Is SHE Serious???

A man absolutely hated his wife's cat so One day he decided to get rid of it by Driving 20 blocks away and leaving it at The park as he was getting home the cat Was already walking up the driveway so The next day he decided to drive the cat 40 blocks away he put the Beast out and Headed home but driving up the driveway Again there was the cat he kept taking The cat further and further but every Time the cat would beat him home so at Last he decided to drive a few miles Away turn left turn right over the Bridge then ride again and another right Until finally he thought he was at a far Enough distance the cat couldn't make His way back home hours later the man Calls home and says to his wife Jen is The cat there the wife says yes why do You ask frustrated the man says put that Cat on the phone I'm lost and need Directions You're welcome Because it's hitting aboard What's the length of that one 94 a Quarter so these that'll be fine the Whole piece just cut a little bit yeah You just need to cut the angle nice Foreign Looks cool I think we need two ladders Okay don't put a nail in it or no well I Need to know if that's good oh that's Good

You're gonna get some comments like Remember in what was it 2019 and you had me waiting on the Ladder forever You don't scuff the ain't that that'd be A miracle oh yeah How's your end Um oh yeah that yeah the lips right yeah Okay yeah All three Why Is the battery dead Bye Lord why me Lord What have I ever done so did I say Appears to me That's good shooting is killed the WD-40 Is shooting All over permanent picture with Everything We need to find a gun yeah we do we've Got a lot of interior trim to do It's on the wall it's literally shooting It yeah and two yeah and one and two and Two See Okay bye-bye is where am I going oh They're just gonna tell you all right I'll just leave this here so you can Measure the next cut yeah yeah yeah oh No I was gonna make fun of that too oh Yeah yeah yeah yeah oh yeah he's gonna Put on that piece of trim there yeah Yeah I'll do it

Do what you're told Yeah let's put my jam on This pie is so naughty yeah You've been bad I'm gonna nail you oh Legit though just what you're doing well It's true Oh you like that it doesn't look like It's on six seven more because it does Oh my then you shouldn't you should have Ran it the other way because that's Where that oh Frig we forgot If we would have run it the other way It's literally like a seam not even done Well it's just all it's because it's not Level you should have done it there bud Not level it's because it wasn't crack Filled properly because the two pieces One's in further just like that see what You see with your wood crap filler would Have just sorted that yeah well I ain't No professional It's gonna look terrible yeah What a piece who's gonna be looking Anyway I don't know the camera 100 000 people yeah probably Don't judge us we like it it looks good This is a new um it's the new style We're coming up with our own new design You can just not even say it because They might not be able to even tell Probably can't if you don't if you can't Tell from there just cut it out I can't Go

Looks good from the driveway It looks good with it half a dozen beers In you I'm gonna bring this ladder over I Suppose Can you reach it what is is that your Stomach yeah it looks Charming It's lunch time yeah yeah What time is it it's time for lunch what Time is it it's time for lunch Oh yeah I rip these things down all Right all right all right All right all right all right You slice that one too Go Let's go to there or what all right Should we do this first I'll just attack This no what if we do this first I was Saying do this one first yeah we could And then we bought it to it so we know It's going to be the right height The problem is it's gonna be too high For this now I'm gonna put this one on Or it's going to run these trim ain't Gonna match anymore You know what I'm saying Do you know what I mean just trying to Make this be down low yeah No no Look at the ball Hello There there that's pretty good yeah Go Canada was just the level Oh

You're gonna work Just do your end and then we'll do mine As you get closer do it in tight don't You right good yeah Oh hi Yeah I still want it to go inward There look there So I had it is it is that yeah that Shoved in there I seen it it wasn't Blind This side shoved up under it sad that's Not true Okay do you want to try and push that or The weirdo it like is eh It looks fine it looks yeah it looks a Lot better like that one more to go oh Crap will that be a problem we didn't Run that one yet So when it to the top it'll be like a Little lower here than it would be the Rest of the way yeah Okay this problem Laughs I'll just count it into the next One huh Radio Just the very top it just needs like a Little bit yeah we'll figure it out I didn't sleep yeah I'll make it work that was stupid Yeah Cut the lip off at just that end if you Need to whatever that's all it touches Over there really is the lip and it'll

Be a small piece if you do it the same So you'll be able to work with that yeah Oh rustic is the word Yeah Look at that yeah Just can you fold it up there please Hold it yeah Yeah keyword rustic Should look like a burn yeah or a stick Cabin in the Woods Okay no slow-mo inspirational music If anything you just be very dream music Our sleep at night looks like right There and don't care yeah It's like this is the inspiration music This is Hillbilly music yeah Here you want to do a measurement on it 11 and uh Always just look one two three oh my Goodness this is bad three five six I Don't know one no what are you gonna Read the tape no I forget I know You shouldn't even be sit outside it's a Little bit less than a quarter one two Three eight three eight three eight two Eighths would be a quarter three eighths Would be more than a quarter no so 1 8 And 3 16. I don't know What the freaking time it's three little Tiny little one little line and a little Line what's the inches 11 and the hair just before the quarter Yeah So are you sixteenth you're giving me

Down 16 something yeah well yeah because Maybe you won't fit it in with the Quarter Well it was right There it's right there That one What is it double 11 and a quarter and G16s Quarter-ish 11 and a quarter but cut off The line 11 and 7 64. yeah sure whatever That okay Let's go again No No Because he shouldn't leave I shouldn't Do it this freaking thing you think this Ryobi's gonna shoot through my chest Maybe I don't know never Oh yeah what it's not lined up it's too Small yeah you should have measured What is it a hair bigger Foreign Tell me what the number is for Real Um you've probably cut it wrong Let me see yeah it's shorter it's Shorter than what I said yeah good so You did it because I didn't trust you oh My land trust buddy trust Let's see Is that better yeah My land that looks good oh oh that's Beautiful that is nice a drastic all Right yeah all right we got a row top Rows on

It's beautiful yeah Yeah we like it yeah I mean for the People but uh we're not trying to you Know this is not how to put your mind Obviously video and we just don't care a Whole lot because we think it looks fine To be honest I do we're not HGTV uh Home Makeover Channel well it's uh if we were Doing a different room like it's all Contacts right it's all the context of What room you're doing what the building Is This room this building in particular Requires this yeah so we're happy yeah So that's the top get a lot more new and I'm starving so I'm really hungry too It's time to eat to eat

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