It’s Time to get Back to Milling…

milling oak on the Woodland Mills HM 130 Max

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Time to let the little dog eat woo Doggy hey it's Brock here from Rock Hill Farms and today we're going to Mill some Lumber I have not started my meal in Close to two weeks which is a shame Because I really have a lot of Milling I Need to do and I enjoy it I had it down At the pond a couple weeks ago added the Woodlander trailer then I brought it up Here late in the evening and I didn't Make time to get it set up and leveled Out so the first thing we've got to do Is get this thing level and I think I'm Going to put some larger chunks of wood Under the Jacks to keep it from sinking In because the problem I had when I was Milling down by the pond is I would Level everything out and then I'd set a Log on it and it wasn't level again and I think part of that was just the stress Coming out of the joints but also those Feet were probably sinking in some at Least that's what you guys told me so First thing I need to do get it leveled Out and we'll go from there all right The best way to raise and lower this is With an impact in a 3/4 inch Socket I had this end way up in the air And the other end is just setting on the Tires so we'll Jack this way down so we Can get the Jacks under the other End now leveling this out is not that Big a deal but like anything else the First time you do it it's a little

Harder and then it'll get easier every Time and I've got to get the hang of This where it doesn't take me very long Because I want to do this on a Semi-regular basis and take the mill on Location I'd really like to take it to Some more events and shows like I did This spring while we're at it I've got a New product Here so you guys know how much I like The wayist safe trailer hitches I think it's about the best deal on the Market for a trailer hitch that tells You how much tongue weight you have and It helps with making your Towing Experience Safer and I decided I needed a a locking Hitch for The Sawmill if I'm ever going To take it anywhere on jobs I might be Leaving it There and besides that just around the House you never know when someone might Want your stuff more than you do so so I Was looking for a hitchock turns out Ways safe makes one it looks like a Really nice one And it's matching keys to my other Waysafe products I just told them what Number is on my other hitch lock and They sent me out a Match this will be the same story as Anything else that waysafe Makes I've got a discount code that'll Save you I believe it's 15% on any

Waysafe Product push this In turn the Lock got a rubber cap that goes over the Locking Mechanism give you a little bit of Peace Of Mind way Discount code in the description of the Video break out the old geniverse tell You what we actually had a power Outage what was about a week ago that Lasted half a day it was really handy Having that thing had this chunk of 2 by 12 setting around that's about seven Feet long thought if I cut it into 12 Inch lengths have squares 12 in x 12 in Put one under each of the six Jacks that Ought do a pretty good job and it will All come out of that one piece of Wood A big part of what I'm trying to do Right now is establish something that is Repeatable for how to level this quickly I think I want The Sawmill to set pretty Low maybe just have the the lowest it Can go is having the tires on the ground And if your tires are on the ground you Can't level so I'm thinking I'm going to Start at that end and raise that end Until the tires are maybe 1 to two in Off the ground and then have that in be My starting Point Couple issues with this log and the way

I placed it on here number one it's got A bunch of mud on it it's hard on your Blades wears them out in a hurry and it Wouldn't do any good to roll it where That mud wasn't going to hit the blade You're going to cross it at some point As you go through it so I'm going to try Knocking some of that off First Ended up being a lot more of that than I Thought I ended up skinning about half Of the log I also forgot how long this Log is it's 15t at Least but I got most of that cleaned up And I was thinking I would just go with It right here but then I remember There's a bad spot on this end that Flattens off one side I think it pulled Fiber when they cut it down so I need to Roll it over and analyze that and I Might put that parallel to the first Cut okay I'm G to have to complain to Paul about this and telling him I want My money back but I don't I don't Remember I don't think I paid for these Logs So maybe I won't do any complaining I Don't think this is too big of a deal Most of what's missing would be Slabwood So think we'll just lock her down right Here and make our first cut maybe half An inch under that split besides the bad Spot the other issue with this log is I

Put the small end down here and I Normally always put the small end at That end but I think I'll be able to Slide my little Jack out and bring it Down here and lift this end Up what a beautiful day to be running a Sawmill the problem I had when the mill Was down by the Pond is that I would get everything Leveled out and then put my log on and It would sink into the ground or shift Or whatever the case is and then it Would be off again so hopefully with Those boards under it I can level it Once now and it'll stay Every time I put a log on but let's see If we're close Again I go long way with a longer level And I've been meaning to get an 8ot Level instead of the 6ot then put a short level across this Direction first two measurements are Good we're a little bit off side side to Side I'm going to try dropping that side Just a little bit and then I'll have to Come back up and check lengthways again Because you make one change it affects Everything [Music] I've been in this bad pattern ever since I got the Sawmill saw a bunch of logs Pile up the slabwood be frustrated by The pile of slabwood wait a few weeks And then finally come along and clean it

All up at once trying to commit to Myself to deal with the slab wood as I Make the slab wood so these are going Straight into the rack which means they Need to be cut to length partially Because my rack isn't that long but also Slabs are really heavy when they're 16t Long I thought boy that electric chainsaw Will be the perfect tool for that but I've had this chain on here forever and It's dull and it's also apparently loose So I have to work on this before I can Use it Again I think I have an extra chain for It but I don't think I have a file to Sharpen on This See even cut this is cut to 8 feet to Try to Get some an even amount of 16in pieces But even cut to 8ot that's pretty heavy That's also a lot thicker than normal Slab I cut it so thick because of the Damage on the other end I just need to Cut all that bad off so it's it's Thick What I like about this slab rack is I Don't have to bend down to Cut what I don't like is that if I'm Loading it by hand I have to lift it up Pretty high to load it I'm anticipating That I'll mostly load it with the Grapple or the tractor or some pallet

Forks or Something I would have had a hard time Rolling holding that same Log with the mill on the stand because It was too high working down at ground Level you have a ton of Leverage and the More you come up the less leverage you Have once you get it rolled up if you Can get one clamp in place you can go Around to the back and check and make Sure you're flat against your stops and Then I'll have to Jack one side of the Log up again we've got more Taper this way because this this log is Really kind of Oblong [Applause] [Music] What I want this top surface here to cut this Corner which means I was about an inch And a half too high on my estimate and I Actually have a laser but the batteries Are dead I need to go up and get new Batteries for that laser but yeah drop This down about an inch and a half and We'll be Good [Music] So I have two small chainsaws the Electric and the top handle and my Annoyance with both of them is you know Something that could easily be solved But I don't keep files around for these

Saws so if the chains Dull I'm kind of out of luck so I guess I just need to do a better job get a set Of files for all different chain [Music] Sizes time to let the little Dogg eat Woo [Music] Doggy [Music] Takes a little while to get it started For one little Cut oh I should be wearing my mowing Helmet that ever happen to you where you Got something simple you know you should Be Doing you still don't do it [Music] Guilty Sh So before that last cut I was down to a Square that was just slightly under 9 in In each Direction and with the pith right here And I'm trying to get 5 and 1/2 inch Boards the best corner to get that out Of is this top corner right here so I Cut this bottom section off that took The pith off And then I'll be making my next cut five And a half this way so we're going to Flip both of these and cut them [Music] [Music]

Together So basically I had a 9×9 and I cut a 6×6 up here which left a 3×6 another 3×6 and a 3X3 those 3x sixes will probably be cut To 2 by sixes later but for now I'm just Going to stack them up the way they Are it was nice to get back out here and Get to Milling I need to go from this Type of Milling where I mess with the Mill for an hour and then do one log Into more like a production Milling Where I've just got a bunch of Mediumsized logs and I Buzz through them And stack up some Lumber because I'm Never going to get enough to to put up My my building if I don't if I don't get More more productive than this anyway I Appreciate you taking time to watch the Video put links on the screen to a Couple more of our videos and I'll see You next time

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