Folks which is better a box blade or a Lamp plane what are you going to choose Well no longer do you need to struggle With this decision because now there's a Product called The Box plane [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] Folks if you love being one of the first To see these new Innovations then take Five seconds press pause hit subscribe Give us a thumbs up leave a comment too But if you're in the market for a Tractor attachment we want to help you Out as well go to goodworkstrractors.com We sell and ship all over the country Every day of the week oh and don't Forget the merchandise too if you're Looking for a hat a sweatshirt a gift For Christmas or a birthday well we sell That too we donate all the profits to Charity we don't keep any of it for Ourselves Foreign [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Music] Foreign

[Music] Folks how we doing welcome to Good Works Tractors So excited to try this out today this is The Box plan gonna be offered by Summit Tractor now you're looking at a Prototype right now technically but I Think this is pretty production Representative if anything is only going To get better but this is a unique Product patent pending okay made in America a lot of good things about it This gate right here is the secret to All this magic and it goes from a lamp Lane hence the name box plane okay you Got the lamp plane and the box blade Kind of combined into one and you can Drop this gate down Pull large amounts Of material if you want to that's more Like what a box blade does or you can Push you got a rear blade here too or Lift the skate up like how we used it Today and it becomes more like a lamp Lane and and you can grade out a gravel Driveway you know we had a big hump here From when the last couple of loads of Gravel got dropped off and I just I kind Of had just quickly smooth it out enough And never got around to really final Grading it and that's what I tackle Today is that final grade and this Worked amazingly well and to be honest I Was actually shocked at how well it Works for a couple of reasons number one

This is 60 inches wide on the 25 Horsepower Summit tx25 and I kind of Thought it was going to be too big for It to be perfectly honest with you I Thought maybe a 48 or 54 or something Would be a better match but this worked Really good for this application here Now it is December and so our gravel is Not perfectly dry there were times when It was spilling over nice and Consistently there were other times Where it kind of clumped up a little bit When I started to dig down into the Really big hump that I was trying to Smooth out that was a little bit wetter There and it clumped up a little bit More and trapped more debris and Um Either way it you just adjust your speed Too to match and and you can kind of Tell you listen to your tractor always Listen to that engine the amount of Strain that it has going on to to kind Of Speed up slow down maybe raise up lower Down whatever you got to do on the three Point and just keep that consistency Going and now of course we had no need For the scarifiers these big Shanks here Today so we had them up in the just kind Of the storage position but they're Going to have like a traditional box Blade three different positions three Holes in those blades so you if you have

Them 180 degrees and you want to dig Down and rip through some stuff maybe Some hard packs say you have an old Gravel driver with big old ruts and Washouts and potholes and all that well You want to use these Shanks right here To dig down through those and kind of Rip all the way down there loosen all That up and and just it's going to be a Project right but that's what a tool Like this is for to go through and Resurface the whole thing and get it Back in good shape and then you have the Tool like this right here to maintain it And you get a newer driveway like what We have here this is Um uh four or five months old something Like that then you stay on top of it Just run your plane over it a few times A year you're good to go and so actually About a year ago this time we had the Very first prototype of the Box plane And out at our other property or that Way out at Richland we use the shanks Did some rep ended all sorts of stuff in Our driveway out there again time of Year not ideal but we're doing what we Can with the conditions now the magic of This entire design Well a good chunk of it anyways Is in this uh this movement mechanism What do you want to call it Right there just like that okay it Lowers the back side down closes off the

Back side makes it like a traditional Box blade Reverse that process Just like that Put the pin back in just kind of like a Retainer pin kind of keeps it locked in Place so it can't go anywhere And you're in land plane mode okay so as Well as that worked you're actually Going to see a few holes on either side Where there's a position to put another Blade in here so you think about a lamp Plane it's got two rows of blades on There and this works Really well with just the one blade you Put a second blade in here that really Kind of helps keep things shuffling Along and not building up as much and That could improve things even more not Sure if that's going to be standard or An option or how that's going to shake Out but this is going to be available Again at Summit tractor I'm not going to Sell this good works tractors is not Going to sell this you go to Summit Tractors website just like the grapple And all other products that they're Going to have coming out I'm just lucky Enough to be one of the first to play Around with it so folks you know I'm a Big fan of Versatility now we've got the Versa bracket coming up those Versa Forks all sorts of other things so I Love it absolutely love it and this is

Another example of that just Innovation At its finest and again it's made in America that's hard to beat alrighty Folks that's going to wrap it for us Today I appreciate you stopping by now We do sell all sorts of tractor Attachments so if you're looking for Something for your front end loader for Your three-point hitch we'd love to help You out go to goodwarstrackers.com we Sell and ship all over the country every Day of the week if you're not in the Market for anything right now well how About you hit that subscribe button down Below give us a thumbs up leave a Comment we'd love to have you tag along I want to thank you for taking time out Of your day to stop by and until next Time stay safe we'll see you soon [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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