IT’S Getting HOT in my OFF GRID FOREST CABIN | Finishing the Insulation & Vapour Barrier – Ep. 95

What do sprinters eat before a race Nothing they fast You're welcome Yeah 49 by 105. that is definitely Enough and we'll just cut out Where do we have to yeah A little piece there yeah Yeah all right let's cut this in half It'll be perfect These are these super sharp Betty Crocker scissors All right of the cab the camper yeah There's all these random things because It's like a whole somebody's living in It Will be glad today yeah you're traveling BC though you think yeah they said they Did yeah so it's like loaded with all This stuff it would have cost so much For his buying that you didn't when you Just get that you get like fridge Stove all this random stuff out of it Yeah Tonight's December and now we're inside Their t-shirts I know I love it Yeah that's fine now it'll be a big job Just acoustic ceiling and uh taping area It's gonna take a while yeah They just kind of want to get the header Stuff off the ground and everything yeah And then you can finish the installation Right you got to get that done first Anyway we'll go buy another roll of wrap That'll go over our boards after right

Yes like the boards will be under it and That'll be your finished piece all right Right yep That'll be nice Foreign Foreign In the rain the other day look how much It collected nice yeah so we'll use that For the toilet And then I got another bucket out there That's just ice that I poured from the Maple syrup boiler so the bins in the Maple syrup boiler collected a bunch of Ice I just dumped it into another bucket I'll bring it into the bathroom I have To get a barrel set up for rain yeah for Sure Foreign Foreign Exciting You should see the point now I can see I'll do it I can see it anyway you can I Can see light so it must be there Is this it Oh there it is that's it I'll send it to you ready got it Foreign We'll get her set up the angle set up Better and get a little more of a charge It's not overly Sunny either but it is Charging we'll just leave a little bit Out like that yeah just so this is Always available and then we'll just Kind of cover it or something so it

Doesn't get it is under a roof yeah but We'll still cover it with some All right so I got a couple of these PV 350 portable solar panels hooked up Together for blue Eddie together they're 700 Watts or 350 a piece and then Running through the wires here through These mc4 connectors and then in through The wall where you just showed us drill Through now that's not going to be like A permanent setup for us we're not going To just keep putting these on the deck But for now that works good and it Charges up to 200p by going through the Front there so we'll just leave that Piece sticking out there for now weather Tied it and cover it up and it'll be all Right for now eventually we're gonna Like put the panels Over that we're going to build a little Something but this works for the Meantime so the max voltage On one of these panels is 37.5 volts and Then the max current is 9.2 amps open Circuit voltage 46.5 volts and short Circuit 10.8 amps and the operating Temperatures uh down to minus 10 Celsius Up to plus 65 so you can check all the Other specs Out Below we'll share all The links for it I'll show you the blue 8200p inside okay so there's the cord we Get coming in so it's going in the side The charging unit the rate on the side Here so you could use that also to

Charge it through a cigarette lighter in Your vehicle if you want also can charge It off AC power in the house there's Another outlet for that so it's 2 000 Watts 2000 Watt hours got a big surge on It DC out More DC oats 60 watt PD that's like IPhone charger I call it Your regular USBS lots of those there's Another set And six uh regular 120 volt 100 to 120 Volt Plug-in so we actually run our chop saw Big DeWalt chops off this thing so It can really hold the power so that's Pretty cool and this here you can charge Your phone on top of it 15 watt wireless Charging on the top you just set your Phone right on top of it so that's Pretty cool so anyways we get this set Up right here in the corner so we can Charge it like we showed outside with Those solar panels and then just coming Through the wall for now and that works Perfect then if we want to charge it off AC Take it in charge in the garage or Something and you know if you're Shipping around or whatever you could Just take it and do that too we can just Unplug it and good to go so they have Some holiday sales going on right now Blue Eddie does so you can check out the American Site to see the sales that they

Have going on there but specifically on The Canadian one blue you Can check that out there's a sale right Now with a blue Eddie in three solar Panels and you can save 500 bucks it's Up until the 15th of December so so over The next little bit if you get in on That you can go check it out again I'm Going to put all the links down below so You can go check that out for yourself And they have a whole bunch of other Units we've shared like smaller ones There's a blue 8200 Max that we have has Another outlet that you could plug like An RV into it you can check all that Stuff out so smaller ones big ones solar Panels All this stuff so they're pretty cool Units they've been treating us well and Really you know with just the straight Up answer we we really love these things They work it really well for us and what Was the coolest one of the coolest Things about these if you're around for Our first build we were running a gas Generator all the time so we haven't had To Hardly at all run a gas generator here I Think we might have fired it up just Because we brought it over to make sure It was working as a backup if we needed It but we haven't had it so we've been On this property for about a year and a Half and we've been brought in this

Exclusively the portable power station So they're sweet to have it keeps like Being out in the woods still quiet Without having to listen to the gas Powered generator so pretty sweet check Them out below links are all below for The sales all that stuff anything else You want to check out Now I haven't said that we're gonna go Check out our trail cams to see how They're doing last time we had a bear on There It's Probably time now that they're probably Sleeping the bears but we're hoping to Get some moves rolling through we got Lots of deer going through so we're Gonna check that again and we got a Resident Fox and Lots of graphs and stuff but anyways Let's go check those out see see how Those are going then we'll get back to This Vapor Barrier and acoustic seal and we Want to make sure we get down there Walking through those Trails before we Get to start snowshoeing which that's Fine too we'll get our snowshoes over Here but one of these days the just Straight up walking is going to end Another thing completely unrelated to The blue Eddie but as we have a security Camera now hooked up here Over top

Of the door lock it in it's up under the Porch here And then I just have we did it long Enough cords I just have it over here Just on the corner right here a little Solar panel but it takes like nothing to Charge it to be completely honest with You that thing there was just sitting in A box for the last year and a half and It still had juice in it so it takes Very little power so it's pretty cool it Actually records like this whole area And then and then like down our driveway There too and it and then if you see Right over there there's a satellite This on that tree well that actually is Wi-Fi so it just runs over here we got a Cord right in there we got one of those Blue Eddy units again Running the power and then That also makes that connects to Wi-Fi That can also connect and just record And save it on a card but it connect to Wi-Fi and I can look at it from anywhere I want in the world so like if people Are here we can get an alert that There's like a bear on the deck or a Random Hobo living in woods You would be seen And you would be in trouble because I Would release the hounds but that's Pretty cool Just underneath though looks like

One Note I don't know if it's gone Uh we're trapped Yo swimming yeah those three trees Together look like a little island yeah You want to go on it no You wanna go swimming no Come on see oh gee look at you Go to the island Gilligan's Island you're gonna get stuck There forever Humans yeah We own NBF Island yeah our own private Island yeah is it all the skink down Here soon yeah that's true that'll be Nice skate around the island can we get A moat yeah Everywhere Foreign Foreign Thank you Foreign Foreign Foreign Fear Foreign Foreign Foreign Just about complete yes we just ran into Plastic just need the tiniest piece Eight foot right eight feet yeah one Last that last fall in there we saw us Rolling it at the end yeah it stopped in The corner yeah so we're gonna hopefully

Find a place that just sells it by Lengths because we know they do sell Some stuff that way at this place so Yeah I'm gonna go there so you can get a Piece not watching the piece so yeah Instead of a whole roll we definitely Don't need a roll now But yeah that's other than that little Spot I'm going to use some spray foam And behind one of the partitions here Because ain't going to be able to show Up insulation in it just notice that and Then need low expanding stuff around the Windows so then finish acoustic sealing Some some tape which would pretty much Done now it's wrapped yeah other than a Little piece of need and All that insulated just a whole lot of Tape and a whole lot of acoustic seal And we threw the The remainder of the roof insulation in The roof so if we ever cover the portion We'll just Go over there and set it in there and Yeah you know sort it out for what we Need but that's good but it's just there It's like tripled up here yeah it's just Like a really long job every time you Start there's like little things lots of Little things to do so but we're getting There a lot of taping acoustic seal and All that kind of adds up so yeah gut Sam's got a nice little setup over here To color and hang out by the fire so

That's sweet for her how will we finish Up Yep all right we'll see you in the next One pretty hungry see you later

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