We’re beginning to understand the frustration of viewers who asked us to check out Kioti a long time ago. Head to head, Deere continues to lose on paper when we compare lift capacities, standard features, weight, and of course, price too! Today we’ll give you a walkaround tour of the Kioti CX2510 and compare it to the John Deere 2025R (Gen II).

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Folks we got a good one for you today This is a Coyote cx2510 loader model coyote kl2510 All right so often times you'll see Loader models that are used on various Tractor models okay so same loader model On various tractor models Now I feel like it'd be good to compare This tractor against something else and So something else that is basically the Same size is going to be the John Deere 2025r and I like to pick on that model Because I don't like that model very Much I know some of you out there have The 2025r and it serves the purpose well For you but I'd still like to use that As a comparison Point and um like it or love it or hate It that's what we're using today so I'm Using that for a couple of reasons uh One because the subc compact is not the Right model they have a CS line that is Their subc compact in coyote and John Deere has a 1025 the one series The 1025r and the 1023e this is a step up From that um and coyote and the 2025r is A step up from that in the John Deere Line they have the same size tires all Right the 12 by 16.5 on the backside and Corresponding fronts on there now this One is running R14s which I believe you can get for the 2025r as well uh we showed you some Bigger coyotes recently that have

Bolt-on Center hubs on the back of on The rear wheels I should say now these Don't have a Bolt-on center Hub they just have a Welded Hub it is still offset I like to Point this out this center plate or the Center Hub is offset so you can have a Wide and a narrow position uh with your Rear tires same thing with the fronts Actually too and uh interesting note as Well you can flip around one of the Front tires um to get additional Traction if you're doing a lot of loader Work in wet conditions to get um going Forward and backwards better traction And then reverse the tire back the right Way when you're done with that so anyway Let's start up front here and we'll work Our way around I am going to look up Some specs and give those to you at the End Um if I can remember some of them while We're doing this I'll I'll tell you Those too but I do know that this loader Lifts around 400 lb more than the 10 or Than the 2025r so you have about 400 lb More lift capacity and you're going to Lift it about 16 Ines higher with this Coyote compared to the 2025r so that is Pretty significant on a smaller tractor Um it does make it even more important To have more weight okay not just Machine weight but ballast weight on the Back side too and so this machine does

Weigh about 500 lb more than the Comparable 2025r with a cab on it okay So the 2025r you can get a Mouser cab on There but it is heat only you can't get Air conditioning um the only other Tractor I believe that's in this frame Size that you can get air conditioning On is going to be the cabota formerly The b2650 and now um the cabota LX 2610 Which is slightly bigger yet so this is As far as I know about as small as you Can go and still have a a cab with with Air conditioning in there um somebody Posted a comment on a short that I put Out that that this is a big piece of Junk like just it's ridiculous in a Piece of junk and I was like why and his Uh comment was about how this can't run Air conditioning and I was like well the Cabota runs air conditioning and it's Been out for like a decade or more you Know I mean it's it's doable so he never Used it it was just a weird comment But this has AC and it works this has Been this Series has been around for a While okay so it's it's working well uh Let's talk about the loader some more Skid steer quick attach well even before That the bucket all right I I love I Love the coyote buckets I I don't like The standard Duty John Deere buckets They're chiny they're cheap John Deere Can afford to do better on their Standard Duty bucket um but this has a a

Big rolled Edge on here there's actually A reinforcement plate that's underneath Here too that's going to give extra Rigidity and strength to that top rail Um Bolt-on tooth bar or Cutting Edge down Here on the bottom too so it's Pre-drilled all right for that tooth bar It's not going to come standard with a Tooth bar but this one does this is for Sale on our website and then Reinforcements on the side that you can See down here too um so to keep those Siid from from wrinkling too much but Standard skid steer quick attach all Right so whether it's a a little tractor Like this or a big huge skid steer they Actually use the same size plate Dimensionally it's the same right now You have a big skid steer you're going To use attachments that are way too Heavy for the small tractor but in Theory they'll hook up just the same Folks we are proud to be sponsored by Rimgard Solutions a liquid balast weight It goes right inside your tires Completely hidden we're big on safety on This channel these tractors are just too Light and Tippy right out of the factory Not only is it going to help with safety Keeping those rear tires planted on the Ground it helps with loader efficiency And traction too the benefits of rim Guard include being the heaviest

Allnatural liquid ballast weight on the Market it's not going to corrode your Rims like the old calcium chloride it's Not going to freeze and it's available At over a thousand dealers Nationwide Find the dealer near you at rimgard a little bit more about The loader it is going to be quick Park Loader you can see down down here this Is a a stand okay you pull these stands Out very similar concept to cabota to Mahindra to LS to everybody else that's Out there it's a very very common setup That's on these loaders with that stand Then you pull a couple of pins up in the Top of the um loader to release it and Set it down this is a Bucket Level Indicat right here all right so it's Adjustment adjustable down here where You can change the the height of it if You have different attachments like a Snow Pusher pallet Forks the bucket if They all have a different level when They're on the ground you can make that Adjustment there um Chris over here show Them the the quick disconnects so here's Their quick disconnects these are all Pioneer egg fittings right There out of the way right behind the Tire these do seem to hang down a little Bit they're all wrapped Together probably the just about the Lowest point on the tractor there so That's I don't really see what you can

Do about that unless you got some maybe You could rotate these fittings 90° Roughly and have it come out a little Bit so maybe it would like swing it here And up still be behind the tire but Raise that up a little bit I can see That being doable I do think a lot of Tractors could really use an improvement My big cabota has uh some good Protection around this area but I can See making a guard just to kind of block Off that area uh nicely that's that's Something you could have a local Fab Shop do too or maybe there's an Aftermarket company that makes something I don't know a little bit about the Cab Again full AC and heat in there you Have mirror standard this one has a Front wiper uh front work Lights is this door unlocked nope that Door's Locked rear work lights rear wiper Here's your antenna okay this one Doesn't have a radio most of these don't Have a radio and and honestly H ly I Said something about this in a recent Video I never use the radio that's Inside there you can add one of The Knockout plates in there it's got the Speakers has the antenna you can plug One in but I just use headphones or Bluetooth ear muffs or something and uh Listen to my music or audiobooks that Way toolbox on the back

Fuel uh washer fluid okay something That's great all these machines have Standard there's going to be an external Three-point control back here to raise And lower uh rear remote is standard as Well so you can add a hydraulic top link Onto that or you can put a multiplier on Maybe Mount that right here and then you Can have a hydraulic top link you get a Three-point blower you can get the shoot Rotation all sorts of stuff um get a top And tilt if you have a multiplier Everything you know get those from semi Hydraulics save 5% with code GWT uh Standard category 1 3point hitch 540 RPM Rear PTO draw bar somebody out there if You have this model let me know if you Can get upgradeable uh sway bars down There if they have the telescoping ones Or not I know you can on the larger series of Coyotes I'm just not sure if you can on The CX um this is going to be an Auxiliary electrical Port if you wanted To add more work lights or if you had Something else you want to hook up to it You could do That so uh there's no triangle on here Looks like maybe the well some of them Have triangles that are mounted up on One of these little brackets maybe you Can put the triangle right back there But it doesn't have that on there Now anything else on the outside well

Let me see if I can open up that door Too get both these doors opened Up there we go so similar to the bigger Coyes we've shown you I really like this This bar that goes all the way around Good for a grab handle to grab it no Matter where you're at add some strength And rigidity to the door and I didn't Even realize it on the first one that we Had that was there so it's not like it's Obstructing obstructing the the view or Anything like that but uh both doors Unlike um the John Deere well maybe the Mouser cab on the 2025r has has pistons On both doors but um I know that the Factory o cabs on the larger John deers Don't have pistons on both doors so this Door over here just wants to like swing Closed on his own all the time kind of Annoying but uh I am 6'3 200 lb for Reference okay uh this machine has about 175 180 hours on it couple years old Still has factory warranty Really nice shape you can see plastic Still on the seat I mean Clean everything's where you needed to Be this one has armrest last couple We've had didn't have armrest I don't Know if they're standard or not but this One has them I like that a lot I don't Think armrest get in the way some guys Were saying I don't want the armrest They get in the way like what do they Get in the way of it makes it a lot more

Comfortable you can see that armrest There loader joystick here Super like perfect position all Right uh let's take a look on this Fender manual so we've got a high low Range all right so two range just like The 20 25r so nothing different there You go one series up in the coyote and You're into a three range you go one Series up into the full frame two series With John Deere you're still in a two Range so uh two- range comparable high Low this has mid and rear PTO that's What these two separate handles are for Here all right um auxiliary outlet USB 12vt pick and choose there little Storage locking rear differential oh Look at that wait no what is that no That's our that's our two and four-wheel Drive right there here's a locking rear Differential right next to it I thought They had a special handle on there a Pedal on there for the locking rear diff But it's fine uh let's see Now oh I did This I did this a couple of weeks ago I I think this is the brake here but then They've got a a clutch to actually Engage your PTO like you just push you push the Clutch in I think it was this one it It's either this one or this one I'm I'm I'm not turning it on at the moment but One of the other you push it in to to

Engage which PTO you want um on there we Have lights all our light controls which Is typical turn Signals got a Horn Flashers uh tilt steering I can't Remember what the heck was that yeah That was tilt Steering lock it back down There yeah the flashers the cruise Control throttle okay up and down show Them that display can you see that Display there Chris nice Display See lights up nice little back lit there 178 8.7 hours at the moment uh parking Brake so that's about it on on this Side we got I'll show them this up here Got the HVAC controls nice and Convenient wow I didn't realize there's A ton of vents got two vents on this Side two here two here two more here Nothing down low everything's up high Which is fine but that's a lot of vents That's great uh windshield visor dome Light again your speakers are back here Now this rear Window pops right right open like That good visibility out there anyways You have also have a little window right Here so you can actually see down like Directly down to the 3.2

Convenient honestly it's it's great Little tracker man I mean it's knocking The socks off the 2025r um so loader joystick 3point Raisin lower remote control you know for The rear remote that we had back there So you just move that one way or the Other got your lights front and rear Wipers Defrost yeah did we ever look at that K Cabota I don't think the Kabota had Defrost on the rear window I just think That's so cool uh cup holder over Here nice floorboard I I've got the seat Back as far as I can go this is a Doesn't say on here anywhere I don't see But I think it's oh it does yeah it's a Grammar seat which is pretty common my Cabot's got the same grammar seat These Are nice seats nice suspension seats Um adjust how you want to not much to Say there but yeah So this tractor's still heavy I will Scoop show them that sand pile there Chris I was scooping up sand out of that Pile there and this tractor is still Even though it's 500 lb heavier than the 2025r it still needs balast weight I I I Was just scooping it up just to see how It did do a few Scoops there and and Move it around but you still want to Have weight on the back side of this Tractor I mean I'd put a weight rack and Eight suitcase weight 70 Pounders I'd

Load these tires up and fill them Um because the machine weight alone Isn't enough I mean I consider it like a Bonus 500 lb of weight weight's not Cheap so it's it's good to have the Extra weight but the fact that you can Also lift about 400 lb more and you're Lifting that higher means you need to Consider that weight even more to be set Up Safely uh comment we'll close this Up comment a couple comments I think Maybe is that this tractor looks Goofy And um I think that because it looks Like it's all cab there's so much cab And there's probably some truth to that I don't know what you're supposed to do About it if you want a smaller tractor And you want a cab then that's kind of What you get right so um for me more About operator Comfort this winter for example I'm Running all cab equipment I'm not doing Any open St equipment I want a cab for Everything I want heat in the winter Time I I love a cab in the summertime Too I love being out of the dust out of The bugs out of the allergies out of the Sun um you can get a lot more work done For a lot longer and a lot more comfort And yeah it is it's you're paying for Comfort when you're doing that um but For me I've been gravitating more Towards cab tractors just because I like

Them it's a big cost decision though Right not getting a cab getting an open Station pay for an attachment or two or Maybe three or four depending on what Size machine you're getting but it's a Trade-off to consider and and if you're Going to have a tractor for 5 10 15 20 Years well then you can spread that cost Out that extra cost out over 5 10 15 20 Years and or even divided by months Right and or the hours you're going to Put in or whatever it is and still at The end of the day when you're going to Go ahead and sell that tractor you're Going to Recoup the same proportional amount of Money uh back when you resell it again Too so so it looks you know depends on How you want to look at it there's Trade-offs for everything if having a Cab is going to make you want to get More work done or be able to get more Work done in different conditions then There's a big benefit there too So uh beyond that I think that's about It I'll probably look up a few more Specs to show you like on the 3point on the three-point hitch lift Capacity I feel like that was another 4 500 lbs too um engine size actually this Has an 87 cubic inch displacement engine The 2025r has a 77 cubic Inch displacement engine so there's

Another big difference there you know um I think typically they say the bigger Displacement what is it the bigger Displacement the better the fuel economy Runs it runs at lower RPMs and better Fuel economy I don't know some somebody Out there fill me in on that there's There's some sort of a a correlation to Fuel economy engine RPMs displacement Torque you know all that stuff but um You you guys out there will know that But yeah I think that's about it Great Value okay these coyotes are running Typically substantially cheaper Than a similar John Deere or Kabota and I like John Deere and Kabota I like most Of their models a lot um I like to have Fun with a 25 25r and uh some of you Guys out there follow my channel you're Aware of that it's all in good fun Beyond that if you want to get more Information on this tractor go to Goodworkstractors decom if you want to See what other tractors we have maybe You want something bigger maybe this One's sold by the time you see this Video see what else we have to offer and If you're looking for attachments for The front end loader or the three-point Hitch well we sell and ship all this Stuff Nationwide every day of the week I Want to thank you for taking time out of Your day to stop buy and until next time Stay safe we'll see you soon taking a

Look under the hood again I love the one Piece design man it's been a little While since I've seen a 2025r I believe It's just like the 1025r where it's got just like the top Of the hood that picks up and then it's Got two removable side panels Uh for back here but then on front it's Got a big shroud that is not Removable so I like this design better A Lot of tractors have this design and Like the older some of the older John Deere models have a a hood uh Bonnet Like this that opens up as a single Piece too which is I think the smart way To do it hey we got Tom back I uh Decided to topess my entire driveway With Crush Limestone I'll show you guys A video on that some point but we did That Limestone parking pad back here and I just absolutely love the look of it so Running Crush Limestone along the whole Driveway Too uh anyway battery access right up Front here really nice Convenient I mean easy access to the air Filter you know that's one of the Reasons people say hey I don't want to I Don't want to remove my loader well Again if you had to do major service you Can take that loader off and have even Better access right up here um now I did Look up Some specs and uh yes 87 cubic

In for this displacement running at 2600 RPMs the 2025r 77 in CI running at 3200 RPMs all right so I think based on that This hypothetically would get better Fuel economy I don't know you guys tell Me all right so now this one actually Goes a little bit slower 10 point 7 miles per hour versus the uh the 2025r I think it went what 12 12.3 so the 2025r can in high range can go mile and A half an hour faster than than this guy Here but um three-point lift Capacity on the uh the 2025r 24 in out from the ends all right Which is like where a usable attachment Would be like further out is 882 pounds On The 2025r listen to this 1,3 24 in out on the coyote all right Significantly more lift capacity there Total pump flow 11.3 gallons on the Coyote total pump flow on the 2025r Seven it's like more than 50% more pump Flow on this tractor that's significant That's a big deal especially in tractors That don't have a lot of Hydra flow to Begin with what else do you guys want to Know you say load capacity loader yeah Well let's let's just confirm that Loader lift capacity on here now I Should point out that you can this has Mid PTO so you can get a belly mower if You wanted to on here you can then get a

Front mount snow blower too folks think That you need a front PTO to run a front Mount snowblower and that's not true Snowblowers for most manufacturers Actually run off of the mid PTO so There's a long PTO shaft that goes from Up here there's like a carrier bearing That it fits in and runs back and ties Into the mid PTO that the same PTO that Your mid Mount mower would run off of or Your belly mower would run off of so um That's just food for thought there so uh 2025r lifts 750 Lbs to 72 in to like to like right here It'll lift 750 lb to 72 In The KL 2510 Lifts 1,092 let's just give it the 8 lbs say 1100 lb to 88 in 88 in 7t 4 In 16 in Taller I don't know hundreds and Hundreds of pounds more that's a big Deal so anyway you guys do what you want With that Information I think those are Significant Numbers and on top of the fact that You're Going to be paying less for this machine Has a twin touch pedal just like the 2025 202 2020 20 the

2025r Has AC More lift capacity loader 3point [Music] Heavier you tell [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] Me [Music] [Applause] [Music] [Applause] [Music] Oh

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