely misses I was planning on Having to take off the uh the quick Hitch well not take off the quick hitch Take the blade off and spin it around Then put it back on it's got three Positions well you can see on the other Side it's got five positions on this Side here it's got three positions Drop that one Boom And so we're gonna Offset it this to hair Let's see now the blade curved back that Way on gravel or dirt or mud It's not going to want to dig down in It's going to kind of Ride Along and In theory pack a little bit of snow down On there what you want Have a nice separation there between Your stone and what you're clearing off And uh I don't know worked pretty well So we're gonna try it out you know a A fair question you might ask would be Hey Don't you have a lot of hitchhikers like

You like you're like the manufacturer of Them and that's that's really a fair Point I don't have any here They're all at the shop This is at my house And uh I don't have time to go over There right now but I understand where you're coming from So these are our hitch hangers if you Didn't know [Music] And why I'm putting them on here with That rear blade is in case I need a little bit more down pressure On there I can add suitcase weights Get a little bit better scrape and I Don't know if I'll need it or not I'm gonna try it without it see how it Goes [Music] But if you're using a rear blade to Maybe move dirt around or something or If you wanted to really get through Your snow and down to your your surface And that extra weight comes real Handy You can put Three 70 pound weights or 41 pound Weights on both sides so up to like 420 Extra pounds Of weight Yeah plus 30 pounds In the hitchhangers too All right folks so we've got three

Setups going on here hoping to have Enough snow to mess around with all of Them um try it out we've got the pull Type snow blower we took it off the 1025 And put it on the summit tx25 54 inch Blower on there good fit on there as Well maybe could run a 60 inch tube but I've got a 54 here so that's what we're Going to use now this does have rear Hydraulics on it all right and so I'll Probably at some point switch this over Put a hydraulic shoot rotation on here And then plug it into there but we have It set up with an electric rotation Right now so if you don't have extra Hydraulics on the back of your tractor And you don't want to have to manually Use a crank to crank this shoot left or Right well then you can get yourself the Electric shoot rotation just Gator Clips Clamp onto your battery up front has a Controller there and everything else as Well works really well second season Using this this is going to be a good Test for this blower we're going to have They're saying 15 to 20 inches some Spots two foot and I'll take this thing Out in the yard where the heck we can Find some deep spots and test it out and See if you can drive through the snow And and Tackle deep snow like that so we Have snow pushers set up on the front of Both of these this is summit's snow Pusher over here we have the HLA snow

Pusher on on the 1025r You can see the tire chains on here this Is going to be my my off-road unit all Right so my gravel and and dirt unit Although I might do the concrete pads With it but I'm trying something out and Particularly because I don't know how Well or how solid how Frozen maybe is The best term the gravel and the dirt Lane are rear blade using it reverse you Know I kind of like using it the wrong Way to use it the right way and so we're Going to see how that works with that The edge kind of Laying backwards so to speak so that It's not one to dig down and take our Dirt and grab along with it more just Take the snow and maybe leave a little Skiff of snow in between there to make a Layer got the hitch hangers on here add Extra weight for down pressure if we Need to And then over on the 2038r Another one that we're going to try get The landscape rake that that seems weird For snow doesn't it but a lot of folks Have talked about this and I think it Can make sense right I mean if the Snow's kind of sticky and packed Together it's probably not going to fall And work its way through these times Here so we're going to give that a shot Too I'm good for again gravel is a Thought process here without wanting to

Dig down too much and scrape your gravel Away that's a big concern Have seen some folks as well take a Piece of the the uhmw that we sell And clamp it here all the way across Make it like a almost sort of like a Rear blade that way get you know a five Six inch tall piece of uhmw and put it On there a lot of different creative Uses out there and we're going to Experiment with them that's just kind of What we do and um I don't know it's fun To try it out so one thing we don't have Here haven't set it up yet I'm going to Set it up really soon is going to be the Rami snow blower that's for ATVs and Utvs things that don't have a PTO shaft Right and so it comes with different Kits you can mount right on the front of That and blow snow they work really well We've been selling quite a few of them And so a good alternative if you don't Have you know a big old tractor like This it's a self-powered system so you Just has its own gas engine on there We're gonna give that a shot there's Plenty of winter left it hasn't Technically is today the first day of Winter Well it might actually technically be a Winter now it's it's coming really soon So we're going to try that out as well And that's honestly another good reason To subscribe if you haven't done so yet

We're always trying new stuff around Here so hit that button down below Completely free and all these Attachments you see here oh the blowers The blades the rigs the pushers all that Stuff we sell and ship it all over the Country every day of the week goodworks Tractors.com give us a shot hey so I Want to thank you viewers For the tips on the tire chains all Right that really helps me out I mean I'm sitting here looking at it I had no Idea it was on backwards so I think we Got it set up the right way now excited To see how those work too but thanks Again for watching until next time stay Safe we'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Okay [Applause] [Music]

Tilt, Angle, and Offset - This Blade Does it All
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