[Music] [Applause] [Music] What is this witchcraft of splitting Both ways just take my money running a Big tractor to split wood makes no sense Nice splitter though sure are a lot of Whitey tractor owners out there you Should run out to your shop right now And pet your tractor and tell it you Will never make it split wood again Maybe you rub some wax on it wear out a Four or five hundred dollar motor or a Twenty thousand dollar tractor motor I Don't get it makes a lot of sense the Tractor already has your power why buy Maintain and care for a redundant power System neat item but I've never been a Big fan of the tractor hydraulic Splitters why put all the hours on a Tractor engine when they can be put on a Much cheaper cheaper to run and maintain Easy to replace small gas engine I've Never owned a tractor I'm wondering is It cheaper to run equipment off of a Tractor or to buy equipment with their Own engines I've heard that tractor Maintenance is so expensive that you Want to reduce the hours however I can't Help but think only performing Maintenance on one engine instead of Multiple engines would be much cheaper Has anybody done the study on this for Book so a lot of good comments from the

Last split fire video that we did it's a Hydraulic wood splitter all right the Tractor operates the Hydraulics that Feed the splitter and does all the work And so you're you're running your Tractor while you're doing your work With your tractor the same way that you Would run your tractor to mobile field With a brush hog or to pick up things With the loader or to blow snow you know You use your tractor to do all these Kinds of tasks it's just one more task You can do with it and then of course You have the comments like what I was Just listing off which kind of you know Destroyed this whole thing right like Why would you put all these hours on Your tractor when you can get a Standalone engine and I'm thinking well Where do you draw that line because It's not just a splitter but you can get A self-powered Flail Mower a Self-powered brush mower a self-powered Lawnmower self-powered snow blower Self-powered chipper I mean the list Just goes on and on you can get an Engine for everything and then you don't Even need a tractor right and so it's Like I don't know I'm I'm in my mind I'm Like How do some folks out there decide What's tractor-worthy and what's not Tractor-worthy it blows my mind so and Whatever that's fine I mean you know

There's all these manufacturers out There that are more than happy to sell You something with its own engine on There too and you're going to pay a lot More for all those separate setups as Well a lot more engines to maintain all That kind of thing but I did a survey Recently not too long ago on my YouTube Channel I do a lot of those so if you Are subscribed you you'll be notified of These are on the community Tab and I'll Do polls just various tractor questions They're a lot of fun to answer and They're a lot of fun to kind of see what The rest of the tractor world is doing Too I did one based on the amount of Hours per year that tractor owners put On their machines get this 70 of Respondents said they put a hundred Hours or less a year on their tractor so Let's just say 20 years that's a Max of 2 000 hours and 20 years that you're Putting on your tractor based on the Current usage so if you were thinking Huh maybe I get a log splitter and put Say 50 more hours a year somehow you're You're increasing it 50 a year with a Log splitter you're going to go up to 3 000 hours and 20 years wow that's Incredible you know and these tractor Engines these diesel engines Kubota Yanmar Mitsubishi all of them they go 5 10 15 some go 20 000 hours okay and so Most folks aren't even going to ever see

The end life of their tractor's engine And of course there's always exceptions To the rule there's going to be folks Out there that are in a firewood Business right and you don't want to pay 40 50 60 grand for a tractor you don't Need to to run a splitter all day long And you wouldn't but that's not the norm This is a person that has well like like What we have here we've got 40 acres We've got some Woods you know we have A need desire for firewood that kind of Thing and we have the engine the power Source here so we hook this up just like Anything else to do one more task and so Let's go through some considerations Pros and cons both ways for using a Self-powered piece of equipment versus a Tractor-powered piece of equipment and You make your own decision but if There's something I don't mention then Leave a comment down below because a lot Of folks watch these videos and maybe You've been grappling with this decision Or maybe you've you've gone through it And already made the decision and you Can kind of leave how you went about it And help somebody else out you know so I Got to thinking about why is it that Most folks put 100 or less on their Tractor every year which is if you break It down weekly that's two hours a week You know and in the summertime if you're Mowing with it like a subcompact or a

Small compact maybe that's an hour or Less a week I don't know and then you Have an hour of other projects but I Think in reality the reason is that so Many folks are first-time tractor owners And you really don't understand how Quickly how efficiently you can get Price projects done with a tractor Compared to doing it by hand with a Shovel and a wheelbarrow and manually Dragging things around and all that and It's just incredible how many more Projects you get done but they're all Done quickly and a lot of us want more Seat time you know and it's just not There all the time but I really think That that plays a big part of why Tractor hours are lower than You would probably expect folks I hope You're enjoying today's video if you are Take just a minute hit that subscribe Button right down below completely free And if you're in the market for a Tractor attachment check out goodworks we sell and ship all over The country okay so a few thoughts here Then going into that decision you know And number one is going to be Engine maintenance and repairs right and Whether it's the tractor or individual Engines you're going to have repairs and Maintenance to do on that and if you Want to maintain more pieces of Equipment then

More power to you I find myself wanting To to thin down the equipment that I Have I I don't have enough time for it Everything leaks or something doesn't Work and I just can't maintain it all You know I take it into a dealership to Have it done and sometimes it comes back And it's still not fixed or it takes Weeks and you're without it and so if You have fewer pieces of equipment to Maintain doesn't mean nothing's going to Go wrong but you get to know that engine Better you get to know the ins and outs Of it better it's it's easier just to Maintain one piece of equipment you can Stay on top of it better I would tend to Lean towards using fewer engines versus More engines you know gas versus diesel Right all of our tractors for the most Part are going to be diesel engines on There A lot more torque a lot more more power Output from that they don't burn fuel as Much typically at least that's my Experience you know versus a a gas Powered engine which just seems to go Through fuel really quickly lifespans in General of a diesel versus a gas engine You know you're going to have a lot more Longevity out of a diesel engine versus A gas engine and that's part of the Reason they are cheaper Even so I think to burn through either One of these engines it's just going to

Take you so many hours where it's almost Non-factor unless it's basically Somebody sitting there all day long Every day using it now a benefit to Self-powered equipment is a lot of it Especially like on the back side of a Machine is going to be a towable or like A pull type you know so if you have you Can see the ranger in the background There you have a UTV an ATV and a Tractor maybe a garden tractor just Multiple pieces of equipment you can Potentially hook up that mower or that Chipper You know maybe even a snow blower we Have the rammy snow blowers in the in The front mount flail mowers and brush Hogs you can mount those on multiple Pieces of equipment too so maybe it's a Little bit more versatile that way so if One engine or one machine is broken down You have the possibility to hook it up To something else and still get your Projects done folks we are proud to be Sponsored by rim guard Solutions a Liquid ballast weight it goes right Inside your tires completely hidden We're big on safety on this channel These tractors are just too light and Tippy right out of the factory not only Is it going to help with safety keeping Those rear tires planted on the ground It helps with loader efficiency and Traction too the benefits of rim guard

Include being the heaviest all-natural Liquid ballast weight on the market it's Not going to corrode your rims like the Old calcium chloride it's not going to Freeze and it's available at over a Thousand dealers Nationwide find the Dealer near you at You know now cost is a big consideration Too because if you're buying everything With its own engine on there that is Going to cost more for every attachment Too and you don't you know we're showing This on a Big 5 series tractor you don't Have to get self-powered equipment and Go on a big tractor you can get out a Little subcompact tractor if you want to But you still have to weigh that cost Comparison you know like a let's take a 10 25 little subcompact tractor for Example you can run a four foot brush Hog on there a couple Grand maybe 22 2 400 bucks something like that if I want To run a a 48 inch brush hog that's Self-powered like from Swisher for Example I feel like those are three four Five grand something like that you can Look it up online they have some options Out there too but that's significantly More money and maybe in the grand scheme Of things if you only have an ATV or a UTV that makes sense But still that's a big cost difference Just for one tool if you times that by Many tools well you can see where I'm

Going was it that cost Gap really Shrinks but again splitfire recognizes That decision making process and so they Offer both right they offer a version That hooks up to your hydraulic system On your tractor they offer a Self-powered version too so you can go Either way oh and actually also they Offer a PTO add-on kit so you can if you Don't have the extra Hydraulics or maybe Not the hydraulic flow you can get a PTO Kit and run it off of that too and just Generates through a pump and then you Get your hydraulic flow that way and in Fact they even have an electric option Too so if you want to get something Completely different completely separate From a tractor and machine anything else You can get the electric version put That right inside your shop it's nice And quiet too and a little fun fact for You split fire actually invented the Two-way splitter all right so you can Split this way and come back and split This way too a pretty sweet setup I am Blessed I am very fortunate to be able To Showcase this piece here and some Other pieces of equipment from splitfire As well they've sent them over to me to Demo to show you guys what they're all About I don't sell split Fire Equipment You go right to their website they are a Canadian company but they sell to the States in fact they they ship and sell

All over the world too so great Folks up There if you're not sure what the right Product is for you they are going to Help you out they're going to ask you What your your tractor is or what your Situation is they're going to help set You up for Success so hopefully you Found this entertaining if you have some Thoughts some opinions on the subject And leave a comment down below if you're Looking for a tractor attachment maybe Not a split fire product but all sorts Of other stuff we're happy to help you Out check out we Sell and ship all over the country why Don't you take a second hit that Subscribe button right down below and Follow along I want to thank you for Taking time out of your day to stop by And until next time stay safe we'll see You soon [Applause] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music]

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