John Deere Tractor Comparison: 2025R V 2038R

Hey it's Brock here with Rock Hill Farm I'm out here with my friend Brian and We're going to do a little tractor Comparison today obviously you guys know I have a 2038r and he has a 2025r which Is A discussion I see a lot online of Between these two models there's a Pretty big price difference and are you Getting enough performance difference to Make up for that price difference so I Want to tell us a little bit about your Tractor like Um what year it is and how many hours it Has It is a 2019 that I bought up at Heritage Tractor and go Heritage about Two years ago so and I've only put about 157 hours on it so he's got 10 acres Here really nice property we just walked Around he's got a pond back in the back There's some big trees over here that Need cut up so we I brought the 500i We're gonna play around with that a Little bit do some cutting and then move Some logs move some rocks just do a Little comparison and then give our Thoughts So information about your tractor Modifications I know you have third Function he's got the artillion grapple Here the old style artillion grapple so We're going to compare that also You said you don't have fluid in your

Tires don't have fluid in the tires I do Have the Boris spacers on the back which Is two inches so that'll make a Difference already that when doing a Straight across comparison we both have A box blade on the back but I have wheel Weights and fluid in the tires so that's Going to help me lift just a little bit More I also have the mechanical Self-leveling loader gives you a little More lift capacity but you'll notice an Annoyance when you use it a lot of People do that normally your curl back Might be 17 degrees and now it's only 11 And you can't get stuff to roll back in Your grapple and stuff so it's a little Bit of a negative to it But have you ever probably never ran a 2038 nope I've never ran a 2025 so it Should be a good time yeah all right so I think first thing we'll uh get Chainsaw out and do a little cutting on That tree and then try to start moving That sound good sounds good all right So these are the trees we're going to Cut up and it'll give us a good ability To compare lift capacity and stability Of carrying a large load because we can Chunk these into different sizes and Different lengths and I really think It'll make a good comparison but since We're here to compare tractors I think I'll do a little walk around we're going To raise the loaders all the way up and

See what the lift height difference Looks like And compare that real quick then we'll Fire up the chainsaw So I've left the tractors running just Because we all know that Hydraulics can Sag when you cut them off Got 80 inches 69 inches I would have said it wasn't That much I didn't remember but I Thought it was less of a difference but 11 inches is quite a bit It also caught me off guard not running A Non-self-leveling loader in a while when It started coming up I'm like my Grandpa's curling towards me that's Normal One thing that annoys me about my Tractor I feel like it's way too big of A tractor which is a small tractor but Feel like way too big a tractor to have This size tires a 38 horsepower 22-inch front tire 21 and a half 22 the front tires are About the same on these tractors Feels like this needs to have a bigger Tire on it to me 32 And 34. There's two inches of extra tire height On the back I'm not going to go through And measure everything because I can Look at a spec sheet and throw that

Information into the video but Okay so the tree service that cut this Tree down they cut two-thirds of the way Through Down to about here and then quit so it's Too big I mean this thing weighs way too much For either of our tractors to roll but If I cut it Right about here then I think we can Roll it over and chunk it up and and get Some of this out of here So I'm gonna drop it right here We should have the compression wood on Top so I'm going to cut through the top First And then see if I can split it from the Bottom Foreign It's like a jet engine category volume Foreign Yeah So I actually did think That was right probably at that border I wasn't planning to move this with the Tractors I was just going to roll it Over and cut it some more because it Needs cut up I thought that's right about the size of Log I think that'll be at the limit and I don't think we hit the limit of your Lift capacity I think we hit the limit Of your ballast because it lifted it Just

Just enough you could slide a sheet of Paper under it and then I could feel the Back coming up a little bit I think if He hung 300 pounds of suitcase weights On that box blade and filled the tires We'd be able to lift it but you'd be an Inch off the ground and you'd be at that Point where I'd feel that way with mine Even if it's long if this is Compact and Weighs a thousand pounds it feels all Right but if it's really long and that Heavy when you go over bumps that's how You tweak your loader but so we've kind Of found the difference in lift capacity Now I can I can move that log and he'd Probably need to cut one round off of it Before he moved it you want to try the Saw You want to run the chainsaw I don't Care I'm telling you I think everyone should Run a saw like this I'd only use like Little electric saws or really small Homeowner chainsaws until we moved onto Our new property and running a saw like That The power is surprising we're gonna We're gonna do a few more tasks with Both the grapples and then I want to get Your thoughts on it but your initial Thought on the the way that opens and Closes It's really nice seems like it goes out A little bit further and is able to

Bring it in yeah it's got a dramatically Wider opening and it's almost perfect to Me I think it's a little bit weak when You're gripping out towards the end but Outside of that Um That that opening is as big as you will Find on a compact tractor all right I Convinced him to try the 500i so he's Just going to roll the log to where the Uncut part is pointing up Thank you Thank you Oh wow That's a lot of power right oh yeah So So uh he has an Echo chainsaw with an 18 Inch bar probably just your standard Chainsaw that most guys are going to Have 40 CC 40cc yeah about what I was Expecting uh what do you what'd you Think of that one uh yeah that was like A you know a jet taking off that I've got through it like I run this Every day but if you've never run a Bigger saw it'll it'll surprise you a Little bit All right I can play with chainsaws all Day but we're here to compare tractors So let's find some other stuff to do Okay we are going to hold the least Impressive drag race you've ever seen At 11 miles an hour versus 10. I don't Actually know if there's a difference in

The rated ground speed but driving his It feels slower So we're gonna see Like you can read the stats but Functionally driving say we got a pile Of brush and we're moving it from here To there how much longer is that really Taking you So we're gonna we're gonna have like a 100 yard tractor race Thank you Now we're going to do the world's least Scientific turning radius test Start in one spot and see how big of a Circle we make Foreign I Came back around my tractor Fitting a little bit tighter turning Radius and I would think it would be the Other way What I was seeing as I was driving is Both were in two-wheel drive And The front the tractor was not following The front tires I can turn these wheels A lot further than I could on mine Um and get it it looks like a steeper Angle but the the tractor was not Following the way the tire was turned so I wondered if there's not if there's a Different weight differential from front To back right now or if it would make a Difference in four-wheel drive but I

Noticed the tire was turned sharp and The tractor was kind of skidding past That turning Direction you guys tell me In the comments what that means We've got a really long brush pile here That is not where he wants it he wants All of this relocated over there 100 Feet or something so we're going to work On that for a little bit he'll drive my Tractor and I'll drive his We'll get a look at your visibility the Difference in the grapples and just kind Of compare it