I’m About Ready to Drive Both of My John Deere Machines into the Pond

moving dirt with the John Deere 325g skid loader

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Hey it’s Brock here from Rock Hill Farms I spent the last week at the equipment Expo in Louisville Kentucky and it was a Really good time we saw some cool Equipment but I’m also really ready to Be home So my grandson and I’ve been doing a Little fishing today how many fish have You caught Zayden I caught one Zero he’s got to keep bringing up that I Haven’t caught any yet but I’m gonna Take a break I’m gonna set my pole down Over here and let him fish and I want to talk a little bit about a Thought that was running through my head On that long drive back from the show And from a couple conversations I have With people is about the John Deere Quick attach system and why they Have their own so Zayden just got his Line hung up on this tree stump over Here we decided just to call it a day on The fishing it’s just too windy out here And every time he casts it gets hung up So we’re gonna get the tractor out skid Load her out move a little dirt finish That conversation about the John Deere Quick attach system but before I do that I want to show you guys what I’m Thinking about doing I’m thinking about Taking my machines down inside the pond And doing some cleanup work while it’s Dry but I’m also afraid I’m gonna get Them stuck so I’ll show you what the

Terrain looks like see what you guys Think if I can make it down there or not As you go to look at this just keep in Mind we’re in a record drought all the Local ponds look like this and there’s Nothing we can do about it but maybe Take advantage of it of it being so low And see if we can clean it up down there Whoa are you sliding down the hill Could dig Wait tell me again turn around what do You want to do because We could dig that throw it out a little Bit more While the water’s low we could dig it Out yeah Yeah so Satan just had the exact same Idea I came down here to talk to you About so when we cut out the island over Here We reached as far as we could with that Mini excavator and tried to dig some of The muck out right here with that muck Was so thick and this was underwater we Couldn’t see what we were doing and we Just kind of made some holes so now that All of this has dried up It feels like I could possibly get all The way down here and fix all of this But it’s I don’t know if it’s that dry Or not so this all looks dry And I’m not really sinking right here I Come over here I’ve got that moon sand effect

It’s it’s got a dry layer with a wet Layer under it it’s squishy There’s black box Come here Come here tell me about it oh let’s Let’s just tell the we got people Watching what kind of what did you see Fox prints box prints well let’s go look And see if we can find fox a fox down Here Same camera Now do you think that’s a fox or maybe a Baby deer maybe a fox maybe a fox Right here oh my goodness you’re right That that one I think it might be a Raccoon So I’m hoping for a lot of comments on This video comment topic number one is That a fox is that a raccoon what kind Of Prince do we have there comment Number two is it worth it to bring my Equipment down here you guys know I have A 38 horsepower compact tractor and uh 9 500 pound skid loader with tracks on it Could I come down here I bet I could get Over there that looks completely dry It’s over here that I don’t know how far I could go before I run into trouble And the third thing after I give my thoughts on it is do you like The John Deere quick attach system but Right now let’s get some dirt moved Before I run out of daylight You found more what is it

Yeah it’s waiting up now It’s burning up there All the way up there What are these leading to Probably scaring us you let us know if You see a fox all right so This is where I had to borrow pit that Turned into a moon sand or quicksand and It was just like uh old this whole area Was like a water bed feels fine to walk On now but I’m gonna drive the skid Loader out here I need to take this pile Of dirt and spread it where I took the Sod and see how solid we are right here So if you didn’t see it I got the skid Loader stuck in this spot right here and I made a follow-up video talking about This being basically quicksand because It just squishes and and I can’t pack it In Because I made the decision to fill the Dirt in while it was still full of water So I’m checking on it now and it looks a Lot better But it’s not dried out completely and I Thought you’d be able to see it in this Shot but you you really can’t but every Time I drive it smashes down and the Spot next to it lifts up Now I think I figured out a solution to That that’s going to kill two birds with One stone and you’ll see that in a Future video Now this strip I’m working on right now

Is where I peeled all the sod off and Laid that sod on the far pond dam And now I’m just filling that back in so I don’t have a drop off And basically at that point this area Will be complete Okay Now that I’ve got that strip filled in I’m going to use the little bit of Topsoil that’s left and just cover Across this Bank ideally I’d have a good Layer of topsoil across all this clay But for now I’m just going to use what I Have get rid of that pile and see if we Can get some grass to grow over here [Music] Foreign So I mentioned earlier that I was going To talk a little bit about the John Deere quick attach system and I’m talking about the one used on Compact tractors And for a long time I defended John Deere continuing to use that system Because I said I think it’s actually Possibly a little bit better or at least It’s just as good as the skid steer Setup But I’ve really changed my mind because Now that I have a skid loader and I know Several people who have other tractors That use the skid steer quick attach I’ve come to the conclusion and this is Really

Nothing groundbreaking it’s a old news That probably most people would agree With but It’s starting to irritate me that John Deere uses their proprietary system Because it just doesn’t matter if it’s Better or not Because you’re inconveniencing people Who may have access to multiple machines And there’s just a staggering level of Arrogance in saying that everyone else Should adapt to what you do It’s just like with charging cords Almost everything on the market has Moved to using a USB type-c but Apple Still uses their own proprietary Chargers And that is an inconvenience to Everybody So even though that conversation didn’t Really fit in this video After talking to a bunch of implement Manufacturers and other tractor owners Up at the Show we were at this week it just was Something that was on my mind so I Thought I’d See what you guys think so tell me in The comments what’s your favorite Tractor manufacturer and if you are a Deer guy or you aren’t What do you think about them continuing To use their own proprietary front end Loader attachment system

Right now All right guys this is not graded Perfectly flat but it just wouldn’t Matter if it was because I’ve still got that spot that’s spongy And every time I cross it it moves so I can’t do it till I fix that but I Figured out a way to fix that that’s Going to kill two birds with one stone So we’ll see that in a video here soon But as far as today I appreciate you Taking time to watch Tell me in the comments what you think About all the questions I posed I’ll put Links on the screen to a couple more of Our videos and I’ll see you next time

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