Innovative New Equipment for 2023 – The Best of the Equip Expo

the kioti skid steer and the John Deere RE1 electric tractor are just 2 of the new models at this years show

Innovative New Equipment for 2023 – The Best of the Equip Expo

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At Rockhill farm we think outside the box and put out daily equipment videos. Running our 2038R compact tractor, 325G skid loader and a variety of other toys.

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Hey it’s Barack here with Rock Hill Farms we’re out here at the equip Expo Today we’re gonna walk around all the Indoor booths right now and show you Whatever catches my eye whatever’s cool Should be a fun show so as soon as you Walk in this door you see the Curtis and Artillium booth and they hosted a YouTube meet and greet every morning at 10 A.M and directly across from that is The tym booth which is where Tony’s Tractor Adventure was holding his Meet and greet every morning and it was Ended up being kind of a place where all Of the YouTube channels in this Niche kind of Congregated and socialized and I enjoyed that almost as much as looking At the other equipment Here in a little bit we’ll have clips of All the other YouTubers but for now Let’s get over and look at this coyote Booth all right we are just 50 feet in From the door and the first thing to Really catch my eye is a coyote skid Loader they’ve never made skid loaders Before looks like a pretty cool machine I’m going to ask some questions about it See what I can find out And turns out I was correct this is the First time they’ve ever made a skid Loader I don’t think it’s actually for Sale yet but they’re launching it this Is a model slv750

And the SL is for skid loader which Means a wheeled machine they also have a TL which is a track loader the 75 is the Horsepower so it’s the same size machine As my John Deere 325g Weighing in between nine and ten Thousand pounds and staying under that Def requirement it has the slide up door Like a Kubota or a Takeuchi Instead of a single lap bar like the Deer machine has it also has the split Lap bars like you see on the Kubota Machines Other than that I didn’t get a whole lot Of information about it but I’m Interested to know who they are in Partnership because I would expect They’re probably working with an Existing company launching a new Skid Loader I just came across the all-new Electric one re I don’t think it’s on The market yet but it’s coming so I’m Gonna see if I can find someone from Deer who wants to tell us about this Machine I’ll be right back hey I’ve Found someone who can tell us a little Bit about this John Deere 1re electric Tractor to me it looks a little bit like A 1025 is that kind of what the Capabilities are like on it so that is The chassis that we’ve built this on is It’s the same as the Gen 25r yeah and Then so what kind of a battery life is It and I assume it’s not a removable

Battery you charge you plug the machine In to charge it or so there’s awesome Questions so first of all it is a fixed Battery Solution that’s part of this Concept vehicle here so and I want to be Real clear so it does say the 1re on it But this is a concept unit for us okay So that means we may or may not be Bringing this vehicle to Market so just To help level set the expectations so Runtime is something that a lot of our Customers are asking us about uh and we Want to make sure that we’ve got enough Run time to match the typical jobs that Our customer would do with tractors That’s kind of tricky right because There’s not fully typical what they’re Trying to do so here’s what I’m going to Try and tell you here is in the concept Vehicle we know from our customer Feedback is that we need a lot of power So we’re trying to figure out when we Get ready to bring this vehicle or Something like it to Market how much Power that’s going to be yeah and that’s I think that’s exactly what it is Everyone is interested because electric Has the advantages but everyone’s Skeptical of was he gonna run out of Battery and I’m stuck in the middle of Doing something absolutely you don’t Want to be necessarily rushing something Out until it’s right that’s exact that’s Exactly right that’s why it’s not on the

Market today yeah uh but we’ve had this Concept in it actually we showed it in 2019 in Europe and we showed it first And we’ve had an opportunity to get more Customer feedback about it and the Customers have been amazing talking to Us about their runtime meets talking to Them talking to us about their Maintenance expectations so with Electrification people expect less Maintenance they also expect more Intuitive operation so as we think about What that looks like in the compact Tractor space making it super simple for First-time homebuyers and Rural Lifestyle type customers that’s going to Be an important focus of ours awesome Well you guys leave us in the comments Tell us what you think about an electric Tractor and how excited you are for the Release of this one re when it comes out Thank you I really appreciate you taking The time to talk to me well we’re Excited about electric so thanks Sam for Spending some time with me all right now If you notice I’ve been talking a lot About electric ever since I’ve been at The show it’s not because I’m big on Electric power equipment I honestly Don’t think the technology is there yet And I’m gonna stick with gas and diesel For as long as possible but That’s where the industry is going how Long can you mow with these before you

Run the batteries down These Guys these are all electric aren’t They there’s about 24 kilowatts so this Is going to be about eight hours or About 21 Acres eight hours yeah That’s actual cutting and it does it Have a removable battery or do you just Charge it no it’s a single battery That’s actually placed underneath the Seat so it’s actually about 15 more Compact than every other gas one so you Actually have a better Um put three of these on a 20-foot Trailer Um yeah it’s all a single a big battery That charges it can charge in uh eight Hours with the standard charger or three Hours with our rapid charger obviously I Know that probably the answer but you’re You’d say this is going to cut Comparable to any other zero turn mode We’ve got any power yeah we’ve tried it At the installed we’ve tested it’s got The most biggest thing is because Actually for the gas ones you’re all Running off builts and everything like That so what happens is when you Actually get into any thick stuff you’re Actually slowing down your uh blade tip Speed which then causes actually Clumping in or a minimal dispersion so This is like a direct drive yeah all These are direct drive Motors right here So

Straight uh straight power directly into The uh blade Wow and uh you got the stand-ons too we Got stand on so we’ll have the same Story basically yep so we have the Stand-ons and we have our some smaller Compact stand on so Um this right over here I think it’s gonna be about 15. they Have eight kilowatt battery so these can Have probably a smaller deck I think We’re probably looking at about five uh Five hours Oak run time they’re about Eight kilowatt battery but you also have A smaller deck you’re running these are Usually could be up to Northeast they’re Probably gonna be running these in Places where they can’t get a larger one If they have larger Properties or like Compact residential areas so still great Run time on these yeah awesome yeah I Run stand on mowers so those caught my Eye all right hey thanks thanks for Taking the time to tell me about it no Problem Welcome Back The appeal to a machine like this is Just immediately obvious such a small Footprint but you can do a lot of Different types of work with a machine Like that I’m actually pretty darn happy with my Skid loader

But Comparing equipment is just what I do And if there was another brand that I Would be interested in swapping it out For it would be Takeuchi the combination Of the door design and all the positive Reviews I’ve heard on it and actually Talking to a few guys who own them Really make it appealing the only Downside is when I was shopping there’s No Takeuchi Dealer near me Wow that Takeuchi tl12 Is enormous length width height That’d be your hydraulic cooler up there That makes it even taller that isn’t a Gigantic machine As I walk around the front I literally Felt like I would need a ladder to climb Up in the machine Uh this one setting next to it uh tl8 is Back in that size range of my machine Other than electric the other Trends I See repeated over and over is hybrid Machines and track machines that can be A lawnmower or a stand-on mower Or a mini skid steer You know or sometimes kind of a mix of All of that but have multiple Attachments on it You know you originally for a long time You had companies like Grasshopper And Vintrack that gave you a mower that Could do other things and more and more Companies are trying to do that like

This altaz I don’t know much about them I watched a couple of YouTube videos Today but definitely cool looking Machines Now this next one I don’t have to Speculate on because I’ve owned and used Almost all of their products And it’s really good stuff Yeah before I had a YouTube channel I Bought all of these green touch racks Decked out a trailer with them if you Haven’t seen it I’ve got a couple videos On it but these are awesome products for Someone who does mowing Or even just hauling stuff on your SUV I’m still thinking about the size of That Takeuchi this machine right here Weighs 16 000 pounds 114 horsepower and It looks tiny compared to that Takeuchi One thing that does not look tiny is This big Batwing style x mark That looks like a serious machine to cut A lot of grass in a short period of time What’s the horsepower on that 43 43. boy That’s a heck of them over there it is It is it’ll knock out some some grass 144 conservatively rated about 10 acres An hour 10 acres an hour yeah pretty Conservative actually wow So right now I am approaching the bad Boy tractors booth and that is a new Player in the tractor Market obviously They’re more established for mowers but

There’s a dealer right down the road From me that has one of these 40 35 35 Horsepower cab tractors that I could Probably get A more in-depth test drive on than What’s available at a show like this so I may do a video on that as a standalone Later I can’t tell you if bad boy makes a good Tractor or not but man is there branding And the look of the machine on point I don’t know if there’s anything new or Exciting from Champion but I always plug Them and I don’t have any incentive to Because everything I own from Champion It’s not super expensive products and it All starts first full that’s been my Experience Another guy are we on are We Roll it Yeah buddy will do that’s me Okay keep on tractoring keep on Tractoring Right now I’m walking towards the Kanga Booth which is A mini skid loader company and I Actually get to drive one in the video That will come out tomorrow Pretty cool machines Good how about yourself doing good Nice looking machines huh I had some Interesting to stand on Just looking around yeah It seems like kind of the way things are Going smaller machine with the same

Capability that’s it that’s exactly Right sometimes you don’t need a Full-size skid steer yes yeah which I Have one and I’m a lot of times think I’d like to have something smaller Because it can’t really get in there you Know that’s it that’s it so um or you uh Run across the yard and you look behind You’re like oh no Yeah so uh what’s uh Kanga that’s the Name of the company name of the company Australia company Um still produced in Australia they are Uh they’ve owned a facility in Dyersville Iowa so they’re going to Start uh producing in Dyersville as well As Australia my question is like Everybody’s making a mini skid steer now So what uh what do you kind of think are Your distinguishing so it’s the first Features um can get actually created the Stand on loader so Um a couple of the the perks hurricane Gap Um the highest ground clearance seven Inches most of them are two or five The tracks undulated over uneven ground So whereas competitors with those Dedicated tracks we’ll get to a tip Point and they come down these undulate So they you don’t have the hard things But that hard seesaw effect that you Have with the other guys and then you Guys make your own attachments we do but

They all are interchangeable you know What I mean they’re they’re mini quick Attached just like everyone else uses TNT You guys primarily sell tracks yes sir We do manufacture and sell all across The country wherever you want so tell me About these uh Like this is a lot different pattern Than on my tracks and you’ve got a lot Of different patterns here so correct Yes sir uh so yeah these are uh these Are what’s commonly known as the cam so SD pattern uh camso is the Michelin Brand but their uh their prices are a Little pricey so we’re making our Manufacturing our own Sawtooth pattern These guys do best in mud snow uh decent Wood floatation and then those guys in The middle there are Z pattern we Manufacture those ourselves let’s go Take a look at them yeah those are kind Of similar along these Sawtooth lines These are a little bit more for more Severe applications especially during The winter time a lot of guys like to Run these and those over there the Multivar turf friendly a lot of guys use Them just to preserve the ground they do Good with dirt gravel really anything so We ship anywhere Continental us and Tracks and so like go to that Website right there if I want to order Some tracks from you yes sir yeah we uh

We ship anywhere we got mini excavator Stuff you know all those things so yeah They’re putting tracks on everything When you walk around the show they’re Going on the Zero Turn Mowers and it’s Like hard to find something without Tracks yeah pretty much all AG stuff now Has gone to tracks too everybody wants That look Brown pressure so you guys Going to be priced comfortable or are You kind of like a premium product at a Premium price so we have three different Tiers we have our in-house brand GMT and Then we also have Cam so and Bridgestone So Bridgestone is going to be OEM on a Majority of the machines out there so That’s probably going to be your it’s Going to be your highest end track so we Have pretty much three different price Scales and then we also have heavy duty And standard Duty so any budget we can Get you into something if you’ve got Someone like me who’s uh I’m running my First track machine don’t know anything About track You guys can kind of talk me through What’s what’s going to work best for me Yeah definitely well yeah we always ask What applications you’re going to be Using the machine for because we have so Many different tread designs that each One’s better suited for different Applications so just depending on Whatever you’re going to be using it for

We can get you in the right set of Tracks all right you guys have a card Yeah Um I have to remember Well it’s expensive So This week we are introducing an Autonomous mowing robot so what it does Is it allows a single operator to deploy Three mowers and generate the same Revenue as a crew at three And is that something that’s on the Other side and then this is that uh this Is an autonomous mowing robot what’s on The other side is a remote control what We’re used for extreme Landscapes but The fact it has a seat means you can do It either way well yes this this can Operate exactly like a zero turn because The robot can’t do 100 of the work There’ll be some fine details you’ll do And you gotta upload and unload it right And so when you’re on it it can’t be Autonomous Okay so the idea is you mow a perimeter And uh you can tell it’s a mow and it’ll Mow inside the perimeter you just choose A pattern uh if there’s areas inside of The perimeter that you wanna we call it Keep out areas like a water feature or Landscaping you just mow around it tell It to keep out and it’ll so instead of Since some of those like the homeowner Ones they’ll have like a electric fence

Or something with this you’re kind of Telling it the perimeter by molding the Perimeter so this uses extremely Advanced technology uh it that is Connected to satellites as it does its Job so there’s no fence there’s no wire You just literally drive a perimeter Tell it to mow and it moves inside the Perimeter yeah look at this video You can see like that’s a retention pond It’s in so that’s an example of the kind Of Work it can do yeah I immediately see The use for this because you’ve got a Hillside that said man I don’t like to Get out on that and you don’t have to so These products do two different things For landscapers so this one is Niche Revenue most landscapers I know are Getting between two and three hundred Dollars an hour to run this product Because because I’ll give you an example I was at a job site in Maryland big long Steep slope outside of a factory they Wanted it to look nice they paid a Landscaper four thousand dollars to String trim it by hand We did the whole job in six man hours so You could charge two thousand dollars The customer gets it at half price but That is a very good job two thousand Bucks in six hours so this is really High value Niche revenue for the Landscaper on the other side the fully

Autonomous robotic mower that really Addresses the labor challenge that Everybody faces Yeah makes makes perfect sense probably The greatest surprise about having a YouTube channel is the People You Meet Along the way And we spent hours together but we Really didn’t film anything but in this Picture you see me with John from a Riverbit will do and Neil Koch from dig Drive DIY In this picture we have John again and Next to him is Josh from Stoney Ridge Farm And Tony from Tony’s tractor Adventure These are great guys who have great YouTube channels so make sure to go Check them out if you haven’t already Alright well I really had a good time Today Saw a lot of cool stuff hope you guys Enjoyed the video tomorrow I’m going to Be outside driving equipment all day so That should really be a good video I Appreciate you taking time to watch I’ll Put links on the screen to a couple more Of our videos and I’ll see you next time

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