I’ve Been Saving this Dirt for a Special Occasion

Turning our compost piles and leveling ground with a skid steer

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Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farms And today we're going to play in the Dirt since I've been doing tractor work And running my skid steer the last Couple years I've come to the Realization that dirt is a really Valuable asset and I try to stockpile it At least a little Bit and I always say dirt but really You're talking about different types of Soil that have different properties and Different uses like clay top soil Compost and I like to have a little bit Of each just stacked around but the Problem is if you leave it just sitting There it looks like that so this is my Woodyard that's a mess right next to it So over here we have a pile of top soil And over here we have a pile of Composted manure that's 6 or eight years Old great for working into Gardens but I should be coming down here Every 3 months and turning that pile Over because if you don't it grows over And then it's harder to use so I'm going To get this cleaned up and then we've Got a problem area right next to it and I've got another problem area up the Hill but I don't know if we'll have Enough to deal with that today or not so Anyway I think the best thing to do with This is put the brush cutter on the skid Steer because I can mow up the angle of This hill with that a little bit easier

One more quick comment before I go up And get the machine I had two comments This week about my son glasses and one Of them got kind of personal with it he Said show a little respect for your Viewers we know you think you're cool But take those sunglasses Off it's one of those things guys I Don't wear sunglasses because I think I Look cool I'm not I don't I could care Less about looking cool I mean look at My dirty stained up jacket I'm wearing That's not what I'm about I had lasc Surgery and I'm light sensitive and if I Take them off I'm going to talk to you Like this it looks like I've been Sucking on a lemon so I'd rather it's Not very pleasant not wearing sunglasses That's the story with that let's get to Work I always lift my attachment up like that So I can see visually that the locking Mechanism actually worked and I'm Securely connected to the Attachment What That's a lot smaller pile than I Remembered this was over a year ago and I was doing what I was calling borrow Pits I don't know how many of you Familiar with that term but basically You dig a really big hole because the Dirt in that area is a higher quality Dirt this spot was beautiful clean clay

And I had some Rocky lower quality soil up the hill and I needed the clay at the pond so I dug a Big hole here took all the clay to the Pond then I started bringing that fill In here and I got it about 90% full it Was getting dark and it was raining and I said the heck with this I'll finish it Later and I never finished it this pile Was top soil that was supposed to go Across the top of it let me show you the Spot we've got here so this is filled With that Rocky fill to within about Maybe 4 to 6 in a full on this side and Over here where it's kind of sunk in I Think we've got more of a lip Yeah over there we've got about a 12in Drop off for no reason whatsoever so I Need to get that dealt with there's also A little pile of firewood over there big Rounds in the weed I need to get dug out But right Now this is just junky dirt and I need To put that 6 to 12 in of top soil over It and hopefully we have enough if we Don't have enough I'll probably go ahead And use that dirt over there that was Manure that a local farmer had been Composting for like five years or more And I brought like 20 dump trailer loads Of that Here at least two years ago if not more Than that so that stuff's been Composting so long it's just good clean

Dirt now good black dirt so basically It's almost like top soil so I was Saving that to till into Gardens and Stuff but now that I've got weeds all Over it it's not as big a deal so I'm Just gonna get to work and see if we can Flatten that pile out across Here first scoop found a shovel I don't Know what the heck I was doing with a Shovel doesn't fit my Character As a content creator it feels like every Time I do a job I should be giving some Kind of tips or advice or a strategy for The best way to move this dirt well a Lot of times I don't have any tips and This is one of those cases I've done Some grading with my bucket Before but this is a little bit of a Different scenario the dirt that I'm Spreading is full of grass clumps and Sod and the ground I'm spreading it on Is really uneven I'm doing it for myself I don't really care what the result is I Like to try different things I've had Several people tell me that when you're Grading with dirt you should get a full Bucket and then drive across it with That Full Bucket so you've got weight Out on it and I'm kind of trying that Here and doing it different than I have Before I just like to try different ways Of doing things and this particular job Was kind of all over the place I didn't

Have any kind of routine or pattern but Usually it all works out in the End [Music] For Okay that's not perfect but it meets my Standards for the day okay if I made This perfectly flat it'd be the first Spot on this 5 acre section of property That was Flat and I'm going to be driving the Skid steer around here all winter Tracking this up so I don't think it Serves much purpose to try to get it any Better I'm also feeling pretty nauseous I've mentioned it before but whenever I'm trying to work quickly in the skid Steer I really get like seasick I need Some Dramamine or something before Uh before running it I feel pretty rough But I'm really glad to have this project Done I appreciate you taking time to Watch the video I'll put links on the Screen to a couple more of our videos And I'll see you next time

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