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Hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms And I'm here to fix a floor that's Sinking in in this rental house now this Is actually where I filmed my first ever YouTube videos when I thought this Channel was going to be about me Renovating rental houses But this particular house I bought for Fourteen thousand dollars and I called It the fun house because all the floors Were had crazy amounts of bow in it the The ceilings were sagging the walls were Bowing out off the foundation it was a Real mess and I thought I got everything Squared away but we have one spot where The floor is just sinking in and I've Got to get under the house and figure Out what's going on So I think instead of crawling this it's Really hard to get from the crawl space All the way up to where the problem is There's not much room there's a tiny Hole I've got to go through with all my Tools I think I'm going to cut through The floor in that spot and see if we can Fix it Should be a good time All right so let's take a look inside The house This right here you probably can't see How bad it is but this is the spot That's sunk in when I bought the house From here to the cabinets which I Replaced all these cabinets it had metal

Cabinets they almost seemed like Something you would have in a workshop Is metal cabinets metal drawers the Whole thing was metal the top was metal But that was the kitchen cabinets So I pulled all that out and from where The cabinets is to here was about an Eight inch drop like literally just Dropped off and I spent a few weeks Under the house trying to level all the Floors out but every time you move the Floors you're moving the walls in the Ceiling too and I got it pretty good but Over time we've sunk in right here so What I'm going to do now I've got six more boxes of this flooring And so I'm gonna pull up this flooring Here because a bunch of it has broke This is a luxury vinyl plank And A lot of that's broke And I didn't remember it but it looks Like as I do this after I leveled the Floors as well as I could I put this Luxury vinyl plank wall-to-wall the Whole house with all continuous seams And I got it pretty darn good but then I put Down some of this Self-leveling Underlayment it's like a thinset Concrete almost In a few spots where it wasn't still Wasn't perfect

And so I'm gonna have to bust that up If you're thinking man this guy needs to Get a professional that's not even on my Radar I do everything myself Try not to hire anyone for anything and Most of the time it works out and I can Even if occasionally I have to redo Something because I didn't get it Perfect I still come out ahead most of The time compared to paying someone And that's how you learn so first thing I got to do is the other reason I didn't Go under the house to fix this is There's some rotten wood here that needs To be replaced so first thing I need to Do is bust up all this underlayment And pull up some of the wood and see What we got [Applause] Oh my gosh this is soft it's worse than I thought Okay Okay So I got my son-in-law here and I said Uh Some of y'all never crawled under a Spiderweb infested narrow crawl space And it shows Man I think it's like a rite of passage At some point you gotta crawl under this Nasty narrow crawl space you can get Your man card before that you're just a Old boy You're just saying like you're gonna be

An elderly boy if you don't do any man Stuff at some point All right guys here's the truth The truth is I'm embarrassed by this Because I redid this entire house all New Plumbing Fixed almost everything and for some Reason I did not resheat the floor and That should have been what I did and This Okay this is like a box in between the Joist That's lost support I'm gonna have to Get the GoPro under here with the light I put long four by fours running this Way and the floor joists run this way And just supported them all But I had a jack under one end of it and I left the jack in there I don't know What I was thinking but the Jack sat Down So now the support I put under this Is got is no support at all but that's Kind of a good thing I've already got Concrete blocks in place I've got beams In place I just got to support them Better This is nasty under here so I'm gonna Give you some video but I won't be Narrating it as I go okay So what this area needs this is honestly Like a a load bearing Wall And it's got nothing supporting it and

Everything else down here nothing's to Code it's not going to be to code if That bothers you you're on the wrong Video what I wanted for it to not sag So what we need Is To remove the this Wood right here and right next to it is A weak floor joist and I need to get and Scab a long floor joist back to where It's not weak anymore same thing on both Sides of this and then I need to put a Bunch of support across this way too and Frame this up better then all we've got To do is lift this is a four by four Like 10 feet long And Just need to put equal pressure across This entire section With that and replace these jacks With some some concrete blocks Get it all framed back up I replaced a Lot of floor joists in here When I did it originally Apparently I didn't come over here I Don't know what the heck This right here was an oak 2 by 12 by 12 That I milled from a tree I cut down and We split this 2 by 12 into two two by Sixes on my table saw and it I didn't Know if we could do it this stuff is Hard Nothing at all like wood from the lumber Yard so it ought to hold up pretty well

Under the house here So we got this Same length as the room so we're going To support this all the way across Foreign I had to cut back another 16 inches to Find something solid here and then I'm Gonna have to Jack this up a little bit To get this joist in here See this 4×4 as Redneck and cobbled as All this is all through this house I've Built stands out of concrete blocks and These are solid concrete blocks and then I've got four by fours on those stands Running this Direction all across the House It's not the right way to do it but it's It's not as bad as it probably looks So They had built before I bought this they Built a box right here That was really bad workmanship we're Going to run a full new floor joist all The way across the room In this spot right here where it's Basically missing now let's hook that Box out then we're going to put another One of these supports here Build it up with concrete blocks four by Fours Jack it up shim it and I've got an Eight foot level hopefully we can get Level all the way across this entryway So now we have an opening that is 43 Across and 48 wide

And this joist right here is really Solid this one is solid This joist here is already setting on One of my supports on this end and I'm Going to put another one right here to Support this and this and the new one So all I've got to do is add the missing Joists that goes right here And build in my support then we can Start Sheeting this and then the hard part is Going to be making it look like we Didn't disturb this floor That's going to be hard there's a lot of Joints and everything but It'll work out Okay lift the end of it up Guide me down here You why don't we test this and the People All right so we are leveling from this Point to this point we've We've enforced this joist and this joist We've added one here and then I'm going To put another one on the other side But our subfloor thickness or our floor Thickness over here is a full two inches And here we are at 2 and a sixteenth I've jacked this up and we are going to Put that underlayment on top of this Again to match what's here So we have our height right I'm going to Put this one down Then I'm going to put another one on the

Other side On both ends we have this board here That was cut off And this runs all the way to the main Support Down the center of the house under the Load-bearing wall so this is setting on The most sturdy support anywhere under The house and the other end is on a good Support so this is going to be strong I got some two inch thick hardwood Wedges That taper to about an inch and I'm Driving them on each side We now have a double Hardwood two by six right here so there May be all kinds of problems but this is No longer going to be a weak spot for Sure These floor joists are true two inch You compare it It's a lot thicker a lot heavier this True two inch rough son Is as hard as a rock you might as well Try to drive a nail into concrete And I was going to use those as our Cross supports At each end we're going to kind of frame In a box again now that these are Actually well supported but thought man It's gonna be awful hard underneath There to toenail in or anything like That so decided to get some joist Hangers

And specific nails made for joist Hangers And I like this kind for what we're Doing that's got this overhang I don't Even know if they're meant for this but Got a good feeling it's going to work Out All right you can see we've boxed in the Ends here so we have this is the Strongest part of the whole house now We've boxed this in pretty solid we got One layer of sheeting Started and then we're gonna do two Layers of sheeting then we'll start with The Self-leveling Floor Covering and then that has to sit For 24 hours before we can put the Flooring down so we've got the floor all Patched up it's solid now and we're Going to put down a self-leveling Underlayment which is like a really thin Layer of concrete it's just a thin Liquid so it levels itself out But with that thin liquid you can't have Any gaps or cracks or this will all just Run down under the house so I've went Through and siliconed all of the joints And if I've got a good layer of silicone On there this is going to work But first I'm going to use this primer t It's a primer specifically made for this Self-leveling product I forgot to turn the camera on before I

Start doing this but nothing that Exciting this primer is just a thin pink Liquid Just paint it on We got five quarts of water here I Actually put four in and I got a little Bit more in the Hawaiian Punch jug and We're going to mix 50 pounds of this Self leveler Foreign What Is [Music] It Okay I would say we had about 80 percent as Much material as we needed It's a little bit lower out in the Middle After this dries we will put a level of Crossed it and see if it's close enough To go ahead and put our flooring back Down or not I only got one bag of that underlayment And There's a little bit of a drop off right Here so I definitely needed two bags So I went back and got a second bag we Had to let this completely dry which Takes 24 hours Now I've got to put a second layer down That is one nice looking mess right There Hopefully it's solid when it sets up

I'll be back in 24 hours To see if I can reinstall this luxury Vinyl plank flooring I go into Everything with an unreasonable Expectation For some reason I thought I was gonna do This all in a day Here we are on day four I'm gonna Blame A lot of that on dry times but We're leveling we're solid But there's not a smooth transition Right here There's a little bit of an actual bump Up and some splatter So Got this concrete grinding wheel we'll See how it works on this stuff Okay so most of you probably know how to Install vinyl plank flooring and for the First three rows this is just going to Be a standard install but actually you Know even on this row it won't because I'm not removing all the trim from this Wall and this wall and that wall and the Two walls in the other room and Repainting the trim and going through All of that what I'm gonna do and I know This is supposed to be a floating floor But I've done it this way before It's going to still be a floating floor In all the other directions but right in This corner I'm going to glue those Pieces down get them right up against The trim and glue them down

And that's what I'm gonna have to do Also at the main seam when this runs Into The other end where we stopped removing So what I've got is this gorilla glue Brand heavy duty construction adhesive Says it dries in 30 seconds Fast grab 30 second dry time Gap filling All weather paintable seems like some Good stuff but it's like 10 or 11 dollars a two so hopefully it It's as good as it says it is I've got tapping blocks somewhere but I Didn't feel like finding them so you can Use another piece as a tapping block if You click the click the end of a broken Piece in you can tap it together All that's left is the rest This is not the way but it's working At just enough room that we could avoid Cutting this piece by sliding it under The trim Only takes about 4 000 smacks with a Hammer Oh that's perfect that's perfect Hey Look at you [Music] Keep going Yep That's it yep Yep should work All right that's gonna fit so now we Need to pull it

Now if I can just kind of smash it Down on the glue All right so the last piece here is Glued to the floor and if someone didn't Know better after I run a bead of color Match caulk down this right here Someone might think that I knew what I Was doing When I originally put this down I Started on that wall And I continued in one process all the Way across the house through all the Doorways all continuous and I was going To do that here through this but coming Through a doorway like this in the Middle of the room it's kind of hard to Know I used chalk lines before to get these Rows straight As I came into the next Room but now I have to match that Precisely to get it to fit this end to This end with the right number of pieces And if for some reason it doesn't come Out right I don't want to try to match This last strip that's the width of the Room I want to match that up right here In the doorway so now we're going to Start at this side come to the wall and The last piece I put in will be right Here [Music] Oh It's not perfect but it's not terrible We've got three more pieces

[Music] So like I was saying earlier nothing Was done by the book here but I think It's really solid and it's the best we Could do when we came down to this last Strip right here I cut both tabs off and I used a really good gorilla glue to Glue down this plank this plank and that Plank only thing left to do now is to go Around where I didn't get a perfect fit On the walls and I've got this gray Caulk it's actually a full silicone And just fill in these gaps right here But otherwise I appreciate you taking time to watch The video I'll put links on the screen To more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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