[Music] Foreign [Music] Folks how we doing welcome to Good Works Tractors you know consensus says chains Are hard to beat for off-road traction I've never needed them myself but today Is going to be a first for me installing Tire chains on the 1025r and so there's Going to be a learning curve for me all Right I've watched some videos out there I've seen some GP outdoors and just a Few Acres Farm has a a clever way to try To do it with some bigger tire chains Now these chains for the 1025 are are no Big deal so we're not going to go that Far with it but I think I I think I can do this so Anyway for you Pros out there that have Been doing this for years if you have Some helpful comments or tricks or tips Or whatever leave a comment down below For the other viewers that are watching But this has been kind of a gap in my Knowledge and in my product offering and So I wanted to kind of get into it and Figure it out and you got to start Somewhere so you're gonna you're gonna Experience it for the first time uh with Me right here but tire Is who I am working with on this all Right so they're part of the the Discount Club you can get five percent Off of your order Tire

Use code GWT and they've got chains for Tractors they've got chains for vehicles Chains for ATVs lawn and garden stuff All kinds of chains you can get over on Their website so check them out now Something you want to think about and And sometimes that can be overlooked is The amount of space that you need kind Of inside here and and up around here so You typically want two or three inches Minimum of space there and that can be Accomplished in a couple of ways Particularly in this Gap here not a Whole lot you can do here but for the Most part you're going to be okay one You can get a set of wheel spacers and So those are good to add stability to Your your tractor as well but it's also Going to push the the whole wheel and Tire out so you have more space there to Get that clearance that you need a lot Of tractor wheels as well it may or may Not give you enough space but the wheels Are actually going to be reversible and So the other thing you can do is a lot Of wheels are going to have well the Center plate that's in here is actually Offset it's not completely right in the Middle of the wheel if you know left or Right this way it's actually Offset or off-centered a little bit so You can have a narrow and a wide Position you get the larger tractors or Some of the older tractors and the

Center Hub is actually or the center Plate is actually bolted in and you can Configure that in like eight different Patterns and get really wide or really Narrow all sorts of things so Um it should be there should be Information in your manual about how to Do that it's an option for a lot of Machines hey take five seconds hit pause Hit subscribe down below if you haven't Done so yet 75 percent of you watching Are not subscribed yet and I don't know Why and if you're in the market for a Tractor attachment we want to help you Out give us a shot check out goodworks we sell and ship all over The country every day of the week so There's a little bit of oh boy ambiguity Maybe I don't know if that's the right Word or not when it comes to chains on Front tires and trying to find clear-cut Answers online can be challenging Um probably manual Director manual is on a case-by-case Basis may or may not have specific Information about this had one customer Actually email me not too long ago and Say that He had three front hubs that went out on His machine he ran front chains he Couldn't figure out what was going on Eventually his dealer questioned what he Was doing and he was running front Chains on there and that was causing the

Problem so on the other hand you see Bigger tractors even bigger compacts That are running front chains Successfully a lot of pictures a lot of Forum threads and information and I keep Mentioning forums but I feel like I Should more in general so I'm trying to Make a point of it because there's such A valuable resource so the tractor by Neck green tractor talk orange tractor Talk all that kind of thing a lot of Information on there about this you know But the front axle is obviously Different than the rear this is the axle That's turning so with your tie rods and Got this other brackets and and Everything else going on up here so it's Easy to catch and snag something that Way as well so I would encourage you to Talk to your tractor dealer if your Manual doesn't point it out and so we Also got these uh adjusters these Springs here they're kind of like a Tensioner and we're going to put these On after we get the chains installed and You just kind of put them around The face you'll just kind of latch them On to different points on the chains and Kind of help keep it all in place and Locked in together so these are an Optional thing it seems like I don't Know you guys tell me based on your Usage or not if these are worth getting I want to get them they seem like they

Make sense to me to do a pretty Important job there to to keep them in Place but there is one thing that uh not Many places have and this tire chains Online doesn't have them either but Chains are are typically pretty rough on Asphalt and on concrete you'll get There'll be comments in this video too It's no big deal to run steel chains on Your your concrete and your asphalt Driveway as long as you don't spin as Long as you don't do this and that the Other thing and that's kind of the point Right is it's it's a traction device but You're you're planning on probably Slipping and sliding around a little bit They make a rubber tire chain that's out There from Terra grips uh soft claw Makes one as well they're typically for The smaller tractors like your 1025s Your garden tractors and that kind of Thing so look for those if we can find Some links to Humble we'll post those Down below too be careful with steel Chains on on your driveways I know that I don't feel like paying a big old bill To have things redone out here a lot of You guys have new driveways it's the Same thing with snow pushers snow plow Snow blowers you want rubber or or the Plastic the uhmw on your contact Surfaces there for the same protective Reasons so that's where this thought Process is coming from folks we are

Proud to be sponsored by rimguard Solutions a liquid ballast weight it Goes right inside your tire is Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest All-natural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at okay so we're Going to go ahead and get to this I'm Going to pick this up you want to have Everything I guess all these links make Sure that nothing's kinked up or Whatever else and you probably want to Check it again after you drape it over The tire you're going to have a hook Just a small little hook here to put on The inside This long bar you keep on the outside Where it's easier to access and you kind Of tension this and get it as tight as You can Um when you're when you're putting it on There now these chains here were sized For 26 12 12 rear tires so shouldn't

Have to trim any chain off I don't think After the fact I guess we'll find out But Let's get started all right Foreign Hooked There it is Kind of Tuck The front underneath here it says to do If you're confident maybe you could do Both at one time but I'm going to start With one here I think uh we got it going On I kind of tucked the front of it Underneath there I'm going to drive Forward a bit until this comes out the Back side And then I guess we're going to tighten Her up [Music] Nice Like I could get one more Foreign Let's just go too quicker here Hey bub Ba What is that Oh Yeah dude [Music] Because I don't have to Here you go thank you Learn something today yeah Um So cool

I can't tell maybe you're trying to talk Me through it I mean you don't have to But okay so you can't get it like don't You can't pull this tight as you want to Because you have to be able to bend this Whole thing backwards And I think this is the The one there and so that's the leftover I can't get it to the next one so they Are on there but to me I don't know this Just feels sloppy I'm gonna try to I don't know if I can or not I don't know if there's really any more Chain to give but A little bit Maybe try to get another link or two out Of there and now they do say drive a Little ways And then uh Likely you will readjust kind of Re-tighten and all that to me this just Feels A little I'm trying to get another link Or two out of it And uh Just because well I showed you Talked about those Spartan trailer Cameras before Today on both properties I have had Coyotes in the middle of the day and we Got a pretty cool picture Of uh well cool but also I don't like it Picture of two coyotes And looks like they're chasing a deer

Which is further out the In the frame I'll show you that too So that one was The second link from here See if we can get the first link after We Make these adjustments There we go Hey I got one more There's nowhere for it to link to right There See it wants to go link around The outside not through one I guess it's through there I'm sticking out oh yeah okay It's not through one of these those Through but I wonder if I put the Tensioner on here right on this thing And Pull It That Way Probably need to spread these out a bit Better Oh These are the reusable zip ties [Music] [Music] All right so did a little test drive on That I wanted to see if they would kind Of shimmy or shake or whatever they Would do the spacing I definitely didn't Do a very good job it's not evenly Spaced right now that's harder than you Would think though to to evenly space These Chains around the bottom doesn't Move because it's pinned underneath

There and every time it wants to catch On a cleat and and it's it's steel chain Right there's just not a lot of play in It um however just driving around there Just a little bit nothing was feeling Loose or sloppy Everything feels taut I Think that's the most important part you Guys tell me I'll probably still try to Play with this a little bit too evening It out but to what degree that really Matters I don't know other than Aesthetically looking at it and wanting It to be perfect all right so this side Here has to go on the inside Foreign S on here kind of Slope back they're not straight parallel Across on there so I think that's a Little bit of the challenge and trying To get these to fit On this tread pattern in particular now I will say These versaturf tires I have really Enjoyed but we are going to be in pure Mud and on gravel too and so I really Want to Set myself up for a success And I want to try tire chains I just Want to give it a shot I don't see any Twists In any links You see any twists I think feels good [Music]

Okay I feel like I got one more I ain't got the last one I just don't Get it out of this one You know maybe maybe that one does it Just like that You go a little bit smoother the second Time around Like that Foreign 's always the hardest one huh There we go Well folks Pretty much anything is a good workout For me these days So this actually was pretty easy to do Assuming I did it the right way you guys Tell me be nice be kind please okay but Uh We're gonna give it a shot I'll take it Out here and and give a little Spin and See how things shake out but I don't Know I think I did okay so anyway uh five Percent off code GWT tire chains for all your Needs as long as you need Steel For everything else tractor attachment Wise we're happy to help you out check Out we sell and Ship all over the country every day of The week if you enjoyed today's video You want to see more you like tractor Stuff then hit that subscribe button

Right down below completely free to you Give us a thumbs up leave a comment I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop by and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon Foreign [Music] [Applause] [Music] Foreign

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