A cop pulls a car over for going 20 Miles an hour on the highway the driver Is a little old lady and there's two Elderly ladies in the back seat with her The cop asks why are you only driving 20 Miles per hour the lady responds I was Just going the posted speed limit and Points to a sign ahead the cop smiles And replies that's not the speed limit That's the sign for the highway route 20. the cop takes another look at the Elderly ladies in the back seat notice That they look disheveled and wide-eyed One of them is tightly gripping to the Door handle what's the matter the cop Asks she responds we just came off Interstate 190. you're welcome [Music] Right here oh yeah This this size of it this probably just That size yeah the big I will go with This one yeah I think so oh yeah You can never remember yeah it'll be Good for all the chickens before a metal One no no that was food yeah I don't Know we had this is what's this the food Yeah we had a metal one And then we had one of these wait for The water right Yeah yeah for the water we had one like One similar for water no but we oh is That what it was with the little nibs on It yeah so I want a water heater and the Food one I think we had that one at the

Next time yeah that's that wasn't it no That's unnecessary for six chickens yeah Okay and another Huey hopefully yeah Right AKA Bruce for anybody who doesn't Know yeah he was like he's coming back Huey's a rooster Huey runs the ladies Yeah yeah So we'll grab that in the water We want to heat it when it plugs in Right yeah all right so I'm gonna get This food one but they don't have the Heated water ones in stock but that's Okay because I can go online on their Website and just order it there so I'll Get this now and I'll order that one we Don't actually get the chickens until April anyway so I have a few more weeks Before they're coming All right so it's been a couple days Since I tapped the tree so I'm gonna go Around and check them it has been kind Of cold other people have been saying Their sap is running really good but we Are up here in a snow belt in a mountain So it's a little bit different it's Colder there's definitely a lot more Snow where we're located than in most Other places but we'll give it a we'll Give it a little look see what's Happening let's go Foreign It's about half full so that's all right Well that's awesome this one's literally Full to the top cool all right check

This one and almost nothing okay that's Weird same tree Side that side sees way more sun All right pretty much nothing in that One Or that one it's weird like some are Running some are not running I do not Know but this this tree has so much snow Around it you probably see me fall on my Way to it is like so deep at this tree Which is only like I don't know 100 feet From the other tree that was fully Running I don't understand anyway let's Go check the trail cams see what's on Them yeah this one's well Yeah we'll get our bucket okay yeah and Dump it in there you just swapped one Out the one she had there there's just Like a lot of snow still yeah and it's Freezing cold so they're just running The ones that are getting good Sun are Running better than the ones that aren't Yep but it's just too cold we're up high Here on this mountain so Up in the mountain a little colder and Like I showed you on one side of the Tree where we got this one it's full Because the sun beams on it then right On the other side of the tree it was Almost empty it's crazy makes a big Difference Yeah it does the snow on it so the Bottom Roots will be frozen yeah a lot Of it and then look look at it yeah this

Whole this whole thing's ice yeah behind Me yeah it's just too early maybe we got Some so we're going to be collecting it But too early to get her really rolling Yeah We're not in the valley this is Yeah we're in the snow belt because There's snow on Mountain year round yeah Okay I'm gonna put this in the shed yep You might want to put them on down here Okay This year yeah the back one just yank it At least into one hole and then it ties Into that yeah They're almost too small Oh it goes in one Oh That's good though It feels like it's so low it's all snow Are you Thank you That one is it on I don't know no Probably not because it wasn't on last Time I think he gets here not realize Just put that back yeah I'll take it Probably nothing on it anyway yeah Because in real life and then I didn't Realize Yeah it should be on now it's blue Are you all right There's still a couple feet of snow in Here yeah that's pretty deep holy Mackerel

It's first day of spring so yeah don't Feel like it I know it's chilly today How am I gonna get out of here all right Let's go see what's on the cards on Those hopefully something I see no Tracks other than those kind of old ones Yeah I think it's been quite a couple Weeks yeah I don't know we'll see Hopefully something yeah Oh my foot Okay you can put it all right go in Foreign All right now that Sam's room is Completely finished we're gonna move Into the master bedroom what I'm gonna Do with this wall here that's kind of Chipboard I'm going to paint it so at Our last place so we put an addition one Of the walls in the addition was Chipboard because it was an exterior Wall previously and I painted it a chalk Paint it looked really nice so I'm going To do a similar thing in here in our Bedroom and it'll just be like the Accent wall then the rest of the walls We're gonna do drywall and the pine Ceiling and I went and bought I went and Bought drywall tape and a proper drywall Knife which a lot of people were Suggesting I do so I have it now so I'll Fill well not these cracks so then we'll Do like I said the ceiling will be Pine Drywall on the walls except this one and Then we'll do the floor and then this

Room will be pretty cool too we'll see How I do with taping the seams this time Hey [Music] So see like this is where we want that Booth yeah and uh anyways if you don't Have any maple syrup yet but I have a maple beer so this day come out With a new one this is a local place in New Brunswick They come out with one every year but It's this but it's like the new badge so It tastes a little different every year So So now Elise can have this Smell it yep you gotta get it if you had A pour in a glass to get the real taste Of it though It's almost as fizzy like a pop it Almost looks like a box it does look Like a pop it looks like root beer look At even though it fizzes yeah that's Weird it is weird That legit feels like Like a bottom can you smell it they put Real maple syrup in this Looks like You don't like some of it it's all right It looks like a Coke yeah Tastes like a Coke No tastes better in a cup yeah it's Actually pretty good Anyways We're gonna well I'm gonna have this

Then we're gonna eat some chicken mm-hmm So that's pretty cool yeah I'm looking Forward to it I really looking forward To the chicken I am yeah another walk Back I was like starving yeah I was like Starting to realize like holy freak like I am like starving fat person I was like getting shaky hungry I don't think I ate much today I had Like an omelette Which was nice yeah a couple of uh piece Of toast with it and then Some noodles and some chicken I guess Earlier too yeah not a whole lot though Lunch was pretty light it was a late Lunch yeah now I'm ready for a heavy Supper yeah [Music] Oh [Music] Thank you [Music] All right so what I'm doing now is I'm Just putting a primer we do plan on Painting that like a dark ash color like I said before but right now I'm just Priming it so that when I buy the ash Paint that I want to use it doesn't just Suck right into the wood because I'm Going to use a chalk paint and it's Pretty expensive so again why I'm just Priming it first and then I'll be able To add the chalk paint on top of the Primer so it looks kind of weird but it

Isn't staying like that it's going to Look good when it's done trust me just Watch it through [Music] And when I add the chalk paint I'll be Using a paintbrush not a roller Just use a really thick paint brush [Music] So along the border here you where you See along the border there where you see The two pieces of plywood meeting We'll run that trim so we'll do the same Brown we'll do the same Pine trim that We had done in the Sam's bedroom right Over there so this will be black with Like Pine trim and I could always paint That white if I feel like it after as Well that might look cool Look on the black paint [Music] All right so that's it behind me I know It looks questionable right now as to Whether it'll look good or not but it Will I promise once it's done once we Add some trim then we make it dark it Will look good so that's just the first Coat primer what I'm going to do now is I'm going to paint the door I have to Use the primer on it as well and paint It and I'm gonna head over to this one Wall beside me here right here so right There is the main there's the door to Come into the bedroom and there's like The main house part whatever so you walk

In that'll be the accent wall behind me The chipboard and right here to my left Is a wall and now it's already got it's The only wall so far in here that Already has drywall up we just had some Extra from when we were doing Sam's room So we put it up in here what I'm going To do right now is I'm going to use my New tools for crack filling and I'm Going to crack fill these holes so let's Get at it and then while that dries I'll Paint the door because I kind of need This to dry and then I'll need the crack Filling stuff to dry over here before I Can add more paint blah blah blah so I Have I have a reason for my madness all Right so on Sam's bedroom as you Probably remember I did not fill any of The separations like between the two Pieces of plywood but I'm gonna try for My first time today I like I showed you About the tape the proper tape so I'm Gonna give it a go I think I did a Pretty good job on Sam's room just Filling these little holes And now I'll give this a try see how it Turns out we'll see never know if you Don't try right [Music] Wow this knife is so weird I don't know How I feel about it [Music] So I watched a YouTube video on how to Do this so what I'm doing is I'm putting

A bit of this drywall Stuff all along the crack and then I'm Gonna scrape it and then I'm going to Tape it and then I'm gonna put more on It I don't know we'll see [Music] Oh I don't even know how you're supposed to Do this you must just place it on there [Music] I'm sure somebody's watching and Flipping out but Gotta practice right practice makes Perfect [Music] Now from what I watched it seems like I just go over it with with more [Music] I wonder if I just use my little one And then scrape it with this after I Don't know feels like this works better My little tiny Pampered Chef thing at Least for spreading it [Music] And the person I watched do it on YouTube made it look way easier than This and nicer I don't know what I'm Doing wrong [Music] All right so while I let the first layer Of drywall compound Sit on there I'm going to start filling Some of the screw holes and then I'll go Around I will put more of the drywall

Compound on there on the tape And yeah I get it all ready and then in The end I'll sand it all down and paint The walls so watch me go [Music] I know someone's gonna be wondering why I'm using my Pampered Chef thing instead Of my new tool for drywall to do the Screw holes but I just feel like it's Too wide and I would really just rather Use this for like the tiny little screw Holes I'll use it again after mostly for The taping area I assume Okay so I have all the little screw Holes filled and then two coats on the Crack in the middle and I'm gonna let All that dry then I'm going to sand it And decide what needs to be refilled and What doesn't now while I wait for that To dry I am going to start on the door I'm just going to prime it so let's get Started [Music] These are a bunch of little like tedious Jobs but they make quite a big Difference and it's kind of nice to have Three different projects on the go at The same time instead of only drywalling Because they each one gets boring so I Just switch from one to the next to the Next and it keeps it spicy [Music] Thank you [Music]

All right well that dries I'm gonna go Make myself a coffee [Music] [Music] Foreign [Music] [Music] [Applause] What's happening Foreign [Music] [Music]

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