Let’s go over the tractors I have for sale (and a few that have just sold), as well as two of my own brand new tractors. Compared to a video like this that we would have made three years ago, green has changed to red. We’ve covered it a bit lately, but we’ll mention again why we’ve made the switch. So if you like tractors and want to know more about Kioti, watch this video!

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How we doing folks going to do a little Tractor walk around show you what we Have in stock right now well some of These tractors are sold but we're going To go really quick through all this Stuff give you an idea of what's in Stock right now as of November 2nd 2023 So if you're watching in the future more Than likely it changes but this gives You kind of an idea of the kind of Equipment that we're carrying now in General well we do have a lot of coyote Right now we got a lot of coyote going On I've been leaning into that pretty Hard and I'm going to show you something Pretty cool here a little bit later in The video as well I just like them man I Mean with the pandemic and all the Prices going Crazy deer and cabota are getting Sky High on a lot of their prices and it's Good to have Another reliable tractor company that's In my mind when I took a year off or a Couple years off or whatever the heck it Was and then started selling tractors Again Ki was always kind of on that Threshold just not quite big enough and I think now they're there for me to want To buy them and resell them and kind of Roll them into the portfolio so um That's what you see a lot of here now The idea for me is typically 300 hours And less there's exceptions to every

Rule but I like the 300 hours and less Um just kind of like just a just a General threshold not because I think Above $300 hour on a tractor means it's Anywhere near the end of its usable life It's still near the beginning of its Usable life but it's just a this an hour Mark that I've picked so anyway um this First one actually you can show them That Hustler there this this Hustler is Actually Sold I just got just got paid for so U This one's going to be on the road and Out of here generally I don't sell Zero Turns I actually bought this one uh for Myself and then right afterwards I found The machine I wanted to actually mow Which is a Toro uh ground Master 4100 I Think it is anyway for my house I got a Lot of acres to mow out there so I Bought this one just sold it that kind Of thing just got in this 20 38r now we Are going to put a brand new seat on Here that's the thing about these John Deere seats is a lot of them kind of They don't hold up well so we got a Brand new seat go to track seats.com to Get your seats save a lot of money Compared to going to John Deere and get Them uh the OEM that way and you can Save 5% with code GWT this guy here coyote nx6010 all Right this is going to be actually both Of these tractors here's a nice look

Actually at a cab tractor and an open Station tractor of the NX series by Coyote easiest way to compare this to The John Deere 4 Series all right so um You know like your John Deere 40 44r 4052r 4066r all that kind of thing you Know horsepower will vary here and there A little bit um but tire size frame size Now we've done some other videos and I'm Sure we'll do some more maybe on one of These machines too comparing specs like Lift Capacity um different features that come Standard on there you know three-point Lift capacity loaded lift capacity Loaded lift height other things that Well so you can kind of have a better Understanding side by side of of what They do compared to a John Deere or Compared to a k cabota and then the big Factor I think that comes into play is The the price point you know how much You're paying for um these tractors Versus the John deers and the kodas And I like to just to position it right You don't I'm not knocking deer in Cabota because you know they're big dogs For a good reason they have a a Well-known reputation they're easy for Resale um reliable they have a lot of Good features but it's good to have Competition to kind of keep Manufacturers on their toes and coyote Is a strong Contender for that so a lot

Of folks out there that watch love the Coyotes and and um I can see Why here's the open station this is an Nx4510 all right this is hydrostatic as Well they do make this one in U in a in A shuttle shift or like a power reverser Type uh transmission too but this one's Actually a brand new leftover demo so You see the Nubs and everything still on The tires Here beautiful nice clean Machine oh look at that I didn't even See this you see that mirror right there Chris let me get around You never seen this before honestly Never seen this didn't even notice it Here this tractor actually just showed Up today so Um look at that riew mirror built in There's not on the other side but that's That's pretty slick I like that Yeah I've seen this on a few tractors Down here I don't I'm not I see this I Don't know how valuable that is or not But it's There full warranty on this one has Never been registered so the the person That buys it will be able to just Register it with coyote and take Advantage of That now going down to this is not their Subcompact we did a full a full length Video on this tractor but this is a a Step up up so it's like the smallest

Compact you can get the CX Series this Tractor just sold today actually um Beautiful Machine that that was a good one that's This is this kills that 2025r uh this was actually another one That had was a new demo leftover demo With full warranty so paint is faded on It a bit you get beyond that though you Get a tractor With with full warranty I mean who cares Right so you get it at a discounted rate That's a CK series tractor sitting next To another CK series tractor Too the CK tractors are nice um a little Bit smaller than like a John Deere 3r or A cabota like Grand L 3560 a little bit Smaller than that but bigger than like a Kabota LX bigger than a John Deere 2032 So they're kind of just their own little World of tractors and a nice size a Really nice size uh this is a 2610 I Believe it is this one actually already Sold just sold last week on on Friday a Few days Ago I'm loving it I think people are Seeing the value that you can get with These Machines this more bang for the buck so Here's a cabota I don't often get them In without loaders on them I do once in A while this is a local tractor set up With this uh plow it had kind of a quick Hitch on here and a guy that owned it

Put a new Holland plow on here and Fabbed it up to fit um hydraulic angle And all that so this Hood's scratched up A bit but it's fully functional right It's not really even it's not really Even dented it's just scratched up like They arested a bunch of chains on here Or something you know I don't know but Um full cab air heat this one is still Available rim guard in the rear tires Which helps for pushing that Snow I'd put a versa bracket in some Suitcase weights in the back Though and so then this guy here we got A lot of DK K series coyotes and those Have been a popular one Um we're getting close I'm going to I Got a a DK to show you here in a minute You're going to like but this one has Rim guard in the tires when you're Shopping for tractors if you can see the Sticker down here show them that sticker There Chris even if you can't like see What it says if you can see a sticker Like that by a valve stem more than Likely it's rim guard that means these Tires are Filled with rim guard for extra ballast Of course they're our Channel sponsor And for good reason I think every Tractor should have rim guard in it for Safety um Not to keep tooting the Horn of coyote But the fact that these loaders can lift

Substantially more weight than the Comparable John Deere and Codas even though they're heavier Machines if you can lift more weight There's the loader it's that much more Likely you could tip it over so it's Even more important to have more bance Weight in the back end to be safe and Planted on the ground beautiful tractor I love these dks man you get a lot of Bang for your buck just a ton of bang For your buck we've done some in-depth Reviews but full cabs on here Everything's solid and put together well Steel Hoods just comfortable operator Stations check out those indepth videos We've done so this is this is a good one Here though you see the DK series and a John Deere 3r all right this is a 3039r now this has a tires on it a tires Generally sit a little bit taller than An R4 Tire well these are a comparable Frame size machine all right and I think Visually you know you look at the Loaders you look at like the the hood Height you look at the the width all That kind of stuff you can see how they Visually line up to be in the same class Of the same series like they're Competing head-to-head you can of course Get the three in a cab tractor as well You can get the DK in an open station so You can get the configurations set up

The same way but you're paying you're Paying a lot less for the coyote than You are for the deer and you're getting More capability but again deer's got That reputation I I used to own a 30 46-hour open station And I loved it it was a great Machine and this one will serve somebody Well Too oh we did throw a brand new bucket On here though these John deers um their Standard Duty buckets are not the most Robust bucket I've ever seen and so it Was wrinkled up pretty good so we threw A new HLA bucket on here this is H's Compact bucket all right we sell these Buckets Standalone right if you need a Get new bucket for your for your tractor This is their compact bucket which Is comp able to being a heavy duty Bucket from John Deere very very Stout Got a reinforced plate underneath here Reinforced side walls uh pre-drilled for A a bolt-on Cutting Edge they're a nice Bucket really nice so if you're looking For a replacement we give skiter quick Attach John Deer quick attach and all That so this is a big coyote all right So this one is 6 years old 2017 it's got A little bit a little bit of paint fade But not much I mean it's it's really Just kind of a lighter shade of Orange nice tractor only about 250 hours Give or take R4 tires

Okay this is comparable to like a my Kabota M4 if you watch my channel my M4 D71 but this is a 66 horsepower it's the Rx6620 um self-leveling loader on there That's what this extra Contraption is Here skis toer quick attached bucket big Old big old hos got the like the power Reverser transmission Set up with a backo on here too this is A rare find you don't see many in this Size that have uh a setup like this with The Backo this thing purs like a kitten Too what do you think about that cab Chris spacious looks super roomy Actually yeah lot of room in there elit A big guy that's a that's a common Question with folks is uh you know what What tractor will fit me I'm a I'm AIG I'm a big Dude oh so this guy that owned it here Let me show you this Chris come back Here you guys are probably wondering What the heck this thing is for the uh Older gentleman that owned it yeah a lot Of you guys make make your own custom Whatevers for tractors and that's what This guy did too so he has this little Bar here little storage spot for it so If he had to change out his Uh his bucket to set a Forks or Something else he cut these down a Little bit cuz they had like a kind of Like a big bulb on the end and then he

Can just put this on here you know to Use the leverage oh get it back off can I get it off there we go to to rock Those things off and uh get the skider Quick attach Undone guys always coming up with custom Stuff you Know all right let's wander to the other Side Huh so we well when I bought this Facility I didn't really have I wasn't Selling tractors at the time and so We've been trying to find a natural home To put all the tractors and we don't Really have that figured out yet so They're kind of just all over the place I'm still up in the air debating whether Or not to buy this lot next to us and Expand you know clear it out and put Gravel down and fence it in and lights And everything else and it's just such A well sometimes I just need to slow my Roll uh both of these tractors are sold This one's going out any any day now Here here's a good look we did this Customer install four port hydraulic Multiplier on the back of this all right So you can see this down here this that My hands on this was the rear remote That was on the tractor so if you have a Rear remote like this you can turn that One remote into four rear remotes all Right you might think that's crazy but If you add on a hydraulic top link and a

Hydraulic side link that Hogs up two Okay each two outlets is one remote so That would take up all that and then if You had like a hydraulic snowblower Which this customer is getting hydraulic Shoot rotation hydraulic deflector well Right there you're at you're at all four Remotes that are taken up so it can add Up really quick you can actually get six Remotes on one of these if you want to Got one with the six remotes on the back Of my Kabota M4 it they're not expensive you get all These for like the price of having the Dealer install one extra remote back Here you can do it yourself in a couple Hours it's a it's a sweet way to go About it oh yeah Chris says remind you Save 5% with code GWT at Summit Hydraulics on hydraulic multipliers on Third function kits on hydraulic top and Tilt kits on hoses and fittings anything That you need hydraulically basically For your tractor go there save 5% uh This tractor is sold okay this is a we Actually have three coyote DK 6010 on The lot this one is sold two more just Showed up this morning though uh this One's going out to a customer and in Fact let's just skip right to it on that Note I bought a coyote DK 610 for myself This one in the middle here all three of These tractors are are coyote dks as Well I

Struggle with buying and selling things Because I want to keep a machine for Myself and then I can't say no when Somebody wants to buy it and so I've Done that like three or four times Already with coyotes and so I went out And bought a brand new one and I'm Making payments on it because it'll just Make it harder it's like another barrier For me to make it harder to sell not That I couldn't but the idea is that way I can have one of these machines around Basically I went all in on coyote Because I really do believe in them so I'm putting my my own money where my Mouth is too and I want to show you guys Something new um long term you know and And show different size attachments I Haven't really had a tractor like this Size on the Channel it is it's 58 horsepower you Know so it's close to being the same Horsepower as my 4066r and the 4720 but it's a smaller frame size um It's again it' be like a 30 46r but with A lot more horsepower and a lot more Lift capacity so it's just going to be a Beast I'm super excited this literally Just delivered like 3 hours ago I Haven't even driven it I haven't even Sat in it yet Chris sat in it I haven't Sat in it so there's some things I added On it and some things I Didn't like I added the second rear

Remote because it was really cheap for Them to do I added the telescoping lower Links and the um well these are St izer Arms I guess and then the telescoping End links I added both of those okay Those are cheap I added a rear wiper on Here made sure I got it with the R14 Tires I may end up widening these tires May not but I didn't get the third Function because I want to show you guys Installing an aftermarket third function From Summit Hydraulics I'm still going To put a hydraulic multiplier on here I'm going to add liquid bowels from rim Guard into the rear tires I'm going to Put wheel weights on here I'm going to Do a lot of things myself right cuz I'm A tractor dealer an aftermarket tractor Dealer and I want to show you this stuff Too so you'll see a lot of install stuff On here and you'll see a lot of projects Too with uh new tools I'll use a lot of I think 72 In tools like land planes and uh snow Pushers and whatever else I don't even Know how wide this is I think it's about You can make it I think you can make it 6ot wide if you want it's a little bit Narrow now cuz it's got the adjustable Hubs anyway a lot to come on here I just I I'm smitten with coyote so I I got one For my myself and and I'm glad I did I I Can't wait to use it especially this Winter too so um anyway this guy here

Another DK just got this one in DK 4710 yeah so 47 is horsepower same Concept as the other ones don't want to Bore you with all the same details but Look this one's this one's used right But look I mean they still got still got Plastic on the seed and on some of the Fenders and everything else these are All lowr machines you can get the the Details the specs the hours On our website Too this one have um one of them has a Third function on it but it's not this One I think it's the one on the other End but this one has they all come Standard with a rear remote all right That's another thing John Deere and Kabota don't do all got a rear remote Standard this external three-point Control see make that go down if it was On you can make it go back up right with That control as Well uh so this one is a Dk61 Yes yeah DK 610 here this one does have The third function on it is this door Unlocked NOP this door is locked but you Can see the joystick there it's got the Third function on there again they're All going to have this uh the skider Quick Attach Buckets nice buckets too these are more Similar to the HLA that one that I

Showed you earlier you know like a Reinforced bucket pre-drill for the Tooth bars you know the top rails Reinforced the side the sides are Reinforced too just a nice just a nice Bucket really are I love the the loaded Joystick operation on here as well So show them on inside there got plastic On the seat there too and I'm not joking Around these are nice low hour tractors These are the real Deal this showed up a couple hours ago We'll get it cleaned up not that it's Dirty I mean got some dirt on the on the Floor that's about it Though Well I might as well show you this guy Too so I went full Boore I found a screaming deal on this K Cabota I did not buy the black tracked K Cabota I just couldn't do it I wanted to But I just just couldn't do it but I did Get a cabota m511 and so that's what you See right here another brand new one I Got a heck of a deal though but um Didn't put a third function on we're Going to put the summit third function On here too put a multiplier on get rim Guard in the tires so this guy show them Those rear wheels I was telling you About Chris so these are cast iron on Here all right now you can get them on The cabota M4 as well this cost a lot More but this adds they were telling me

Like 450 500 lb per Side of weight so that's a big deal you Know for your counterweight I honestly Didn't care if it had a loader or not But this one came with a loader I don't Know how often I'm going to use that I Did add on a triple stack I added on a Rear Wiper added on a buddy seat can't Remember there might have been something Else I added To but same Thing I'd been itching to make that Change from the Kabota M4 so we went This is as big as I could go right and Still use the attachments that I sell And the idea is I I want to I like to Show something different I just want to Show you guys something different I Don't want you to get bored and see the Same thing over and over And you can still relate to using the Tool just with a different Siz tractor Um you know between this and the coyote I still got the 1025r I think I'm still going to keep That I kind of have this thing with cabs With air conditioning and heat and That's the downside on the 1025r those Sub compacts just in general you can't Get a cab with uh with AC on There but yeah another nice machine here Um I do think we've Got I feel like well we can show you

Some attachments while we're walking Around here I think I've got a 20 32r with a loader there's Um there's the 445 garden tractor it's Got a a plow and a mower and a loader Like 19 199 hours on that that's for Sale oh yeah look at this too so we're Starting to get a lot of snow blowers In show them that sticker right there MK Martin snowblowers 7 years residential Warranty 7 years that's Insane absolutely insane unreal I I Think it is that's a long Warranty got a few mowers and stuff left Not a lot Though Oh where is that guy I thought we still Had one parked back Here yeah it's still over here got a 20 32 hour I got two 20 32 hours one's here And one's not yet loaders and mowers and As far as I can tell these are the Absolute cheapest ones that you're going To find for the Hours Online oh look this one's got a couple Extra goodies on it too we got the uh The single point hydraulic connection on Here okay really nice that's Sharp have the mulch kit down on the Deck this is a 60in deck I do believe Should say on this Side 60inch Deck got the

Fender fender flares these are not Standard those are to add- on as well Yeah these are good machines I like them The only thing I don't like About um this series is I wish and it's Not a big deal to everybody it's just me Right I like to tell you the good and The bad but I wish it would have had a Three range transmission just got a high And a Low not the end of the world But good machine very capable These feel stable I don't think this one Has any any spacers on it oh it does it Does have spacers on it this one this is The one that had spacers yeah so it's Got I think these are twoin spacers on This one too it's just a this is a this Is a nice nice machine right here Actually what's this one have on it for Hours 100 100 well2 hours 11.9 Hours this will make somebody a really Nice tractor Anyway folks that's going to wrap it up For us today try to do this every once In a while when we can get a complete Turnover or maybe like an 80% turnover And show you a bunch of new machines It's fun to see you know it's tough to Always get to a dealer lot and a lot of Dealer Lots don't have a lot of used Tractors on them so we're fairly unique I mean there's there's certain places Out there that do but uh hard to find

Videos so anyway it's a lot of fun to do This I hope you appreciated it hope you Enjoyed it maybe it's a better term I Appreciate having the opportunity show You if you want to get more details on The tractors go to goodworkstractors Docomo attachments or maybe put a Package together with a tractor and Attachments we can do all that stuff and We can ship it all right to you that's All we do here we do tractors and Tractor attachments and ship the stuff Out thanks for taking time out of your Day to follow along and until next time Stay safe we'll see you [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Soon [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] W

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