Is a Tractor Stump Grinder Fast Enough? Stump Removal

Hey today is going to be a fun video We’re going to talk about how long it Takes to grind a stump up This is our stump grinder it runs off of The pto of the tractor and it it its Movement is based upon the tractor going Forwards and backward it’s really Important that you have a hydrostatic Tractor they don’t recommend using Geared tractors for these types of stunt Grinders one of the questions i get Often on the channel post is how long Does it take to grind the stump down Well that totally depends upon what Species of tree so this is an elm tree And it’s roughly 15 and a half maybe 16 Inches by Uh 13 inches wide this elm will probably Take longer to Grind down than this This red maple This red maple is About 20 inches one way And about 16 and a half the other way It’s a softer wood so therefore i Believe that we’re going to be able to Grind this bigger stump down Faster than we can The elm tree [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music]

[Music] [Music] [Music] So gizmo seems pretty happy with it the Dirt’s cool right here As you can see this is not an exact Science uh We had to i was rolling down the hill a Little bit you know with the the Downward slope so i had to kind of Adjust for that i took my loader and Pushed put it on the ground with a Bucket faced up and put it in float so That kept me from just rolling down the Ground and i could just use the Tractor’s hydrostatic to pull me along But again this is not an exact science Every stump every location the terrain’s Different so it’s going to take Different time this is a good reference Though [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So

So [Music] So [Music] [Music] [Music] [Music] So Oh [Music] You don’t come over and lay in the dirt Oh that’s cool right there i like it Hey this is Obviously again it’s no scientific Measurement but i’m happy with the Results you know our little fun test up Front see which was going to be quicker The uh the elm tree or the bigger uh Maple tree what i forgot what i felt to Take into account was that the maple Tree has the big root ball right at the Ground and the elm tree does not so that Did take longer but you could tell that The ammo is taking bigger chunks out of The red maple than it was the elm Because the elm is so much harder They almost basically took the same Amount of time even though This one was much bigger I am very happy with having a stump Grinder i think for us if you own a Homestead and you’re going to be Clearing several trees It will pay for itself really quick

Because just the simple fact is Is you you come out and cut four or five Trees down and have someone come out It’s gonna be five or six hundred Dollars to do four or five trees each Time you cut them down so we’re Constantly uh developing our land and It’s gonna be removing trees we’ll come Back and clear this out and and clean This up and we can mow over this now so This will be a great time to mow [Music] So [Music] [Music] You

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